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Comfort Wrinkles Are Not Defects

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"Body Depressions Are Not Defects."

This is another article in an ongoing series written by Ron Wolinski, the Manager of Sales Education, to provide information to retail sales consultants for performance improvement.

As professional home furnishings consultants, we have a responsibility to educate our customers and help them make an informed investment decision. This is especially true when it comes to maximizing their return on investment from a quality sleep set. The proper maintenance of their sleep set plays a major role in the consumer's understanding of what they can experience with a new sleep system, and how they can gain the greatest return on investment (long-term comfort and support). We do not want our customers returning a sleep set due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

Because clear communication about the product is so important to the consumer, especially in bedding, we don't want to confuse the customer during the decision-making process. So, the best time to discuss proper maintenance is after the consumer has chosen a sleep set, and is feeling satisfied that you as a professional have helped him/her make an intelligent decision and feels comfortable with you as an advisor. After you've completed the proper paper work, the discussion should go something like this:

"Mr. and Mrs. Jones, you've made a wise decision in your bedding investment. Your Simmons" sleep system was chosen for all the right reasons. As with any important/major investment, you'll want to maintain your new sleep set so you will get all the long-term comfort and support you desire. Please allow me to share some information with you. When you first receive your new sleep set, you'll find it feels much different from your old set. Initially, it's going to be higher with more loft to the surface. That happens for two reasons. You'll find that there are different and possibly more layers of upholstery that create the comfort feel that you selected. This is called 'top comfort.' The important support that your back and spine need is complemented by these layers of polyfoam, dacron, insulators, and sometimes even wool, silk, or cashmere. The layers of upholstery in your current mattress have become compressed (flattened) over the years. Because these upholstery layers are new, there is a certain amount of air in these materials. In addition, a break in period is required. This is when these new materials begin to settle and conform to the shapes and/or curves of your body. This takes time. While this adjustment is taking place, you may notice little creases, or what I call 'comfort wrinkles.' This is a natural process and these creases are not defects. To help your new sleep system complete this adjustment to your personal needs, you need to maintain your new sleep set. You'll want to even out this settling of materials by turning and flipping your mattress on a regular basis. We recommend that you alternately turn and flip your mattress once every two weeks for the first three months, and then twice per year after that. You should also turn your foundation every 12 months. There really is a rationale behind this maintenance. Allow me to use this analogy.

"When you invest in a quality sofa and you want it to last for many years, you're told to rotate and turn the cushions every time you vacuum your carpet and upholstery. Even more importantly, when you invest in down cushions, which are the most expensive you can get, you are advised to turn and fluff up those cushions every time you use your sofa because down tends to settle and must be renewed so it's not flat. Another common analogy is the maintenance of your automobile (major investment). You are advised to change your oil regularly to maintain maximum engine performance and avoid breakdowns. You're also advised to rotate your tires regularly to even out the wear and extend the life of the tires.

"The other very important part of your bedding investment is the use of a proper frame. Because you have invested in a queen-sized/king-sized set, let's make sure you have a frame with a center support to compensate for any stress on your set. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, my role as your consultant (advisor) is to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and then maximize the return on your investment through proper maintenance. Your role is to be comfortable and enjoy your investment. Please call if you have any questions. It was my pleasure to serve you. I want to be your furnishings consultant."

Ron Wolinski is Manager of Simmons Education. Questions can be sent to Ron care of Furniture World at wolinski@furninfo.com