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Editor's Corner July 2013: “Groundhog Day”

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Are you a big fan of the movie “Groundhog Day”? If so, you may remember lines recited by Phil Collins (played by Bill Murray) who exclaims, "It's the same thing your whole life, wash your hands, sit up straight, don't chew with your mouth open,... Oh yea, don't drive on the railroad tracks!”

Phil, who does decide it’s OK to drive on the railroad tracks has, of course, just realized that, any ill advised behavior has no consequences for him because he is living the same day over and over again.

Although many of us experience deja vu when we arrive in Vegas or High Point for yet another show, the similarities in our business lives to “Groundhog Day” end there. Our business decisions have consequences, “do-overs” are not automatic.

So, as you read through this edition of Furniture World, please notice that among the in-depth articles on retail marketing, finance, operations management, sales education and sales management, you will find single column tips for owners and managers unrelated to the feature articles.

It’s our way of squeezing in a few more tips to help you to have successful business days today and well into the future. So, remember, “don’t chew with your mouth open” and, as always, your comments are welcome at russ@furninfo.com.

Russell Bienenstock is Editor-in-Chief of Furniture World Magazine, founded 1870. Comments can be directed to him at editor@furninfo.com.

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