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Posted By Karen, 7/30/2005

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Hello! I recently purchsed a bone leather conemporary-style sofa from my local consignment shop. It is by Viewpoint Leatherworks. I can tell that it is of high quality, and about 10 or more years old. it has 8-way hand-tied coil spring constuction, and has three cushioned areas, with a flat-cushioned leather piece on top of each area. The back is flat across and plump. The style is rectangular with the edges softened. The leather is beautiful - buying a sofa of this quality at the price I paid is one of the benefits of living in a resort-style communty! Anyhoo, can anyone tell me something about this company? What did I buy?


From Aljo, 1/6/2016  11:36 AM

It's a great sofa,well made. We have ours over 19yrs. Unfortunately I believe they are no longer in business. I am trying to find out the name of my color,it's kind of burgundy and found this site. Anyone knowing how to determine color?

From Lydia Buono, 4/17/2011  4:24 PM

I purchased 2 leather couches from Mathis Brothers. The leather looked so worn in the corners, some scratches and the it looked like a bad dye job. There was a straight line across the back where the dark color ended and a lighter color started creating a half and half look. The delivery guys would not even let me look at the second couch.

I did not accept it the couch I saw. I asked for a replacement. Two week later MB says the couches are ready. When I asked if this was a new order, they said they refurbished the original couches. So, I'm wondering about the integrity of the dye job and the overall fix. Even is it looks good, will the 2 week old dye job last or will it fade quickly?

Should I cancel the order or trust the workmanship? I bought a extended warranty, but I now hear it's really useless.

From Marie, 3/13/2011  2:56 PM

We also purchased a sofa/chair/ottoman from the Toms Price Warehouse sale. Got a great price and felt confident as Toms Price is considered a very high quality dealer. Was concerned when we got home and could find nothing online as far as website or info, although BBB has no complaints. Called Toms Price who said they carry USA at all their stores (not going out of business)and although USA Premium is considered their "entry level" brand, that it would compare to top of the line brand with most retailers. I was told this dealer will also add and additional year to the USA warranty. Would be interested to hear of anyone else's issues with peeling/color fading.

From Brad, 3/12/2011  10:01 AM

Glad I found this forum. This is the only place people are talking about this company and their products that I could find. I'm looking at the 8650 sectional in "aged walnut" and the store going out of business is giving me the "deep discount" of $4,100 for the sectional and ottoman. Because I do things without thinking, I put $2k down and supposed to go back today to pay the rest and pick it up. Most of the posts indicate the quality is decent but some of the sinking and bleeding reports I read are concerning. The place doesn't give refunds but I couldn't sleep because I don't know if I should fight to get my money back and consider myself lucky or that I could have a decent couch that will last today. Has everyone had a problem with these couches in terms of bleeding and the cushions sinking? I hate sales people and furniture buying!!

From SANDRA KERHIN, 3/12/2011  8:01 AM

I purchased 2 matching leather Viewpoint sofas in a cream color 18 years ago at Yonkers Dept. Store in Fox Valley, Wi. The sofas in the showroom where wonderful to sit on and sunk "in just the right place". When ours came from the warehouse however, we noticed that the cushions didn't have that nice sinking feeling, but a slopeing one. So when we sit on them you feel like you're sliding slowly downward. I have tried everything possible, moving the stuffing towards the edge of the cushions and placing a board between the cushions and the bottom frame to help, to no avail. They are both in new condition because we only use them for company in our living room. We paid $1,600 for both sofas ($800.00 each) The only reason we kept them was because I thought they just needed "wearing" like shoes. I tried contacting the company to no avail for some advice. Any suggestions out there? Sandy in Greendale, Wi.

From ranslind2, 3/2/2011  12:53 PM

I think co.'s going out of business are selling this furniture through a close out corp. We got a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman for $2,499 at Sussan's closeout on 45 S of Houston. I took the stuffing out of a cushion and the leather is very heavy compared to our last set that was very expensive at Dillards called Italsofa. The sales guy said it was Italian leather but made in USA. I figured I would find a made in China tag but not so. I'm so glad to know it was made in USA! We gave the couch to our son and he loves the smell!Overstock.com has some good deals and if you join the club you get free shipping, but I wanted to see it before buying.

From barbara, 2/25/2011  11:21 PM

Viewpoint is now USA Premium Leather Furniture. You can contact them through there website.

From Tanya, 1/19/2011  2:36 PM

Looking for viewpoint furniture in the Houston area, any ideas? Thanks!

From windi ackerman, 12/28/2010  4:43 PM

where can i find viewpoint sofas in the canton ohio area

From james roughneen, 10/7/2010  4:19 PM

The model number on the cabernet sofa was 8150-30ACABERNETSO the SKU: 2477793.

I'd love to buy new cushions if it's possible--appreciate any help you can give.

From james roughneen, 10/7/2010  3:49 PM

I bought a "cabernet" leather sleeper sofa and love seat at RC Willey's in 2005; it appears they don't carry it anymore. How would I go about buying new cushions from Viewpoint? (or anyone else for that matter)

From sof, 10/3/2010  7:57 PM


From Jon, 8/5/2010  11:11 AM

Viewpoint's new name is USA Premium Leather Works.


From Tammie Evans, 7/23/2010  10:48 PM

just want to find out about Viewpoint Leather Furniture.

From Kim, 12/6/2009  11:48 PM

This is amazing! i got a viewpoint couch, chair, ottoman on craigslist a month ago for $350! i told my husband i wanted it for an early christmas NOW. it's a brown set and had a few light scratches on the seat from their pets. they were moving asap and had to sell. turns out i was the first person to call and get a uhaul that day so i squared the deal.
i was only going off the pics they posted. saw they listed it as high quality and excellent condition. had no idea the brand until i got it home. had no idea about this brand until i came and read here. im very impressed. it's very comfortable, sturdy, plush. i love this leather. probably not the creme-de-la-creme of leather, but it's up there somewhere

From Norma, 12/2/2009  12:13 PM

Viewpoint is now USA premium leather furniture. I just bought a sofa, loveseat and chair. After 3 weeks, when you sit on it, an impression is left on the seat cushion and back. The sofa has foam cushions with hand tied springs and is down wrapped. Is this a normal look for this type of furniture? I would appreciate any comments.

From Richard, 11/25/2009  3:44 PM

Try N. N. Moss (724) 588-4900, Pennsylvania

From Joni, 11/2/2009  2:40 PM

Vicky . . .

Try Costco.

From Vicky, 10/26/2009  6:29 PM

Anyone know a Viewpoint Leather Furniture retailer in the Dayton, Cincinnati,or Columbus Ohio area? Thanks!!!

From ShellY gambacorta, 10/18/2009  3:56 PM

Bought two overstuffed leather chairs in an aged cabernet. Also bought (1)one matching ottoman. I am looking to buy another one. We originally purchased the set at The Room Store in Mesa, AZ. The style number is #8140-10. Can anyone tell me where I might purchase another ottoman? Thanks

From Nathaniel Escribano, 10/6/2009  10:20 AM

***disregard the color on my prior request***I bought a sofa & loveseat set from ViewPoint a while ago at a very good price but over the years a section on the leather has fade. I have tried to contact the manufacturer to obtain the color dye (CABERNET )and have not been able to make a significant progress. Does anyone know or have a phone number or a way to contact them? if you happened to have it and can share it please send it @ escribano3@aol.com with the subject field: (ViewPoint Leather Dye) Thank You all!

From Nathaniel escribano, 10/6/2009  10:11 AM

I bought a sofa & loveseat set from ViewPoint a while ago at a very good price but over the years a section on the leather has fade. I have tried to contact the manufacturer to obtain the color dye (BENTLEY BROWN)and have not been able to make a significant progress. Does anyone know or have a phone number or a way to contact them? if you happened to have it and can share it please send it @ escribano3@aol.com with the subject field: (ViewPoint Leather Dye) Thank You all!

From n3ll, 9/28/2009  9:48 PM

I brought a viewpoint leather set. I love the set however,the sofa is too big to get throught the door to my family room. I need to get the legs off but have been unable to find away to screw them off because there is a locking screw in the leg. Has anyone experience this problem? If so, what did you do?


From Jenny, 9/10/2009  8:08 PM

I bought the same couch except mine is the sectional and it is bleeding. My shirt was damp from my wet hair and after I sat on it, the color was all over my shirt. When I wiped it with cloth because my kid spilled water, the towel became bloody. It's really bad. Fotunately I bought it at The Great Indoors and they are refunding my money. But Viewpoint was only willing to exchange the seats. I would not buy from Viewpoint.

From Joni, 9/3/2009  7:43 PM

Sorry lol Randy,

Your probably got ripped!


From Randy, 8/31/2009  12:13 PM

I just got a Sofa & Loveseat set from "The Dump" in Houston, TX. And no, they are not going out of business, lol. I hadn't realy done any research on brands & what not. I think all furniture dealers are shady!! Trust no one!! lol
Anyway, the set I have was labeled as a "Chaps" model, it's an off chocolate tan. I cant seem to find it on line, anywhere. We say it matches our Weimaraner, lol. We settled on this set because it was thick leather, soft, seemed to be well stiched, very comfortable, and the price seemed very good comared to other similar quality sets. $2500 and change, delivered. I have read a lot of stories about fading so I guess I'm glad I got a lighter colored set !!

Only time will tell, I suppose.

Anyone think this was a fair price?

From Paul, 4/21/2009  11:43 PM

Bought some Viewpoint furniture from a big dealer going out of business a few years ago. Similar story as a previous post...had "spe-ts" come in from somwhere else and sold us on a set. Went online several months later and saw the same set almost half price shipped to my door. Still licking my wounds. Now you don't see their furniture on the net. Sad story but true. I don't even see their furniture on the east coast anymore.

From pierre, 3/21/2009  11:10 AM

why can't I find Viewpoint's home page?. I'm looking for a sofa I saw in a store some time back? anyone know of retailers that have Viewpoint here in Michigan?

From Trudi Gleasman, 3/10/2009  12:37 AM

I purchased 2 couches and a love seat of the viewpoint burgundy color with the croc patterned edges. All three cushions on one couch have the leather peeling off, and revealing black underneath
Other couch and love seat are fine. I am deparately trying to contact the company about repairing or replacing the cushions on the one couch. Cn anyone give me a contact that will actually work?
Thank you for your help.

From Dusty, 3/2/2009  10:29 PM

Viewpoint Dealer in Calera AL, Alabama Furniture Market.
205-668-9995. Great people to deal with.

Does anyone here know where i can find all of the dimensions of the viewpoint line. I am looking for a sectional.

From Richard, 2/27/2009  9:48 PM

Viewpoint Leather now sells under the name U.S. Premium Leather. They have two plants, one in UT and one in NC. They don't permit websites to show their product anymore. This is not unusual, it's to protect the retailer in your area that showrooms it and services the customer. They also used to use the name Focus Leather. The company, like most manufacturers, want you to do business with their retailer base. Call any retailer that carrys it for help with after market sales and warranty assistance. If you buy from a company going out of business you should also understand that the discount you receive should compensate for the lack of support from that retailer. Viewpoint is not carried by small retailers due to required purchase minimums. Some retailers are also turned off by the fact that Viewpoint does sell to companies going out of business. Why?, probably because it compares in price and quality to other lines but is sold at deep discount. Viewpoint is a value if you like the limited color selection. If you must have just the right color or nail head options then you'll pay much more for like quality from another manufacturer. All leather scratches. You can get touch up kits to match the dyes from most large mfgs. including Viewpoint. Viewpoing uses 100% leather everywhwre on the piece, except under the cushions. The cushions are designed to be moveable, thus the velcro. You can move the cushion out to suit your leg length. The frame has a lifetime warranty, some states limit lifetime to mean seven years. The most important consideration in buying Viewpoint should be the dealer you buy it from. I am a retailer with many satisfied customers. Support your local retailer, it's worth the extra few dollars and they need your support now more than ever. If you don't support them they probably won't be around much longer and your options will be more limited. Good luck.

From saud rashed, 2/13/2009  12:42 AM

Good day
I would like to buy furniture from you but should be leather, sofa luv chiars and chiars total of 5 peices
please send me your quatation.

From Dawn Long, 12/24/2008  12:00 PM

I have 2 sofas and a matching loveseat from Viewpoint Leatherworks for sale. My husband picked them out (he loves it).I want a fabric sofa and love seat. The leather is a chocolate burgundy, great shape. Non-smoking ,no pet household. I will sell all three pieces for $3600 OR I will sell the pieces individually $1200. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, WV. Please email me at: dawnchiyo@yahoo.com. if you are interested I will send you pictures.

From Steve, 11/30/2008  1:13 AM

I'm looking for a Viewpoint Leather Loveseat in Butterscotch. I'm looking to match a set. Please let me know how I can locate this. The Model # is: 7640-20

From Jamison, 11/20/2008  7:44 PM

Linda -

See my 5/15/08 posting for the official corporate name.

From Linda, 11/19/2008  6:15 PM

Our local furniture store in portsmouth nh called Kline's is going out of business and has a beautiful viewpoint leather 4 piece set, they want $4500 for bottom price.Marked down from over $7000 This set is down filled and so comfortable, I fell and love with it, I am so glad I found this site and will now go somewhere that is not going out of business and can handle any problems. I thought it was funny that the salesman drove all the way from Georgia to "help with the sale". I think it's what some one else said that this is a closing company using shady practices after all when they close who do you go to with complaints? I have never seen anything this nice at a sam's club or costco though.Just a note that the salesman mentioned that he didn't know why he kept calling it viewpoint because it had been bought by a japanese company called usa furniture. strange huh?

From kris rosano, 9/30/2008  2:16 PM

I am selling a viewpoint 3 seat black leather sofa. you can email me at krisrosano@gmail.com for pictures.

From Perry, 8/30/2008  3:05 PM

You cannot get through on the number 435-649-5999. and if you google the address and go to street view you will see an empty lot.
They are now under USA premium leather furniture at 879 Galdiola Salt Lake City UT 84104.

I stumbled across a name of Terry Stroud on a internet search and yellow booked his home. I called the number and the person there gave me the office number 801-433-5306. I got a hold of him the first try.
I have had my furniture for 6 years and some springs are loose. Good Luck

From tom, 8/24/2008  8:58 AM

Just tried # does not go thru this company seems to practice some pretty shady business practices.

From tom, 8/24/2008  8:55 AM

Mabye this will help someone
2756 Rasmussen Rd
PO Box 981509
Park City, UT 84068
Tel: (435) 649-5999

From elp, 8/8/2008  11:37 AM

We are looking at buying a Viewpoint sofa but the seat cushions are removable, attached with velcro???? We have never purchased leather furniture before and just thought it a little odd that they are removable. Is it good or bad to be removable???

From Mac, 7/21/2008  4:38 PM

trying like crazy to find out what the various names that viewpoint leather works furniture is being sold under. Just left a store in southern PA where it was referred to as "Focus" furniture. Nice leather couch and chair. Asking $3K for both.

Can someone tell me a reliable, competitive, on-line alternative to shop?????? Of course, the local store said their prices were lowest in the country.

From JJ Banks, 7/9/2008  9:53 PM

Come on people... I read all of these posts and am a retailer. Let me help you see the light:
Viewpoint won't let you find any info on their own site.
Viewpoint is very hard to find online.
Viewpoint seems to be at every GOB event.
Viewpoint is always on sale market down huge.
Viewpoint pre-sales are not nearly as difficult as after the sale services.

Can anyone say Price Fixing for the GOB'ers because they make HUGE PROFITS from deceiving you!!!

Oh, and let me also throw in they have a huge legal team who will threaten a dealer with law suits and cut them off without notice if they are caught giving you quotes online.

Be smart, patronize any other manufacturer by asking your favorite group of furniture stores what options you have for the same quality, and can price shop so you can not only get the best value but shop as a smart, educated shopper.

There needs to be a consumer advocate area on the web with our own legal team that protects our freedom of speech rights so dealers and consumers can share information without fear of law suits.

Until then keep sharing info and try to make sense of it, be safe and good luck out there...

From Cathy Garcia, 7/6/2008  1:10 PM

I am looking at buying a couch & love seat and I'm a little concerned about doing so with the negative comments. We can afford to buy better quality and now don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

From Jamison, 5/15/2008  7:55 PM

For C. Waltz ~
Viewpoint is found under the corporate umbrella of . . .

www.usapremiumleatherfurniture.com [Salt Lake City]

For Maria Reina ~
If you have a question for customer service . . .


Hope it helps!

From maria reina, 5/11/2008  11:31 AM

I purchaced 2 leather pieces approx. 7-8 years ago. the couches are in great condition, however the seat cushions are worn. Is there a way they can be replaced or reupolstered??

From C. Waltz, 5/8/2008  1:52 PM

Can anyone give me a website address for Viewpoint Leather Works???? All those I have tried are not valid. Thank you.

From Karen, 4/29/2008  4:38 PM

We purchased a Viewpoint leather sofa and chair for alot of $$. The set is garbage. Save yourselves a whole lot of grief and money by staying away from Viewpoint. They do NOT come good on warranty. Leather is terrible. It scratches easily and fades quickly. Cushions are junk. After a year we really noticed it. My dog's bed is more comfortable than the furniture. Pretty sad!!

From Ellen, 4/20/2008  5:04 PM

Am looking at a floor model of a Viewpoint leather sectional at the Great Indoors in Novi, MI. The price is $2,100 hundred for the 5 person sectional and ottoman. It's the toffee color with croc print. It is very attractive and comfortable but after reading all the comments, I'm not sure if I should buy it. It seems like a good deal but want to make sure it's decent quality and will last. We have 2 young kids and it will be in our main hang out area. can anyone give me their thoughts on that color and croc print or any other advice. thanks

From Jamison, 4/19/2008  6:29 PM

I was amused at reading how many furniture stores G.O.B. (Going Out of Business) were selling Viewpoint. It almost sounded like a curse; if a furniture store sold Viewpoint, it would go out of business.

In reality, many retail furniture stores hire companies that specialize in "closing or retiring" the store. These professional store-closers augment the stock of their client's inventory with their own. Hence, one possible reason for the frequent use of Viewpoint.

Sat on a Viewpoint sofa last night for the first time. It sat a little stiff, but it looked pretty good.   Paying $3000 to $4500 for a 4-pc grouping is reasonable for what Viewpoint appears to represent.

Addressing a previous blog regarding why one-sided seat cushions . . . it's less expensive to produce. Good leather is durable and you don't need to flip the cushion so you don't need a finish leather seat bottom.

Bottomline, Viewpoint appears to be of good quality for starter-priced leather furnishings.


From Sue, 3/29/2008  1:52 PM

We bought a Viewpoint Leather Works loveseat, chair and ottoman about 2.5 years ago from a furniture company going out of business. The leather has faded and the color has come out of it in spots. It's in our living room and doesn't really get a lot of use. I tried contacting the company to see if there is a color repair kit, but I can't find their website - when I try to get to it, I get an error message. We paid a good price for this, I'd like to get it fixed up. Very disappointing after such a short time. I don't think I would buy anything made from them again.

From Steve Sanner, 3/24/2008  7:29 PM

Whew! I was doing a lot of online research and thought Viewpoint Leather Works had gone out of business. For those that have purchased the sofas and sectionals from companies going out of business, should we be concerned? Can Viewpoint honor the Manufacturers Warranty??

We have a third party protecting the leather on ours, but they won't help with frame damage etc... Has anyone experienced problems where Viewpoint was needed?

From Richard, 3/22/2008  12:33 PM

Hello Viewpoint Blogers! We have been a Viewpoint Leather dealer for about five years. We have sold it online until Viewpoint would not permit us to show it online. We still sell it and can ship it direct, we just can't show it on our website. We have been in business for 124 years. We show it in our showrooms in Pennsylvania. It is made in Utah and in North Carolina. Our opinion is that is is quality construction and great price. Some dealers seem to over-inflate the retail price. Viewpoint sells to a lot of dealers that are going out of business. The hides come from all over the world, but they build them in the states. We can sell ottomans and ship them U.P.S. Leather touch up can be purchased to match Viewpoint colors from a company called LeatherMaster. I would be happy to answer questions on Viewpoint Leather. We discount the price as much as good business sense allows. Retailers must cover costs, otherwise they won't be around to service the customer after the sale!

Richard Moss
N. N. Moss Company, Inc.
Greenville, PA 16125

From Roisin, 3/6/2008  2:46 AM

Bought the Old English Collection from Costco 3 months ago. There is wear appearing on the seams of the seat cushions. Has anyone else who has purchased viewpoint leather furniture noticed this. The surface chestnut colour is fading and a red colour is coming through.

From Ellen, 2/18/2008  3:01 PM

While looking at leather couches I inquired about the brand "Flexsteel" It is touted as being the very best top quality (Consumer's Report). The salesman told me that the Viewpoint was excellent quality and MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Unheard of buying anything American made these days! So it sounded pretty good, ergo here I am reading all of the comments on Viewpoint. Some of you like it, some do not. I am wondering if the quality of leather depends on what year it was purchased. Products of yesteryear were more often of better quality. How about the leather quality Viewpoint uses for its sofas today? Also, I have some pugs that just love the present sofa...how does the Viewpoint hold up to pets?

From Rob, 2/16/2008  9:18 PM

Anyone know anywhere in or near Charlotte, NC that carries ViewPoint? I'm looking for the 5250 sofa and chair w/ottoman in the saddle color. Anyone know anywhere? I found a "going out of business" place locally, but they wanted $3K for the sofa & loveseat only... no thanks!

From george wallace, 2/9/2008  6:02 PM

Pleaase provide a password for the view point web page
Thank you

From Clifford suva, 2/5/2008  1:15 AM

I purchised A Cabrinet loveseat and two chairs with one ottoman from Levits Furniture Bankrupcy sale for $950.00 I need another ottoman. I live in California
anyone out there Know a retailer?

From Mike, 1/30/2008  10:53 AM

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Viewpoint 4050 series with the round ottoman?
I live in the Atlant GA area.
404-561-2756 cel.
Went to the web site and needed a user name and password.
Also called directory assistance and the line is always busy.

From DJ, 1/27/2008  1:35 PM

I researched and visited many furniture stores. I called AHWayside furniture and they rccommended the Viewpoint sofa, I found one in a store for $2200. Through this NC furniture store, I ordered two sofa's, had them delivered with shipping for $2130!
I have two dogs---who get on the furniture, dig for the spot to lay down, and we live on our furniture. They look as good now as when we bought them. Completely thrilled with Viewpoint!

From Debi, 1/24/2008  6:29 PM

I, too, am looking at Viewpoint Leather, aged walnut sofa & Loveseat for $2,600. Problem is, the store has a clearance room w/a loveseat that they are selling & the leather is so worn at the seams, etc, that I am having second thoughts-there is a supposed 1 yr. warr. on the leather, but like everyone else, I have my doubts about that. Check out Currier's Leather, Hampton Falls,NH for comparisons of leather manufacturers; lots of info

From Gabriel, 1/15/2008  11:23 AM

Call Akins Furniture for a price. If this is the
Toffee with croc print they have it. If you want to save some money, it may be worth the time and drive.

From Karen, 1/8/2008  11:38 PM

I tried the website viewpointleatherdirect.com and it wasn't found. I'm looking for a good price on a Viewpoint Chair style # 4150-10. I didn't see it on Costco, mathisbrothers.com, colorproleather.com or akinsfurniture.com. I did locate it on The Great American Home Store website and I have emailed them for a price. However, I'm in Georgia and they are in Mississippi. And i believe they only ship with a $1000 minimum order and I don't want to pay $1000 for this chair. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From Jane, 11/27/2007  9:01 PM

Just purchased a 4 piece set (Leather sofa, chair, a cloth chair and large ottoman) from Akins furniture today. Paid 1699 out the door. This is in Alabama. I certainly hope we enjoy it. Check out their website.

From Gabriel, 11/12/2007  3:07 PM

Those of you looking for Viewpoint in the B'ham area should check out Akin's furniture (akinsfurniture.com
). My wife and I spent months searching for our next living room set, logging hours searching online and visitin stores. We found just what we were looking for in the Whiskey collection by Viewpoint. Akins offered several selections instore and you could special order. Best of all the prices were better than any
I've seen online or out in stores. We are pleased and would suggest you look there for a great deal.

From Cee, 11/11/2007  4:20 PM

I bought a Viewpoint leather sofa and love seat from Boulevard Furniture in Washington, Utah in 2000 or so. We used it daily for 3 years and sold it when we moved. It's a fine brand but don't think the kids can jump on it or that it can take denim moving around on it. It is thin. It was perfect for us. Not overstuffed and just fine, spots came out.

From Kathy, 11/9/2007  2:11 AM

The Devonshire set is made my Rapallo Leather.

From Cindy, 10/20/2007  10:39 AM

Does anyone knoe if the Devonshire sofa at Costco is made by viewpoint?

From Mel, 10/17/2007  2:57 PM

I just order a viewpoint sofa and loveseat in B'ham. I went to Alabama Furniture Market in Calera. They were an excellent deal. I got both for less than $2500. You may have to ask b/c alot of what they sell they'll have to order so it may not be on the floor.

From Fran, 10/8/2007  1:08 PM

Looking at the Old English Set now being offered at Costco and called Viewpoint to get more info. Was told they only offer a one year warranty on frame, etc. HOWEVER, their website shows both a LIFETIME warranty and the One Year one, apparently added without removing the old lifetime warranty. After reading many postings, I'm having doubts about the quality of the leather and why they reduced their warranty from lifetime to one year. And where do you get to see any other leather sets they make - or do they?
Any comments?

From Guest, 10/6/2007  10:36 PM

does anyone know whos sales viewpoint in the birmingham alabama area? i found one place but they do offer a extended warrenty and my husband says we need one? thanks

From Gene, 8/31/2007  7:39 PM

I just purchased a deep wine colored Viewpoint through a company sealed bid. It was maybe 6-7 years old but never really used; nearly perfect condition for only $103. Why are you people paying so much? :-)

From laurin, 8/14/2007  1:41 AM

after many months of furniture shopping, i stumbled upon a viewpoint leather 'old english' sofa at Costco. it's $799.99. great price, but i'm concerned about the quality.

it's good to read people's experiences. i still don't know whether to go back and get it or not....

From KP, 8/6/2007  11:51 AM

Does anyone know how I can get a good deal on the Whiskey Collection by ViewPoint Leather Works? Levitz had a friends and family sale in June 2007 when it was being sold for $3400. I went yesterday to see if they would offer that deal and they said no. They are asking 4500 for the 4 piece (sofa, love seat, chair and ottaman). Any help would help.

From Lori, 7/29/2007  1:20 AM

I too bought a leather sectional sofa from a local furniture company that had been in business 25 years. They went out of business 3 months later. The material on the bottom of the cushions is wearing and there are already wholes in after only 10 months. Also, the corner cushion sits low. I have contacted them, we';; see if they reply. Does anyone have an address or phone #.

Lori Grass Valley, Ca

From L. Lewis, 7/21/2007  6:00 PM

Please contact me regarding VLW - Viewpoint Leather Works - Scarlet collection furniture.

I purchase a couple of pieces several months ago and would like to purchase additional pieces from this collection. I cannot locate anything except an ottoman from Levitz furniture (where I purchased the original pieces. I tried researching VLW's website - though it's like Fort Knox - why is that???

Please assist me, if you can or guide me in the right direction.
Thank you.

From sharon, 7/13/2007  2:05 AM

I bought 4 a 4 piece set of viewpoint leather furniture. When it was delivered ALL 4 pieces were damaged! I am still waiting for replacement since February... They say 4- 6 weeks... ... ...
Does anyone have ideas on where to buy a large, sturdy,attractive wood, or wood and leather home entertainment center wall unit at a reasonable price? I need to store dvd recorder, vhs player,turntable,receiver, speakers and lots of dvds,vhs tapes,and old stereo albums Any web sites for places like North Carolina Furniture places that you can recommend based on good experiences? Many thanks.

From rich, 7/3/2007  6:24 PM

I work in a furniture store AND own a Viewpoint leather sofa. Great value for the money. So comfortable I fall asleep in it almost every night. I've had it for 3 years now and it stills looks new.

From Peter, 6/30/2007  5:44 PM

Viewpoint Monaco Collection

Took a look at a Viewpoint set this afternoon called the Monaco collection $ 3,688 The top of the cushions have a zippered sleeve with a down insert. Super comfortable but I am still concerned about the quality.

Any thoughts ?

From Joanie, 6/29/2007  10:24 AM

We have had a Viewpoint sofabed and loveseat for 10 years and they have held up beautifully! I just had a upholstery guy in to advise me on recovering the seat cushions (this is the only part that looks worn after 10 years!) He said it was fine quality furniture, all top quality leather, and very well made. He is going to add stuffing to back cushions and recover seats. We can expect another 10 years of comfort thanks to Viewpoint.

From joe, 6/25/2007  2:27 PM

Furniture Showcase in NC has Viewpoint. They have all the photos and will match or beat advertised prices on the same product.

From terri, 6/21/2007  11:57 AM

at sams club, is the quest leather as nice as it seems? did not see any viewpoint there

From Gabriel, 6/17/2007  11:31 PM

I recently noticed online that Sams Club has a leather sofa collection that appears to be Viewpoint leather (5150???. Has anyone noticed? If so, they are reasonably priced.

From Laurie, 6/13/2007  9:19 PM

I am looking for viewpoint walnut leather ottoman style #8650-05 anyone know where i can find one? Not on the Costco web site.

From Susan, 6/11/2007  5:50 PM

My husband and I bought a viewpoint leather sofa at costco in august of 2004. We paid $400 for it because Costco (waterbury, CT) was getting rid of their furniture to make room for seasonal stuff. It is still very comfortable and the leather cleans up so well. We have two boys who beat the crap out of it everyday, but it seems to be holding up, all until the two year old painted it with nail polish. I finally tried to contact viewpoint to see if I could send the cushions to them to reupholster (sp?) them, but no word back yet. OVERALL: I LOVE THE SOFA!

From Hali Rogers, 6/8/2007  11:08 AM

I have access to new viewpoint products. Give me an email and we can discuss if we can help.

From Tom From Wi, 6/5/2007  10:49 PM

Bought a sofa and love seat at a going out of business sale this weekend. $3200 for both pieces on the Saddle set. After reading all these not sure if I got a good deal or got taken. Seems like good quality.

From adam, 6/5/2007  2:51 PM

Viewpoint leather is sold, online only, at costco under the Aiden Collection MODEL 5410,SOFA $1300,LOVESEAT $1250,CHAIR $1200,OTTOMAN $390,or as a grouping for $3800.(including delivery).Beatiful furniture fully warranted by costco! Hope this information is helpful.

From Beth, 6/4/2007  12:04 PM

I bought a Viewpoint red leather sofa at a "going out of business" sale in St. Louis, MO, in February, 2006, for $650, and I still LOVE IT. Now I am looking for a chair. Does anyone know the name of the collection for model #3950?

From Ariel, 6/4/2007  2:39 AM

looking for a store in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area,Just discovered this brand at the Going out of business at the Modernage store. They had only one more left, decided to wait,it is not the end of the world.
Just wonder do VLW make also leather sofa recliners? Hate to sit in the same position for hours watching TV. Thanks for all the info everybody have put in.

From Matt, 6/3/2007  10:35 PM

The collection called "aiden" that Costco sells is model number 5450 not 5150. Sorry.

From Matt, 6/3/2007  7:33 PM

At costco, the 5150 is called aiden. I also saw the same collection at Modernage which like everyone else is going out of business. Their lowest price was $4100 for the 4 pieces (sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman) and they charge $150 for shipping. Costco was $3799.99 including shipping for all 4 pieces. They were very comfortable. The salesperson said they were better than Natuzzi - not sure about that.

From Matt, 5/31/2007  4:19 PM

Interesting reading. I came across this site after doing a google search for info. on this mysterious "viewpoint leather". Yes I agree their website lacks info. and I sent them an email saying so. We'll see what kind of customer service they have and if they reply. I went to a store "going out business" in Rockford, IL last night. Leath furniture. After reading everyones comments I will think twice before buying from them. Buyer beware.

From Jay, 5/28/2007  7:34 PM

We are looking a set from a local store and the materials call it the 5150 collection. It is in the color called Brandy. I was unable to find ANY Viewpoint products on the costo website. I looked up the Chandler collection as someone had posted with no luck. Anyone know if costco still carries Viewpoint and what the 5150 collect might be called?

From M. Martin, 5/20/2007  11:18 AM

I noticed a lot of posting talking about online purchases for Viewpoint sofas. Besides the Costco website, does anyone know specific websites?

From todd, 5/9/2007  2:36 PM

looking for a viewpoint sofa set, what models from costco are viewpoint, how do you find out? also any stores in south nj/de that carry view point? thanks , any help would be much appreciated

From shopper, 5/3/2007  8:00 PM

Before I get started, the reason cloth is on the bottom of the cushions is because it breathes. Fully encased leather cushions would burst at the seams after a little use, because when on sits on them there would be no way for the air around the goose down and the springs to escape.

I am looking at the Aged Cabernet line that Viewpoint makes. Sofa, Chair, and Ottoman (we don't need the loveseat) for $2200, incl. tax and local delivery. I'd suggest I could get the loveseat thrown in for $3000 total.

"Going out of business" is a racket. Just like "repo" and "wholesale" tent sales for cars, sales that are now illegal in our state. These cars were the same cars bought in New Orleans or Orlando or Atlanta or Chicago, and cleaned up and sold - these cars came from exactly the same sources as the cars for sale on any southern retail car lot. These furniture stores aren't going out of business, most just change locations - or not. They just beat the warranty hassles and can sell people on "today is your last chance to purchase this "bargain"".

I don't know what to do about Viewpoint. The price is right where I live (podunk town in Alabama) and the sofas are comfortable. The look OK, at worst, after comparing them to the more expensive brands I viewed today (Natuzzi being one of them).

But getting service after the sale? I doubt it. Warranty being honored? I doubt that too. But, I'll bet one would have trouble getting satisfaction from any dealer or manufacturer selling a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman set costing under $3000...

I looked at a Natuzzi loveseat today, and the Ekornes Stressless chairs. Lots of money, but both are superior products too. If you are going to part with real money, the Ekornes Stressless chairs have nearly the highest quality of leather you will find at any price, and they are most comfortable chair you will ever sit in. Bar none. Call me stupid... only after you have tried one. My Mom bought two Ekornes chairs (the "wing" model)and she is extra conservative with money. They are that good.
My wife and I still have a white Natuzzi sofa and loveseat that she purchased for about $3000 fifteen years ago. ($5000 in today's dollars?) It looks a litle worn, but is still supurb from five feet, and still comfortable as heck too. We are looking to get new furniture, but we'll never part with the original Natuzzi stuff - it will go to the den and then the finished basement.

I'm thinking of parting with more money, and not taking a chance on the Viewpoint - even though it looks and sits pretty good for the money.

From Richard, 4/30/2007  2:18 PM

Costco Online carries several viewpoint products at good prices, shipping and set-up included. I bought a collection, sofa, large ottoman and two oversized chairs. Very good quality.

From isabel, 4/29/2007  7:32 PM

i just purchased a Viewpoints Leatherworks couch, lovseat and ottoman on ebay for 411.00 It is in such great shape and feel like we stole it.
My husband and I were looking for leather couches but I do not like the hard leather. We had a set about 5 years back we bought used for 750.00, the original owner had a receipt for 3800.00...we used the hell out of the couch and loveseat then. When I stumbled upon these on ebay I realized this was the same set we'd had!
We drove 6 hours both ways to get these and boy are we thrilled because we know the quality we purchased!!! and these are in even better shape than the ones we had bought for 750, they look brand new!! woo hoo

From Mike L., 4/16/2007  7:13 PM

My wife and I purchased our Cabernet Sleeper and loveseat from a company in NC. This was our first new furniture purchase. We have always taken odd pieces from friends in the past. In this case, we did our fair share of shopping. We read these posts, and found out that most places that are going out of business will not warranty any products and sell them as-is. If you have any problems, there is nothing you can do. We searched the web and found a few stores. The company that had the best prices was Furniture Showcase. The site was not very good, but we were able to speak to a representative who gave us very good prices. Better than any 'going out of business sale". We were a little nervous about handing our credit card information, so instead, we decided to drive to the store. We are from Charleston, SC so it was a short trip that we did on a saturday. We were very pleased. We were actually able to see every piece in the Cabernet collection and sit on it and get a feel for the leather. The quality of Viewpoint is great. We were able to see how the product is constructed, because they had this "cut out" from an actual sofa. Anyway, We decided to order the two pieces that Saturday. We were excited that we had found the pieces that we wanted and it was in our budget. The comapany was great. We received our items in about 6 weeks. We have had our furniture for about 5 months now and love it. We would recommend the this company to our friends and have. The company is Furniture Showcase and they are in Raleigh, NC.

From Mike, 4/15/2007  10:41 AM

We saw an ad in the local paper here in Putnam, ct for a leather loveseat. We went to look at it and it was beautiful and comfortable and perfect condition. The seller said they bought it 5 years ago. It was in their sunroom. It's a light tan. The leather is very supple. We got a bargain for $200 and are now looking for a matching couch. The tag under the cushion says Viewpoint Leather Works with a 'VLW' logo. We can't find a dealer that sells them. Does anyone know someplace that sells them?

From kris, 4/8/2007  4:09 PM

i recently bought a new viewpoint black leather contempory sectional with one ottoman, and i would like to purchase a chair and an ottoman as well. does anybody know a source for viewpoint furniture?

From Lori, 4/5/2007  9:26 AM

After looking for leather furniture for several months we were frequently told that they "never" upholster the bottoms of the cushions because they would "slip out of position to easily". Often the cheaper manufacturers will not use real leather on the back of the furniture, so when they refer to leather all over that is what they are referering to. We too just bought a leather sectional from a store going out of business in Grass Valley, CA and we have a problem. One of the sections almost touches the ground when someone sits on it. I though I would just contact the manufacture and they would honor the warranty, like the store I purchased from said they would...now I'm really concerned. Does anyone have any suggestions. It's always something!!!!

From Paula, 3/29/2007  12:58 PM

We just received our "Old English" from costco. The ottoman will need to be replaced, but we love the look and feel and comfort of the set. When we got the leather sample we also received a flyer from viewpoint leather and it states in the features "100% top grain leather upholstered all over"...but, the bottom of all the cushions are cloth! Now what? Is this the way they all are? Thank you for reading and hopefully responding!

From Karen, 3/27/2007  7:02 PM

The Chandler set at Costco is Viewpoint Leather. I emailed for more info on the set from the Costco site and I received an email from Kelly at Viewpoint Leather. I really like the set but wish I could see it in person.

From Paulette, 3/24/2007  8:44 PM

Looked on Costco.com. No Viewpoint Leather. They have Chandler looks just like the Viewpoint I saw today. Sofa and Loveseat at a store $3,000.00 "Going out of Business" So glad I saw this blog. Is this the same product? Costco...2400.00
Live in Northwest In

From Venia, 3/21/2007  7:15 PM

I'm looking for any leather viewpoint sofa, loveseat and chair in the state of Georgia. Do anyone knows of any excellent location and/or website. My mother have had hers for years and everytime I sit down, I melt. I've been trying to steal it for the last 2 years, but she won't leave long enough! LOL!

From christie, 3/21/2007  11:39 AM

i'm on my 2nd set of leather furniture from viewpoint and would not buy any other brand. it lasts forever. but when i bought the 2nd 1 i only bought the sofa and now i want the chair and ottoman that matches. its from the palomino line in legendary brown with nailheads. slumberland is where i purchased both and for a 2nd time now they have stopped carrying this excellent line. i live in iowa so if anyone knows of a store close to me, please let me know

From jas, 3/12/2007  6:04 PM

well i feel like i got the best deal ever......almost

last week i found a large comfy leather chair at the thrift store for $40 but i talked myself out of it....i didnt look at the maker so thats the almost part

today at the same store i saw what i thought was the same chair.......felt the same but the price was blank.....this time i couldnt resist when he told me it was a different chair and was only $35.......the other had a flat front and this one has a concave curve in the front.....im not sure how old it is but its in great shape and its a viewpoint leather works

its the most comfortable chair i think ive ever been in

but now i need an ottoman.....lol

im glad i found this blog

From christi hanson, 2/28/2007  12:18 AM

I am looking for a Viewpoint dealer in the Phoenix area. Anybody know of one?

From Sherry, 2/18/2007  4:34 PM

We just got home from Levitz in Langhorne, PA. We picked up a Viewpoint sofa, loveseat, and chair in Chestnut for $1171, including tax, after a 15% discount for Presidents' Day. A couple of the leather cushions have scratches, but we have 3 big dogs who will soon add their own to the set! Since we had been looking for chairs, for the price of a couple of good leather chairs, we now have a grouping for in front of the fireplace. My husband restores antiques and has worked with furniture for years, and he says that it seems to be of good quality. Nice and solid. So we'll see....

From Joe, 2/17/2007  9:58 PM

I appreciate the blogs! I was considering buying a Viewpoint set for $3500 out the door (they were even going to "pay the tax") but I confirmed that Costco would beat the price for the same 4-piece set! And as noted by several here, they advertise that the set retails for over $7,000! Our local (longstanding) furniture dealer is Selins of Iron Mountain, Michigan and they are having a "4 Day - Going out of Business Sale". It was a frenzy and I am afraid that this is just another gimmick to SUCKER the unsuspecting buyer! It did strike me odd that the furniture dealer that was representing Selins, wasn't even the owner who we "thought we knew". They even say that they have a special supply of these leather sets that they can deliver in the next 4-6 weeks! Just try and get me back Selins! Also thanks to the blog that indicated that after you buy it from a "Going out of Business Sale", that the manufacturer will only deal with a dealer! This is a racket and should be stopped! BUYER BEWARE!

From Tess Wakefiel, 1/30/2007  10:54 AM

Has anyone heard anything about a company called quest leather. They have some leather sofas as SAMS CLUB. Just wondering if they are good quality.


From Marcia, 1/24/2007  9:01 AM

I bought four piece leather sofa set, color chilli pepper, Viewpoint Leatherworks, as well, and found the first day in home that it scratches easily. I need a color-tint paste or cream to touch up scratches in Chilli Pepper. Does anyone have any sources where i might find something like this. I am really disappointed to have to deal with this after only having for less than a month. Thanks for any info anyone might have

From Ben, 1/16/2007  3:49 PM

I just bought the Viewpoint Whiskey sofa, loveseat and ottaman from The Great American Homestore in Southaven, Missisippi. The leather seems to be quality and sits great, this is my second set of leather (different company on last one) and I love this one. I paid $3100.00 from a store not going out of business. I also purchased a 5 year contract for $199.00 that covers all problems even cuts or tears made by me.

From Neil, 1/12/2007  1:32 PM

I've read all these postings about Viewpoint Leather. And, I wonder if there are a few companies that have similar names.

We are wholesalers, and the Viewpoint Leather company that we work with makes all it's pieces right here in North Carolina. And, they are of very good quality - Eightway hand tied springs, springs in cushions of some models, nice leather....

From DEAN, 1/11/2007  10:42 AM

Jim thanks for the info.....
this is the 1st place that has actually had the set i'm looking for. i have not received the price quote yet but at least i'm moving in the right direction.
www.viewpointleatherdirect.com thats were to go.
thanks again. anyone looking for viewpoint leather should visit this site they have every style that viewpoint puts out. i will report back on the pricing when i receive the quote.

From jim, 1/10/2007  6:55 PM

I haven't actually bought a set yet, but I got very reasonable prices from the viewpoint direct store. They have been the lowest so far. Do a google search and you should find it.

From DEAN, 1/10/2007  8:54 AM

still waiting to hear from a real bargain shopper in reference to the viewpoint leather works "cabernet" collection (sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman).
sold in new jersey at levitz furniture stores.
there has to be a place to buy this set with a discount.
please help....thanks....dean

From fred, 1/9/2007  10:39 PM


From DEAN, 1/9/2007  8:11 PM

I live in central new jersey, this forum has some good info on the viewpoint products.
I would like to know where i can purchase a viewpoint leather sofa, loveseat, chair & ottoman. the set i'm looking for is carried by levitz furniture it is from the "cabernet" collection with nail head trim ,8 way hand tied seating,window pane stitching. looking to get this set as cheap as possible. any info would be greatly appreciated.thank you in advance dean

From Hannah, 1/9/2007  11:36 AM

Al, thank you so much! I appreciate your speedy reply.

From Al, 1/7/2007  9:50 PM

Hannah, you can go to Mathis Brothers Furniture (excellent reputation) and/or Rooms Today (ironically, also owned by Mathis Brothers)in Oklahoma City. We just bought two (2) leather sofas from (Rooms Today), because they had the style and colors (and sale price)that we liked. You can go to Mathis Bros. website and look at their Viewpoint Collection. Despite all the other posts, this furniture store will not be going out of business in our lifetime.

And, no I do not work there!

From Hannah, 1/7/2007  1:53 PM

Mike, where in Oklahoma City did you find the Viewpoint furniture? We're moving there soon and I'm looking for a store that carries this brand.
We bought a tent sale special many years ago in El Paso, TX and we just love its quality and comfort.

From Jean, 1/2/2007  4:47 PM

I bought my set through Costco and the prices are great plus Costco backs it which makes it easy to return if need be. Costco has a limited selection but carries some of the models I have seen posted.

From Nancy, 1/2/2007  12:52 AM

I wish I had seen this site before deciding to purchase a leather Viewpoint......I saw the same sofa on line for $200 less than the furniture "going out of business" price in the store in Greenfield, Wisconsin.
The sofa is a floor model, and the leather is very soft. It seems very well made with hardwood constructin and 8w hand tied springs. It is the serpentine model cabaret. Any one have any luck with this model? Thanks. Paid $1500 for the sofa and now I feel taken.

From kevin, 12/31/2006  8:16 PM

My wife and i did a lot of research before we purchased our Viewpoint leather sectional. After looking at many different brands and shopping endlessly, we decided on the Aged Walnut two piece. We absolutely love it !! It is everything we want in a leather sectional. The leather is soft yet durable and is getting better with age. The frame doesn't squeak, and the cushions are still holding shape. I am not a small guy and have gone through a couple sofas in the past.

I have to say that we went to a couple stores that were going out of business as well. One sales rep. went on and on about how this sectional was valued at $7000 and they are giving it away at $3999. I know how the retail game works. I did a lot of shopping. I found a site online that said they had warehouse direct prices. I gave them a shot and I have to say they prices were excellent. They had the same sectional and their normal price was half of everyone else's sale price. They are called Viewpoint Leather Direct. They were easy to deal with and the furniture came in a timely fashion. I recommend Viewpoint Leather to any one, and if you want a good price check out viewpoint leather direct.

From Bill, 12/30/2006  10:25 AM

We purchased a Viewpoint Leather Works Sofa, Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman from Mastercraft Interiors. Paid $5,000 for all 4 pieces, a 5 year protection plan, sales tax and delivery.

From Mike, 12/29/2006  12:37 PM

After looking at all the furniture stores in the oklahoma city area we found our sofa and ottoman they are the most comfy and attractive we found. the store we bought it from handles all the warranty work. we purchased them for $1800.

From Craig, 12/28/2006  4:23 PM

Wow.. Not sure what to think. I've been looking for leather furniture for about 3 months now and just decided today that I would probably buy a viewpoint set that I've had my eye on..   I was actually trying to look up the MFR site when I stumbled across this blog. I'm a little disturbed that there is no apparent way to contact the MFR... and maybe, I'll have to reconsider the Flexsteel set I was looking at.. BTW, the stores I've been looking at are not going out of business.. at least not that I know of.

From Al, 12/27/2006  11:24 PM

All Viewpoint is manuf. in salt lake city. Call the utah number and b*** them out.

From Pam-Wisconsin, 12/26/2006  8:49 PM

Sept. 6, 2006 purchased sofa, ottaman, chair & love seat from a company going out of business. We are first time leather buyers & we were very excited about updating our living room. We were told even though they were closing there doors the warranty of the furniture would be valid. We thought we were buying quality. Viewpoint illustrated to us w/the 8x, & framing & coil/reinforced cushions. We paid $3900.00 for the set. Well we have 2 cushions that have collapsed. Viewpoint has no phone# on their web site. I also used Super Pages.com.Thatcame up no listings within 50 miles. I have the address from the tag off of the furniture. The furniture does not appear to have any weight to it also. We feel TAKEN! We accept our part of the blame, it is just so hard when there is NO ONE to turn to for Help, When there is a 1yr warranty and NOTHING! It will be 200.00 out of pocket repair for us. MERRY CHRISTMAS

From Al, 12/23/2006  1:44 AM

I have delivered Viewpoint for about 4 years. Their warehouse/shop is full of illegals. That might explain their prices. Haven't had too many problems other than a few poorly assembled pieces. They are still in business.

From richard whaley, 12/16/2006  9:12 PM

I was looking at a living room set of furniture at a salvation army store and it had on the tag underneath the chair distrubeted by view point leather.the tag was sewed on the chair and it was an original tag that came with the chair.would this mean the chair is genuine leather?

From Phil, 12/13/2006  10:46 PM

All the "going out of business sales" buy their Viewpoint sofas at Costco. Because they are a great looking sofa, they put an artificially high "original price" mark it off 75% and still make money off of what they paid for it at Costco. Bottom line, if you want a Viewpoint sofa orders it online at Costco or Furniture Land South in NC.

From Denise, 12/8/2006  11:13 PM

I purchased a Viewpoint Sofa on line. After waiting 9 weeks I received the sofa and it is not the style I ordered. When I tried to reseach Viewpoint leather, a real estate broker site popped up with a for sale register of Viewpoint Leather Mfg. in North Carolina. Can anyone tell me if they are still in business.
Thanks in advance for your help.

From Mike, 11/22/2006  5:48 PM

I found the Viewpoint pieces on Sam's Club web site. It appears to be the same furniture being sold often for much more at other stores and at these "Going out of Business" Sales.
I purchased one of these pieces at a higher price. It seems to be of decent quality, but already is showing some wear.
It seems suspicious that they can produce pieces of such reported high quality in the USA at such bargain prices. Any other furniture I have seen at such discount prices has been coming from overseas, often China. Anyone have any comments.
I hope this piece will wear well, but am concerned.

From VINCE, 11/20/2006  6:50 PM

From everything & everywhere I have searched, Viewpoint leather is very good furniture at any price. Their website is restricted (as was mentioned above) to dealers and retailers. See samsclub.com for three of the Viewpoint items (Sam's Club won't reveal the manufacturer, so the refer to is as Quest Leather. Levin's furniture (levinfurniture.com) also sells two or three of the Viewpoint styles, and although they won't meet Sam's price, they come very close to it. PS: see the Sam's Club site for details on construction of the Viewpoint furniture.

From Annie, 11/19/2006  8:17 AM

I just bought a Viewpoint leather couch, armchair and ottoman. Same as most other posters, furniture store going out of business and we got all 3 pcs. for $2000. Don't know if that is a good price or not but I am going to do an online search to see what I can find b/c I also bought a bedroom set (floor model, a few scratches and dents but allegedly we got a good deal....) I was looking for another piece to to match the bedroom furniture and found I could have gotten a brand new set, with a chest of drawers (which this set didn't have) for $900 less. I feel like we got ripped off (although buyer beware applies so it's just as much our fault for falling for the high pressure tactics as it is for the store taking advantage of us) Anyway, we weren't looking for the family room furniture (just the bedroom) but this seemed to be such a good deal and the next purchase was going to be to replace our existing leather so we jumped on it. I'm hoping we got a fair deal on the Viewpoint as we obviously got taken advantage of on the bedroom. The armchair and ottoman are extremely comfortable the but the couch is not at all. Hoping it breaks in and gets better because we are stuck as it is another one of those "all sales final" situations.


From mary, 11/6/2006  5:42 PM

I found all these posts about Viewpoint interesting. I bought a sofa this afternoon....are all stores that sell Viewpoint going out of business? Seems that way. I do love my sofa and have been looking for the perfect one for a long time. It is comfortable and buttery soft. Time will tell.

From seth, 10/30/2006  12:15 PM

Hey Melody, and those above looking for an ottoman in the old english collection. Costco does have the Viewpoint leather Old English Collection on their website for a great price of $2999 for the 4 piece set including Sofa, Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman but that deal expires 10/31/06. It is regularly priced at 3799.99 through Costco. You can also buy the ottoman seperately from them. They have it on their website. Costco.com

From Dennis W. Pointer, 10/29/2006  3:14 PM

First of all I would like to say the "Viewpoint Leather Company" is the only way to go When it comes to a sofa. I shy away from most any love seat, this is just a live an learn thing. I come from a long line of wood and leather crafters, we work for our selves, but when it came time to replace our last sofa (abt. 10 years ago) We looked around and I found a sofa that I dug out my self with dust all over the plastic. I cut the plastic off and thank goodness I got to it in time. The leather was thick and butter-soft all the way around the stuffing was in great shape. I got it off the W/H floor for $1,200 We took it home added a little stuffing to the arms. We also treat the stiching & leather every 6 months. Today I wouldnt take $3,000 cash for it. I whis you all have the same luck we have hade with our " VIEW POINT LEATHER COMPANY " Made in the US

From john enkelmann, 10/25/2006  9:59 AM

I have a viewpoint leather love seat and oversized chair w ottoman selling for $1250.00. 636-352-8634

From Mike, 10/23/2006  8:30 PM

Had just purchased a Viewpoint Leather sectional online. Price seemed good for the supposed quality. Top 10% of leathers, 8 way hand tied, etc. Time will tell if this was a good deal. If many others respond, hope to see if Zee's post was correct or some of the other more positive posts.
Is Viewpoint's policy of handling complaints through the dealer standard or is this a way of avoiding any returns?

From zee, 10/19/2006  1:12 AM

I purchased a viewpoint leather works sofa,love seat and ottoman from a store going out of business here in the chicago land area for $5300.00. It is so uncomfortable I can't believe it. I had a leather sofa from ethan allan that was wonderful. The salesman told me how great the viewpoint was made that I thought it would be as comfortable and durable as my last leather sofa. It is already sinking in the middle and the leather is wearing. Now I can't go anywhere to complain, as per viewpoint one must go through the dealer.I wanted my money back the next day and return the furniture but all sales are final. This is the last time I buy a viewpoint or from a furniture store going out of business. It is a racket here in the Chicago land area as the stores go out of business and open up under another name while they inflate the price of the old furniture going out of business.

From Rob, 10/16/2006  5:10 PM

Just bought a Viewpoint Leather Works sofa, chair and auttoman. Paid $1,920 out the door (Tax included). Got a great deal at the Wolf Furniture Store in PA. Was on sale, plus I talked them down because I had to take the floor models. They didn't have anymore left. Nothing wrong with them at all. Told them I'd take the furniture the same day, because I had my truck there (they seemed to like the idea very much, may of helped price). Great deal! I've been looking for leather furniture for about a year now and this was the most comfortable sofa a and chair I found. Hopefully it will last for many, many years. Never had leather furniture before, pretty cool.

From Anne, 10/16/2006  11:24 AM

Funny, I also just bought a viewpoint sofa/love seat from a furniture store in Chicago going out of business. The rent must be too high! I paid 3400.00 including taxes. My questions were going to be on price..seems ok, maybe could have gotten better and if you think the warranty is worth it ($3400.00). The leather seems great but I have never bought a leather couch before to reall know how resiliant it is???

From William Bardfield, 10/15/2006  7:42 PM

Costco Home is carrying some Viewpoint in their Anniversary brochure.
If you don't have a Costco Home store, try Costco.com. Prices look well
worth the cost of membership.


From Joe, 10/15/2006  6:51 PM

There is a store going out of business and they're offering a Viewpoint Sectional Sofa and ottoman, beautiful brown leather, 8x, so comfortable to sit in that this morning I was in Starbucks and was thinking about that sofa -- they say that retail is was $5200 -- and now they're offering it for $3650 to us -- seems like a good deal -- does anyone have any advice?

From tina, 9/25/2006  7:10 PM

We also just bought a Viewpoint leather sofa from a Company in High Point, NC that is going out of business. We got just the sofa for $1400 including tax. I've been married for almost 19 years and this is the first new sofa I have ever owned. I knew when I saw it in the showroom that it was the one I had been waiting for. It is so comfortable and the leather is absolutely gorgeous.
I guess only time will tell how it is going to hold up for us. But since it's my first and probably last new sofa I will ever buy, I sure hope it lasts through the teenage years, and EVENTUALLY the grandchildren.

From AKC, 9/17/2006  5:37 PM

We just bought a sofa & loveseat for $3K from a store going out of business (is this happening everywhere or just in Chico????). I'm now trying to locate an ottoman to compliment the set, and i'm not having a lot of luck. The furniture is actually extremely comfortable, and I was a little hesitant to get the leather, but the more I sit, the better it gets. any leads on locating a source would be appreciated. thanks.

From melody, 9/9/2006  2:38 PM

I am looking for an ottoman made by viewpoint in the Old English line. Does anyone know how to find one? I have called numerous furniture stores with no success. If I could find out, I could order directly from viewpoint.

From Lee, 9/8/2006  1:46 PM

We bought a Viewpoint leather sofa, chair, and loveseat over 5 years ago. My husband had to really talk me into it as I wanted material. That set looks like the day we got it delivered. It is beautiful, soft, and regardless of what a previous person said, the best quality leather bar none. Every time kids leave and there are dirty handprints or snotty nose marks I wipe them right off.Try that with material. This was the most expensive set we ever bought in our lives and know the kids will fight over owning it when we are gone. It will last forever. Well worth looking for.

From mike, 9/6/2006  11:54 AM

Carr & Michele,

   Check on line, my dealer is also going out of business and they wanted $4500. I checked with some on line companies and they wanted $2500 for the same set.

From Michele, 9/5/2006  10:36 PM

Just bought a Viewpoint sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman yesterday from a store that was going out of business and we paid $3700. Thought is was a great deal and I absolutely love it!

From carr, 9/5/2006  7:59 PM

I recently saw a Viewpoint Leather set:   sofa, chair and ottoman for $3250.
The store is going out of business and says this price is unheard of.
What do you think?

From mike, 8/31/2006  10:32 PM

After checking with some on line dealers I found that my store in St. Louis has their pricing way out of line...A online dealer has the same set for $2,300, my dealer wants $4,200. This makes wonder about my dealer and the quality of Viewpoint Leather! I also do not understand why Viewpoint does not let visitors to their website look at their photo gallery...What's up with that? I would think they would want you to see what they make. They also need a dealer locator on their web page.

From Mike, 8/31/2006  9:34 PM

We just came from a store in St. Louis that carries Viewpoint, it looks and feels real nice! I am looking for other dealers that carry it so I can compare pricing...

From Guest, 8/30/2006  8:49 PM

especially for the money. That retailer that gave you his opinion doesn't carry it and is denigrating his competition, one misguided blogger at a time (that be YOU)

From sam armer, 8/30/2006  3:42 PM

I live in Louisiana and see this furniture in Lake Charles and ALexandria. I was disappointed to read, above, that the leather isn't good quality.

From shelley, 8/22/2006  10:45 PM

I recently saw a viewpoint leatheworks sofa/loveseat/chair that I loved. Does anyone know where I can find a retailer to purchase this product? I live in Oregon.

From mack, 7/10/2006  11:45 AM

I am a furniture retailer, 12+ years now. Viewpoint is out of Utah. Its a decent product for the money but their customer service is pretty poor. The quality of their leather is not real good, alot of cheap brazillian leather that is thin.

From marc, 7/4/2006  10:54 AM

Did you ever find out the contact information or location of any dealers for Viewpoint Leatherworks?

From Jo, 8/9/2005  9:37 AM

All I know so far in researching to buy a leather suite for my sunroom, is that a Viewpoint set that my sister and I saw at FurnitureSouth in N.Carolina off of Interstate 85, was the most comfortable sofa/chair that we had ever sat ourselves in. We have been sofa hunting a long 3months and this one beat all others for quality/style/comfort. I'm looking for best price to buy now. Seems to me you hit a good deal.

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