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Helix Sleep Continues Retail Partnership Expansion with Best Mattress

Furniture World News Desk on 5/9/2024

Helix Sleep, the direct-to-consumer sleep brand, announced a new retail partnership with Best Mattress.

"We're thrilled to welcome another excellent partner to our expanding retail program," said Jerry Lin, EVP of Strategy & Operations at 3Z Brands. "Best Mattress is a trusted fixture in the Las Vegas community, having established their business with a focus on customer satisfaction, seamless shopping experiences, and a commitment to community engagement. We're delighted to collaborate with a company that shares our values as we continue our work making Helix products more accessible across the United States."

Starting this May, three of Helix’s top-selling mattresses will be showcased at Best Mattress stores across the state of Nevada. The retailer will carry Helix’s best-selling Midnight lineup, including the Midnight Core, Midnight Luxe, and Midnight Elite models. As an upgrade, customers can opt for the ultra-popular GlacioTex™ cooling cover on both the Midnight Core and Midnight Luxe models.

“We are thrilled to announce the partnership and addition of Helix into our Best Mattress retail locations,” said David Mizrahi, owner of Best Mattress. “With Helix's proficiency in driving premium and qualified retail customers into stores, along with exceedingly healthy margins we see them as an asset and are excited to welcome them to the Best Mattress family.”

Best Mattress is the market-leading mattress retailer in Nevada with 23 locations across the state. Founded in 1994, Best Mattress boasts a highly skilled retail team dedicated to helping customers get the comfortable, quality sleep that they deserve. Additionally, the Las Vegas-based retailer

serves as a force for good within the community and works with charities to provide volunteer service hours, mattresses, and any additional services needed.

Initially launched as an online DTC brand, Helix has been focusing on expanding its retail footprint nationwide. The brand is available in over 200 retail locations, including Mancini’s Sleepworld, Big Sandy Superstore, and Brooklyn Bedding’s brick-and-mortar stores. For more information on Helix Sleep and its retail partners, please visit https://go.helixsleep.com/helix-showroom-partners/.



About Helix Sleep
Helix is an innovative direct-to-consumer sleep brand launched in 2015 with the goal of bringing customization to the category through individually personalized mattresses for you, based on how you sleep. Each mattress is designed to your body type, sleeping position, and feel preference using our proprietary sleep technology. The brand celebrates the power of personal preferences and individuality while focusing on outstanding product quality, having won countless independently reviewed awards. Headquartered in New York City, Helix offers free shipping directly to your doorstep, 100-night trial, and value-based pricing on all its products. Additional information on Helix and the company’s products can be found by visiting us at www.helixsleep.com.