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Chairs by Stendig, Looking for information and history on these. Thanks!

Posted By petronm, 2/11/2020

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I have 10 Stendig Chairs, they all appear to be the same but the differ a little underneath the seat. I thought they all were "Andover" chairs but only one has the Andover sticker, they may have fell off all the other as it seems all the stickers are peeling a little. Just trying see if anyone might be able to confirm what type of Stendig chairs these are and when they might have been made? I noticed one style says Stendig with a NY address and the other says Stendig NJ address. Trying to figure out why they appear the same with subtle differences has been boggling my mind, haha. All I could come up with was one style is older than the othe r...maybe? Thanks in advance for any information. Not to much info out there that i can find on Stendig chairs so some history or information about them as a whole would also be wonderful!

This is type I have 6, the bottoms are different and the dots on fabric with this one is very pinkish or salmon where the other one has darkish red dots. The dots are not faded on either they are clearly different "the way i see it".

This is the other type which I have 4, it has darkish red dots all the wood is the high glossy like finish where the other uis glossy everywhere but the bottom. These seem more rounded on the bottom but that may just bee the extra gloss finish.


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