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Plasthika Furniture Legs nad Parts Manufacturer from TURKEY

Posted By medmaster, 9/7/2021

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PLASTHIKA is a manufacturer company for furniture legs, handles, decorative ornaments, knobs and furniture fittings. We are located in furniture city of Turkey, Kayseri. We can send our products from here to all over the world, both in domestic and foreign markets. In today's fast-moving times, We are all living a stressfull life. For this reason, it is all the more important to us that we have a place where we can relax, sit back or lie back. In general, our household items are the things that make this work happen. But not only comfort, but also design and the highest quality play a decisive role in people choice. Because most of the people (especially women) thinks that home furnishings and home decoration has to be pleasing to the eyes. In theory, people do not attach much importance to the furniture leg or furniture accessory, but in practice, the importance of the furniture leg becomes clear when questioning to ourselves whether to buy the this furniture or not. Because, we are adding value, design and quality to furniture. Our motto also points to this. “Small details add elegance to your life.” As Plasthika brand, we have attached great importance to innovation, design and R&D since the first day we started our operations. Our goal ? is to doing goods better quality, more useful, more pleasing to the eye. Everbody is doing that job but we are the always better! Contact mail: export@plasthika.com Whatsapp : +90 541 378 62 11 Website : https://www.plasthika.com


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