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Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak - Does anyone collect it anymore?

Posted By SusanN, 11/10/2019

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I now own my parents' Feudal Oak furniture made by Jamestown Lounge. I have LR, DR, and BR groups, plus a desk and a settee.  I would love to find an appreciative home for the pieces I don't want to keep - selling them randomly would further break my mother's fervent request - "Never sell the feudal oak!" lol. She kept them in museum quality for 60 years until she passed. I'm enjoying using the DR table and chairs very much, and am doing my best to keep them safe and sound. ;)

Does anyone know if there are any collectors who specialize in it? I realize it is fairly obscure and not the light, modern style that is popular right now. 

Also, I would love to see a digital copy of a Jamestown Lounge catalog featuring its Feudal Oak line if anyone has one. (If I dig deeply into my parents files I may actually find one!)

Thank you.

(Baltimore/DC area)


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