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Posted By Keith, 5/27/2003

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Dear Russ I am looking for information on Sterlingworth Corp based in Jamestown Ny I have a bedroom collection labeled "Sterlinghouse Collection" I am having a hard time finding this company. Are they out of business? thank you.


From rostov346, 9/26/2015  5:47 AM

It has been 12 years since this post started.  I still have the furniture and I am looking to sell.  Any ideas out there.  Please email


From chvlt57, 9/1/2011  2:53 PM

[#121413]: Would you consider separating; very interested in the nightstand?  reply to jbbjrl@comcast.net

From chvlt57, 9/1/2011  2:49 PM

[#118933]: I found suitable replacements at Best Buy.

From chvlt57, 9/1/2011  2:34 PM

[#113571]: I am trying to match or compliment a 2238 cherry night stand; could you please give me more info on the table.

From Keith, 7/5/2011  10:11 PM

I have a Jamestown Sterling Shaker Sampler Collection bedroom set. The bed is supposed to be covertible between full and queen size but the side rails are too short for a queen size bed. Does anyone have siderails I could buy (or trade for full size length) or know how I can make this bed frame work for a queen size bed? Please contact me at ellen.concannon@gmail.com.

From BibeBrikick, 5/19/2011  10:06 PM











INSIDE USA         &nb sp;    1-312-260-7939
OUTSIDE THE USA +1-312-260-7939


From Patti Tschantz, 5/17/2011  3:19 PM

I have a Sterling House French Provincial solid cherry bedroom set, vintage 1950, which was my grandmother's. I have two twin beds, the high four drawer chest, a 60 inch long dresser with mirror and a night stand. I would like to sell this set which is in very good condition. I have no idea what it is worth but am willing to negotiate a price.

From Garrett, 4/10/2011  11:03 PM

Sorry to tell all of yu sterling lovers but the jamestown factory burned tot eh ground on september 2, 1995. I am a member of the volunteer fire department that ried to save the bulding but it was to far gone when we arrived sorry.

From Rebecca, 4/1/2011  9:14 PM

On 5/14/2007, Robert Spiegel was looking for the plastic clips which are mounted on the back of drawers to keep them from tipping out. Did anyone ever come across where they can be purchased from? I have a bureau with two drawers that need a new clip.

From DIANE, 3/30/2011  1:26 PM

I have my parent's sterling house collection by Sterlingworth Jamestown, NY bedroom set. Dark stain probably maple. Consists of double spindle bed. double dresser and mirror. five drawer chest, and night stand.It was purchased in Bedford,PA at Singer.s Country Store in the 1970.s Is Sterlingworth still in business>

From Chuck, 3/26/2011  11:21 AM

I am looking to buy a King size Sterling Worth Cherry bed. Please contact me at jollyfam@new.rr.com


From Jackie, 3/11/2011  9:37 AM

I have a Cherry Sterling House Dresser & Mirror.

72" Wide X 32 1/2" High X 20" Deep

If anyone is interested in purchasing it, please contact me. We live near Cape Cod.


From John Clement, 2/19/2011  2:30 PM

I bought a solid cherry hutch and dinning table with 2 leaves and 4 chairs. Bought from Jamestown Sterling House in the 1950's. Would like to know the value of this furniture.

From r fold, 2/15/2011  11:18 PM

I have a Jamestown Sterling cherry bedroom set and am looking for a 4 drawer night stand. If you have one please e-mail me with price, picture and location to rfold@yahoo.com

r fold

From Dar Ellis, 1/23/2011  2:59 PM

I have a Jamestown Sterling Oak hutch and am looking for replacement hinge pins,they are aged brass.Any info would be wonderful.I purchased this piece in 1999 from Homemakers Furniture in Des Moines, Iowa.

From Gary E, 1/23/2011  12:23 PM

We purchased a maple bedroom suite from Sterlingworth back in 1979/1980. We are looking for another nightstand to go with this set. If anyone has one, or knows of one that might be for sale, would appreciate hearing from you.

Gary E


From Gary E, 1/22/2011  5:04 PM

BRENDA - interested in the single maple nightstand you mentioned in your post of 12/29/10. If still available, please e-mail me at gelder1951@aol.com

From Brenda T, 1/22/2011  2:20 PM

I'm looking for king size Jamestown Sterling cherry bed or just the headboard.

From IVELISSE MELENDEZ, 1/12/2011  1:29 PM


From John, 1/3/2011  9:08 PM

Brad..... I have a cherry bedside table made by Sterlingworth, Sterlinghouse collection.. it has 1 drawer over a platform. It is series 1800, Chautaugua Cherry #1832x 22"x 16" 25" H

From Brenda, 12/29/2010  5:24 PM

I have a maple bedside table. Inside drawer reads: The Sterlingworth Company manufacturer of fine furniture Jamestown NY.
If interested please email me.

From Brad, 11/20/2010  2:24 PM

We have a cherrt bedroom suite cherry apparently Jamestown Sterling. Need a second bedside table. If you have one, send price, picture, and location.

From Chris, 9/10/2010  12:15 AM

I have a Sterlingworth Corporation bedroom set purchased in 1981. It is cherry wood. The set consists of 2 twin four poster canopy beds, 1 triple dresser with mirror, and a tall chest of drawers. Does anyone know what this set would be worth? It is in good condition with a few perfume spots. I am located in Wisconsin

From teran, 9/9/2010  6:27 PM

I have a Sterling house dining room table in dark cherry, not exactly sure when it was purchased originally , i am guessing 1950's-60's. I am wanting to sell, if any one is interested please reply quickly, I am located in Oregon.

From Lynn, 5/3/2010  12:24 AM

I have a large dresser I got from a raletive who passed away. The tag in the draw says Jamestown Sterling Corporation, Solid Wood Funiture, Jamestown, New York. It's 54"W x 19'D It's a lighter color of wood and is worn, would need to be refinished, but very heavy and solid. Could anyone tell me anything about this dresser and how much should I ask for it. Thanks for your help!

From Jim, 5/1/2010  9:49 PM

We have a Sterlingworth bedroom set - believe oak - and want to updrade from a queen to a king size bed. Does anyone have a king head and footboard for sale? I can send photos to insure a match. Thanks

From keith, 4/22/2010  7:32 AM

HI, I started this post 7rs ago and I am offering our Sterlinghouse Collection High Dresser (it has a mirrored jewerly case in center, two long side draws) and Long draw dresser for sale. Will send photos. I am based in North West NJ.

From pam, 4/22/2010  12:02 AM

I have a Cherry highboy that I am interested in selling. I am located in Seattle, have pictures and the piece is in pristine condition. Anyone out there know the value of the Sterlingworth piece? Thanks, Pam

From jean rosenquest, 1/24/2010  3:37 PM

I like Pam who wrote in 2007 have a jamestown sterling bed/triple dresser and I only purchased one nightstand. it has a drawer and a shelf at the bottom with two doors. dark cherry wood. Any ideas? I guess this company is out of business. I bought it at greenfront furniture in Farmville Va in 1985.

From Kathy, 1/1/2010  3:55 PM

I have a queen size poster headboard and footboard and frame from the Sterlingworth Jamestown cherry collection. We have switched to a king size bed and would like to sell the queen set. If interested, please email me at kdewitt@c--win.k12.oh.us.

From Debbie, 11/20/2009  9:41 PM

Hi,I was wondering if anybody can give me any information on a bedroom set in very good condition from Sterling House Collection Sterlingworth Jamestown NY. It would have been purchased around 1957. The is a large dresser with mirror, bedframe, and armoir. It was from my mother in law who has passed away. Thanks!!

From Maxxie, 10/18/2009  11:15 AM

I have a Jamestown Sterling cherry bedroom set but I need the chest of drawers. Is anyone selling one or know where I can buy one? Thanks.

From wendall, 10/14/2009  2:13 PM

I see a lot of sale items posted on bedroom furniture could you please let me know what you are asking. Thank you very much and God Bless.

From Roxanne, 10/10/2009  5:49 PM

Jamestown Sterling maple commode. Extremely well built. Number 1791. Drawer and shelf in lower area with two doors. Heavy nice cupboard. Email me for photo. A piece from a fine company that is no longer. Seems to be even heavier, and as nicely built, as Ethan Allen old style furniture that I have had. Dimensions are 30 High 30 Wide 18 Deep. October 10 2009

From Susan Epperson, 9/20/2009  3:34 PM

I have a bedroom set purchased in Arizona in the early 1970's. It is maple, made by Jamestown Sterling, from the Jamestown American collection. I would like a queen-size footboard and side rails, and another nightstand if possible. This is a long shot, but please e-mail billepperson@msn.com. I was told this company burned down a number of years ago.

From Beth, 8/22/2009  11:56 AM

Is Sterling House Maple Furniture comparable to Tell City Taple Maple or Ethan Allen Maple?

From Emmet Moynihan, 8/10/2009  11:07 PM

I have a solid cherry Amerigan Legeon bedroom canonball queen size bed , a chest on chest (42-127),dresser (42-117), mirror (42-107 )cabinet stand (42-134), cabinet stand (42-136), lingarie chest (42-1230),low boy (42-350), and mirror (42-3010)
I have had this set for aproximently 40 years,all pieces are in very good condition.
I wish to sell all of these items.Can you tell me what would be a reasonable asking price?
Thank you very much.
Emmet Moynihan

From Audrey, 5/31/2009  6:08 PM

I have for sale a Jamestown Sterling king size poster bed room suit. We had to refinish the tops of the double chest dresser and high boy but it came out very well. The set includes a tall boy, double chest dresser with mirror, nightstand, king size poster bed with canopy. Any ideas of how much it would be worth with the refinishing? I know nothing about the company but know it was very expensive when it was purchased about 30 years ago. Thanks!

From Tom, 5/31/2009  3:04 PM

Pam & Olga,

I just viewed your messages from early 2007, so I don't know if you will see this message two years later. I also own a Jamestown Sterling dark bedroom set that I purchased new in 1990. I am looking for another 3-drawer bedside table. I have the queen bed to the set but I wish to find the king bed for the set now. I may be interested in other pieces as well. Please email at tgilmore@townisp.com.

From Em, 5/27/2009  5:19 PM

I have a Sterling House Collection, Sterlingworth Corp. (Jamestown, NY) bedroom set, 40 years old (purchased 1969). The set is hard rock maple. It includes a dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, headboard and footboard (for full-size bed), one night stand with drawer. If interested in purchasing please email: eah578@yahoo.com. I can provide more detail and pictures. I live in Massachusetts.

From Jean Wagner, 5/17/2009  11:38 AM

I have a dresser and chest from the Jamestown Sterling Shaker Sample Collection (dark cherry). I would like to purchase matching or coordinating nightstands. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

From Kathy, 4/12/2009  3:47 PM

I have a Sterlinghouse solid cherry,four drawer dresser,early american style,I would,like to sell. Awesome condition. Let me know if intersted.

From melissa, 4/8/2009  10:24 AM

My husband and I purchased a dining room set, The Mahogany Collection from Jamestown Sterling in 1994 from a store in NC. We are looking for another corner cabinet and some side Chippendale chairs. If you have info, let us know.

From Marilyn Irvin, 4/4/2009  9:40 AM



From Richard C. Black, 2/9/2009  12:25 AM

My wife and I purchased a new solid dark cherry bedroom furniture set when we moved to Foxborough, MA in 1980.
There is stamp inside the nightstand top drawer which states: "The Sterlingworth Corporation, Manufacturers of Fine Furniture, Jamestown, New York 14701" The set consists of: Nightstands (2) with one drawer on top and two doors below; Dresser (chest on chest), 9-drawer highboy; Dresser (long) 11-drawer, with heavy mirror;
Bed (queen size) consisting of headboard, footboard and frame.

We are fully retired in the Sacramento, CA area and are downsizing. Does anyone know what this bedroom set might be worth? Thanks!

P.S. The rear of the highboy dresser is marked: "42-127 Chest/CH" and "Job 499"      

From Caspersparks, 12/31/2008  1:51 AM

Hello, in reading over the previous posts I'm not going to hold my breath when I inquire if anyone in Oregon might possibly have the bed rails for the dark cherry queen poster bed. We purchased a set, 2 dressers (1 highboy ,1 mirrored lower profile), one nightstand and the bed frame -( said to be a double/queen interchangeable... lol... found out it was 4" too short for our Queen mattress.) We have a pair of double sized if anyone is interested in swapping :) Thanks! Hope everyone searching finds what they are looking for - prov.3:5-6 Caspersparks.

From Beverly Mullen, 10/30/2008  11:02 AM

The movers lost my armoir to a dark cherry bedroom set. Inside the drawer is a metal tag that reads "Jamestown Sterling." The set was bought from Homestead House in approximately 1987-1989. Homestead Houseis no longer in the Denver area. I have the lingerie chest, 2 night stands, queen-size poster bed, triple dresser and mirror. I am wanting to replace the armoir. Is there a company that still makes this furniture?

From Andrea, 8/25/2008  11:15 PM

Purchased a Queen Anne style oak dining room rectangular table (corners are angled)with four chairs from original owner. Table has two additional insert leafs. Chairs have Jamestown Sterling Furniture tags. Need to find 4 additional chairs to match or complement. Color is a dark honey, not cherry. HELP!

From J A Azar, 8/18/2008  4:42 PM

Does Sterlingworth Corp in Jamestown NY exist? If it does what is the Address?

From Marilyn, 8/11/2008  10:27 PM

I'm also looking for information on Sterlingworth of Jamestown, NY. I have a 3 piece bedroom set and also have a brown cherry round diningroom table. I would like to try to find chairs and a china cabinet to match the table. Thanks

From Liane, 7/26/2008  12:58 AM

I am trying to get bedside tables for a bedroom set. The brand is Crawford of Jamestown. The style is Oxford Hall collection any suggestions. It is curently not being made.

From Eloise, 7/25/2008  2:11 PM

I'm looking for a Jamestown Sterling cherry - 4 drawer dresser/chest if anyone has one to sell.
I bought my set at Windsor Furniture galleries in High Point N.C. in 1994.

From Janet, 7/11/2008  2:06 PM

When we moved last month, the mover lost all the hardware to our sold cherry Jamestown Sterling bed. I think there is some kind of C washer that you bolt through that helps distribute the pressure and prevent the wood from cracking. If anyone knows where I can get eight of these, please let me know so that I can sleep better at night. Thanks!

From Jer, 6/27/2008  12:22 AM

I also have a (cherry?) bedroom suite made by Sterlingworth Corp out of Jamestown PA. The print on the wood states "Sterling House Collections - Sterlingworth Corp - Jamestown, NY." I believe it was bought in the 1960's. It includes a headstand, footstand, 2 dressers, stands for on top of each dresser, and a table that works great for a computer stand. I also have no idea what the set is worth. If someone has any idea, get back to us!

From Ann Doland, 5/22/2008  3:48 PM

I have a full matching bedroom set from the early 1950's of Sterling House Early American solid maple solid cherry. The bed frame and headboard, night stand, two dressers on tall up right with dividers in the drawers and one longer and shorted one. and the matching hope chest. The long dresser has the matching very heavy mirror. These are in real excellent condition. I live in Tucson AZ and would like to sell this set but nor sure what it is worth! Any help would be great.

From Stephanie, 5/18/2008  10:21 AM

I live in Ohio and am interested in aquiring Maple Bedroom Furniture by Sterlinghouse Collections, Sterlingworth Corp., Jamestown, NY. Please let me know if you are within driving distance of Ohio and have any peices of interest. Thank you.

From MARV, 1/21/2008  7:16 PM

I live in Jamestown, NY, and yes, Sterling went out some time ago. This city was built on the furniture industry, but many companies have moved on. One you might want to try is Crawford Furniture of Jamestown. They have stores locally, in Lakewood, NY, and Buffalo, NY, and ship everywhere. The phone number is 716-661-9100 for the plant, 716-763-5543 for the store. Hope that helps. Crawford is real wood, and very comparable to Sterling.

From Jorene Soehren, 12/26/2007  1:32 PM

I have Sterlingworth Corp Bedroom set with a amoire and the draw slide caps are plastic and recently the runner glides snapped. Is there any known repair parts available

From Helene, 11/10/2007  11:39 PM

I was just given the Jamestown bedroom set with four poster bed with canopy, two nightstands and chest on chest in solid dark cherry. I was also given the original folder that went with it but can not find any adress on it to be of any assistance. All it mentions is "Jamestown American Furniture - Sterlingworth Corporation, Jamestown, New York" It also mentions American Legend, but I am not sure where that comes into play. I have style #s for all the various pieces they made and black/white images if it would help anyone. I am looking for one of the finials that goes on the bedpost. Anyone know where I could find one or does someone have an odd one laying around.

From Robert, 10/27/2007  11:40 AM

I have A PAIR (2) Sterlingworth solid cherry nightstands in dark finish. One drawer on top, two doors below, and bracket OG feet. In good condition. If interested, contact me peet@dmcom.net

From keith, 9/8/2007  3:19 AM

Please feel f--e to foward any photos.
thank you rostov3@optonline.net

From Robert Peet, 9/6/2007  8:03 AM

I have A PAIR (2) Sterlingworth solid cherry nightstands in dark finish. One drawer on top, two doors below, and bracket OG feet. In good condition. If interested, contact me. Robert

From Dee, 7/30/2007  5:17 PM

I am interested in purchasing a night stand - Sterlingworth. Can send photo for comparison. Please reply.

From JENNIFER, 7/12/2007  9:10 PM

I also have a bedroom set from Sterlingworth collection. Included are two night stands, a lond dresser with mirror, a tall dresser and a headboard. All are in very good condition. I am looking to sell. Any ideas on the value?

From keith, 6/25/2007  10:48 PM

Sorry, We are still trying to find out the value. If you hear please let us know. We have the lingerie dresser and dresser.

From Maria, 6/24/2007  8:44 AM

I just purchased a 6 pieces bedroom set of Jamestown Sterling - beautiful and in excellent condition. Queen pencil post bed, 2 bedside tables, dresser, highboy (or dresser on top of dresser) and lingerie dresser. Was wondering what the value of this would be.

From keith maher, 5/21/2007  10:03 AM

I am sorry, none of my Sterlingworth pieces have these plastic clips. The pieces I have use a wood block on both sides of the draw. The block swivles up or down.

What is the color of your chest?

From Robert J. Spiegel, 5/14/2007  11:52 AM

I have a Sterlingworth (Jamestown, NY) chest of six drawers (Jamestown Collection) and need four plastic clips which mount on the back of the drawer and engage the slide to keep the drawer from tipping out. Any sugggestions on where to fine such an item? They are U-shaped, 2 7/16" wide, 1 1/4' gap at bottom with 5/16" projections to engage the slide.

From Olga Troyansky, 4/5/2007  3:08 PM

I have an original bedroom set from Jamestown Sterling Corporation - I have 1 nightstand table, 2 drawer chests. I'm looking to get them appraised and sell them - any idea on how I can got about doing this? Thank you!

From Pam, 3/23/2007  9:24 PM

I have a gorgeous Jamestown Sterling dark cherry bedroom set. I only have one bedside table. I would like to purchase another. Where can I find a matching bedside (nighstand) table? Any suggestions?? Thank you.

From keith maher, 1/3/2007  3:08 PM

Im sorry but we do not know any more information on sterlingworth. We were originally looking for matching ends, probably similar to yours but we do not have cherry. Do you have a picture you can send. Would be interested in seeing it.
thank you.

From sterlingworth corp, 12/29/2006  10:00 PM

I have two solid cherry wood end tables made by sterlingworth house - cherry collection. where can i find a matching coffee table?   Is this company in existance any longer? If not, when did the go out of existance?

From Ed Ahern, 5/24/2004  10:46 AM

If memory serves me, Sterlingworth was the predecessor to Jamestown Sterling. I believe the name was changed when Web Turner bought the company in the 70’s Ed Ahern 

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/24/2004  10:46 AM

Dear Keith, There was a Sterling Furniture in Salamanca, NY and Jamestown Sterling in Jamestown. Both are gone. I've never heard of Sterlingworth, but will post your message so other furninfo.com readers can respond.   

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