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LoctekMotion lifting cloumn & Standing desk frame

Posted By LindsayShi, 5/24/2020

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LoctekMotion is the leading manufacturer of lifting columns for height adjustable standing desks, conference tables, kitchen cabinets, and more. We design, manufacture and sell innovative solutions that put your process in motion — smoothly and reliably. Whether you’re looking to apply our solutions in an office, kitchen, garage, or factory setting, we can deliver high-quality, customizable components at the most competitive prices. LoctekMotion is a subsidiary of Loctek Ergonomic Technology Corp., which was founded in 1998. Our parent company went public in China in 2017, and is the first publicly listed company in the ergonomics product category in China. Click here to learn more about us.


From shinhinichan, 5/27/2020  11:11 PM

Your side is the great construction unit, wish you will develop more

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