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Seeking Discontinued Ethan Allen #3

Posted By Madeline Alworth, 6/9/2005

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Looking for a base to a Georgian Court Armoire with finish 225 and e-mail me at madeline@alworth.com thanks


From Madeline Alworth, 7/17/2011  9:35 PM

I have a Ethan Allen cherry wood "Avenue Collection" hutch that i'll sell for $300.00 paid over $1000.00 for it, still have receipt. In very good condition. Pictures on request.

From Kathy, 5/16/2011  6:31 PM

I have looked every on the internet for the pine liquid room deodorizer that Ethan Allen used to sell. It came with ceramic shells that were hung hidden on the wall behind furniture. A cotton ball was placed in the shell and the liquid was poured into the cotton ball. The smell it gave the house was wonderful. You would always smell it the moment you walked into the EA showroom. I have asked everyone at Ethan Allen but no one remembers it. Does anyone know if it can be found?

From Susan, 5/8/2011  7:21 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Radius occasional table that was referred to as a serving table (laptop table) in the fawn color. The model number was 139400. This is something I purchased in 2001 and I'm looking for a second one. Susan.soloway@comcast.net

From Susan, 4/19/2011  8:04 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Radius occasional table that was referred to as a serving table (laptop table) in the fawn color. The model number was 139400. This is something I purchased in 2001 and I'm looking for a second one.

From Sherry, 4/12/2011  12:36 AM

We moved and now need to get rid or our Georgia Court Cherry Armoire. This unit has two external full width drawers and two internal drawers in addition to the cloths rail behind double doors.

From Wanita G., 1/12/2011  10:48 PM

Looking for 2 Ethan Allen Classic Manor Twin Headboards.

From Monica, 11/11/2009  8:28 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Royal Charter china cabinet. Thanks

From Charles, 10/25/2009  9:28 PM

I am loking for an Ethan Allen Royal Charterbuffet with hutch. Thank You! crberry56@sbcglobal.net

From drgrady, 9/6/2009  11:33 PM


I am settling a family estate and have several Ethan Allen Royal Charter pieces for sale including a buffet with hutch and a huntboard. These item were purchased new in 1974 and are in very nice condition. Email me for pictures and pricing if you're still in the market.


From Laura, 8/7/2009  3:55 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Royal Charter oak huntboard buffet and hutch (bottom and top) in very good condition. Thank you!


From Pj Nelson, 7/10/2009  3:25 PM

Reply from Pj

The piece Fred was trying to identify in March of 2009, is a commode table [end table]. The removable dividers are for record/phonograph storage. The item number is 10-8646. It is listed in the 68th edition of the EA Treasury book. I believe the other number listed, identifies where the cabinet was actually made. Be blessed!

From Caryn, 7/1/2009  11:54 AM

Have Antique Pine dining room set with pedestal table, 2 leaves table pads and matching buffet and hutch - Also matching dry sink with copper trough/tray an side bin table. Any interest 631-495-2314 Sunshine08034@aol.com

From Paula, 6/11/2009  1:33 PM

I am looking for a Georgian court Blanket chest (color 225)Please contact me at pbzz95@verizon.net

From Paula, 6/11/2009  1:29 PM

I am looking for a Georgian Court Blanket Chest. Please contact me if you know of one for sale

From Susan Ott, 6/5/2009  7:04 PM

I have an Ethan Allen french country tv armoire. It is in excellent condition. jfott@verizon.net

From Bob, 5/15/2009  10:28 PM

Have complete Royal Charter dining room set, including two captain's chairs, six side chairs, china hutch with leaded glass, rectangular table with two leaves, also complete bedroom set including dresser, chest of drawers, two night stands, armoire, headboard and footboard. Live in Va Beach. Willing to negotiate but don't want to break sets up. (757)368-3922

From Fred, 3/16/2009  3:17 PM

Help with a "what is it", please. It measures 21" high, 23" deep, and 23" wide. It has louvered doors with a magnetic catch, minimal hinges, and door pulls. There are 2 vertical removable dividers in slots inside. The finish is possibly maple or birch in a mediume to dark shade, but it varies (by board). Is it something like honey maple? On the bottom is Ethan(his profile)Allen 10 8646 #7 0577. I suspect it was purchased in the 60s. I have been unable to find a source on the internet to decipher the numbers.

From Raechel, 2/4/2009  12:08 AM

I have an Ethan Allen 2-piece Avenue China Cabinet / Hutch. I believe the official color is Cinnabar (?) It is in outstanding condition. It was made the U.S. (before EA started outsourcing overseas) in 2002. I used it in our house for about 6 months and then moved and it didn't work in the new dining room. So, it was immediately put into temperature controlled storage. It's been there ever since. We finally decided we won't be using it so someone else might benefit! I'm in West Chicago, IL. (630) 215-4857 RaechelAD@gmail.com

From Amy Williams, 1/10/2009  9:54 AM

I have an Ethan Allen Georgian Court Queen Sized Rice Carved Bed. I am missing the finials for the very top. Asking $300 obo. I inherited the bed not sure what it is worth but need it out of my garage. Not in show room condition but would make a great piece for a bargain hunter. Please Call Amy @ 540 429 2720. I am located in Fredericksburg, VA.

From Patti Ross, 12/19/2008  6:52 PM

I have an Ethan Allen Country Colors Chandelier for sale (great price). Moving first of year and must sell. Colors: Cranberry, Green, Gold, Blue. Excellent condition!

From Dennis Wiley, 11/26/2008  9:54 AM

I am looking for king size Ethan Allen Tuscany Panel Poster bed, model # 32-5641 that is in good condition.

From Patti Anderson, 11/7/2008  12:00 PM

Hello I am looking for Circa 1776 queen bed in the Windsor style. Also the nest of tables in the same collection.
I have a Georgian Court Canopy Frame for a queen bed in the darker finish. New.
thank you!

From cathy anderson, 11/2/2008  1:07 PM

I forgot to include my email address: fraucathya@gmail.com

From cathy anderson, 11/2/2008  11:30 AM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Royal Charter night stand(s) or chest suitable for use as a bedside table; Ethan Allen had a three drawer chest in Royal Charter that I would also consider.

From Anna, 10/24/2008  7:59 PM

I am looking for American Impressions buffet in the dark autumn cherry. Florida (a_balkova@hotmail.com.


From Carol, 8/14/2008  11:09 PM

I have a dining room set that has 4 latter back chairs with cane seating and a ablong table no leafs to it. corner cabinet with leaded glass in it and some kind of lions on the bottem half of it. the cabinet is all open and the hutch is open also no doors just plate grooves and it has 3 drawers in the bottom cabinet it is a dark color wood also.. Does anyone know what it is worth and or what the name of the set is, I can send pictures if need be. I think it was bought back in 1969 or so, that is all I know about it. any help???
Thanks Please email me at OhSoAAngelxox@aol.com

From online2, 7/13/2008  3:45 PM

I have a pristine condition American dimensions king sized bed for sale. This is perfect and has been sitting in a guest bedroom. It is the natural color. $900 OBO. Solid wood ethan allan quality. Austin Texas area. You can email to online @ bahrs.net

From online2, 7/13/2008  3:43 PM

I have a pristine condition American dimensions king sized bed for sale. This is perfect and has been sitting in a guest bedroom. $900 OBO. Solid wood ethan allan quality. Austin Texas area.

From D Morse, 6/5/2008  7:53 PM

I have 2 Ethan Allen dough box end tables with tops that open up.   Excellent condition, circa 1960's for sale in Philadelphia area. Pick up only.   I am not sure they are either pine or maple.   demorse27@comcast.net

From Denise, 5/25/2008  8:46 PM

Denise colorado email posting. denise@costerus.com

From Denise, 5/25/2008  8:43 PM

I am looking for any bedroom peices in the 18th century Mahogany.Or the georgian court collection.

From Carrie, 5/25/2008  4:44 PM

Interested in Royal Charter items. Please advise what you have ....

From Linda, 4/19/2008  1:53 PM

I'm selling a New Impressions Curio Cabinet in #224 - Autumn Cherry color. Excellent condition. Please respond with e-mail or phone number.

From Karen Murphy, 4/17/2008  12:56 PM

I have this chest, mirror and Armoire from the legacy collection....and might be willing to sell it.

From CC, 4/9/2008  4:06 PM

OOPS, forgot my e-mail address: crbapxcotn@aol.com

From CC, 4/9/2008  3:56 PM

I am looking for Maple Heirloom Collection headboard and footboard sets (double/full size and queen size) or even kingsize.

From Eric, 3/16/2008  7:10 PM

I currently have an Ethan Allen Medallion Sleigh Bed I would like to sell. Its for a Queen Size mattress Set. It is in Excellent Condition. Eric , ehenneke@sbcglobal.net 512-632-2247

From Bob, 3/10/2008  9:38 PM

I have an Ethan Allen, solid cherry headboard/footboard in a queen size, 4 poster with canopy extensions (no canopy frame), the siderails are metal, and a matching 8-drawer dresser/mirror

We are the original owners and to the best of my recollection, I think it is the Georgian Court collection.

Numbers on the back of the headboard are 11-5632 225(finish)
Looks like a manufacture date of 03-02-84

Numbers on the back of the dresser 11-5202 (225 finish as well)
Looks like a manufacture date of 4-4-84

I would like to sell one or both, pictures available on request. brempfer@gmail.com

From Sasha, 3/8/2008  2:14 PM

I have the following Swedish Home bedroom pieces in linen: bachelor chest (2), night stand (2), library table, high dresser. All were bought in 2006, and were since in a non-smoking, no-pets home. I live in New Jersey. If interested, please email sasha92118@yahoo.com.

From Carrie, 2/16/2008  6:13 PM

Reply for Danette

Please email me with details. Thanks

From Danette, 2/5/2008  11:03 PM

My mom is selling the Royal Charter furniture she has, trestle table with 6 chairs, 2 leaves and table pads. China hutch with 3 glass door above, 3 doors below and 3 doors. Also an open cabinet, with a bse piece with drawers and large shelf opening below. Many other pieces she is undecided about at this time, same style. We are in Indiana.

From Kathy, 1/25/2008  3:14 PM

Looking for 1-Ethan Allen Royal Charter Oak nightstand. 413-648-9504

From tigger, 1/9/2008  10:31 PM

looking for ethan allen king size cannonball bedroom suit, may be old tavern series. please e-mail pics, as i am anxious to buy. thanks

From Carrie, 1/4/2008  5:19 AM

Looking for Royal Charter pieces for purchase.

From Shirley Hayden, 11/23/2007  1:34 PM

I have an octagonal side table with slate insert in the Classic Manor collection. The table has a cabinet with two doors.

I just had a small fire in the lamp on the table and the table is ruined unless someone can refinish it.
Does anyone know how much this table is worth..it is from the 1970's

Shirley from Michigan shayden415@globalbiz.net

From Joe Spivey, 10/28/2007  12:16 PM

Hello K.C.
I would like some pictures of the old tavern dining set.
We are looking for a replacement dining set to match a Hutch and dry sink.The only model # to go off of is #875
& 876.

Joe Spivey, jandkspivey@hotmail.com

From KC, 10/14/2007  10:06 AM

I have an Ethan Allen dining set. It says "old tavern" underneath. I'm trying to find the value. I have the dining table, 2 leafs, 6 chairs, hutch, tea cart, and also some living room tables.
Can someone direct me to a site? I tried the ethan allen owners site but do not want to pay to post or read messages.

From jeanne, 10/10/2007  4:58 AM

I am looking for the Ethan Allen 1776 maple heirloom collection diningroom lighted corner china cabinet. If anyone has one for sale please contact me at sweet12866@yahoo.com

From Jeanne, 10/10/2007  4:54 AM

I have an Ethan Allen 1776 maple heirloom collection drop leaf rectangular coffee table. When the sides are up the table is oval. It is in excellent condition. I can be contacted at sweet12866@yahoo.com

From sarah, 9/24/2007  7:36 PM

I am looking for a georgian court CA king sleigh bed? Finish 225. anyone know of one?

From Stephanie, 8/25/2007  12:35 AM

I have a Ethan Allen Country Colors armoire/chest #14-5404 in red for sale. Please contact me at stephaniegoldstein@hotmail.com if interested.

I also have a mirror from that same collection - I can send you pictures of both.

From Ginnie Campbell, 8/9/2007  8:47 PM

Wanted: Legacy Collection Dresser. If you have a legacy serpentine 3 drawer chest for sale, please contact me immediately (850)305-9492.
Ginnie Campbell

From maureen, 7/27/2007  10:25 AM

Looking for a Ethan Allen Francesca Chair 137106 in cream finish.

From Donald McDonell, 7/19/2007  5:28 PM

The charside chest was from the Country Colours collection.
My e-mail is djmcdonell@rogers.com

From Donald McDonell, 7/19/2007  5:25 PM

I am looking for   a chairside chest 27w x 16d x 23 h two doors. Finish is Autumn Maple. The original number was: 14-9401

From Mariele, 6/30/2007  10:22 AM

I have six Ethan Allen Queen Anne side chairs 11-6211 puchased in the 1980s with dark cherry finish that I am looking to sell. They are in excellent used condition. Can anyone give me an idea of what they are worth? Thanks- brionesmd@aol.com

From jewell corey, 6/24/2007  12:19 PM

I am looking for Ethan Allen's Swedish Home collection, carved Panel Bed(linen finish #630) King size.

From celia, 6/3/2007  10:49 PM

sister has king cannon ball bed, chest, and dresser.

From Denise, 5/18/2007  10:30 AM

Hi. I am looking for American Dimensions pieces

From Ginny Freudenberger, 4/29/2007  8:11 AM

I am looking for a double Ethan Allen Cannon Ball Bed.
Please email particulars includng pictures, price.
Thank you.

From Elaine, 4/21/2007  10:48 PM

I'm looking for the Ethan Allen Radius Round Glass Dining Table with the maple sphere in the base. (I don't need the chairs.) I'm also interested in acquiring the Collector's Classics 13-9201 Demilune Sofa Table in the Satin Nickel finish. e_bennett@sbcglobal.net

From Elaine, 4/21/2007  10:46 PM

I'm looking for the Ethan Allen Radius Round Glass Dining Table with the maple sphere in the base. (I don't need the chairs.) I'm also interested in acquiring the Collector's Classics 13-9201 Demilune Sofa Table in the Satin Nickel finish.

From jill, 4/20/2007  11:33 AM

selling Ethan Allen American Dimensions natural oak queen bed; and same line computer hutch, double file cab/ hutch; and fax stand in green finish. Jillcoyle@comcast.net Portland Maine

From Ryan, 4/13/2007  3:53 PM

I'm looking for a dresser in the Ethan Allen Elements (Light/Fawn) finish. Please email me at rmf136@hotmail.com

From Kristi, 4/8/2007  12:13 PM

Looking for Ethan Allen Country Crossing Windsor Chairs (2) in the Cinnamon finish. I believe it's finish (224) but will take in any finish. please contact me at pilot099@hotmail.com

From Shelly, 4/7/2007  10:44 PM

Looking for an Ethan Allen "Avenue" chest piece. Please email me at soul2unite@yahoo.com

From Marybeth, 4/5/2007  2:43 PM

I have an Ethan Allen British Classics Queen sleigh bed that is only 2 years old (excellent condition!) that I would like to sell because we'd like to purchase a king instead. Anyone interested? I'll be listing the frame on ebay for %600 and I'm located in Davis CA. Please email me if you;re interested - mbkavanagh@sbcglobal.net.

From Michelle Hill, 3/31/2007  9:53 PM

Looking for a piece of artwork discontinued by Ethan Allen. It is a reproduction print titled "Ranch Life" by the artist Susan Kulbacki. Will pay top dollar! Email me at dhill@hotmail.com

From Kathi, 3/30/2007  10:52 PM

Just purchased a beautiful gently used dining set in Georgian Court #225 and understand that this line was discontinued a couple of years ago. I'd now like to find a fairly small entertainment center (armoire or china hutch that could be converted into an entertainment cabinet) in the same style/finish. I've been checking e-bay and craigslist (in most of the major west coast cities) and will continue monitoring this site. Please feel free to e-mail should you have anything that might work.

Thanks. KMLKLL1113@comcast.net

From Ginnie, 3/28/2007  11:11 PM


From Ginnie, 3/28/2007  11:06 PM

I am looking for a Legacy Serpertine Chest for sale (Finish 213). If anyone has this dresser and would like to sell it, please contact me via email at truesinatrafan@aol.com or call (850)305-9492.

From dale, 3/19/2007  12:37 PM

I am looking for discontinued EA Medallion collection buffet(base of china cabinet)in cherry finish, with or without black trim. I am also be interested in six or more chairs and would like more of the collection pieces in any of the finishes. Please contact me @dalewhelchel@charter.net.

From Lynne, 3/17/2007  5:07 PM

I have Ethan Allen discontinued Circa 1776 line bedroom furniture for sale in Westchester County, NY. All solid maple: queen bed, 2 night stands, 66" 9 drawer dresser, and mirror. Anyone interested, please e-mail me @ lhninfl@yahoo.com.

From Cathie, 2/26/2007  10:01 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Country Colors tall bookcase with six shelves. If you know where I might be able to locate one, please contact me at scotcat1@aol.com

From floyd, 2/25/2007  11:38 AM

I have an ethan allan spoon leg, maple dinning room table for sale

From Linda, 2/21/2007  9:06 PM

Sorry, also forgot e-mail address: lsmckissick@aol.com

From Linda, 2/21/2007  9:05 PM

Trying to locate values for several pieces of Georgian Court for Estate. China with mirrored back, beveled glass on three sides with base, Video Center, oval coffee table with glass top, rectangular end table and oval end table. Pembroke drop leaf table w/three leaves. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

From Bob, 2/21/2007  12:18 PM

Selling EA dark pine rolltop desk and matching wall unit. Will sell separately. Southern NH

From Jan, 2/20/2007  12:59 PM

I am looking for Ethan Allen furniture from the American Impressions line. Particularly computer desk and hutch, file drawer base as well as any of the step wall units. finish 260(black/autumn cherry) Please contact me at jfrank3073@msn.com Phila PA

From Cathy, 2/20/2007  12:42 PM

EA Collector's Classics Bistro Dining Table with 42" glass top in antique pewter finish for sale. Four matching Bistro Side Chairs with woven metal seats. Purchased in 1998.
Knoxville, Tennessee

From christine paschall, 2/12/2007  12:11 AM

looking for EA Ellements china cabinet in fawn . Help.christinepaschall@comcast.net

From Barb, 2/11/2007  11:08 PM

I have Ethan Allen Elements bedroom suite for sale in Fawn.
Double Dresser
Queen Bed
Chicago IL

From Jacquie Copeland, 2/11/2007  8:56 PM


Would you be interested in selling your Heirloom double headboard and nightstand. Otherwise, just the headboard would be fine. What does it look like, or do you have the item #.


From rebecca, 2/3/2007  9:43 AM

Looking for Royal Charter Oak night tables

From meg, 1/8/2007  3:06 PM

Do you have any pics of this? V interested.
in CT, so can pick up

From bill white, 1/7/2007  10:22 AM

Have a 30+ year old ethan allen cannonball bedroom set in dark pine for sale. king size bed, chest on shest 72" wide dresser with mirror & accessory chest, 2 nightstands. all in very good condition. located in salem, nh. billwwhite@netzero.net

From Rosalie, 1/1/2007  5:58 PM

I am selling an Ethan Allen Heirloom bedroom set made from solid maple. I have a double dresser with attached mirror, a chest on chest dresser, a nightstand and a double bed frame. I would be willing to sell only the dressers together without the bedframe and nightstand.

I also in the Antiquie Pine Old Tavern finish, I have a roll top desk, pedestal table with two extension leaves and 4 windsor side chairs.

If you would like more details, please contac me at rawrobel2000@aol.com

From George, 12/29/2006  5:59 PM

I have 9 pieces of Ethan Allen "Old Tavern" Antique Pine. Roll Top Desk, 2 Bar Stools, 2 end tables, 2 wall units, dresser, couch. Purchased 1978.


From Steve Gladstone, 12/28/2006  5:00 PM

Looking for leaves for an Ethan Allen Royal Charter English Oak Dining Room Table please send us an e-mail at steve@stonehollow.com

From Andrea, 12/28/2006  4:34 PM

To Danielle - I live in Dallas Texas and have an elements entertainment system piece to sell, it is in dark brown color, I belive sienna, and in exellent condition.

From jerome, 12/26/2006  6:54 PM

I am desperately seeking the Ethan Allen Legacy bed side table with 3 drawers, the medium size 3 drawer dresser, or the large full size dresser. I need these in the cinnamon finish. Please help....I am trying to finish out my set. I am willing to pay top dollar!!!

From Dottie Austin, 12/26/2006  2:05 PM

Looking for Ethan Allen 24"W X 30"H X 18"D cabinet or chest and 32"W X 30"H X 18"D cabinet or chest in Old Tavern pine finish in excellent condition.

From Rett Inbody, 12/26/2006  12:34 PM

We are looking for additional swivel chairs for our Ethan Allen 'Old Tavern" table. They would have been produced in the early 70s. If you have any that you would like to sell, please contact me at wahoops@yahoo.com

From Todd, 12/23/2006  8:17 PM

We are looking for two Ethan Allen Royal Charter 16-6000 Bowback Windsor Chairs for sale in the central New Jersey area. Please contact at penpro123@yahoo.com

From Todd, 12/23/2006  8:15 PM

We are looking for two Ethan Allen Royal Charter 16-6000 Bowback Windsor Chairs for sale in the central New Jersey area.

From paul, 12/19/2006  11:38 PM

Looking for ethan allen stand up dresser that is part of the cannonball tavern finish set from the '70's/ '80's

From Carol Laedtke, 12/17/2006  11:53 AM

We are looking for an American Dimensions (maple finish) twin size headboard/footboard. If you have any information, please contact us at cblsweet6@wi.rr.com. Thanks!

From Michelle, 12/16/2006  7:14 PM

I have an Ethan Allen entertainment center, Country Crossing, bought in 2001, for sale in the Southern California area. Please respond to email. thank you

From Gennaro, 12/8/2006  2:32 PM

For sale 2003 Ethan Allen Country Colors Bookcase Bed Full Size (56" X 89.25" X 41.75"). Three storage sections. Scored back panel, includes rails and footboard. Finish 669 (Cranberry) 2003 Simmons mattress and box spring available as well (580 coils)

From Gennaro, 12/8/2006  2:29 PM

For sale 2003 EA Elements Arched Panel Bed Full Size (59.25" X 82.25" X 47"). Arched rails with keystone shaped supports. Framed panels. Finish 215 (Fawn) 2003 Simmons mattress and box spring available (580 coils)

From Paul, 12/7/2006  10:33 AM

I'm selling an Ethan Allen American Dimension bed (Cal King). It's the dark color w/ the arched top. I'm in AZ but moving to Florida in 3 weeks. Contact me at bbqgator@hotmail.com

From bill white, 11/23/2006  11:23 AM

I have a 6 piece Ethan ASllen bedroom set for sale. Dark pine, about 30 years onl in very good condition. King size cannonball bed, chest on chest 38w x 54t x 21 d: two night stands 26w x 25 t x 26 d: dresser 72w x 34t x 21d: accessory case with mirror that mounts on top of dresser 67w x 45t x 10d. Located in NH
call 603-898-4231

From Lisa, 11/23/2006  1:55 AM

Hi everyone,
I have a complete dining room set in the Queen Anne pattern. The set includes a hutch, table and 6 chairs, serving buffet and tea cart. All items are in excellant condition. Not a mark on anything... Asking $1700 OBO for the complete set. This is worth way more than this but moving and have to sell. Thanks please call if you have any question. Located in Illinois 815-438-2527

From robert, 11/17/2006  9:11 PM

looking for charter oak bedroom pieces contact me at   rouellet@sbcglobal.net

From robert, 11/17/2006  9:07 PM

looking for charter 0ak bedroom pieces

From Rachel, 11/14/2006  7:27 PM

Looking for a British Classics Bedroom chest. Have 1, need the matching piece! Email is trillian22@yahoo.com

From Bonnie, 11/12/2006  6:23 PM

Selling an Ethan Allen Elements Barrister Bookcase in the light/fawn color. 4 shelves with retracting/fold up glass covers. Excellent condition. See my ebay auction: Item=180048871108. Auction ends Nov-12-06 18:00:00 PST.
No shipping. Item must be picked up in Long Beach, CA.

From Patty, 11/12/2006  1:23 PM

I am looking for a Door Chest (item #14-5404), Lingerie Chest (14-5414) or Armoire ((14-5415) in Wheat finish (#214) from the Country Colors collection. My email is patty116@aol.com.

From jeanne, 11/10/2006  5:36 PM

I'm looking for the EA 1776 Heirloom collection maple lighted corner china cabinet. I want to sell the maple 1776 heirloom collection coffee table. It is rectangular when the leaves are down, and oval when they are up. It is in excellent condition. I also have an EA camel back sofa in a light blue pattern with a tiny bit of beige, and a pin dot of peach color in mint condition. Hardly used.

From Lori, 11/8/2006  5:23 PM

Forgot my email--Lri661@aol.com

From Lori, 11/8/2006  5:22 PM

Looking for a king size Chateau Normandy canopy bed.

From Sarah, 11/5/2006  2:00 PM

Looking for a Ca King Georgian Court Sleigh Bed. Color 225. Piece number is 11-5640. We are in San Jose California... anyone know of one out there?

Also, anyone know how to repair the glossy finish that is on the top surfaces of the dressers? nightstands?

From Denise, 11/4/2006  4:34 PM

Looking for Farmhouse Pine (1980s) -natural finish dining room pieces- hutch, buffet, server or console/sofa table, in or very close to NYC tri-state area. I already have dining table and eight chairs.

From joyce, 11/2/2006  4:48 PM

I have an antique country pine Ethan Allen hutch (1972)
and the matching night stand. Unique shutter door on one side of bottom. Very rustic and excellent condition.

Also have a 1970 era Century Dining Room Set. Country French Solid Oak.   China cabinet has leaded glass and table has parquet top. Beautiful! Like new!

From Chris, 10/29/2006  4:58 PM

forgot my email. fletcherca@gmail.com

From Chris, 10/29/2006  4:39 PM

For sale: EA Georgian Armoire, Queen canopy bed, & night stand. These items are 30 years old but in good condition. The bed needs new side rails (the old aluminium rails are bent but saved so new copies can be made). North Carolina - can ship if u pay.

From Danielle, 10/28/2006  10:12 PM

Looking for ethan allen elements pieces in sienna - particularly bed set, but interested in all items of line. Tucson, AZ area - but willing to go anywhere in continental US!!! Thanks for any leads

From jerry, 10/27/2006  10:16 AM

Oops! Looking for Georgian Court night stands in Dallas.Ft worth area. jerhowa9@aol.com

From jerry, 10/27/2006  10:14 AM

Looking for Georgian Court night stands in Dallas/Ft worth area.

From Jan, 10/26/2006  7:52 AM

I am seeking pieces from the American Impression line Office furniture Would be maple/black trim. In particular am seeking accessories to desk/chair and hutch. E-mail me at jfrank3073@msn.com. Thank you

From Don, 10/22/2006  5:05 PM

karen - have secretary's desk

From Jenny, 10/16/2006  9:51 PM

I have an Ethan Allen Dimensions Cal King Bed (head board and foot board) in maple. I also have a square coffee table (with glass top) in the darker color (don't remember what they call the finish) and two end tables in the same color.

From PAM, 10/8/2006  12:59 PM


From Debbie, 9/27/2006  9:50 PM

I have an old tavern ethan allan desk....are you interested?

From corbin, 9/20/2006  10:12 AM

did you find a source for ethan allen hardware?
I have a Kling chest on chest missing a handle and I understand Kling was the forunner of the ethan allen furniture factory, as they merged back in the 1950's.
Would you please be so kind as to let me know where you might have found a source for hardware. thanks

From Cindy, 9/15/2006  6:15 PM

I have EA Country Colors DR Suit. Natural Maple table w/ 2 leaves, wrought iron base. 4 side chairs, 2 arm chairs, all upholstered. Buffet & lighted Hutch/China cabinet is a beautiful blue and wheat finish. Excellent condition. Pieces are located in Maryland/DC area. rileyandcindy@comcast.net

From elizabeth miriam dagostino, 9/8/2006  1:40 AM

I am looking for a 4/post EA maple canopy bed, double or single size . This bed is over 35 years old. The headboard has a heart shaped crown look

From Marie, 9/1/2006  12:05 PM

I am looking for Ethan Allen Elements bedroom pieces in the "light/fawn" color. Another nightstand, chest, dressers -- anything for the bedroom but the bed! We're in SE Michigan. Thank you!

From Karen, 8/29/2006  2:25 AM

I am looking for Georgian Court dressing table, secretary's desk, armoire or book shelves.

Please e-mail me if you have any of these pieces.

From Maureen, 8/24/2006  4:32 PM


From Jaenyne, 8/8/2006  2:08 PM

Looking for 5 country french side chairs to complement my ethan allen country french table.

From Sharon, 8/6/2006  11:37 PM

Hi, I am looking for EA Georgian court #225 finish especially bedroom sets in excellent condition. I live in Baltimore, MD. Please e-mail or page me @ 410-283-6638 (hospital pager #) Thank you. Sharon

From Mary, 8/4/2006  8:56 PM

Re: message above forgot to include my email address: romalaw@comcast.net Thanks.

From Mary, 8/4/2006  8:53 PM

Recently purchased at a consignment store Ethan Allen chest, lingerie chest and night stand. Do not know what style they are. Looks like mahogany, not cherry like Georgian Court or maple of Classic Manor. Am seeking dresser and additional nightstand. Numbers on back of chest are 11-5424 205 04-04-96. Would like to post for them don't don't know the style. Can anyone help me. Thanks?

From Phyllis, 7/31/2006  12:22 PM

I am looking for 2 or 4 Georgian Court dining room side chairs with Chippendale legs in the dark cherry finish. If you can help, please contact me at cpucookie@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

From Jean, 7/30/2006  1:11 AM

I have an entire dining room of EA Georgian Court #225 in perfect condition that I am willing to sell. It includes oval table, 2 armchairs, 4 side chairs (coveered in ivory brocade), lighted hutch and slate topped server. I also have a Georgian Court oval glass topped coffee table, square console table with 2 doors and Queen Anne legs, and a gate leg table. If interested, my email is jdromano@snet.net

From John C. Jones, 7/29/2006  12:41 PM

I have two of the bookcases you are looking for and are as new as the day I bought them.
They have one top shelf, then there are three shelves open at the top, three leaded glass panels under that and center panel is stationary, and lone large shelf at the bottom. The sides are scrolled. This is Royal Charter Dark Oak. I need to sell them to buy a matching one with the base with storage in it and leaded glass top, or the china top.   I an near Abilene, Texas. I cannot box these to ship, so have to be picked up, or arrangements made.



From Laurie, 7/22/2006  2:25 AM

I am looking for an american diminsions cal king bed headboard and footboard in maple. either the arch panel bed or the slat bed. Please email me if you have a the bed. I have the queen and want to upgrade. will sell the queen set. rdogsled@msn.com

From Kathy, 7/21/2006  1:22 AM

I'm looking for a classic manor night stand. I also would like to find a classic manor king size headboard to replace my queen with. Please email me if you have any of these items for sale. corljudge@aol.com

From Sandeep, 7/18/2006  10:58 PM

I am looking for recently retired Ethan Allen EA Elements nightstand in "light" color. This is in/around NJ. My email address is - sandeep.chand@comcast.net

From Dana, 7/15/2006  11:13 PM

Seeking an Ethan Allen RADIUS curio cabinet. Will consider other RADIUS pieces. trotsky@jps.net

From Carole, 7/14/2006  6:09 PM

I am looking for brass handles/pulls for some Ethan Allen bookcases. Do you know of a source? Contact me at corbinandwest@fwi.com. Thank you.

From Dave, 7/9/2006  7:24 PM

I am looking for an EA Georgian Court Server. Contact me at dmdoran@hotmail.com. Thanks.

From linda, 7/5/2006  10:16 PM

Do you have the discontinued Country French Video cabinet
in the bordeaux finish #216 for sale? Thanks.

From Don, 7/5/2006  5:13 PM

want to sell Georgian Court secretary (2 pc), low boy and lamp, drop leaf pembroke,drop leaf cocktail and tip & turn tables. Connecticut

From Virginia, 7/4/2006  2:47 AM

Want to sell Old Tavern finish, antiqued pine trestle table; oval with 2 leafs; 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. purchased new around 1984. In North Alabama area. Email me: vcsimmons@comcast.net 8^) thanks!

From Leon Malczewski, 7/2/2006  8:44 PM

I have found an Ethan Allen table with these numbers on them. Can someone tell me what these numbers mean? Thay are 22-G543-252-120G94. I would graetly appreciate the help.

From Eileen (Denver, CO), 6/21/2006  4:24 PM

I'm looking for the Ethan Allen Home Interiors Classic Manor Square Commode Table. Item # 15-8635. Measures 27" x 27" x 20"H. I live in the Denver metro area. Email me: eileen2740@gmail.com


From american dimension, 6/20/2006  2:11 PM

i am looking for a 1994 ethan allen chair that is wood. the jadfh[j

From PATTY, 6/19/2006  12:50 AM


From Patty, 6/19/2006  12:48 AM


From FAY, 6/14/2006  11:52 PM


From Miriam, 6/3/2006  3:12 PM

Looking to purchase a "Normandy" kingsize bed. Contact miriamnunez@yahoo.com

From Maria, 6/3/2006  9:50 AM

Looking for Ethan Allen American Dimension Natural Light Maple Bedroom pieces: nightstand, double or triple dresser, mirror. Contact maria.dolce@yahoo.com

From catalina, 5/26/2006  7:51 PM

I have Ethan Allen Georgian Court oval table and two leawe , and two armchair in Austin, Tx

From HAZEL (VIVA LAS VEGAS), 5/19/2006  1:31 AM



From Kandy, 5/12/2006  9:09 PM

I have a slate-topped buffet, and I was told it is a Henredon piece. Do most pieces have a logo on it? I am wanting to sell it, but am not sure how much to ask. Does anyone know of a resource that has pictures of older pieces? Any info will help! Thanks!

From Bruce, 5/12/2006  6:01 AM

Seeking Gerogian Court queen size bed and two (2) nightstands in finish #225. Sleigh, cannonball, four-poster all acceptable. wbhubbert3@aol.com

From Diane, 5/7/2006  4:07 PM

I am thinking of selling my Canterbury Oak dining room set. Single pedestal table, 2 upholstered chairs and 4 Captain's chairs, plus china cabinet. I wish to sell it as a set, not individual pieces, and I am looking for advice on setting a price. It is in beautiful condition. I bought it from my sister who received it from a family member -- I have no idea when Canterbury was made by E.A. I believe it to be about 20 years old...am I in the ballpark? When was Canterbury discontined and is $3,500 a fair resale price? Thanks! dianegoaks@hotmail.com

From PAS, 4/29/2006  11:38 AM

I am looking for the recently discontinued Country French server #26-6215. I am looking for the Bordeaux finish #216. Please email me if you have this piece to sell. I live in Massachusetts.
Thank you

From Carrie, 4/24/2006  4:31 PM

We have an Ethan Allen Canterbury Oak Collection dining room set (table with protective pads, two leaves, six chairs)for sale. Aside from a few minor scratches on a couple of chairs from normal use, the set is in wonderful condition. We live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From marla, 4/14/2006  1:19 AM

I have a 1970's ethan allen heirloom bdrm set. A double four poster bed, nightstand, desk with chair and a dresser with 3 large drawers in the middle and smaller drawers and cabinet doors on the sides. ssimon1@socal.rr.com

From marla, 4/14/2006  1:17 AM

I have a 1970's ethan allen heirloom bdrom set. a double four poster bed, nightstand, desk with chair and a dresser with 3 large drawers in the middle and smaller drawers and cabinet doors on the sides.

From Sacha, 4/13/2006  1:11 AM

I have American Impressionsblack and cherry furniture for sale: One rectangular dining room table with two leaf inserts (seats 12) and one chair in cherry with arms. sacha@vivare.net

From Sacha, 4/13/2006  1:09 AM

I have American Dimensions natural maple furniture for sale: nightstand, tv stand, 6 drawer double dresser. sacha@vivare.net

From Ellen Graham, 4/1/2006  6:55 PM

I have a Royal Charter Hunt Table (opens to DR table) as well as two side chairs upholstered in gold striped red velvet.

From carol, 3/24/2006  8:28 PM

I am looking for a four drawer Commode night table No. 12-5016 from the Antiqued Pine Bedroom Collection. cajonkman@juno.com

From Jack, 3/24/2006  9:14 AM

Am looking for the Ethan Allen Chateau Normandy dining room set that includes table, six chairs, hutch and perhaps the buffet. jack.guerrazzi@axa-financial.com

From James, 3/15/2006  11:37 PM

We have the Radius Video Cabinet for sale. In excellent condition. Local pick up only (Washington, DC Metro Area)! Pictures are available for viewing. Email me if you are interested (kavakava777@yahoo.com)

From Amy, 3/15/2006  3:32 PM

I am desperately looking for the GAYLORD chairs from the AVENUE collection. Please email if you know how I can locate them
Paul.myers@dlapiper.com or amybmyers@aol.com

From Barb, 3/15/2006  3:03 PM

I have 4 ethan allen heirloom tavern chairs to sell. I am looking for 2 spindleback formal chairs, either side chair or arm chair. Denver, Colorado.

From ryan, 3/14/2006  10:58 AM

looking for 4 side chairs - Ethan Allen Country French with bisque (provance) finish - to complete a set. Will pay shipping from anywhere. my email address is ryangaughan@aol.com

From katie h., 3/12/2006  11:25 PM

i have an ethan allen royal charter sussex corner cabinet featuring individually hand-layed diamond shape glass for the window display.the lower compartment of the cabinet has a door with carved lions.both the window display and the lower compartment have a skeleton-key lock.i am not sure of the date made or the time period.but i know it has been discontinued.i am interested in selling it.my email adress is carsharo@yahoo.com

From robin stuart, 3/4/2006  11:29 PM

Am looking for a British classics hutch that fits on the lateral office file cabinet, also the barrister bookcase, also a leather desk chair as well in the NE area near Boston. Many thanks!

From Michele, 2/27/2006  10:41 PM

I am looking to buy the recently discontinued Country French server. I have the dining set in the Provance finish and would like to complete the set. Please email me if you have this piece to sell. I live in NY - Westchester area.
Thank you

From Michael, 2/13/2006  4:07 PM

I also am trying to find information on how to value a Ethan Allen Georgian style dining table, chairs and side server. THese pieces are not all that old, and they have the darker cherry finish. My mom just passed, and I am hoping to keep this furniture if I can afford it. Please help!

God Bless,

From Rocille, 2/4/2006  1:52 PM

Northeast: Interested to purchase Ethan Allen Georgian Court Queen Anne Dining side chairs - dark cherry heirloom finish

From Dan, 1/26/2006  10:47 AM

We are selling our American Dimensions maple natural finish dining table (with two leaves and custom made pads) with four side chairs and two arm chairs. Email me at miradan1@verizon.net

From Dan Lopez, 1/25/2006  1:15 PM

Try this www.EthanAllenOwners.com is a new website dedicated to preowned Ethan Allen furniture. You can post your wanted pieces and your preowened items for sale there. It has Classifieds,News, and Repair for Ethan Allen Owners only."

From kathy, 1/25/2006  12:31 PM

British Classic Bedroom set Wanted!!! If anyone has any pieces of the british classic bedroom set, please email me at kathygautreaux@yahoo.com. Thank you. Kathy

From Candace, 1/22/2006  6:59 PM

looking for the hand painted armoire and or petite hand painted chest from the recently discontined Country french collection. Also, interested in side table-live in nyc-thanks for any assistance

From Rich, 1/22/2006  12:35 PM

Looking for 2 or 4 Ethan Allen Legacy ladderback dining room chairs, fabric unimportant, ideally in greater NYC area.

Thanks Rich rhhulit@verizon.net

From alsatian5, 1/18/2006  11:59 PM

Hi Julie, Here are the pieces, it is from the Radius collection, purchased in 1996: Item Numbers: 129700; 129737; 128410; 129401; 129402; 126404; 126401A; 126408; 128403; Thanks Julie! alsatian5@comcast.net

From julie, 1/18/2006  2:09 PM

I called a person named Joanne in the Hard wood dept. at Ethan Allen Inc. It took a week of so for her to send me prices but then again, I had about 25 pieces. She is still searching for some of the items. Also, go to ebay and search furniture like yours--you will get an idea. You would be suprised how much it really does cost-- what are the numbers on the back, maybe I have some of the values for you- Julie

From alsatian5, 1/17/2006  10:47 PM

What is the fair market value of Ethan Allen furniture approximately...is there a rule of thumb? Specifically I have several pieces of Radius furniture (none of the "collectible" steel pieces sadly, just the wooden ones), bought in 1996 and am wondering what kind of value it holds. Someone on this site wrote to me once that it would retain perhaps a bit less than 20% of its original value.

Is there a specific furniture website, that I can officially indicate what the trend is for used furniture values? I have a court case, and while this stuff cost a lot in 1996...I know it is not worth that much now and just want to have an official indicator of what I could sell it for...approximately. Thanks.

Please email me at: alsatian5@comcast.net

From Vicki, 1/17/2006  10:06 PM

Looking for an Ethan Allen Heirloom maple twin size cannonball bed in nutmeg finish. Have one, need another. Excellent condition only. email me at: vickimel@comcast.net

From Bill, 1/17/2006  9:16 PM

Looking for hardware on an ethan allen roll top desk manufatured in the 1970's.

From ellen k condriuc, 1/9/2006  12:53 PM

I have a bedside table..an end table both are in good condition.

From Jeannie, 12/31/2005  3:43 PM

If anyone has Ethan Allen Royal Charter bedroom set, dresser, ottoman, flower table please inform the sender at jeannieii2000@yahoo.com

From Mary, 12/15/2005  11:02 PM

looking for radius curio cabinet mdrake@unmc.edu

From Chris, 12/9/2005  10:15 AM

Hello - We are looking to purchase a like-new condition georgian court oval dining table & chairs. Located in the Washington D.C. metro area. Please email chrismilner@yahoo.com with pictures. Thanks!

From Angela, 11/30/2005  12:35 AM

We have a beautiful Colonial Ethan Allen dining room table with 6 chairs and a Hutch for sale. Simply incredible so send me an e-mail if you are interested.

From Ginger, 11/28/2005  10:07 PM

I am looking for a EA Georgian Court finish #225 Queen bed(headboard, rails and footboard). I would take rice,four poster but not Canopy. Email gmack33803@yahoo.com

From Dennis, 11/28/2005  7:29 PM

Looking for Ethan Allen legacy bed 13-5650 panel board bed. DennisPHX@AOL.com

From marya, 11/22/2005  10:41 PM

Looking for Ethan Allen Radius maple(light) dining room chairs. Please contact me if you can help.

From Margo, 11/16/2005  1:04 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen White French Country TV Cabinet no more than 40 inches wide. vfarren@woh.rr.com

From Margo, 11/16/2005  1:01 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen White French Country TV cabinet no more than 40 inches wide.

From Sherri, 11/15/2005  3:37 PM

Have Georgian Court Chairside Chest(Rare piece and like New) Has 4 drawers, 22"H, 22"W 13"D Looking for Country french end tables and sofa table. Contact me for buy, sell or swap. Email me at Sherri5389@att.net

From tom bagot, 11/15/2005  12:06 PM

Whoops. Forgot my email: tombagot23@yahoo.com

Looking for any Avenue line of furniture from Ethan Allen. in Amber.

From tom bagot, 11/15/2005  12:05 PM

Looking for any Avenue furniture in amber from Ethan Allen.

From catalina, 11/10/2005  11:11 PM

I Have an EA georgian Court Dinning Table and two arm chairs for sale the table have two leaves. Contact cata4@juno.com

From Michele, 11/10/2005  9:30 PM

I am interested in buying the Country French dining set - table with 6 or more chairs as well as complete china cabinet -in the light colored finish. Live in NY. email - meesha57@aol.com

From keith B. and Ellen M. Shatrau, 11/10/2005  11:55 AM

We have an EA Heirloom dining room table for sale. Round (48") with 3 leaves. Formica top, spoon foot legs. Purchased in the '70's. Excellent condition. Have other EA Heirloom pieces for dining and living room we would consider selling. Let us know your needs.   

From Keith B. and Ellen M. Shatrau, 11/10/2005  11:50 AM

Want to buy... EA Georgian Court bedroom bed side table/chest. Our set was purchased in 1972-73. Table/Chest is 26"W x 16"D x 26 1/2" H. It has a top drawer and double doors under. EA also made this piece without the drawer and doors which would be OK.

From Fran, 11/5/2005  7:16 AM

I am looking for a king size Country french headboard or bed and or armoire. Any finish. Looking to sell a country french twin size ladderback bed nutmeg tone. superchunk13801@netzero.com

From catalina, 11/4/2005  8:50 PM

I am looking for EA Georgian Court Queen Anne side chair 11-6211 from years 80 to 83 if you want to sell 2 o 4 chair please let me know at cata4@juno.com

From Katie, 11/4/2005  5:53 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Maple Classic Manor Triple Dresser Mirror. The mirror hangs on the wall and it is about 54"x41.5". katie@colenmoving.com

From Diane, 11/4/2005  5:52 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Windsor Country Crossing or Heirloom Collection king size bed. Maple finish. dexters@woh.rr.com

From Joyce, 11/4/2005  5:51 PM

I'm looking for two of the heirloom bunching tables - about 18 inches square tables in the heirloom finish. I think they were discontinued several years ago. If anyone knows where I can find some used ones, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!pan5414@aol.com

From Don, 11/4/2005  5:32 PM

The Ethan Allen Charter Oak series apparently is discontinued. We are looking for a Charter Oak china cabinet that is part of a 2 piece set. We have the sideboard and would like to complete the set. Davy@usol.com

From Meg, 11/4/2005  5:31 PM

Wisconsin/Upper Midwest. I am in need of 2 Country Side Chairs (model #14-6420) from Country Colors Dining Collection in Autmn Maple finish (#284) to complete my dining room set. meg_henke@yahoo.com

From Euniece, 11/3/2005  8:32 PM

Looking for older EA nutmeg finish end tables with one drawer and bottom shelf. Must be able to ship to So. Utah area. graniapl@aol.com

From Jeannie, 11/3/2005  1:24 PM

Ethan Allen Royal Charter 1970's. Looking for Bedroom Set, ottoman, will take pieces from the bedroom set. jeannieii2000@yahoo.com

From Diana, 11/2/2005  1:20 PM

I have an Ethan Allen Radius dining table and 4 Radius metal swirl back chairs in excellent condition for sell. Although it wasn't needed, the chairs were reupholstered a year ago when I redecorated. I can send pics. I live in the New York City area. Please contact me at dinapier@aol.com if interested.

From C. Brandt, 11/1/2005  4:08 PM

I have two Ethan Allen American Dimensions twin beds in the light maple color. I also have the 4 drawer dresser and the shelf that attaches on top.    email me with questions capbrandt@hotmail.com

From Sharon, 10/30/2005  7:23 PM

I'm Still looking for Ethan Allen Georgian Court #225 queen bed; (lost NY person's phone #)please email me at Pennacchia@comcast.net

From Karen, 10/26/2005  1:32 PM

I'm looking for several pieces of Ethan Allen furniture. I'm looking for an Avenue king size canopy bed in amber. I'm also looking for a night stand in amber from the Medellion collection. Also from the Medellion collection, I'm looking for the china/buffet in amber.

If you have any of the above pieces, please email me at kwinrow@comcast.net.

From Charlie, 10/25/2005  2:41 AM

Hi. I'm an owner of some EA American Dimensions natural maple bedroom furniture, purchased 7 years ago. We are now in a larger bedroom and would like to upgrade to a King headboard/footboard set and get another nightstand. Our group is the one with the arched rail above the three square in a horizontal row motif. Anyone know where to get these pieces? Thanks for the help. kcustom63@msn.com

From Cristina, 10/23/2005  10:10 PM

I am looking for three Ethan Allen Legacy dinning chairs, any upholstery material. eslarson@cvinternet.net

From cheryl, 10/23/2005  5:56 PM

wanted old royal charter pieces. I really want the round cocktail table with the little tuck under benches. Also the old style open bookcases and the carved chest. I live in Minnesota I would sell my georgian court double pedestal dining table with eight chairs. I have the largest china and buffet in 225. It has the pediment top. geronimrs@aol.com

From cheryl, 10/23/2005  5:48 PM

looking for old oak dark stained royal charter book cplease respond geronimrs@aol.comases. They have open shelves and leaded glass doors.

From CATALINA CHAVEZ, 10/22/2005  12:01 AM


From Sharon, 10/17/2005  9:11 PM

I am looking for EA Georgian Court desk set and bookcase # 225 finish. thank you.

From richard manberg, 10/12/2005  11:08 AM

I am interested in obtaining a wall shelve per above subject. I purchased two of these shelves from Ethan Allen approximately 25 years ago - supposedly in the Georgian Court style. These are small shelves - dark stained -to mount on a living room wall and can hold a item such as a figurine - i.e.- a Lladro Is there a store or online retailer that would have Thank you. rimesm@verizon.net

From Anna Marie Shulski, 10/10/2005  8:57 PM

I'm looking for a replacement of a wooden wheel for my Ethan Allen Droleaf TeaCart. It's the large wheel. Thank You, Anna Marie Shulski. shulski@polarnet.com

From Pam Stanley, 10/9/2005  5:21 PM

I'm looking for a Queen sized Ethan Allen Cannonball bed in the discontinued Antique Pine finish. Anyone have one??? Help!...we have the double size cannonball and we've outgrown it!! Pease email me at Pamstanley1@aol.com. Thanks!

From Marvin, 10/8/2005  4:15 AM

For sale: $300 (~$1000 to replace). Immaculate dining table, rectangular, 2 extension leaves, Ethan Allen, natural maple top, light spruce legs, from American Dimensions collection. Can combine with many other EA maple collections (e.g. Radius, Country Crossings, American Traditions, American Impressions, New Impressions, EA Elements). Located in the Pacific Northwest. sheeshmarvin@yahoo.com

From Brenda Elliott, 10/4/2005  1:34 PM

I'm looking for an Ethan Allen night stand - "goes with" child's canopy bedroom set - Nutmeg finish. The one I'm looking for has the drawer at the bottom of the stand and a shelf above the drawer. Thanks. 706-243-6210. I live in Columbus, Georgia.

From Ken, 9/27/2005  12:47 PM

i am looking for an ethan allen american impressions filing cabinet in cherry / black trim. thanks. ken141414@aol.com.

From Dawn, 9/23/2005  8:56 AM

I am looking for Ethan Allen Country french Legacy dining chairs 6 or 8- Pleas let me know if anyone has any info- Thank you! Buildohio@aol.com   

From Elizabeth, 9/15/2005  4:50 PM

I have 31 pieces for sale...Antique Pine full bedroom set w/King; Heirloom maple dining room and living room...upholstered pieces, Waverly fabrics! Approx 30 years old...very good condition...see to believe!

From Dianne, 9/11/2005  2:51 PM

I am looking for the Ethan Allen china cabinet and buffet in cinnamon in the Country Crossings collection. I will consider other colors. I will also consider the EA china cabinet and buffet in cherry from the American Impressions collection. drslws@earthlink.net    

From Phil, 8/12/2005  1:10 PM

See Item for sale by me on Ebay. Item #4398933906 Ethan Allen American Impressions Entertainment set.

From wolfies30, 8/9/2005  9:14 PM

I have listed the following Georgian court chairs and table on ebay. The item number is: 4397936908.   I will consider selling immediately if a fair offer is made. Thank you. Please e-mail me at: jasonkrick30@adelphia.net

From Pat Frank, 8/6/2005  4:10 PM

I have a complete British Classics Bedroom set, including brochure and I think the receipts. Less than 6 years old. I would like to sell. I'm in Florida. Any ideas? thank you, Pat Frank pickingdaiseys@aol.com

From Bonnie, 8/4/2005  9:45 AM

Ethan Allen Geogian Court Bedroom: Cal King rice carved bed, Very large Armoire, tripple dresser, tri fold mirror, blanket chest, lingere chest and two end tables...I live in Calabasas delivery not included smile90265@aol.com

From Gregory, 7/30/2005  8:03 PM

Does anyone know where I can find an Ethan Allen 18th Century collection bed? Poster or sliegh. Thanks. gregoryrushton@hotmail.com

From Pam Wang, 7/28/2005  1:55 AM

I am looking for two night stands for my four poster ethan allen bed.wangpamj@yahoo.com

From Liz, 7/25/2005  9:08 AM

I have a queen size Ethan Allen Country French Wheatback Bed for sale. It is antique white finish. Like new. Please contact me at ntrader2003@yahoo.com if you are interested please. Liz

From Kristian, 7/12/2005  1:10 PM

I, too, am amazed that EA has discontinued the Georgian Court cherry collection!!... what a beautiful traditional collection that could be handed down from generation to generation... what a shame. I am selling a complete home office collection (keeping one and selling one). Purchased in 1999, the collection includes a desk, a file cabinet with the hutch, 2 end table chests (I used them behind the desk to my right and left, for additional storage), a cream-colored leather deskchair, and a EA wing-back chair and ottoman, covered in a tapestry fabric. Hope someone will be as thrilled to own it as I have been! kbmarlow@earthlink.net

From Kevin, 7/10/2005  11:56 AM

I am looking for bedroom pieces from the discontinued 18th century collection. kbkck@comcast.net

From dlopez, 7/8/2005  3:54 PM

Try this www.EthanAllenOwners.com is a new website dedicated to preowned Ethan Allen furniture. You can post your wanted pieces and your preowened items for sale there. It has Classifieds,News, and Repair for Ethan Allen Owners only."

From Libby, 7/7/2005  3:09 PM

Hi. I am searching for an Ethan Allen American Dimensions Hutch in the natural/light color. If you have one you are interested in selling, please email me! thankslallma2@sbcglobal.net   

From Carmen, 7/5/2005  10:34 AM

I would very much like to locate a Classic Manor night stand. There were several styles and any would be acceptable. Thank you cpalmer5@verizon.net

From Adriane, 7/3/2005  11:36 AM

I am looking for the dark finish (45) Gathering House nightstand (2 drawer) and either/or the mule chest or dresser. Please contact me at ampurdum@yahoo.com if you know how I can locate this furniture. Thank you!

From Mark Desrocher, 7/3/2005  11:33 AM

I have the following pieces from Ethan Allen American Dimensions collection: All light Maple Map Coffee Table 15-8300 Rectangular end table 15-8303 Audio Cabinet 15-9312 Video Cabinet 15-9311 Please contact me for any additional info. mpdesrocher@yahoo.com

From Joanne, 7/1/2005  4:52 PM

We are looking for any dining room peices to the Ethan Allen Chateau Normandy collection in a walnut finish. Any response is appreciated. johnpc907@AOL.COM

From rosanne, 7/1/2005  2:30 PM

Am looking for a Georgian court armoire to match our bedroom set we bought @1982. I live near Balt, Md. Hope someone can help me. Rosanne. rbmc@verizon.net

From Steve, 6/29/2005  3:39 PM

Looking to buy Ethan Allen Georgian Court Cherry Queen Rice Bed in very good condition. Does not have to include canopy. Please email sh58@earthlink.net.

From David J. McCleary Sr, 6/29/2005  9:40 AM

I have a dark Pine hutch from Ethan Allen, purchased new in 1972. It is the largest one that was made, 72" wide. If interested, email me and I will send you picture djmseventh@yahoo.com

From Paul, 6/29/2005  9:40 AM

My wife and I are moving to a smaller house and have numerous pieces of the Old Tavern finish 'Antique Pine' collection. Trestle table w/ benches and chairs, low boys, hutches, dresser, end tables, TV hutches, Stereo cabinets,bed, roll top desk and chair, and much, much more. We will take photos of this furniture for anyone who is interested. The area is Northwest Arkansas. We have had this furniture for many years and raised a family with it, so it is not ALL pristine. Some pieces are nice and others are worn. they are all from the same collection. paulelledge@cox.net

From Jennifer, 6/27/2005  6:15 PM

My parents are moving and have Grade A++ Ethan Allen Royal Charter Dining set which includes: table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs--2 of which have side arms, and an open buffet/hutch. It is in tip-top condition!! We only ate at it for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Please email jenascencio@yahoo.com for price and phone number if interested.

From Lynette, 6/22/2005  4:38 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen queen sized, Georgian Court rice carved four poster bed with or without the canopy. I live in California. galfam003@verizon.net

From Lynn, 6/22/2005  12:19 PM

Im looking for the discontinued Ethan Allen Georgian Court rice four poster bed, queen size, in solid cherry, with or without the canopy.galfam003@verizon.net

From Dan Lopez, 6/20/2005  8:52 PM

www.EthanAllenOwners.com is a new website dedicated to used Ethan Allen furniture. You can post your wanted pieces and your preowened items for sale there. It has Classifieds,News, and Repair for Ethan Allen Owners only.

From Susan, 6/20/2005  2:10 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen 18th Century Mahogony sideboard to match my dining room set. Am also interested in any other 18th Century pieces that might be out there. Please let me know if you have any avaiable or know where to find them. Thanks.Please email me. susanatta@aol.com

From pat, 6/16/2005  5:08 PM

I am looking for ethan allen georgian court china hutch set and georgian court highboy. I was dismayed to hear that the line is discontinued. I have purchased ethan allen since 1971 and still have all the pieces.Ethan allen ,please reconsider.

From kurses, 6/16/2005  12:31 PM

4 EA dining chairs for sale on ebay; the fabric is a tapestry fabric but I do not remember what the collection is. The chairs are not available for shipping--local pickup only. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38200 &item=4388782974&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

From Jane, 6/16/2005  12:10 PM

Looking for ethan allen Highboy and any china/buffets in good repair. jhf@garons-ea.com

From Huell Crockett, 6/16/2005  11:47 AM

I have two styles of EA for sale. Dark colonial and maple gothic. All pieces have serial-numbers. Most pieceswere purchesed late sixties thru mid seventies. If anyone has catalogs of this era I would love to see or buy them. Years 1969 to 1979. My email-adds is h_crockett@yahoo.com. I would be happy to send an attachement showing all pieces. First to come first to recieve. h_crockett@yahoo.com

From Bill, 6/16/2005  11:31 AM

Looking for a bargain? Go to Ebay and search "new Ethan Allen. I will be posting items for the next few weeks. It will be chairs and ottomans - maybe a few sofas. Do not ask for a paticular item as the supply is piece meal and I have access to nothing specific. Thank you and good luck. wfoley629@earthlink.net

From Laurie, 6/12/2005  5:31 PM

I am looking for 2-4 Ethan Allen Georgian Court Queen Anne side chairs in the #225 finish to complete my set. Also, would be willing to sell my oval Georgian Court Extension dining table if I could find a double pedestal table in the #225 finish. Please reply to LWC5782@aol.com

From Tony, 6/11/2005  11:05 PM

I am looking for New Impressions discontinued Armoire in the autumn cherry. Also the four poster king bed. tteague@cfl.rr.com

From Madeline Alworth, 6/10/2005  11:11 AM

The person in response to my enquiry, please contact me at madeline@alworth.com, as I seem to not be able to see your response on the board as to what I posted: looking for a base to a Georgian Ct. Armoire with finish 225 and contact me at madeline@alworth.com. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

From KLS, 6/10/2005  9:07 AM

I'm looking for an Ethan Allen maple drop leaf coffee table. If you have one you'd sell, would you please contact me? (And if you have the end tables that match and/or the round and revolving bookcase, please let me know that, too.) Thank you! klgkls@gmail.com

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