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Young-Hinkle Furniture

Posted By Rob, 7/18/2005

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My parents bought me a Young-Hinkle bedroom set about 18 years ago. It is made to look like a ship with the headboard being a wheel. I am trying to find information on this brand and around how much it sells for.


From mkrichardson, 10/28/2012  12:55 PM

I have a chest of drawers, with bookcase hutch, and desk, also with lighted bookcase hutch.  Both in excellent condition, from the Ship Ahoy collection.  I hope this is not sacrilegious, but I painted them with flat black milk paint for my daughter's room.  The finish was pretty sad when I got them and they looked great in her room against the four walls painted turquoise, purple, raspberry and royal blue.  I have them posted, along with a twin platform storage bed (3 drawers per side) on Craigslist, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, if anyone is interested.

From harmony1017, 3/24/2012  12:54 PM

Young-Hinkle Oak chest from the Cape Cod group. 3 drawers.
Measurements: width is 36", height is 32 1/2", depth is 18".
Solid wood, not laminated! Beautiful golden oak color.
This chest is in beautiful condition. This chest of drawers is solid wood and heavy!
Please call 513-349-2049 for more information.

  • Location: Cincinnati,Ohio
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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From lucy, 1/19/2012  12:35 AM

looking for young hinkle port ocall furniture from late 70's...please contact me at lucyvanpelt54@yahoo.com...thanks

From greves71, 12/28/2011  2:13 AM

i am looking for a Young-Hinkle windjammer bunk bed from the movie et, have the rest of the set but need to replace the bunk bed as my mom got rid of it 20 years ago and would like it for my son.  pls email me at greves@blockllc.com

From llampros, 9/4/2011  12:44 PM

[#95937]: If you have any of your Cape Cod furniture left will you please let me know.  I need a desk and chair real bad.  llampros@verizon.net

From llampros, 9/4/2011  12:29 PM

[#90766]: If you by any chance still have any of the Cape Cod furniture will you please let me know.  llampros@verizon.net

From Rob, 8/6/2011  3:27 PM

Looking for Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy twin-size headboard and other Ship Ahoy furniture, almost anywhere in the northeast US.

From Bill, 6/5/2011  9:32 PM

I have a Young and Hinkle dining room set with hutch, table, 6 captain chairs, dry sink, table pads all in excellent condition. I am in NJ and asking $450.

From Abby, 3/31/2011  9:01 PM

i have parts of young-hinkle cape cod bedroom set and am looking to buy some other pieces, specifically headboards, end table(s), and desk. i am in central new jersey, if anyone has anyhing near me please email at abbymichelerusso@gmail.com

From Jennifer, 3/6/2011  12:25 AM

I have a Young Hinkle Cape Cod girls bedroom set FOR SALE - full size four poster bed frame, desk with bookcase and chair, hutch with bookcase, 3-drawer dresser with oval mirror, and nightstand. I'm in Portland, Oregon - email me at jenbash17@gmail.com if interested. Will send pictures and discuss price.

From Laura, 2/23/2011  8:05 PM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle bunk bed for my son. You know anyone who is selling one?

From mertice sullivan, 1/31/2011  1:36 PM

have a young hinkle desk,has plymouuth pine inside the drawer pretty old i think any ideas about this piece?

From Vivian, 1/24/2011  11:07 PM

Looking for Young Hinkle cape cod night stand and dresser
I am located in Dallas, Texas. Obtained one night stand and student desk and would like to complete set for bedroom

thank you,

From Mickie, 12/28/2010  1:11 PM

I have a Young Hinkle - Ships Ahoy Set that I received from my grandparents when they had to sell there lake house this past summer. We are foster parents and I have two of the twin beds and 1 dresser. We are looking for the piece that has the bookshelf attached to the top of it to use for extra storage. We live in Iowa and would be willing to travel to nearby states to pick it up. If you have what we are looking for please e-mail me at boutzm@yahoo.com with pictures and price and details! Thank you! :)

From Joey, 11/7/2010  10:16 AM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle Maple King size headboard for my mom. She has alot of Young Hinkle bedroom furniture that is has had for years. Now she wants the headborad.

From Deb, 9/9/2010  9:50 PM

I have a Young-Hinkel Cherry house 3 dresser and mirror and chest on chest. Head and foot board.

says 4000. Any idea what it is worth. Purchased mostly in PA many years ago.

From Jennie, 9/8/2010  12:30 AM

I have a set of Young Hinkle Cape Cod furniture: double headboard, night stand, high boy dresser, desk, chair, bookcase with hutch, corner piece, and tall standing mirror. All for sale, located in California. Email me at jalyeshmerni@gmail.com

From Bonnie, 5/19/2010  2:11 PM

I have young ladies Cape Cod bedroom set for sale 1twin bed, 3 drawer dresser with mirror, night stand, bureau w/ 6 drawers and chest. Make an offer need to sell immediately

From Jess, 5/2/2010  8:50 AM

Anyone with Cape Cod bedroom furniture to sell, please email me @ jtennison12@yahoo.com. Thank you!

From Jess, 5/2/2010  8:36 AM

To Ruddy, have you sold your Cape Cod bedroom set? I would love to speak to you about it if you still have it.

From Kim Ammerman, 2/26/2010  10:20 AM

I never sold my Cape Cod dresser & night stand at last year's yard sale. We live in southeastern Indiana. Please contact me at wwprincess@epowerc.net. I will e-mail you pictures.

From Amber, 2/21/2010  3:32 PM

I am looking to purchase dresser to match Cape Cod set of Young-Hinkle furniture I used as a child growing up and now am splitting between my 2 daughters. Possibly other furniture.

From RABiggers, 2/15/2010  10:15 PM

I'm looking for a Young-Hinkle light oak or maple bedside table.

From jim, 2/13/2010  4:56 PM

What is a young-hinku desk, hutch and chair worth?

From Gwen, 1/21/2010  8:54 PM

I have a Cape Cod bedroom set-double headboard, desk, two night stands, six drawer dresser, and large mirror for sale. Looking for buyer and possible price to ask. I live in southern CA. Thanks

From Ann, 1/1/2010  1:50 PM

I have a Young Hinkle girl's Cape Cod set to sell which includes a twin headboard, dresser with mirror, desk with bookshelf, chair, night stand and toy chest. I live in central New Jersey. Will include trundle bed, coordinated comforter set, sheets and curtain if interested, as well as a matching wicker chair.

From sandy, 12/11/2009  12:08 AM

i am looking for a queen headboard and night stand for young hinkle windjammer. i live in houston texas. bdouglas5333@yahoo.com

From Lesley, 11/22/2009  2:32 PM

Selling some pieces of Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy: dresser, mirror, 5 drawer chest and desk. Dresser, chest and desk all have slate-like tops. All in good condition. Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Email chinadoll94@hotmail.com

From Jason, 9/3/2009  6:56 PM

PS, the furniture is Windjammer.

From Les, 8/30/2009  11:36 PM

Looking for pieces of Windjammer furniture in excellent condition in the Washington, D.C. area at a FAIR price. I have pieces from my sons from the late 1980's and know what it cost originally. Email chinadoll94@hotmail.com

If you are looking for Ship Ahoy, someone in Virginia has some pieces.

From Jason, 8/29/2009  8:58 PM

For sale, my childhood set of Young-Hinkle in good condition. I am located in the Wash DC/Northern Virginia area and can reply with photos. Email me at: onlinespam@yahoo.com This is a temp email alias created just for this post. I will receive the message, but I will deactivate the alias after a few months. My furniture set for sale: $4200.

(1) tall dresser

(1) tall and wide dresser with 3 large drawers, 2 small upper drawers and a square storage area with hinged door on the top right (dresser HxWxD is 48 x 36.5 x 18)

(1) bookshelf for tall dresser

(1) bookshelf for tall and wide dresser

(1) desk chair

(1) desk (the bookshelf for the tall and wide dresser fits on this desk)

(1) mirror

(1) 2-drawer nightstand (HxWxD is 24 x 24 x 16)

(1) mirror (yes, this a 2nd mirror)

(1) trunk

From Ruddy, 8/27/2009  5:35 PM

I have a girls Young Hinkle Cape Cod bedroom set for sale. It contains a single bed headboard, dresser with mirror, desk and hutch with chair. I am located in Alabama. The set is in real good shape. Make me an offer.

From rita, 8/16/2009  4:47 PM

I have the entire young hinkle windjammer bedroom set--desk with hutch and chair, dresser 56 in., small dresser with hutch, nightstand and bed. Im interested in selling it due to moving. it is in excellent condition. krlb@aol.com, rita, 630 205 4061 chicago area.

From rita, 8/16/2009  4:44 PM

I have the entire young hinkle windjammer bedroom set--desk with hutch and chair, dresser, small dresser with hutch, nightstand and bed. Im interested in selling it due to moving. its in excellent condition. anyone interested? 630 205 4061 chicago area

From Kathy, 8/16/2009  10:22 AM

I have a complete Young Hinkle Cape Cod girls bedroom set that I want to sell, and am unable to get a fair appraisal for it. Any ideas what is best to do? I also would be interested in adding to the set as I now have twin girls who would each like some in thier rooms. I am stumped as to where to get these. Not much out there. Does anyone have legitimate sights for this furniture? Thanks - kathyquinn@juno.com

From laurajordan, 8/4/2009  9:45 PM

Cooper, if you still ahve Windjammer for sale, I am interested. sgj1065@bellsouth.net

From Laurajordan, 8/4/2009  9:44 PM

Cooper, if you still have Windjammer for sale please let me know. sgj1065@bellsouth.net

From Emily, 7/16/2009  1:02 PM

I am also looking for the Windjammer collection. I already have the bed, my mom sold the collection from Lexington Furniture in North Carolina. I need the nightstand and dresser but am willing to buy the collection as a whole. If anyone has any part of this collection please let me know. I will travel for it.

(336) 924-1051

From Shawn LOng, 7/14/2009  2:46 AM

Could not find a listing. Where are you and what pieces do you have to sell? Thank you

From cooper, 7/4/2009  9:42 AM

We have the windjammer II that we currently have listed on craigslist

From Patti, 6/29/2009  6:36 PM

Is your furniture "windjammer"?

From Patti, 6/29/2009  6:34 PM

I am looking for pieces of the windjammer set. I live in TN. With 7 states bordering my state, surely I can find someone nearby with this furniture. Please contact me by phone at 615 478 4640.

From Rick, 6/27/2009  1:54 AM

if anyone has any of the ship ahoy bedroom pieces for sale in Kentucky or anywhere close to KY. let me know countrycouple@suddenlink.net

From Zetta, 6/16/2009  3:10 PM

Hello Kim,
I tried to sell the twin-size bed, dresser and mirror for $100 at a garage sale and the best offer I rec'd was $60. I didn't sell it. Most people don't know the value of this furniture or any very good "real" wood furniture.

From Kim Ammerman, 5/11/2009  9:55 AM

I have a Young-Hinkle Cape Cod dresser & nightstand. These were purchased from a used furniture store or garage sale about 7 years ago.
What are they worth? Thanks for your prompt response.

From Zetta, 4/22/2009  4:35 PM

I have available for sale a Cape Cod twin-size bed and double dresser with mirror that hangs on the wall.

From Ian Moyes, 4/15/2009  9:14 PM

Young-hinkle Cherry House, solid cherry 5 piece set w/full bed. Does anyone have an idea of its worth?

From MROBINSON, 4/7/2009  3:42 PM


From Denise, 3/30/2009  10:20 PM

I have several pieces of young hinkle charter oak: 6 drawer dresser with mirror, desk with bookcase hutch, 3 drawer chest with bookcase hutch, all in great condition with original hardware, am selling set in houston area for $1000.00. Set bought in 1986. e-mail if interested.

From David, 2/5/2009  12:07 PM

We are looking to purchase a Young-Hinkle Cape Cod night stand to match one we have. If you have one for sale please contact me at david.burg@nbcuni.com. Thank you.

From Khonchul, 1/10/2009  8:58 AM

I have a Young Hinkle Ships Ahoy desk. Can anyone tell me what it is worth?

From Jeff, 1/1/2009  11:56 AM

I have a Young & Hinkle Ships Ahoy bedroom set in good condition for sale. From the mid-70's (I believe between 1972 and 1976).

*4-Drawer Dresser 32Wx19Dx42.5H
*Hutch 30Wx18Dx77H (Base is 30.5H)
*Desk (3 box drawers + pencil drawer) 42Wx18Dx30.5H
*Desk Chair
*Twin Headboard

Located in Michigan. Delivery Possible.

email jfeit@comcast.net

From RanitaS6, 11/10/2008  11:57 PM


From flo, 11/4/2008  7:20 PM

Just re-read my post. The three-drawer chest I painted is not the desk or chest-of-drawers, but another piece.

From flo, 11/4/2008  7:18 PM

Regarding Young Hinkle Ships Ahoy... I have a three-drawer desk with chair, as well as a chest of drawers that has three large bottom drawers, top has two small drawers on the right and a cubby-hole with door on the left. All have original handles. I recently lightly sanded and painted the three-drawer chest black... turned out beautifully. This furniture has been lovingly-used, moved, and "repurposed" for about twenty years now and still is as solid as ever. I would be glad to sell the desk, chair and chest. We are in Georgia.

From kerry, 10/20/2008  9:56 AM

I just purchased a Young Hinkle maple dresser (hi-boy, 4 drawers)....just curious on the value.


From Zetta, 8/28/2008  10:05 PM

I am still looking for a 4 poster Cape Cod Bed. I need it ASAP. Thanks for your help.

From Lisa, 8/1/2008  12:38 PM

I have a hutch from Young-hinkle "Ships Ahoy" line. It is a corner type hutch with a buffet table with 2 drawers. Does anyone have anymore information on this piece of furniture?

From Valerie Atwood, 4/24/2008  12:45 PM

I have a twin headboard and 3-drawer chest with attaching bookcase/shelf in the Young-Hinkle "Ships Ahoy" line. I am looking to find a new home for it. I am in the Missouri/Kansas area.

From Lynn, 3/12/2008  2:23 PM

We have a Young-Hinkle upright chest of drawers. Inside it states "Maple House" "Solid Maple." The chest has four drawers. Top two are single and bottom two are actually double in depth but have a facade of two drawers giving the upright chest an appearance of six single drawers on the front of the chest. The top is slightly scratched but, otherwise, the chest is in excellent condition. Top measures 18" by 31 1/2". We have bought a new set of furniture and are looking for a home for this piece. We are located in New England area.

From Chuck Knoepker, 10/10/2007  11:57 PM

We have a 1960's vintage Young-Hinkle Maple House triple dresser (nine drawer) with framed mirror for sale. It still has the original catalog tag and is in showroom new conidtion. It was mom's dresser and she's gone now. Mod #3503 nine-drawer, size 56” x 18” height 32.5” framed mirror 44” x 34” Located in the Kansas City area. Asking $500 OBO.

From Mary Ann, 7/26/2007  12:56 PM

I'm looking for a 3-drawer chest in this brand/pattern. I've had my set for over 30 years but it's still holding up just fine. Therefore I want to add a piece.

Thanks in advance...

From Zetta, 3/17/2007  10:56 PM

Did anyone find the value of a "Cape Cod" bedroom set? I have a twin bed with canopy rails, desk & hutch (with chair), lingerie chest, double dresser with swing mirror. Thanks

From Mea, 1/7/2007  12:31 PM

I have a Young Hinkle chest and drawers but some of the handles have broken. Does anyone know where I can find replacements? Thank you

From Danny, 12/23/2006  1:05 PM

I just bought a young hinkle desk/hutch. Is his stuff worth anything?

From J. Talley, 10/23/2006  7:32 PM

Hi Jodi-- I have the exact problem.. whats it worth? I have same set except it's "ships ahoy". My set's full like yours and I was thinking maybe $1400. Good luck and let me know if you get info. I could use.. Thanks, Joe Talley

From Jodi Lepp, 7/21/2006  4:03 PM

We have a Young-Hinkle 7 piece bedroom set with markings inside the drawers that say "Cape Cod". It was purchased approximatly 1985. We will be selling this set & would greatly appreciate any information on pricing.It is in great condition.

Thanking you in advance,
Jodi Lepp

From Guest, 7/19/2005  8:41 AM

There is some information on the message boards here. Just click on the search link above. For an appraisal, try appraisals@furniturebrains.com or www.whatsitworthtoyou. -Russell

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