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Many Ethan Allen Country Crossings pieces FOR SALE

Posted By LakeGirl, 10/14/2019

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We are parting with many pieces of the Ethan Allen Country Crossings line, please let me know if you have any interest.  Everything is in very good to outstanding condition.  Colors not working in new home ??. 
1. 6 Windsor cinnamon stained chairs, incl. 2 end chairs which have arms.
2. Entertainment Center with extra speaker cabinet, in bone white/cinnamon.
3. Side pieces to entertainment center which I used separately as a dining hutch (these are the media center pieces).  Bone white/cinnamon, with speaker tops which I used open for photo frames and decor.  Could also be used as a book case with drawers at the bottom.  The “2 media” sides are very much in style slid together as one unit.
4. Considering selling the Writing Desk in hunter green/cinnamon, with hutch topper in cinnamon.  This was also designed to be used as a eat-in kitchen table (I used it as an occasional light duty fun desk). 
5. Considering selling large Country Crossings banker’s desk with locking drawers and glass top.  Lots of storage here, but I don’t recall what this desk was originally called. Has lap drawers and both sides have drawers down to floor.  This desk is beautiful on all sides!
6. Considering selling the rectangle coffee table with drawer/shelf in bone white/cinnamon, AND the side table like same.


From LakeGirl, 10/14/2019  10:48 PM

I also have the 3 audio cabinet replacement front panels in cinnamon, for sale.

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