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Have 3 pieces of Pulaski Keepsake Bedroom

Posted By Beth Simon, 2/4/2018

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I live in SoCal and am moving to Western KY.  I have 3 pieces, a chester drawers with mirror, large dresser with mirror and one nightstand.

I have had it since the early 80's and would like to sell it.

Is anyone interested?  Or can give me suggestions on where to post.  I've posted in the local Craigslist but no response.  

I can provide pictures upon request.


From cathyhampshire, 3/6/2018  6:05 PM

I am looking for a nightstand.  I have the bed and one nightstand.  Can you send me a picture of what you have.  I will probably be interested in all of it.  I live in Colorado.


From Beth Simon, 2/17/2018  10:36 PM

Pam.... you took the time to write me to question the furniture and I responded via email per your request.

Twice....... but nothing from you.

Not sure why you bothered to ask if you can't respond.

From Pamela Bannister, 2/14/2018  10:25 PM

I live in N. Calif and am seeking Pulaski Keepsake Golden Oak. Please post pics/prices or email direct:  pam@bannisters.net

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