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Note Design Office Area Small Area

Posted By shinhinichan, 5/27/2020

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How to design a small office office with high efficiency in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics? 5 important notes that cannot be ignored below help bring your company the most optimal workspace.
1. Define the design style

Defining the style is the first step you need to take before embarking on a small office design.

To determine exactly you need answers around the following questions:

• What is the purpose of the office? Office designed for any object?

• What is the image and culture that the company wants to convey?

• What is the office area and the number of people working?

Relying on the answers will help you have the most general view so that the design and construction become smoother and easier.

In addition, you should also survey the premises to determine the style to suit the modest area of ??the room.

2. Appropriate layout of office space

In small workspaces, you need to arrange functional areas such as director room, meeting room, staff room, front desk, ... so that science and the most reasonable.

To optimize the area, you should use the type of module or partition desk to save space, while increasing the interaction as well as making the office space look more scientific and professional.

Besides, choosing the wall paint color is also very important. Best for small offices, you should choose bright colors to create a spacious and impressive workspace. Avoid choosing dark colors because they will make the room cramped, cramped.

3. Choose the right color

Colors have a great influence on the interior layout and make the workspace more complete and attractive.

With a small office space you should choose bright colors like beige, light blue, light yellow, white, ... they will help create a wider, more open effect for the company's office.

The trend of "green office" is becoming more and more popular in office design. Plants not only help regulate air purification, but in other respects they also have a sense of feng shui.

However, with an office of 25m2, 30m2, planting a lot of trees is not necessary. Therefore, choose a few vacant positions to place the pearl or silver money to help bring luck, attract fortune for the whole office.

4. Choose beautiful and functional furniture

Comfortable office design with modern swivel chair. Photo source: Internet
One useful advice for you when choosing office furniture is to pay attention to the material, style, size to suit the actual needs.


With a small area, you should use the smart design module table, integrate many uses. And arrange close to the wall to create more space.


Instead of using traditional brick and mortar walls, partitions created apart from dividing working areas, creating separate spaces for employees, they also help save space for small offices.

You can use removable or fixed partitions depending on the purpose of use.

• Document shelf

Using document shelves in the office is indispensable, because they help the office to become more organized and tidy.

What you need to consider here is to choose the type of wall shelves, shelves, or desk shelves to match the office space and ensure comfort during use.

5. Arrange a reasonable lighting system

Light in a small space plays a very important role, because no one can work in low light environments.

Accordingly, just enough light, not too bright nor too dark will help the space become brighter and more comfortable.

When designing small office lighting, ceiling lights, fluorescent lamps, ... are all smart choices for you. Absolutely do not use standing lights, because they will make the space more cramped, more confusing.

In addition, taking advantage of natural light is also a way to expand the space effectively.

Please note the above notes for small area office design to apply to your office. Good luck!


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