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Create Your Furniture Dream Sales Team

An ongoing series by Rene Johnston-Gingrich for furniture retailers that explains how to create a team of professional retail sales associates.

Your Employees: Do They Love Their Job?

Getting your employees to fully engage in your company's mission and values takes focus and effort. But it's worth it!

Five Steps To Build Your Retail Brand

What can Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Kim Kardashian and Apple teach you about building your personal brand.

Best Practices for Employee Retention

You pay your employees, but do you need to show them that you appreciate them as well? René Johnston-Gingrich cites current research that will help you to maintain a healthy organizational culture.

Maximize Return On Your Training Investment

How to best select, design and deliver education programming that will have a significant and lasting impact.

Help Today’s Design Focused Customers To Buy From You

Adapting your store to meet the expectations of todays design focused customers requires an understanding of four major influences on their shopping and buying behavior.

How Much Is Too Much Busy-Ness

There are quite a few four-letter words that might offend. Perhaps one of the most surprisingly offensive and counterproductive four-letter word is BUSY.

Managing Change: Follow Up Strategies For Success

Six follow-up strategies to help keep change initiatives on track to grow your furniture business.

Pineapple Furniture Sales Hospitality

A three-step process to explain and train your way to a comfortable and hospitable customer buying experience.

Sales Connect!

Customer Connection is multifaceted. Let’s explore connecting on three levels. Store image, marketing message, and the personal connection brought about by our sales team’s charm and expertise.

Building Your Dream Team By Wowing The Crowd - Part 4

Rene’ Johnston-Gingrich finishes up her four-part series with a discussion of ways your sales team can “wow the crowd” by exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Building Your Dream Team By Creating Team Players - Part 3

To create a group of sales associates who are real “team players” you must develop and maintain a healthy working environment as measured by four criteria: attitude, connection via communication, having fun and walking the walk.

Building Your Dream Team By Teaching Product Knowledge

Get the dream sales force you deserve by establishing standards, committing to ongoing learning and communicating the right information to your customers.

Building Your Dream Team - Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles you can use to build a Dream Team from the ground up. This time you will get an overview of the three skills your team has to master to excel at home furnishings sales.