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Replacement Finials For Bed

Posted By Kelly, 2/27/2005

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I have a Pottery Barn bed that's missing 4 finials...they were about 8-10 inches tall and about 4-5 inches in width at the widest point....where would I find a replacement? Pottery Barn will not help with this. and I'd be willing to paint them but the size is difficult to find. thx. knieto@twmi.rr.com


From Emma, 6/12/2011  12:34 PM

I no longer have replacement finials for sale.

Years ago I bought replacement finials for a daybed from the daybed manufacturer--Elliott's Designs. I don't know if they will still sell them but it is worth a try.


Good luck!

From Helen, 6/11/2011  6:23 PM

Need four porcelain finials for my daughter's day bed. Just broke two in a move. They are white with pink flowers but would be willing to replace all four if someone has them. My e-mail address is giannios@njlawyers.com. Please advise if you have any.

From Bev, 4/27/2011  5:26 PM

Have white metal daybed with porcelain flower finials. Two were broken in a move. Would replace all four if could find porcelain flowers. Help, thanks.

From diana, 4/23/2011  9:46 AM

i am still looking for 2 or 4 porcelain finials or my metal bed. can anyone help me? my e-mail address is

From diana, 4/12/2011  2:11 PM

i am looking for 4 porcelain finials for my metal bed can anyone help me?

From vicki, 2/27/2011  3:28 PM

Opps - forgot to give my e-mail for the finials - it's vchisholm@roadrunner.com

From Vicki, 2/27/2011  3:26 PM

I have four flower finials that I am going to replace. They are off of my daybed. If interested, e-mail me and I'll send you a picture. I'm looking for finials without the flowers.

From rick skehan, 2/14/2011  5:45 PM

I need 1 finial for a match for a bed?
           Thanks, Rick

From Alisa, 1/28/2011  9:42 PM

Whoops...my email is alisa30@comcast.net Thanks!

From Alisa, 1/28/2011  9:41 PM

Looking for 4 finials for a white metal daybed. Please email me if you think you may have what I'm looking for. Thanks!! -Alias

From Gene Higgins, 11/20/2010  6:31 PM

Need 4 replacement daybed finials- reply to jghiggins25@yahoo.com

From Gene Higgins, 11/20/2010  6:17 PM

Need 4 replacement daybed finials, porceline or other

From Edwina, 11/10/2010  5:52 PM

Looking for two porcelin finials, white with pink flowers or four of something similar. for a white daybed for grand daughter..HELP PLEASE!
email back to: edwina@villageconcepts.com

From taffey, 10/28/2010  4:57 AM

still looking for 4 poreclain finials with pink flowers for a daybed. forgot to post my e-mail address. it is walkertaffey@yahoo.com. please e-mail me if anyone has some.

From taffey, 10/28/2010  4:52 AM

I am looking for 4 porcelain finials with pink flowers for a daybed. If any one has some or know where I can get replacement finials please e-mail me. Thanks so much.

From tara, 10/26/2010  4:52 PM

Please someone help I am desperate to find porcelian finials for my daughters day bed. All four broke in a move and I can't find them anywhere. I have gone everywhere even antique stores and no such luck! ;(

From Judy, 10/14/2010  11:56 AM

Looking for metal day bed replacement knobs. I have recently been given a used day bed that has a missing knob and would be interested in looking to replace all so they match.
Thank you,

From CT, 10/6/2010  4:45 AM

I have 4 porcelain finials if you still need them. Contact me at knuthct@gmail.com if you still need them.

From amy, 5/21/2010  10:25 AM

I know it's almost a year but did you ever sell those 4 porcelian finials. If not, how much would you want for them?

From Emma, 6/4/2009  2:28 PM

I have a brand new set of four porcelian finials with hardware for a daybed. About 2.5 inches in diameter.   White with pink roses. Contact me directly if interested. sanjosemom@hotmail.com

From lisa banks, 8/8/2007  11:24 AM

sorry i should of explained better, i need replacement finials for a metal bed.
thank you.

From lisa banks, 8/8/2007  11:19 AM

i resently had my bed powdercoated & the finials crumbled
can you help me find 4 replacement finials.
thank you.

From Janice, 5/27/2005  1:00 PM

Take a look at two websites I have found finials with. Best one is vandykes.com and the other bearwood.com Good luck... Janice

From Guest, 2/28/2005  11:03 AM

My guess is that you will need to have these made by a local woodworker. -Russell

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