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Posted By jgood86, 2/16/2016

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I've read as many articles as I can get my hands on regarding inventory control; specifically, getting rid of dogs and getting new merchandise in to replace them, and haven't found any that touch on this subject. I'm curious how others structure their buying and clearance systems, because a challenge I've had for years is what to do with the space on the floor once the dog sells. For us sometimes, it can be up to 6-8 weeks before new product is available to fill the hole. Right now, we're just re-merchandising or bringing over a duplicate from the warehouse until the new piece(s) arrive. When you have multiple dogs go out at once this can be time consuming. Pre-selecting products once an item hits the dog list and placing the new order once we get down to the floor model was another idea I had. But if there are a lot of dogs I see it creating a potential cash issue. Any feedback or ideas are appreciated.  Thanks!        -Josh


From love sites, 7/17/2016  9:57 PM

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From mcmahonlive, 2/19/2016  5:26 PM

Hi Josh - thanks for reading.  From your post it sounds like we should chat.  More about your specific business situation is required to give the best answer.  You can contact me at david.mcmahon@highjump.com.  I will say now though that the flow of best sellers in and dogs out functions best with an efficient inventory to sales level for your business with a good product mix of best sellers vs "dogs" vs "also-rans".  Companies that rely on big sales to clear out dogs en-masse have gaps in their line-ups and inconsistent cash flows. "Systems Define Outcomes" and "People execute the systems".  David McMahon

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