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Mengel-Man China Hutch

Posted By Moma0831, 5/7/2018

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I have just found a Mengel-Man China Hutch in a trash pile. It was painted and I stopped only because I was looking for a small hutch for my Momma's china. I have not seen any mention of a Mengel-Man China Hutch and was wondering if anyone had any info on the hutch. It is stamped inside the drawer with the logo and Mengel Louisville, Kentucky. Also there is a blue sticker on the back that says "The Mengel-Man Trademark is a symbol of quality. This furniture has been factory inspected in accordance with Mengel Permatized quality specifications. D. S. Westmoreland(?) B 83440." Any onfp on this would be helpful. I am stripping the paint(4 layers) off and the wood looks like Mahogany. 

Thank you


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