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Reclining Loveseat

Posted By Kathy642, 2/1/2022

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My husband is insisting on getting a new manual reclining loveseat. Everything I've read says there are no good companies that make good quality manual reclining loveseats anymore. The companies that do make them that used to be good quality, are now lower end brands(Lane, Ashley, Lazy Boy etc). I would be fine with a good quality stationary loveseat(made of kiln dried hardwood, high density foam cushions and 8 way hand tied coils). IThe Lane manual reclining loveseat we have has lasted over 20yrs, but now Lane is considered a low end brand. Although it seems like all manual reclining loveseats are low end, can anyone recommend one to look at? I would like rolled arms and be able to pick the upholstery. Thanks!


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