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Monitor Furniture Co. Secretary's Desk

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Can anyone tell me anything about this Bucks County Provincial Solid Cherry Secretary's Desk? Is it, in fact, a Secretary's Desk?  Is there a way to know when it was made?  It is from the Monitor Furniture Company, Jamestown, NY.  Thank you.



Monitor Furniture Co. Secretary's Desk

Posted By M. Wong, 9/24/2011

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From theresa, 11/18/2011  8:59 AM

Hi, Since you know the Monitor Furniture Co, I thought maybe you could help me some info on a peice of furniture I just bought. I tried to look up Monitor Furniture history on the web but not having any luck. The piece I bought, is hard to describe. Best description, its a serving table with wheels and has two side panels that flipped up to extend the cart to 6ft. It has two drawers in the front, I am assuming for utencils, the wood is between a walnut and dark oak. Interesting peice, trying to find out some info, someone said it was made in Bucks County...but I think they may be confused, since all info points to NY? Maybe the line is called Bucks County?
Anyway, any info or a site I can go to would be greatly appreciated, trying to solve the mystery.

From Selasbb, 11/11/2011  10:19 AM

I used to work at Monitor and know it's history well.
Buck County Provincial was the most successful group ever offered by Monitor.  It was designed by Salvatore Bevelacqua in the 1940's
Monitor was a "licensed" manufacturer.  They made this line from about 1947 until the early 1960's
This desk was part of the "Philadelphia" group of designs.  There was a dining room  credenza that had a double hutch top like this secretary top on your desk.
The hardware on this was made by Chautauqua Hardware in Jamestown.