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Social Media Room

Series on social media tools, tips and techniques for furniture retailers.

Social Media Room – Part 11: Effective Lead Nurturing Strategies Ensure More Leads Turn Into Sales

Article Summary: To effectively nurture leads, your company must really listen to and comprehend prospects’ concerns and interests.

Social Media Room – Part 10: Conversation Starters: Boosting Interaction On Your Blog

Strong blog content contributes to search engine optimization and makes it easy for readers to “like” and “share” your messages via other forms of social media.

Social Media Room – Part 9: How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Company

It’s very easy to join LinkedIn, but not quite as simple to fully leverage its marketing power. Embrace these strategies to begin marketing your company through LinkedIn.

Social Media Room – Part 8: How Strategic SEO Brings More Visitors to Your Website

Savvy Furniture manufacturers and retailers understand that effective SEO approaches are critical in driving traffic to their company websites.

Social Media Room - Part 7: Take Steps to Ensure Your Website Landing Page Gets Results

Website landing pages are faster and more user-friendly because online visitors don’t have to begin at the home page and then navigate through the website to the information needed.

Social Media Room - Part 6: Old School Room Renderings Being Replaced By Pinterest Profiles

Wouldn’t it be great if potential customers could view your store’s room settings, see color and materials options, and fall in love with beautiful accessories before entering your store? That’s where Pinterest comes in…

Social Media Room - Part 5: Furnishing Your Facebook Page To Set Up Sales

The key to success with a Facebook business fan page is to set it up and manage it so that it complements, rather than competes with, your company’s website. Here are some quick tips for Facebook success:

Social Media Room - Part 4: Find Room For Twitter in your Customer Service Mix

Chances are your customers are talking about your company and its products/services on Twitter. Here’s how a little planning and basic steps, you can enable you to turn Twitter into a powerful customer service tool.

Social Media Room - Part 3: Leveraging YouTube to Promote Furniture Sales

Optimizing results requires a grasp of YouTube marketing fundamentals. Here are some tips to help you maximize YouTube’s benefits:

Social Media Room - Part 2: Build Better Customer Relationship by Leveraging Today’s Social Media

Social media comes with a few cautions. Overly promotional or confusing programs are shunned. Also, social media conversion rates are low, so you need a bridge to get folks to “buy now.”

Social Media Room - Part 1: Leveraging the Pros and Cons of Consumer Review Websites

Here are the key considerations in leveraging positive feedback about your company and dealing with negative reviews.