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How to Identify Vintage Thomasville

Posted By Linda, 2/24/2008

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I have a Thomasville dining room set from circa 1965 that I inherited, but I have no idea what the collection is called. It is an Italian Provincial set in a fruitwood/pecan finish. Does anyone know where I can find pictures online to help me identify my set? Thanks.


From rzayas59, 2/19/2018  6:06 PM

I also inhereited a 1965 pecan wood dining room set. It has an oval table with a leaf and original table padding. It comes with 6 chairs, two have arms....buffet and the china cabinet. Everything is intact and original with the exception of the reupholstered chairs. 
There is a stamp on the back that reads: COPYWRITE THOMASVILLE FURNITURE INDUSTRIES< INC. 1965. There are also numbers 765-7 29824092, 0-756-2, 765-12 and 765-440 DECK.
I am trying to find the style of this dining room set and the value.
Can someone point me in the right direction

From Gina, 11/16/2009  9:25 PM

I have a Thomasville copyright 1965 marked, green ladderback chair trimed in gold with rope style bottom. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks

From Elizabeth, 10/25/2009  4:48 PM

I have a Thomasville ( Welsh Valley ) Cherry Hutch.

Does anyone know the value of this piece?

                Thank you - Elizabeth

From henri, 10/14/2009  4:51 PM

Hi, I also inherited a Thomasville set Italian Provincial circa 1965. My set is also Pecan. The set is not marked where I can see it. . .and the only place I can see the Word THOMASVILLE is behind a sticker that the retailer placed over the Thomasville name. Have a dining room table, 6 chairs (two have arms), a serving table on rolling casters, and a 3 piece hutch that has two glass china cabinets on either side with the original gold paisley paper backing inside the china cabinets. . . can anyone help with the actual name of this set?? I do have photos, just email me

From Dee Kohler, 3/26/2009  12:09 PM

I have the Thomasville dining room set. . .the hutch is stamped "Thomasville" inside one of the drawers.

I actually had to buy another set (located in St. Louis, MO) in order to get additional chairs -- the owner would not sell just the chairs. . . so now I have an extra table and small china cabinet if you know of anyone interested.

I found the hutch on EBAY located in New Jersey. It's taken about 5 years, but I have a complete set (plus some!).

From Linda, 12/26/2008  5:11 PM

Hi Gary, I no longer have the Thomasville furniture, but I remember that it definitely did NOT have any manufacturer's numbers on it. I think it may have been stamped "Thomasville" somewhere, maybe on the back of the buffet or on the inside of one of the drawers, but I can't remember for sure. The dining room table set and commode had no marks at all. Sorry, Linda

From Gary, 12/26/2008  4:29 PM

Hello Linda, I also have a formal dining room/hutch/cabinet. It was advertised to me as Thomasville but I can't find any numbers or even the name, Thomasville. Do your pieces have the manufacturer (Thomasville) name on or under it? Thanks for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Gary Penton.

From Linda, 12/8/2008  9:07 PM

Sorry, I still haven't been able to identify my set. Actually, I sold it soon after I posted my question, but I still have pictures of it. I was hoping to be able to give the new owners some information on its provenance. Good luck in your search.

From Linda, 12/8/2008  8:48 PM

I now have the same issue as you do/did, and I'd like to know if you found out any information. My dining room set has numbers on all the pieces and is dated 1965, but Thomasville can't seem to offer any help on the name of the set or whether there were any more pieces.

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