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I purchased at an auction a tall secretary desk and in the drawer it stated in was made in Jamestown NY. I have been unable to locate any information about the company. I need some help!

Posted By Kyle L Short, 1/9/2008

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From Kyle L Short, 7/18/2011  11:13 AM

Recently purchased a dining room set (monitor).
It's a 96" rectangle with two 14" leafs for the ends.
Six chairs (4 ladder chairs and 2 captain ladder chairs).
They all are four rung ladder chairs and are beautiful.
Also have a hutch.
Looking for ANY info. on this set.
Will not sell of course, just looking for some history,
I was told lady had them at least as early as 1986.

Appreciate any help.


From Kyle L Short, 7/9/2011  9:19 AM

Linda, I may be interested. Please email me at arkyrab@aol.com.

Sharon, I would like your coffe table also.

From Kyle L Short, 7/8/2011  10:29 AM

I have a Bucks County provincial wild cherry SLEIGH shaped coffee table made by Monitor Furniture Co. Would like to sell if anyone is interested.

From JoAnnF, 6/11/2011  10:43 AM

I have two Monitor dough box end tables that need to be refinished. Any interest, contact me. JF

From Linda, 6/2/2011  3:52 PM

Bob, Grandson of Burton Tuxford

I am downsizing soon and have a Queen/King Monitor Cherry bedroom set - bed, tall bureau, long bureau, mirror and 2 night stands. I purchased them in 1979.

The head board is very unique and fragile. The first 2 head boards had a crack in the middle of the headboard. The third one has made about 13 moves and never cracked. It is an open design with 4 scroll sections and a small solid center piece. The top curves up and down which gives it it's unique shape and creates the delicate nature of the head board.


From Bob, 5/10/2011  7:03 PM

I am looking for a Monitor Furniture Highboy dresser if anyone in the midwest has one. I am in Oklahoma.

From Cindy, 3/17/2011  12:44 PM

Did anyone ever give an estimated value to the cherry/mahogany "secretary" that was made by Monitor Furniture Company?
Thanks for all the history! I used to live in Jamestown, NY for a couple of years, but was too young to be interested in furniture at that time!

From Bill, 2/28/2011  12:23 PM

reply to MARK...i would sell you whatever you want of the group...im in cove city NC...?i can be reaced at jonesfireprotection1@yahoo.com if you are interested

From anita osborne, 2/27/2011  4:01 PM

I have inherited a cherry or mahogany bedroom set. I think my mother bought it around the early l980s from Kleban Furn. Floor Covering, l64 Morningstar Road, Elm Park, S.I., NY. l0303. It has a king size headboard, triple dresser with mirror, chest & 1 night stand with drawer & doors underneath. I am going to move soon & wonder what it would be worth. It's all in good condition.

From Jay, 2/22/2011  9:32 PM

Hi all. I have a desk that appears to be cherry veneered made by the monitor furniture company. Can't find any info about this desk online. Wondering about age, style and value. It is very simple and traditional looking. I would call it petite. 8 drawers total including a wide drawer at top center and a taller drawer for paperwork on the lower right. It is perfectly rectangle on top and flat. Dimensions are 24 x 46 on the top and 30 tall. Nice simple moulding all around including a 4" baseboard all around both legs. Really nice piece. Any info would be very interesting. Thanks.   -jay

From Mark, 2/22/2011  3:34 PM

Hello Bill, I'm looking for the headboard, footboard & bed frame, would you consider separating these? Also, what city or region are you located in or near please? I'm in the St Louis MO area.

From william, 2/21/2011  9:36 AM

I just was willed a vintage MONITOR cherry bedroom set. It has 2 night stands a 12 drawer dresser with matching mirror and matching bed frame with headboard and footboard....i am interested in selling it as i have no need for it...any reasonable offer will be considered...BILL

From Cindy, 2/17/2011  1:46 PM

I purchased a Monitor Sectrtary at a local estate sale, and would like more information. It is black, approx. 7 ft. tall, glass doors on the top, with rust colored shelves, drop leaf front, with several secret compartments, four lower drawers, and claw feet. Also, it has kind of an oriental design/painting over it all. The Monitor Furniture tag shipped to Rike Kumler, Dayton, Ohio was stapled to the back of the piece. If anyone has more information, and it's worth, please respond. Thanks, Cindy, Celina, Ohio

From Mary White, 2/15/2011  10:53 PM

I have what I believe to be a Federal Style dining table with drop leafs that would turn it from a table for four to one for six. It is a Mahogany Assocs. Table with the number 400. I would sand and restain the top as someone has put a plate that was too warm on it without the table cloth or a heat guard. I am trying to sell it for friends who moved back to India to see a parent through her final years, but who couldn't afford to send their personal things over. This table might pay for postage at least. Does anyone have an idea or questions?

From jon saksa, 2/10/2011  8:51 AM

i have a monitor tall governor winthrop desk made in jamestown newyork. it has 3 bottom drawers with a dropleaf desk and an adjustable shelf on the top. it is made of maple i believe. do you have any idea of the value and the price i should ask of a buying dealer? thanks

From Jane Lee, 1/29/2011  3:01 PM

We have a solid cherry bedroom set purchased in 1960 which includes a4 poster bed,triple dresser with 2 mirrors, chest on chest and 2 nightstands. Does anyone know the value of this beautiful Monitor furniture?
Thank you,
Jane Lee

From Roy Page, 12/31/2010  9:01 AM

I have a matching set of Monitor Cherry furniture that I am intending to sell. Here is the list.

1 Round / Oval table [Has removable center section]
4 Dining chairs
1 Captains Dining Chair
1 Buffet with Hutch
1 Small round 2 level side table.

Mostly in very good condition, a few scrapes on the chairs.

I am looking for a value, I suppose the lot is worth at least $2,000 possibly more.

I will put it on eBay if I have no interest.

Thanks all

Beloit, OH 44609

From Carol Manion, 12/5/2010  1:08 AM

I have a Monitor bedroom set which I just moved from my parents home. I would love to add a chest or a chest-on-chest to the set. Contact me at crbmanion@aol.com

From Steve Belus, 10/19/2010  1:34 PM

I have come into possession of a 5 piece bedroom set that has the tag and markings stating that it is a monitor set. I was curious about what it would be worth and I must say that it is in remarkable condition. I have read that most of there stuff was made through out the 30's to the 80's and was wondering what I have.

From Peter Zabriskie, 10/5/2010  11:35 AM

It's great to see this thread going into years now. I have Monitor Dinningroom Table~round, Sideboard with 5 drawers and 3 cabinet doors, and Secretary Desk. All 1960's purchased in Buck's County Pennsylvannia and All Solid Cherry. I have them on Craigslist in Bloomington Indiana because we no longer have a house but an apartment. If anyone is interested make me an offer. peter_zabriskie@yahoo.com

From bob, 10/1/2010  8:28 PM

I too have a secretary desk from "Monitor furniture co. Jamestown, N.Y.
It to has the genuine mahogany sticker with #288.
I remember that my grandparents have had this since 1960, or earlier. I don't know if they bought it new, or used.
They both worked at Hudsons dept.store in downtown Detroit. (don't know IF thats where they bought it).
It's four drawers with an angled lid, and claw feet.
It will never be sold, it WILL be handed down, but it WOULD be nice to have more info. on it and/or the company.
The emblem between the co. name and the place is a lighthouse. Any info., anytime would be welcomed.
Thanks, Bob.

From Sue, 4/21/2010  2:05 PM

Hi Bob!
Grandfather use to get the hardware from Chautauqua Hardware. I hope some of you can replace your pulls and keys. Good Luck!

From Jeanne, 4/17/2010  1:16 PM

I just found a Monitor cherry secretary desk, with no top, and it is beautiful. It had a bedside stand to match. It sounds like $159.99 was reasonable, but if I wish to resell it where and how do you suggest I do that? For now it will be perfect for my husband's room at a nursing home, as he so much missed his desk at home.

From Nedda, 4/17/2010  1:13 PM

I recently purchased a beautiful secretary, two pieces, glass top, key included. Inside the top draw, which is smaller than the other three, is a stamp Montior Furniture, Jamestown, NY. There is another small label clearly printed on the bottome of the drawer that certifys the piece is genuine mahogany and numbered 288. The certification is by Mahogany Assoc., Inc.

I am not sure of the style,but I believe it is Federal based on elaborate scroll work on top. Another interesting thing about this piece, which had evidently been in storage for a long time, was a snap shot of a very young Jack Lemmon and three other gentlemen who appear to be somewhat older. I bought this at a thrift store that is owned by an aution house in Bethesda, MD. I love it and the mystery behind who originally owned it.

From Laura, 3/8/2010  5:09 PM

We have a really nice, cute smaller-sized hutch for sale in our antique shop right now. I'm not certain how old this Monitor Cherry Hutch with inverted wine glass holder is--but it is very good quality (maybe from 50s-70s?) There are photos on Craigslist Mpls/st.paul this week if you search on "Flapper Janes," otherwise contact us at antiqueoasis@visi.com


From Susan, 3/1/2010  10:40 AM

My husband & I inherited two gorgeous solid cherry pieces of furniture from his 100-yr.-old Grandmother. Yes, she is still alive & doing well! These pieces are gorgeous if you are into antique furnishings - they are in excellent condition, but they are just not our type of furniture. One piece is a dry sink - lid opens at wood hinges, large front drawer w/ two handles & one front door opening. The other piece is a 5-sided credenza w/ two front doors & flat back to fit snugly against a wall. If anyone has a handle on their value and/or is interested in purchasing either or both of these pieces, please contact me via my email address (2stargazers@comcast.net). We live in Columbiana, OH. Thanks.

From Julie Blundell, 2/3/2010  9:24 PM

I recently purchased a two-tiered display table and am researching it but I am having little luck. There is a an embossed stamp on the bottom of A110 Genuine Signed by Park and a picture of 3 cherries hanging on the stems. Does anyone have any clues?


From Karen, 1/27/2010  8:24 PM

I have a coffee table from Monitor Furniture.. Solid Cherry. Rectangular shaped. Top has a lifted edge around three sides. A drawer, pulls through both sides. A shelf underneath. I'd like to know how old it is. It was given to me about 19 years ago by a friend.

From Ray R, 1/26/2010  5:46 PM

My wife and I recently purchased a Monitor gentleman's bedroom commode which was made to look like a bedside table. We purchased it in an antique store in La Belle, Fl. It is solid cherry and in great condition. We have never seen anything like it before. We live in the mid-west. We are interested in knowing about this piece. Your help will be appreciated.

From mcfitz, 1/23/2010  8:46 PM

i have a beautiful cherry Moniter dining room set; table w/ leaf to extend, 6 chairs ( 2 sidearm), and stunning beveled glass china hutch.. i am asking 1000. for the set. It also has a custom pad.
my email is mcfitz80@yahoo.com

From Question from Missy, 1/20/2010  12:16 AM

I just bought a sideboard buffet with a top china hutch piece with amber colored glass doors made by Monitor that has a decal that partially reads "Bucks County Provencial Certificate of Authenticity, designed by Salvatore Bevelacqua for the Monitor Furniture Company". Does anyone have and idea of who Salvatore Bevelacqua was? And, can anyone give me more direction about how to find out more...Kris Green...if you can contact me, I would greatly appreciate your help!


From sarah, 1/13/2010  2:31 PM

I have a Monitor china cabinet (2 piece)and a server (or dry sink) for sale. 3 pieces, asking $500.00 for all. I live in the Atlanta area.

From Dave, 1/9/2010  11:42 PM

What is it worth? What is the value? It is worth what good used furniture is worth. If you want to research prices for used furniture, a good way is to search current and completed auctions on eBay.

To the guy who lost his key, you can buy a lot of skeleton keys on eBay. One of them will work.

From Dave, 1/9/2010  11:29 PM

Whatever you have, it is worth what very good quality used furniture is worth. Nothing more. At auction it can go for next to nothing (ie $45) to several hundred dollars. I just picked up a really nice Monitor piece at auction for $45 because nobody wanted it. It is fantastic quality. A secretary desk will be worth about $600 retail. At a live auction....it depends on who is bidding. It can go for $45 or several hundred. I sold one on eBay awhile ago for $950. Then I sold a flat top desk on eBay and it only brought $150. I saw a Monitor flat top desk sell for $585 recently on eBay from another dealer at a Buy It Now price. It all depends on who is bidding and wants it. There are no set values.

From Pam, 11/28/2009  8:34 PM

I recently purchased a used cherry secretary's desk app. 40-45 in. high, which is in very good condition. It was made by Monitor Furniture Company, Jamestown NY. I am trying to research how old the piece is and how much it is worth. Anyone able to assist?

From Erica, 11/27/2009  5:26 PM

A name of ownership that has yet to be mentioned is Gustafson, which was my family, and my Grandparents had their entire house furnished with it. My Aunt and Uncle sold it all at the Estate sale when my Granfather passed away. I hope any who were fortunate enough to obtain ANY of those peices, enjoy and treasure them they are priceless!

From Corinne, 8/24/2009  9:37 PM

I recently purchased an antique secretary desk in really good condition, and it came with a key. However, we really don't need it. If anyone has any information on what it's worth? If you would like to buy it, or have any information, please reply to my e-mail.


From Sharon, 8/24/2009  6:13 PM

I have my mother's solid cherry dining set, which was made by the Monitor Furniture Co. out of Jamestown, NY. There is a table (43.5” wide x 64” long without leaves; has two leaves, each measuring 12” by 43.5”, so table extends to either 76” or 88” long), hutch base and top, six side chairs, two arm chairs, two end tables, and an octagonal "side" table. It is beautiful, extremely well-made furniture; however, it is large for my house and I'm considering selling it. Does anyone have any idea what this furniture is worth? Thanks.

From kelly, 8/23/2009  12:23 AM

I have just bought a leather top desk. One top center drawer with key hole. four drawers on the left three on right(although one is a double drawer)The top drawer is stamped with the monitor furniture logo. Any info on what year this piece was made?


From Anne, 7/22/2009  2:22 PM

We purchased a cherry monitor drop leaf dining table about 10 years ago at a used furniture dealer. It has several leaves and a beautiful candlelight finish. Unfortunately our cat scratched itbeer on one of the drop sides. Is it worth holding onto? We were considering selling-any idea what it's worth? Thanks!

From scott reece, 7/2/2009  9:24 PM

I have a monitor american emblem china cabinate and table with drop leaf. the set was purchased in ohio 30 to40 years ago it is beautiful.it still has the original shipping tag on all peices.i would like to find a close value but dont know how.any help???

From Mike, 4/17/2009  1:46 PM

I received my Mother's dining room set about 20 years ago. My parents purchased this when they lived in Cleveland Ohio. I am not too crazy about the dining table because it is a drop leaf and has "wings" that extend out to hold the leaf up on each end. Very uncomfortable to sit at. I just had the Hutch refinished and it looks wonderful. My wife and I are very pleased with this piece.

From Larry Smith, 4/6/2009  9:21 PM

I have a Monitor cherry bedroom set I purchased new in 1972. I have a cherry triple dresser w/mirror, a chest on chest, only one nightstand and queen size cherry cannonball bed with headboard and footboard. I have slept in this bed nearly every night since 1972. The finish on the set is like the day it was delivered. Regret I didnt buy the other nightstand.

From ken, 4/3/2009  5:29 PM

i also have a secratary desk made by monitor furniture in new york would like to know about when it was made and approx. value. thanx for your time.   ken

From Margaret, 3/25/2009  9:49 PM

We have a beautiful secretary desk with a glass hutch that has a stamp from Monitor Furniture Jamestown, NY. It is cherry wood. It is in prestine condition. Does anyone know what kind of value this would have. thanks

From Bob, 3/23/2009  10:43 PM

My grandfather Burton Tuxford owned monitor furniture with Robert Bergquist in the 1950s into the 1970s.   I visited the Jamestown factory once as as very young boy. The company opened 2 stores for several years in Co__l Gables and Perrine Florida over that period.
I was gifted a bedroom set as a young man in the 1970s and also have a dining room set. Unfortunately most of the family has passed and I am always looking for old pieces.

From Peggy, 1/31/2009  8:24 PM

Kris Green,

I purchased my table in 1968 in Cleveland Ohio. The chairs were purchased from the merchandize mart in Chicago about 24 years ago. Would you possibly have a catalogue from the 80's I am still searching for matching chairs to the ones I purchased and am having trouble. If anyone else can help me I would appreciate it. I have contacted Montagne's furniture store in Jamestown NY but so far they have not located any for me. I also want the oval or rectangular table(Not drop leaf)



From Lorri, 1/31/2009  12:19 PM

I recently purchased a secretary desk in Cocoa, Florida and I love it. It is old and I fixed up some scratches and I am glad to hear it came from a nice company. My husband loves it too, and it came with a key as well!

From Darrin C.Irwin, 1/28/2009  1:34 PM

a reply from kris green concerning Monitor Furniture CO.Being stated by family(grandfather?)i too had family that owned a furniture store in Jamestown N.Y.&have a peice of monitor that belonged to my grandmother Margaret (Darrin)Irwin...is this the same furniture co.? if so we ARE related!contact me,
Darrin Irwin
also odd someone mentioned buying a peice of Monitor at"Krebs"in Baltimore...My great grandmother,Margarets mother was named Bessie KREBS! odd...

From Peggy, 1/22/2009  7:09 PM

I am just now thinking of selling my dining room table and 4 chairs, Monitor cherry. My husband purchased it about 35 yrs. ago at Krebs here in Baltimore. It has been used by our family and as such has some scuffs and sratches but is still a lovely set, I think. I haven't done enough research yet to even know what to ask.


From Doreen Latorella, 1/18/2009  9:58 AM

I also have a beautiful Secretary dest made by the Munitor Furniture company. I inherited from my inlaws that purchased it in 1940 at a yard sale for $35.00 a lot of money for that time. It still looks wonderful and I relish this piece. I am sure it was made in the 1920's or very soon after. I only need to replace one of the pulls that is on the sway drawer on the very top.
I would love any more information I can get on this treasure so I can pass it on to my children and grand-children. Thanks

From Ed, 1/4/2009  2:43 PM

I just bought a Dining Room set from monitor from an estate sale. Oval Pedestal Table 6 chairs buffet & Hutch. I think its Cherry but am not sure. Does anyone know how to determine the type of wood, year built, and value?

From Peggy, 11/30/2008  1:34 AM

Kris Green or anyone that can help me locate a Monitor Cherry (Vintage color-Reddish) oval or rectangular(Not drop leaf)dining room table and matching chairs. Also possible a server. Kris can I get info from your cousin from Jamestown NY?



From Bill, 11/7/2008  10:17 AM

I was given a buffet/sideboard from my cousin. After some research, I found a sticker inside reading Monitor Furniture Company. I am enjoying doing the research, but am running into a wall. It has three center drawers with doors covering them. From the front, there are four doors total.
It is a beautiful piece, and is very solid. I was trying to find any sort of value. If anyone know of any resources, please let me know.


From Kris Green, 7/10/2008  1:24 PM

My grandfather and great uncle founded Monitor Furniture Company in the 1920s. It's exciting to read that people are enjoying the furniture. The company reverted back to the family after Eaton Provost went bankrupt, but no family members wanted to restart the business and the building was sold to the city of Jamestown in the 1980s. My cousin in Jamestown can provide a detailed history of the company.

From Charles, 5/21/2008  4:58 PM

I own a circa 1958/1959 Cherry Governor Winthrop Desk made by the Monitor Furn. Co. I lost the key for the locks on all the drawers and wonder where I may be able to locate a key that fits. Thanks

From matt emerson, 1/25/2008  12:00 AM

I have a hutch that my parents aquired roughly 45 years ago when living in
Albany NY It'sbeautiful, I just need to replace a couple pull handles, but I want originals.....

From Greg Paprocki, 1/10/2008  6:54 AM

I used to carry Monitor in my store in Erie, PA. Monitor has been out of business for probably 15 to 20 years now. They made exceptional solid cherry furniture in Jamestown, NY.If I remember the story right, they were purchased by a French company Eaton Provost to have a USA plant to finish imported armoires and bedroom furniture to skirt the import duties. The original owner re-bought the company several years later to try and bring it back to it's roots, but the demand for 18th century furniture had ceased. Hang on to your piece, it's great stuff. I have several pieces in my own home.

From Kyle L Short, 1/9/2008  2:34 PM

I purchased at auction a tall secretary desk. It was made by Monitor Furniture Co. in Jamestown NY. I have been unable to locate any information about this company. I need some help!