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Holiday draw

Posted By Lk.saucier@gmail.com, 1/14/2016

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I work for A very well known company who pays us a weekly draw to be paid back with our monthly commission on delivered product which has a possible life cycle of 12 weeks could be more, negative balances carried. I owe my draw whether the store is closed for a holiday such as thanksgiving and Christmas, if I am sent out for education on product ( could be o1-4 days) sick even a significant death in family. We work all retail holidays like July 4, Labor Day, Memorial Day with our draw due for the day but no holiday pay or time off ( w/o draw owed). We manufacture so there are a lot of employees other than the sales team, they get paid for about 8-10 holidays, sick time and others.We have not signed a contract, hired at will. This is just how this company has functioned for many years. Can someone explain this? Thank you Sauci


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