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Anyone using a VMS system to manage your vendors?

Posted By Maria1995, 8/27/2020

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Hey, I own a furniture store. I sell furniture mainly in retail and sometimes in wholesale only to small scale sellers. Even though I have a lot of staff, it will become a one-man operation when it comes to paperwork, as I'm a perfectionist. It has been quite a long since I'm doing everything manually even in this digital era, so getting any software to manage my vendors won't be a bad idea I think. I don't want to spend a lot on business software, I don't have many requirements too. I need a budget VMS system with an easy user interface and a well-organized document management method. I have been referred to Dock 365 by one of my manufacturers, he is a good friend too, so can't just ignore it. It is a SharePoint based VMS system,https://www.mydock365.com/vendor-management-system, and I'm not familiar with the same. So I would love to get recommended to other less expensive software, I don't mind going with my friend's suggestion if I'm not getting any other. I have all kinds of vendors from five different countries, so the software should support multilingual operations. Many thanks.


From JackSmith08, 9/3/2020  11:48 AM

Effective management of The vendors requires a strong technical knowledge base in addition to soft competencies. IT vendor managers need to grasp the intricacy of any technology, process, program or service outsourced to a third party.

From Maria1995, 8/27/2020  8:56 PM

You can have a look at the mentioned software here; https://www.mydock365.com/vendor-management-system

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