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McRoskey Mattress Brand Expands East Coast Presence with First New York Placement

Furniture World News Desk on 6/23/2022

Exterior shot of Long's Bedding & Interiors. Photo Credit: Terri Long
Exterior shot of Long's Bedding & Interiors. Photo Credit: Terri Long

The McRoskey mattress brand has its first Manhattan placement at Long’s Bedding & Interiors, an iconic fourth-generation bedding retailer located on New York’s Upper East Side. This is the first time the two-sided, generously upholstered, and almost completely handmade brand has been available in the state of New York.


Owner Terri Long choose four McRoskey products for the showroom ranging in price from $7,000 to $14,000 retail, and one AirFlex mattress.

 “We value quality construction and craftsmanship, natural materials and two-sided mattresses, all of which describes McRoskey,” said Long. “When I experienced the new handmade, hand-tufted, made in America products, which are all natural and two-sided, I knew they were absolutely the right design for our customers.”


A family business since 1911, Long’s is known for boutique brands that combine old-world craftsmanship and contemporary comfort in a range of choices carefully curated to suit everyone, from the budget conscious, to the luxuriously indulgent, with quality and value at every price point.


As part of her decision process, Long viewed the products in the McRoskey San Francisco flagship store, a trip that drove home the similar histories of both family-owned companies. “It’s nothing like dealing with the big conglomerates,” she said. “With McCroskey, we are dealing with like-minded people. Both of us are equally invested in quality, service, and value for our customers.”


“Terri was really committed to the process,” said Jon Leonard, national sales director of McRoskey. “She bought one of their salespeople to San Francisco with her, and they really focused on finding beds that perfectly meshed with their existing floor in terms of feel and price point, as though they were fitting pieces into a jigsaw puzzle. They were incredibly careful and deliberate. The McRoskey brand was an ideal fit for them because they already have a built-in network of contacts and interior designers and repeat customers who understand that if you spend more, you get more. Customers coming into their store want high quality and they are willing to pay more and wait a little longer to get it, and the brand is resonating there because it’s not contrived or made-up. It’s an authentic luxury brand that has been evolving for more than 120 years.”




About McRoskey Mattress Works

McRoskey Mattress Works is the owner and exclusive global manufacturer of the McRoskey Mattress Brand. The family-owned company is located in Fresno, California and manufactures the McRoskey and AirFlex brands. McRoskey has been building luxury handcrafted mattresses since 1899. For additional information visit www.mcroskey.com.