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Fairmont Designs Launches New Brand Identity

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Fairmont Designs announced that it officially launched a new brand identity that represents a significant milestone in the company’s 25 years in operation and further signifies its evolution to an environmentally-friendly company. The company has worked with Grid 2, an award-winning brand consulting firm based in New York for almost one year, to develop this new image, in order to celebrate its 25th year anniversary. “This new corporate identity will represent Fairmont Designs for the next 25 years. It is not only an image, but will serve as reinforcement in what we are all about. It is the mirror of our actions; it reflects not just an image, but also an echo of the environmentally friendly actions carried out within the company. We work together to bring strength to our new brand and this is what distinguishes us from others. The perception of Fairmont Designs must evolve to that of a socially responsible provider of services, rather than just a manufacturer,” commented George Tsai, Chairman of Fairmont Designs and Guildcraft of California. Fairmont Designs has been driving a fundamental shift in its business practices that are achieved through People, Process and Products. The company began with educating the employees about the economic and health benefits of realizing environmental goals. Production process is carefully monitored to bring about safer products. Additional information about Fairmont Design’s practice of the 3 Ps, People, Process and Product is available at http://www.fairmontdesigns.com/mission.shtml. The revitalized logo consists of a unique symbol referencing a leaf form and serves as an echo of Fairmont Designs’ green initiatives. The leaf symbol is formed by the company’s initial FD. The logo represents the expanding depth of services that the new Fairmont Designs provides to customers, as well as its global presence. The tagline, Furnishing Imagination, is a corporate identity system for Fairmont Designs that clearly communicates the brand’s positioning to be utilized across all current business channels. It positions the company as a provider of creative furnishing solutions in a tone that is confident and imaginative. It speaks to all audience types, from designers and retailers to shoppers and end users. An extensive re-branding initiative will occur with changes planned for the corporate web site, stationery, product catalogs, advertisements, as well as corporate building and warehouses.