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You may have seen him in High Point as recently as five years ago. Nearer to 90 than 80, gaze directed beyond his next step, walking steadily, carrying a black case. A small man, perhaps five foot four when he was young and closer to upright.

He eventually lost some of his words, but never his gentle spirit. Larry Stein, Furniture World’s former Associate Publisher passed away at 92 just before the October High Point Market.
During his tenure in the industry he worked for Home Furnishings Daily, was Midwest Manager for House Beautiful Special Publications, and Associate Publisher for NHFA’s (now NAHFA) in-house publication Competitive Edge.

He was a WW2 Veteran, quick to tell a funny story, a lifelong musician and entertainer. Not long ago I found him in the Las Vegas Paris Hotel lobby doing a soft shoe and softly singing Swing lyrics to a delighted group of four.

At his center, Larry was a gentleman, a mentor, soft spoken, genuine and professional. He was the kind of sales professional potential customers want to buy from, and that people with even a speck of good sense aspire to be more like.

See his award winning 1997 “Furniture Idol” performance at a City of Hope High Point event here.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015.

Russell Bienenstock
Editorial Director

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