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Design standards of a beautiful and luxurious wedding restaurant

Posted By shinhinichan, 5/29/2020

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Design standards for a beautiful and luxurious wedding restaurant is one of the decisive factors to the success of the wedding restaurant business. Therefore, investors need to focus on design to attract a large number of customers.

1. Request on the restaurant banquet hall
One of the first standards in a wedding restaurant, is the banquet hall, because this is considered the face of the restaurant.

In addition to luxury and sophistication, the banquet hall must also meet the requirements for the number of customers.

Correct restaurant hall is when meeting enough seats for guests, and the distance between the tables must be large enough, airy and convenient for guests to move as well as loading the staff.

In addition to the lobby, the stage is also the area you need to be concerned about. Owning a beautiful stage, helps you attract the attention of people, make an unforgettable impression on this holiday.

A secret that is often applied in wedding restaurants is the higher stage design, to facilitate people to follow the event.

2. Requirements on interior architecture

The wedding restaurant is a milestone place for couples. Therefore, the design must create a close, cozy but still exudes elegance and sophistication.

Moreover, the professional wedding decoration also enhances the image and brand of the organizer, which is an extremely effective communication channel.

Typically, the table used in the wedding restaurant is a round table, avoiding the sharp corner details that are dangerous to people sitting. In addition, the seats have soft cushions, creating comfort, especially should choose materials with simili for easy cleaning and hygiene.

When designing a wedding restaurant, you should be consistent in style, interior color so harmonious, beautiful.

3. Requirements for privacy and confidentiality

Today's wedding restaurant design standards focus on privacy and privacy with a modern soundproofing and sound absorption system.

In order to ensure that the organization is not affected by outside noise, as well as the internal sound does not affect the surrounding environment. Because the restaurant can hold many events at the same time.

Therefore, in order to have a standard and professional wedding restaurant, you need to pay attention to investing in the sound system to make the party cozy and private.

In addition, the restaurant needs to arrange receptionist to guide customers to the right hall, avoiding the case of clutter and going to the wrong party.

4. Requirements on sound and light

Sound and light are an important indispensable factor to own a standard restaurant model.

To help the party go well, your restaurant needs to design a harmonious and unified sound and lighting system. Inside:

• Light needs to be provided to every corner, making the space more spacious and paint the space more LINH LINH, ROMANTIC.

• Good sound quality, no reverberation, echo, affecting the atmosphere of the party, as well as the conversation of guests.
5. Request feng shui

Today, feng shui is increasingly focused in business, construction, design, wedding restaurant is no exception.

First, you need to choose a suitable restaurant design location, according to which, a beautiful location, densely populated, convenient transportation, the focus of the target customer group.

Also according to feng shui, wedding restaurant is usually about 2.8 - 3m high, helping to ensure aesthetics and good in terms of fortune. Interior colors must be bright, help increase the atmosphere of the restaurant.

In designing a wedding restaurant, the appropriate, favorable feng shui directions are in the East and the South.

Hopefully, with the above design standards, the wedding restaurant will help you to have unique and new design ideas, which will bring you more profits in the future.


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