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Youngsville Star Mfg. Co.

Posted By Bill, 1/23/2005

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I have an old pineapple post bed manufactured by Youngsville Star Mfg. Co. I can't find any information about this manufacturer and would like to determine the age of this bed. It has a label showing it shipped to someone in Alliance, Ohio, from Youngsville (can't read the state). Does anyone have any information about this company? ... what years they were in business, etc.? Thanks


From ralph, 1/16/2013  2:12 PM

Hello everyone,

I purchased a solid cherry dinning  table with a double gate leg drop leaf. the table is 1'inch thick Manufactured by Youngsville Star Manufacturing co. This also included 4 chairs w/ beautiful needle embroidered seat cushions, and a china hutch/ cabinet all solid cherry.

I know very little about except from what I have read here. I would like to sell it since we will be moving soon. Condition of this furniture (very good). Anyone interested in it buying? Of course I live in Indiana. contact by email with any info on the date of  Manufacturing or value...please rroberts10056@yahoo.com

Greatly appreciated

From franklin battaglia, 5/31/2012  12:48 PM

Sorry, forgot to post my e-mail address .
  it's    frankjb@verizon.net

From franklin battaglia, 5/31/2012  12:42 PM

Hi Bill ! I have a Mahogany bedroom set made by the
Youngesville Star Manufacturing co. My parents purchased it late 30's, early forties. It's Modern(Modernism) made out of African Mahogany. I have correspondence from Bruce and Gordon Kay regarding this set and a lot of history on the company. I am looking to sell it .

Good luck !  Frank

From Jackie, 5/2/2012  1:41 PM

Debby....thank you so much for the information.  I recently purchased an old vanity set (which still has the labels). I have refininshed it for my small boutique and skin care spa for a cosmetic display.  I knew it had to be quite special in its day because of the workmanship.  If anyone is interested, it will be posted on O Isabel's facebook page within the next week.

From debby417, 1/28/2012  10:27 PM


Hi, Bill.
I came across your query while looking for furniture made by Youngsville Star Manufacturing. My grandfather worked for this company most of his life. I am currently caring for the son of the original owner of the company, now in his 80s. This is a company located outside Youngsville PA. According to Mr. Kay, it was first the Forest Manufacturing Company. It was purchased by his father and became the Youngsville Manufacturing Company. Mr. Kay came back from WWII and into business with his father, as did his brother. The company employed a great many 'foreigners' according to Mr. Kay, and they were the craftsman, the back bone of his company. Mr. Kay's father bought out Star Manufacturing, which was located over the border, in Jamestown NY, and at that time the company was renamed Youngsville Star Manufacturing. Their furniture was almost exclusively cherry, and most of it was shipped from our sleepy little part of the world to NYC.

The claim to fame is that the company custom built the bedroom furniture for General McArthur's room at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. My grandfather was one of the craftsmen for that.

My grandfather has been gone nearly 20 years now, and he died a very old man. I'd be much interested in having a piece of furniture from the company, just for my own memories. We have rehabbed a 15 room, 3 story home, and for the first time in my life, I have empty places with no furniture.


From Bill, 8/13/2011  4:47 PM

This message is to Patrica Monaco i have the same mirror that you have ,but don't much about it ,if you find out anything please let me know. This i have was my grandfather shaving mirror.

From Bill, 7/14/2011  7:08 PM

Youngsville-Star was in business in the early fifties. It was one of the highest price and highest quality furniture I ever handled. There solid cherry was the thickest and heaviest I have ever seen. A bedroom outfit would run and $ 4,000 dollars.   A trible dresser, standard bed 4/6, large chest, and 2 nite stands. We still have the complete set.

From Bill, 6/27/2011  11:37 AM

Hello, I found two very ornate night stands or end tables set out on the curb for trash. They have two mesh covered doors on the bottom, topped by a wide shelf then on the top of the piece is a thin drawer topped with a pull out table top between the drawer and top of the stand. They are painted with several layers of yellow paint, and have very ornate hardware, i believe mad from brass. The whole stand is very curvy in apperance. They have the paper tag you all speak of. Just wondering if anyone has a piece like mine, or any idea what the value is. You can contact me at batty956@yahoo.com. thank you!

From GIB MASON, 6/2/2011  11:41 AM

The building is still there. We built our prom in the old factory in 1963.

From arlenekucan, 5/18/2011  9:13 AM

I recently purchased a Youngsville country French bedroom set dated April 1952. It is cherry with a triple dresser having 12 drawers, gents chest, 2 end tables and a mirror; and set of twin beds with low carved footboards. It is truly a work of art. The original shipment was sent to Buffalo from Pa. The detail is amazing; I have been going to auctions for 19 years and have never seen anything like this. It was purchased from a couple who were selling their home and moving west. My thoughts are that when furniture of such high quality comes along; there is just so much they can manufacture.

From Lori, 2/22/2011  12:49 PM

20 years ago, I bought a dressing vanity made by Youngsville Manufacturing in Youngsville PA (this is clearly on the tag) and was shipped to Troost Bros in Benton Harbor, MI. I can't find any info on this - the company, the year, etc. I see that sometimes there is info on Youngsville Star Mfg but nothing on Youngsville Mfg. Does anyone have any info?

From nancy, 1/28/2011  10:11 PM

I own a dining room table made my Youngsville that my parents purchased in 1964. Hope that helps.

From Heather, 1/14/2011  10:13 PM

We acquired a dining set, table and four chairs, made by Youngsville Star MFG Co. when my Aunt and Uncle moved from Long Island, NY to Florida. I believe they bought the set in the mid-60s. They had a very small dining room so they only bought 4 chairs and no captain chairs. The chairs are a Queen Anne style with curved backs with open center back splat and shell cornices. The corners of the top of the chair backs turn up into points, opposite of the curve you normally see in a Queen Anne style chair. Does anyone have any information about these chairs and how to find matching chairs or other chairs made by this manufacturer. They are beautiful and the quality is amazing.

From Daryl, 1/1/2011  11:40 AM

Bought a 4 drawer dresser and twin bed,on back of dresser is Star chamber furniture,Jamestown,NY. It also has the type of wood,which looks like "Art", and was delivered or made for S.J. Douglas in Roanoake,Indiana. Would like to know what it might be worth.I was told it was circa 1930's.

From Kirby, 11/13/2010  2:08 PM

My wife and I acquired a Cherry Wood Dining Room set,(Drop leaf table for 6 w/chairs; a china cabinet/buffet; and two side tables)back in the late 70's from an estate sale in Fla. A piece of paper stapled on the bottom of one of the chairs show it was manufactured by Youngsville Star Mfg Co., Youngsville, Pa. It was shipped to Sea Grit Furniture Co., Sea Grit, NJ. We would appreciate any information you may have.

From Shellie, 9/16/2010  12:32 PM

I also have a small hutch/buffet the back tag only states Manufacture of Bed-room Suits and Buffet Youngsville,PA. If anyone has any sort of information on this piece I would apperciate it. No mention if the Star or Forest manufactures. I will keep looking.

From Brent Frix, 8/4/2010  2:23 PM

I just purchased a small dresser/buffet and the tag said it was from Youngsville, PA. After looking for more information I found that there were two furniture manufactures in the area. One was Star Manufacturing and the other was Forest Manufacturing, no other info as of yet but still looking.

From Mike Dyrbala, 4/30/2010  10:10 AM

I have a glass china cabinet that has a tag on the back that says it was made by youngsville manufacturing, youngsville,pa.My grandparents aquired it back in the late 60's from a sale at the H.E Turner mortuary in Batavia,N.Y. It is in excellent condition and very fine workmanship. The only thing missing from it is the original skeleton key for locking it. Any help dating this piece and possible value would be greatly appreciated. Not wanting to sell though, I'm the third generation in our family to own it.

From Ron Heller, 3/25/2010  6:38 PM

I just acquired a yellow china hutch (top only). The owners were throwing it away. The tag on the back says Youngsville Star Manufacturing Company, made Jan 1971, and has a serial # as well. If anybody has the bottom half, I'd be interested in buying it or selling my top half. I hate having just one piece of a set. It's in excellent condition, with screened and curtained doors and a drawer inside. The top is arched like a bell.

From Bunnie Roberts, 3/21/2010  5:59 PM

I have a dining room table with a Youngsville Star furniture company label on the table leaf. It also has a mark in the wood 5 A X. I inherited it. Can anyone help me with a value? Table, 6 chairs, one leaf. I believe my husbands grandmother bought it in the 1950s.

From Janey Freezeland, 3/8/2010  11:03 PM

I own a dresser with a mirror marked Youngsville Star MFG. Co. On a dark yellowed tag stapled on back also says Nu-Way address & van co. Youngsville, Penna For Cottington-Newell. can anyone tell me how old this dresser is and does it have any value.I have had this dresser for over 40 years and it was used when I recieved it. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me. Thank you Janey Freezeland eieio2@hotmail.com

From Suzanne, 1/25/2010  1:13 PM

I recently acquired a hutch made by Youngsville star - it's a french country style. Does anyone have the original brochure on this collection?

From Fran Stino Kenney, 1/24/2010  12:59 PM

I found this site to be sooooo interesting. My dad, John Stino, worked at the Youngsville Star for many years. He used to run the "glue machine." As long as I can remember, my dad had glue on his sneakers. That's what he wore back then. And he used to nap on a bench while the glue machine ran. Wow, there was no OSHA then!! I believe the Star may've closed down around 1972, the year I graduated. The building still stands, though its windows are broken and some boarded up. I should take a picture & post it somewhere.

From Christopher Kay, 1/4/2010  11:19 PM

My late grand father Howard Kay owned it and sold it to my father Thomas and brother Gorden Kay. I grew up in Youngsville untill I was ten then we moved to Warren in 1970. I enjoyed playing around in the plant and riding my mini bike on the tore up railroad tracks. My patents still live in Warren and there house is all Star furniture, 100% quality funiture.

From Nancy Davis, 10/23/2009  3:03 PM

I have 4 pieces of wood furniture. The tag says Youngsville Manuafacturing, Myers Furniture Company, Harrisburg PA. When I bout last year sellers said was over 100 years old. Even has wood wheels on bottoms of furniture. Can anyone give me more information about this place or how to find out more history of furniture?

Thanks, Nancy

From Tony Galuffo, 9/3/2009  2:43 PM

I have been trying to date an antique Birds eye maple bedroom set with labels for "The Star Furniture Company" of Jamestown, NY. The paper labels have further hand written information that is unreadable. I know the company started in 1898 and I've seen records of them still in NY in 1917. It sounds like they moved to Youngsville PA in the 1930s and changed their name. Does anyone know if that is definitive? If so, then I'm guessing my furniture is pre-1930. Does anyone know when they may have started manufacturing birds eye maple furniture? Any other new info on the company?

From Janet, 7/4/2009  8:15 AM

I bought 2 armoires in 1972 from Youngsville Star Manufacturing Company and need new hinges for the doors and handles for the drawers. Does anyone know how to contact them? I would greatly appreciate information about the company.Thanks.

From Marcy Kay, 7/1/2009  9:55 PM

Regarding the Youngsville Star Manufacturing Company:
It was owned by Willis, Gordon, and Howard Kay, from Youngsville. Willis Kay was my grandfather. I also have several pieces of the furniture. The dates of operation were somewhere between 1930 and 1960. After that, it was sold to another company. The trademark of the Youngsville Star is a downward slant of the front corners of the top piece of wood, e.g. the top of a table or dresser. It was very well made furniture, and they used to make exclusive sets for Grossinger's resort in the Adirondacks. I don't know if I can answer any questions, but I would be happy to try.
Marcy Kay

From kelly, 5/4/2009  10:49 PM

I don't know if this will be of any interest to anyone or not...but I am from Youngsville, and most of the Star is still standing. I bought an old postcard on E-bay a few years ago that is dated June 7th, 1910...and the picture is of Star Mfg., but the caption reads "Forest Furniture Mfg. Co., Youngsville, PA. I don't know what it was called when it closed, but I believe it was something other than the Star. Everyone from town still refers to it as the Star.

I also have a few pieces of furniture, along with the original advertising. I just got it out and looked at it. There is no reference as to the company, it is just a large brochure of the "Rural French" collection - made from elm - some pieces with a sunflower.

I stumbled across this site as I am interested in the mirror works that used to be in Youngsville, as my great-grandfather worked there. I heard it's location was close to the Star. If in your searches, anyone find anything about the mirror works, please also post!


From david mcheffey, 3/20/2009  5:00 PM

I bought a dining table with a tag hidden on the bottom reading Youngsville star mfg. co. Youngsville Pa. Pattern 706 Antique finish for Rabinowitz order#1759/3893 A furniture refinisher told me the brass feet on the table legs with wheels were worth at least $300.00 each. The table is very sturdy .I bought it from the orininal owner who is in her seventies, and it was her parents So thirties make sense.

From Susan Molinaro, 3/14/2009  4:44 PM

I also have a bedroom furniture set 2 twin beds a vanity with bench a tall piece with 4 drawers on the side and a cedar lined wardrobe a nightstand all have gold colored mirror tiles and a very large mirror on the vanity with gold colored class tiles on it all from the Youngsville Star furniture company of Penna. any information on these Items will greatly be appreiciated

From Linda, 8/28/2008  6:37 PM

I also have a dresser with a Youngsville Mfg Co label on the back that says "Notify Harrison Furn Salesmans, Clark Mills, NY" and was wondering if it has any value?

From Patricia Monaco, 8/1/2008  8:20 PM

I recently purchased a beautiful heavy wood mirror and on the back there is an old paper tag marked "Youngsville Star Mfg. Co. Furniture Manufacturers Youngsville Penna"
I also am trying to research the company and stumbled across this website. From the previous posting it seems to be an elusive company to research.
The mirror is a beautiful piece and I would like to know more about the Youngsville Star Manufacturing and a value on the mirror.
If anyone has more information on this company it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the help.

From Gloria Schaffer, 7/8/2008  3:51 PM

I forgot to indicate that the original tag under the dining room table says manufactured in Youngsville, Pa.

From Gloria Schaffer, 7/8/2008  3:48 PM

I purchased a Youngsville Star Furniture Mfgs dining room set from Audi Furniture in NYC in 1965 +/-.

I am trying to determine the current value of the set which is in good to excellent condition.

The design is country French with ladder back chairs and a two piece hutch, six feet wide. The wood is very heavy walnut with beautiful grain.

From Bette Sartor, 6/3/2008  1:45 PM

I just acquired a twin bedroom set and the Youngsville Star Mfg Company, Furniture Manufacturers, Youngsville, PA tag was on one of the bed slats. The beds also have metal rods to stabilize the rails. The rods have a patent number on an attached tool. The patent dates back to 1933. The beds are lovely.

From Tara, 4/3/2008  6:12 PM

A few more web posts of interest from the Youngsville Star Manufacturing Co. Dates seem to range from 1938-1971:

Historical collection furniture catalog from 1938:

www.grpl.org/collections/grhsty_spcoll/furmfg/furmfg_xyz.htm l - 30k

Historical furniture catalog from 1952:

henryford.dalnet.lib.mi.us/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=1I72822L5 060T.

Something about train tracks for the Erie & Pittburgh railroads in 1945: Lists Co 1 and Co 2 both in Youngstown


Pollution complaint in 1971: 62-108


From Tara, 4/3/2008  5:40 PM

I also have a dining room set from the Youngsville Star Manufacturing co. Under the table is a brown paper tag with the name of the recipient in Long Island, NY and a number written in pencil: Reg 3131.

I'm guessing mine is from the 1930-1950's?

I did some web searching and see they had a noise pollution violation in 1971, so they were still around then!

From Crystal, 6/16/2005  11:54 AM

I am also looking to find something on the youngsville co. but can not find anything. looked recently at a dinnete set and on the tag called the style buff antique mist date was 1962. Was yellow and gold just anting to ind something about it? c_l_ketchum@yahoo.com

From Don, 3/23/2005  11:39 AM

I have a dresser made by Youngsville Star and it has a tag on it that shows Youngsville Pa. I can't find any info on the company either, and I can't figure out how old this dresser is or what it may be worth. dcat67@prodigy.net

From clair carlson, 2/22/2005  9:30 PM

I am writting a book on the furniture industry in Jamestown from 1816--1930s. This a little beyond my research however i know that Star moved to Youngsville in about the 1930s.

From Bill, 1/23/2005  4:32 PM

Thanks for checking. I found a very similar bed on ebay and it gives an age between 1900 and 1950. I believe it to be mahogany.

From Guest, 1/23/2005  4:17 PM

I checked our 1941 directory of manufacturers in Pennsylvania, but couldn't find it. -Russell

From Bill, 1/23/2005  3:52 PM

The label shows:
Youngsville Star Mfg. Co.
Furniture Manufacturers
Youngsville, _________a

The state ends in an "A" but I can't read the rest of the letters preceding the "A". Could be Louisiana or Pennsylvania maybe...

From Guest, 1/23/2005  3:47 PM

I've never heard of this company. Do you know where it was located? -Russell

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