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Seeking Alexander Julian by Universal

Posted By Dave, 6/11/2005

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Looking for a bedroom set by Universal in the Alexander Julian collection Group number 715 (Post Road). Anyone have any information? Thank you


From kemcmac, 7/13/2015  5:24 PM

I have an Alexander Julian high boy i'm selling. I don't know if it is the one you are looking for.  It has the tortoise shell knobs and the diamond on it. I'm not sure what the design number is. I am located in Cedar Rapids, IA. I don't think I can attach a photo here.  I also have two nightstands, tall dresser and bureau with mirror. I can send photos to email.

From Kathy, 9/3/2011  10:11 PM

I am looking for a high dresser in the 710 series with the tortoise shell knobs.  I am located in Western Michigan.

From Dave, 7/14/2011  5:34 PM

oops...I put in the wrong email... tll_08@yahoo.com Looking for a Huch for my Buffet...Universal Furniture, Alexander Julian in Ash Wood...prefer one with doors and lighting. Thank You!

From Dave, 7/14/2011  5:31 PM

I am looking for a Hutch for my Buffet...Universal Furniture, Alexander Julian in Ash Wood...prefer one with doors and lighting. Please let me know if anyone has this and contact me at: tll08@yahoo.com I'm in Michigan.

From Dave, 7/9/2011  3:45 PM

I have a queen size Alexander Julian wicker sleigh bed for sale.   It's in perfect condition.   please email shamrock_143@hotmail.com
We are located in Newport Beach, CA

From Evelyn, 4/26/2011  11:49 AM

Located in Charlotte, NC. I am selling an Alexander Julian at Home glass top square coffee table with 2 huge drawers for storage. Walnut color. Measures approx. 42"L x 42"W x 20"H. Contact me if interested. etarazi@carolina.rr.com.

From Kathy, 4/25/2011  5:34 PM

Looking for a dresser in AJ 710 series that will go with my other pieces. I have the bed, mirrored armoire, nightstand and long dresser, but am looking for a highboy type dresser to match. I am located in Michigan.

From Vicki, 4/21/2011  1:27 AM

Can anyone tell me about the AJ 740 series king pencil post bed with iron inserts in headboard and footboard? Also large mirrored dresser with iron inserts above mirror and 12 drawers, four small felt lined lingerie or jewelery drawers, three larger drawers on top, three medium drawers in the middle and two large drawers on the bottom. I have these two pieces and cannot find any information about them. Would love to know where they were made, when, what they are worth, etc. Thanks to you all.

From Brent, 4/18/2011  8:47 PM

I'm looking for the 710 series Haberdasher's chest. Please contact me if you have one available. Thanks! brent31@bellsouth.net

From Christine, 4/9/2011  6:25 PM

I'm looking for one Alexander Julian nightstand with the diamond pattern - 710 360 stamped on back. Universal Collection maybe?? I'm in Georgia. Please e-mail pics & price to christibowen@yahoo.com if anyone has one. Thanks!

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