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Spaldin Introduces Möebius One, the First North American Fully Circular Economy Mattress in a Box

Furniture World News Desk on 11/22/2022

Spaldin®, a pioneer in the use of sustainable and fully certified safe materials, recently announced the introduction of Möebius® One, a new fully circular mattress in a box, to the North America market at the ISPA sustainability market.


“Since we introduced our “greentech” collection back in 2008," said Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin, “we have been offering retailers and consumers innovative, proven sleep solutions that are always a step ahead.


“Möebius is designed for the circular economy, a principle that aims to redefine growth with society-wide benefits. The idea is to gradually decouple economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and design waste out of the system.”


Valdemoros went on to explain that mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste. An estimated 20 million mattresses are disposed of every year in the USA alone, a vast majority being burned or deposited in landfills. Many of today’s mattresses are largely made of foam and glued layers of different materials. This makes the complete recycling of mattresses a huge challenge.


IN 2021,Spaldin collaborated with Niaga®, part of the German Covestro group, to develop an alternative mattress manufacturing process that uses a modular design made from iron and polyester as raw materials. At the end of the useful life of a Möebius mattress its materials can be processed to create a new mattress. No materials go to waste. 


“Möebius” Valdemoros concluded, is our best mattress ever, rolled-packed for efficient UPS shipping . It uses three-dimensional polyester layers and polyester-pocketed springs in an edge-to-edge configuration with a combination of nested and regular springs that allow for exceptional heat and moisture elimination as well as perfect spine alignment. It is fire retardant without using chemicals or any other barriers, plus is antiallergenic.”





About Spaldin Natural Sleep
Spaldin®, the high-tech side of Natural Sleep. Custom made, fully reconfigurable mattresses. Revolutionary, certified sleep systems for sleeping naturally and absent of harmful substances. Fully-Recyclable, modular sleep products designed with the principles of the Circular Economy. Spaldin, where innovation meets nature. For more information see Spauldin at the January 2023 Las Vegas Market, space C1568 , or email Javier Fernández at marketing@spaldin.com.