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Find Modern C0ncepts Retailer Can Deliver To Beaufort, NC

Posted By kdennis@ec.rr.com, 3/11/2005

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Earlier this week I was in NYC and visited Macy's, where I was captivated by a living room furniture set. It's by Modern Concepts, which I understand is a private Macy's/Fed'd. line. Pattern, Desmond, in Seafoam color, #5823. I would buy the sofa (SKU 0923656), chair (SKU 0923672) and ottoman (SKU 0923680), and perhaps the accent chair (SKU 0955526) and accent ottoman (SKU 0955534) although the latter 2 items were not included in the floor display so I need more info on them. I was told Macy's cannot deliver to my zip code, 28516 (Beaufort, NC). Where can I buy this beautiful line? Color and style are perfect as was the sale price. Serious inquiry. thx


From kdennis@ec.rr.com, 8/10/2011  8:51 PM

We purchased a sectional from Macy's Modern Concepts with slipcovers sunflower yellow ticking. I want to order replacement slipcovers in the yellow and navy that was available. I've tried to go through the store we got it from but am not having any luck. Thanks

From jean shepherd, 3/10/2011  5:59 PM

Trying to order yardage manufactured by McCreary Modern. "View" in "oyster" color. Can anyone tell me how to do this?? I have looked a couple of hours on the internet to no avail. This yardage was sold by Crate and Barrel a couple of years ago. I would like to get it directly from the original source. Thanks!!

From Lisa, 1/16/2011  4:56 PM

who makes the Bliss Leather sectional sold at Macy's.   I went on their website today and it says it is not available. I just convinced my hubby that we need it!

From Christy, 11/28/2010  10:37 PM

Does anyone know who manufactures the Bella sectional sofa sold at Macy's?   Thanks!

From Jacqueline, 10/24/2010  9:30 AM

If anyone knows who is the manufacturer for Synergy Furniture, I'm trying to find one of their couches I'm in love with it would be a huge help!

Thank You!

From Jane, 10/13/2010  9:39 AM

We purchased the Lucie Sectional Sofa from Macy's also and need to have a cushion replaced. It is under the manufacturer's 1 year warranty but as in the posting above Macy's has no information available for contacting the manufacturer (Synergy). Does anyone have contact information for the mfg?

From Joanne Schiff, 10/7/2010  8:32 AM

I have just bought a sectional slipcover sofa at Macys. It is called the Lucie Sectional Sofa and I was told it was made by a manufacturer called Synergy. I cannot find the company anywhere. Macys said that they did not have a phone number or address. Does anyone know how to get in touch with this company?

From Norman Horowitz, 9/23/2010  1:36 PM

Trying to locate Mirabella Fabric, "Henna," used on Modern Concepts Furniture.

From michele billingslea, 9/11/2010  8:31 PM

I am trying to find McCreary Modern's Jardin Chair that used to be sold through Crate and Barrell. Anyone have any idea where I can find this or similar chair?

From B.H., 8/24/2010  9:10 AM

I saw a discontinued chair at Macy's called Baywater Excursion. It was an oversized chair/swivel/glider with a white/blue striped covering. It's perfect, but it's sold and they don't have anymore. I was told it was made by a company called Synergy, but I can't find any further information on it. Does anyone know how I can find this chair?

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