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Best Retail Hiring Practices

Series on how to hire and keep the best retail furniture salespeople.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 7 - Classified Ads

It seems that it will continue to be a tight labor market for furniture retailers in 2001. That means that you have to have a recruitment program in place. Everyone uses classified ads... and the response can be discouraging. Here are ways to make the most of your classified budget.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 6 - They're Almost Acceptable

The sixth part in Sam Leder's series on hiring and keeping the best people continues with a look at ways to avoid hiring salespeople who are "almost right". These are the ones you hire because of an immediate need and who you hope will "fit-in" with time.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 5 -Employee Termination

Of all the responsibilities that business owners and managers have, none is likely to be more distasteful and distressing than having to fire someone. To do it right, communication and documentation are essential.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 4 -Care And Feeding Of Good Managers

Nobody in a retail organization has a stronger impact on success or the lack thereof, than a manager. In the store or the warehouse, the right manager can transform a dull, drab workplace into a vibrant one where people are excited about their work.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 3 - Big Sales Help Shortage

There is intense competition from within and outside of the home furnishings industry, to attract and keep good employees. In this environment where employees can afford to be picky, you need to "sell" your company to potential hires. Sam Leder presents some easy rules for conducting interviews and making job offers in his continuing series.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 2 - Recruiting

Many retailers are working short-staffed. They say that everybody who's any good has a job, and nobody wants to work retail. But there's another reason why most stores don't have enough people, especially salespeople, to adequately service their shoppers and customers. The truth is that most retailers treat recruiting like a trip to the dentist. They don't want to go there.

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 1 - Employee Retention

There are too few good salespeople and too many alternative jobs out there. The current business climate not only makes it more difficult to hire, it makes keeping good employees more challenging. Here are a number of ways you can keep employees so you don't have to spend as much time looking for replacements.