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Posted By Karen, 7/30/2005

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Hello! I recently purchsed a bone leather conemporary-style sofa from my local consignment shop. It is by Viewpoint Leatherworks. I can tell that it is of high quality, and about 10 or more years old. it has 8-way hand-tied coil spring constuction, and has three cushioned areas, with a flat-cushioned leather piece on top of each area. The back is flat across and plump. The style is rectangular with the edges softened. The leather is beautiful - buying a sofa of this quality at the price I paid is one of the benefits of living in a resort-style communty! Anyhoo, can anyone tell me something about this company? What did I buy?


From Aljo, 1/6/2016  11:36 AM

It's a great sofa,well made. We have ours over 19yrs. Unfortunately I believe they are no longer in business. I am trying to find out the name of my color,it's kind of burgundy and found this site. Anyone knowing how to determine color?

From Lydia Buono, 4/17/2011  4:24 PM

I purchased 2 leather couches from Mathis Brothers. The leather looked so worn in the corners, some scratches and the it looked like a bad dye job. There was a straight line across the back where the dark color ended and a lighter color started creating a half and half look. The delivery guys would not even let me look at the second couch.

I did not accept it the couch I saw. I asked for a replacement. Two week later MB says the couches are ready. When I asked if this was a new order, they said they refurbished the original couches. So, I'm wondering about the integrity of the dye job and the overall fix. Even is it looks good, will the 2 week old dye job last or will it fade quickly?

Should I cancel the order or trust the workmanship? I bought a extended warranty, but I now hear it's really useless.

From Marie, 3/13/2011  2:56 PM

We also purchased a sofa/chair/ottoman from the Toms Price Warehouse sale. Got a great price and felt confident as Toms Price is considered a very high quality dealer. Was concerned when we got home and could find nothing online as far as website or info, although BBB has no complaints. Called Toms Price who said they carry USA at all their stores (not going out of business)and although USA Premium is considered their "entry level" brand, that it would compare to top of the line brand with most retailers. I was told this dealer will also add and additional year to the USA warranty. Would be interested to hear of anyone else's issues with peeling/color fading.

From Brad, 3/12/2011  10:01 AM

Glad I found this forum. This is the only place people are talking about this company and their products that I could find. I'm looking at the 8650 sectional in "aged walnut" and the store going out of business is giving me the "deep discount" of $4,100 for the sectional and ottoman. Because I do things without thinking, I put $2k down and supposed to go back today to pay the rest and pick it up. Most of the posts indicate the quality is decent but some of the sinking and bleeding reports I read are concerning. The place doesn't give refunds but I couldn't sleep because I don't know if I should fight to get my money back and consider myself lucky or that I could have a decent couch that will last today. Has everyone had a problem with these couches in terms of bleeding and the cushions sinking? I hate sales people and furniture buying!!

From SANDRA KERHIN, 3/12/2011  8:01 AM

I purchased 2 matching leather Viewpoint sofas in a cream color 18 years ago at Yonkers Dept. Store in Fox Valley, Wi. The sofas in the showroom where wonderful to sit on and sunk "in just the right place". When ours came from the warehouse however, we noticed that the cushions didn't have that nice sinking feeling, but a slopeing one. So when we sit on them you feel like you're sliding slowly downward. I have tried everything possible, moving the stuffing towards the edge of the cushions and placing a board between the cushions and the bottom frame to help, to no avail. They are both in new condition because we only use them for company in our living room. We paid $1,600 for both sofas ($800.00 each) The only reason we kept them was because I thought they just needed "wearing" like shoes. I tried contacting the company to no avail for some advice. Any suggestions out there? Sandy in Greendale, Wi.

From ranslind2, 3/2/2011  12:53 PM

I think co.'s going out of business are selling this furniture through a close out corp. We got a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman for $2,499 at Sussan's closeout on 45 S of Houston. I took the stuffing out of a cushion and the leather is very heavy compared to our last set that was very expensive at Dillards called Italsofa. The sales guy said it was Italian leather but made in USA. I figured I would find a made in China tag but not so. I'm so glad to know it was made in USA! We gave the couch to our son and he loves the smell!Overstock.com has some good deals and if you join the club you get free shipping, but I wanted to see it before buying.

From barbara, 2/25/2011  11:21 PM

Viewpoint is now USA Premium Leather Furniture. You can contact them through there website.

From Tanya, 1/19/2011  2:36 PM

Looking for viewpoint furniture in the Houston area, any ideas? Thanks!

From windi ackerman, 12/28/2010  4:43 PM

where can i find viewpoint sofas in the canton ohio area

From james roughneen, 10/7/2010  4:19 PM

The model number on the cabernet sofa was 8150-30ACABERNETSO the SKU: 2477793.

I'd love to buy new cushions if it's possible--appreciate any help you can give.

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