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Find Modern C0ncepts Retailer Can Deliver To Beaufort, NC

Posted By kdennis@ec.rr.com, 3/11/2005

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Earlier this week I was in NYC and visited Macy's, where I was captivated by a living room furniture set. It's by Modern Concepts, which I understand is a private Macy's/Fed'd. line. Pattern, Desmond, in Seafoam color, #5823. I would buy the sofa (SKU 0923656), chair (SKU 0923672) and ottoman (SKU 0923680), and perhaps the accent chair (SKU 0955526) and accent ottoman (SKU 0955534) although the latter 2 items were not included in the floor display so I need more info on them. I was told Macy's cannot deliver to my zip code, 28516 (Beaufort, NC). Where can I buy this beautiful line? Color and style are perfect as was the sale price. Serious inquiry. thx


From kdennis@ec.rr.com, 8/10/2011  8:51 PM

We purchased a sectional from Macy's Modern Concepts with slipcovers sunflower yellow ticking. I want to order replacement slipcovers in the yellow and navy that was available. I've tried to go through the store we got it from but am not having any luck. Thanks

From jean shepherd, 3/10/2011  5:59 PM

Trying to order yardage manufactured by McCreary Modern. "View" in "oyster" color. Can anyone tell me how to do this?? I have looked a couple of hours on the internet to no avail. This yardage was sold by Crate and Barrel a couple of years ago. I would like to get it directly from the original source. Thanks!!

From Lisa, 1/16/2011  4:56 PM

who makes the Bliss Leather sectional sold at Macy's.   I went on their website today and it says it is not available. I just convinced my hubby that we need it!

From Christy, 11/28/2010  10:37 PM

Does anyone know who manufactures the Bella sectional sofa sold at Macy's?   Thanks!

From Jacqueline, 10/24/2010  9:30 AM

If anyone knows who is the manufacturer for Synergy Furniture, I'm trying to find one of their couches I'm in love with it would be a huge help!

Thank You!

From Jane, 10/13/2010  9:39 AM

We purchased the Lucie Sectional Sofa from Macy's also and need to have a cushion replaced. It is under the manufacturer's 1 year warranty but as in the posting above Macy's has no information available for contacting the manufacturer (Synergy). Does anyone have contact information for the mfg?

From Joanne Schiff, 10/7/2010  8:32 AM

I have just bought a sectional slipcover sofa at Macys. It is called the Lucie Sectional Sofa and I was told it was made by a manufacturer called Synergy. I cannot find the company anywhere. Macys said that they did not have a phone number or address. Does anyone know how to get in touch with this company?

From Norman Horowitz, 9/23/2010  1:36 PM

Trying to locate Mirabella Fabric, "Henna," used on Modern Concepts Furniture.

From michele billingslea, 9/11/2010  8:31 PM

I am trying to find McCreary Modern's Jardin Chair that used to be sold through Crate and Barrell. Anyone have any idea where I can find this or similar chair?

From B.H., 8/24/2010  9:10 AM

I saw a discontinued chair at Macy's called Baywater Excursion. It was an oversized chair/swivel/glider with a white/blue striped covering. It's perfect, but it's sold and they don't have anymore. I was told it was made by a company called Synergy, but I can't find any further information on it. Does anyone know how I can find this chair?

From gregg, 8/14/2010  12:02 AM

Anyone know who makes the Nick couch line at macys

From gregg, 8/14/2010  12:01 AM

anyone know who makes the Nick line in macys?

From Marilyn, 7/1/2010  3:39 PM

we are a liquidation, freight damage company located in Ontario, California. right now we have 2 white brynn sofas in stock. we have a wide selection of leather and microfiber sectionals, sofas, and recliners at deep discount. please call 909 391-9700. 301 S. Campus Ave. #B

From Jane, 6/17/2010  3:21 PM

I am also looking for the white Brynn leather sofa. I have called Macy's and have been told the sofa is discontinued. I just love this piece and I am spending alot of time trying to track down who else sells it. Any suggestions!

From Jen, 6/14/2010  11:33 PM

I am also looking for the white Brynn sofa! Has anyone had luck finding it??? I would even purchase it used... it really would be perfect. Help!!!

From Shannon, 6/13/2010  2:51 AM

looking for brynn sofa as well! such a beautiful piece, why would they discontinue this line?

From toya, 6/7/2010  12:40 PM

Hi KeAndra; did you ever find the brynn sofa no longer sold at macy's. i am looking for it as well. i can't seem to find it anywhere!

From KeAndra, 3/18/2010  11:43 PM

I am looking for a white leather sofa from Macy's. I called to order it and was told that it is discontinued Brynn is the name of the sofa.Please let me know if it is located i would really love to purchase one

From Candy, 9/10/2009  8:56 PM

Just spoke with Crate and Barrell and it seems I have to wait six weeks for a fabric to come in by McCreary Modern. Of course, I want it now. Any suggestions? Oh, it is their fabric called Devin and is in the color Straw.



From lee, 8/15/2009  6:32 AM


From shann, 8/13/2009  11:13 PM


From Shann, 8/13/2009  11:12 PM

On my last post it didnt display properly. I am looking for the flo__l chair that is shown with the Brynn living room set on macys.com

From Shann, 8/13/2009  11:03 PM

On Macy's website, they show a flo__l chair paired with the Brynn leather sofa. Does anybody know where I can find that chair or even the fabric?

From Sandy, 7/27/2009  7:48 PM

I am looking for an additional piece (an armless chair)for my sectional from Macy. the style is douglas(9656 - series) and the color is peat(beige)

From Bill, 7/7/2009  1:55 PM

I have owned a McCreary Modern 84 inch sofa (9183) and chair and a half I bought from Grand Interiors in Roanoke for 10 years. I originally had the option of buying a fully upholstered piece, or a slipcover version. I chose the fully upholstered, but wish I now had the slipcover versions so I could order slipcovers

Problem is, I realize the welting is on the fully upholstered piece, but I would like to put a slipcover on that fit the one without the welting but I only have the model number for the one I have. Would anyone happen to have the model number of the 84 inch by 36 inch deep single bottom cushion square armed slipcover version?

This has been wonderful furniture, and so comfortable, that I don't want to give it up.

From M:), 6/29/2009  2:46 AM

We were in H.D. Buttercup, in Los Angeles, and found a sectional sofa called Freestyle that is supposed to be made by McCreary Modern Inc. I was wondering if I can find it elsewhere for a better price. Can anyone possibly help?? thank you.

From Mai, 6/29/2009  2:46 AM

We were in H.D. Buttercup, in Los Angeles, and found a sectional sofa called Freestyle that is supposed to be made by McCreary Modern Inc. I was wondering if I can find it elsewhere for a better price. Can anyone possibly help?? thank you.

From Jennifer, 6/22/2009  6:42 PM

Looking for the mccreary modern fabric called "perhaps" color "kiwi". I am afraid this may be exclusive to IO METRO but they want to charge 39.95 a yard !

From Helen, 4/13/2009  9:36 PM

I am looking for the maker of the LUKE leather sofa that is online at macy's.com. Would anyone know the maker and if they sell to the public?

From Lea, 4/11/2009  2:56 PM

Thank you so much for your information about McCreary Modern slip cover replacements, you are a life saver.

From Shirley, 4/2/2009  8:44 PM

To Theresa.If you have the style info you can call McCreary Modern Customer service and they can tell you where you can order the slipcover. 828-464-6465.Ask for someone in customer service.

From Theresa, 3/22/2009  2:38 PM

I have a McCreary Modern Apartment size sofa which I love:-) I would like to purchase a replacement slip cover, but I live hundreds of miles away from where I purchased it. I am unable to locate any sellers in St. Louis. Any ideas on how to purchase a replacement slip cover?

From kyle, 3/11/2009  6:28 PM

Hi I happen to build some of the styles for Macy's and Crate and Barrell and the number posted above is the best way to get in touch with us. You wont be able to find a website for us unfortunately. I will say that our furniture is well worth the money.

From Guest, 2/27/2009  2:20 PM

The "brynn" leather collection is manufactured by Natuzzi Leather and is stocke in white and walnut (brown) and is exclusive to macys.

From Laurie Smith, 2/17/2009  3:54 PM

Who makes the brynn leather collection at macys. It is a new sofa white leather with tuffeted round arms.

From bobby, 1/19/2009  10:35 PM

I am also looking for a furniture manufacturer who product is at Macy's. It is the "Bliss Leather Sectional Living Room Furniture Collection". I would like to fine the manufacturer or how I can go about finding the furniture at a better price.


From Anna, 1/14/2009  6:49 PM

Has anyone heard any negatives on the sinuous coil used on the Macys/McCreary sectionals and other furniture? I am a little nervous about it versus 8 way hand tied.

From Alene, 10/9/2008  7:35 PM

I sat in a chair in my doctor's office today. It is Macys Modern Concepts made by McCeary Modern Inc in North Carolina. It's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in and I have a back...so that says a lot about the chair. However, I cannot locate it online. Does anyone know how to locate it? It's a soft fabric, probably chanille in soft tone colors?

Thanks, Alene

From Carol, 4/18/2008  10:50 AM

I ordered a sectional from Domain and never received it. McCreary sent me to Custom Living in Belmar. I ordered it from them! They are very nice people and prices were really great too. Phone Number is 732 280 8266.

From Joyce, 4/16/2008  3:02 PM

If you're looking for the Bouvier Bed from now Bankrupt Domain Furniture, you can order it through Custom Living Furniture & Accessories in Belmar, N.J. 07719. I ordered it from them! They also have other styles available from McCreary, like sofas and some were in Domain stores too. Look them up.

From Gayle, 4/4/2008  3:04 PM

To: Connie Atkins....If you don't already have this information, you can try to order the headboard from another retailer recommended by McCreary Modern. Just call Customer Service at 828-464-6465. They were very helpful to me in finding what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I have to go through the reorder process with a different retailer after Domain's bankruptcy, but it's worth waiting for.

From connie Atkins, 3/17/2008  6:41 PM

I'm looking for the "Bouvier" bed with tufted headboard
made by McCreary Modern. Domain Home Fashions sold the bed but they went bankrupt and I have decorated a room around this bed. Size is: Queen.   The color was called platinum.

It may also be called "Hollywood" It had a velvet-like fabric. I could also use a light blue color.

Hope someone can help.   Thanks   

From hmuck, 1/29/2008  7:42 PM

I'm trying to locate a fabric by modern concepts pattern,wildwood, color Sage number , 6970.
How can I obtain just the fabric?

From Kae, 1/29/2008  5:48 PM

To Odalys Grieco...that furniture is Modern Concepts/McCreary Modern. The Doss is a fabric covering, if I'm not mistaken in a ready made offered by Macy's (seafoam and darker green Doss fabric). The company also does custom and you can order through Macy's. It's a partial down/foam wrapped seat and you can order rolled arms or knife edge, etc. It is a GREAT company...very high end without the extremely high end prices. It's as INC brand is to fashion, in furniture. Nice. Hope that helps.

From Odalys, 1/7/2008  4:42 PM

Please let me know where I can find the DOSS Collection??
I love it!

Thanks so much.

Odalys Grieco

From Rachel, 1/6/2008  2:42 PM

Hi Everyone-
That "Modern Concepts" line is manufact. by McCreary Modern. There is no way to find them wholesale, I have done tons of research on it (I usually manage to find everything wholesale). Macy's in Atlanta carries them and will deliver to NC, we just got our couch.
FYI- This manufact. also supplies some (not all) sofas to Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, and other high end furniture stores. You can go to those stores and ask them to show you their McCreary Modern sofas...Their prices are higher than Macy's prices. You can check out their websites. Macy's also gives you 10 % off when you open up a card...
Hope this helps!

From John, 11/2/2007  11:27 PM

McCreary Modern is sold at Crate & Barrel furniture stores.Check out their website for store locations.

From DEIDRA, 9/26/2007  5:42 PM

McCreary Modern is a great furniture line. There's a store called High Fashion Home in Houston, Texas and they too have the McCreary Modern furniture line. Everyone should give them a call or check out their website at www.highfashionhome.com. They have number to call if anyone has any questions. It's 713.528.3838 or just use that 888 number off their website.

From Mark, 4/8/2005  6:15 AM

I was told that the "Modern Concepts" line for Macy's is manufactured by a company called McCREARY MODERN. Here is their info as I got it off the web from another forum site. Perhaps they can tell you where or how to get the pieces you want (elsewhere). Good luck All.

2564 US Highway 321 S,
Newton, NC 28658
(828) 464-6465

From Heather, 4/5/2005  5:00 PM

I am also interested! I ordered a Modern Concepts sofa from a Macy's/Burdine's in Coral Gables, Florida in early February and just learned that I can't get it until July. There's GOT to be a faster way! heather@pearlsrainbow.com

From Donna Wilson, 4/3/2005  3:03 PM

I too am trying to find this furniture. We saw it in Bellevue, WA, but Macy's cannot deliver in Oregon...not even as far south as Vancouver. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to get this furniture in Oregon?

From Murray Scott, 3/30/2005  7:51 PM

That "Modern Concepts" sofa is a beaut and I, too, would like to find its manufacturer. I was at Macy's this afternoon and confirmed the sofa was, indeed, manufactured by Modern Concepts. Please tell me, too, how to find that manufacturer. HelMur1@aol.com

From jennifer Holbert, 3/28/2005  3:07 PM

I, too, am interested in the Modern Concepts Furniture line from Macy's. I would like to be able to look at the available fabrics.ÊÊÊDoes anyone know how to find this information? jholbert@zoomtown.com

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 3/11/2005  9:15 AM

I can't find a listing in the HIgh Point directory or Interior Decorator's Handbook for this manufacturer. Perhaps one of our readers will be able to steer you in the right direction. - Russell

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