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Broadmoore furniture by Sams0n

Posted By Alex, 12/26/2004

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DOes anyone know the website for Samson International. They sell furniture through Costco. Thanks


From shantelwd, 9/28/2012  10:14 PM

Hi, I purchased two of these sets from Costco brand new in the box! I'm looking to sell them for a very good price if your still interested in this bed... I can be reached at (973)573-4941! Respectfully, Shantel Wade from Candy, Nuts & Everything Else

From Rickadrion, 8/18/2012  7:38 PM

Costco in west Springfield MA still has Avery furniture, but stock is low

From Nicki, 1/10/2012  12:53 PM

The people at Sampson international said they do not sell furniture pieces they only supply to costco. As far as the Avery set they said it was discountinued, I purchased the bed and nightstands but now cannot find a dresser (anyone have one for sale?)

From Guest, 7/27/2011  11:52 AM

We recently purchased a complete bedroom set from them, good quality. If you only need Customer Service they can be reached at 1-800-357-0701.

From Gisele, 5/6/2011  12:04 PM

Please HELP me to find a CAL KING BED,this is from Costco,i bot the night stands and now is difficult to find a bed to make a match....the name is AVERY BEDROOM COLLECTION from broadmore furniture/samsoninternational....Please help me.... ***costco told us:call to bradmore furniture in hayward,but we dont find the # and address.

From Karen, 4/4/2011  7:57 PM

We purchased the Stratton 9-pc dining set in January 2011. After two months the center curved laminated piece of wood in the back of the chairs have all split. We love the table however Costco would not take back the chairs without the table. We contacted the manufacturer, sent pictures, and they shipped us new chairs. Just opened up the first box and the first and only chair we looked at is already starting to split. Anyone else having this problem? Would love to hear back from TSB2010

From pam, 1/11/2011  8:04 PM


From Kathy, 1/10/2011  2:52 PM

I want to buy the Stratton 9-pc set from Costco but my husband wants to see it first. I can't find a picture of it ANYWHERE on-line! It is not available on Costco.com and I'm worried that my store will sell out. Can you take a picture of the set and email it to me so I can send it to my husband?
Also, was it easy to put together?

From Cbolling, 1/10/2011  12:01 AM

We just purchased the Stratton 9 piece dining set and it is of good quality. Does anybody know if you can find a china hutch or cabinet to match? Costco does not show any.

From TSB2010, 1/3/2011  3:33 PM

Just purchased the Broadmoore Stratton 9 piece dining set for $969.99. Hauling it home was the hardest part as it weighs a ton. But well worth it. It is a heavy duty very well constructed table with gorgeous mahogany veneers. It is simple and elegant and looks and feels a lot more expensive. Costco rocks!

From Linda, 12/23/2010  6:43 AM

Searching for 2 Samson Capelle nightstands. Set came from
Costco a couple of years ago. Call 908-359-0212.

From barbara smith, 9/27/2010  1:15 AM

I have the broadmoore dining table and 8 chairs... 2 captain,arm and 6 side. plus the 2pc china cabinet. Also the custom pads for table and 2 leafs.Some plastic on chairs and china cabinets are still in the box....never been opened.NEW, NEWplease email if interested@
bdreanne@aol.com or call 503-656-3949

From Karen, 8/23/2010  3:23 PM

I bought the Samson Capelle collection, missing the night stands, can someone please help me find them. Thanks in advance.

From Joanne, 7/30/2010  3:17 PM

Samson International doesn't seem to interested in helping an existing furniture customer, if the series that you are inquiring about is "out of date" or "discontinued". As a matter of fact, the customer service representative didn't even want to try to look up the series numbers I had. So - here goes my last resort: if anyone has two additional legs for the Broadmoore Anderson Cottage Armoire #830137 - please   e-mail me at MYSTEREE18@aol.com. Thank You

From Jerry, 5/22/2010  9:46 PM


From Sam, 4/5/2010  4:40 PM

In response to Dave, we, too, have experienced the outgassing from the Nottingham furniture, though not nearly as bad as you describe. I read your message before we opened the boxes, so I was ready. It was pretty bad at first. For 2 or 3 nights we slept with the windows open and ran the ceiling fan during the day. It has been about a week and there is not much more scent that is noticeable. I will also say that neither one of us experienced any respiratory difficulties or sore throat, so maybe you had a bad reaction to the fumes (allergies?). Nevertheless, I'm sure that it's not totally healthy for you, like you said, but then again, neither is fast food. All in all, I think that the solid construction and beautiful finish on this furniture far outweighs the drawbacks of the fumes for a couple of days. My only wish is that Samson International had a website or some other location that you could buy additional pieces in this collection.

From Dena, 1/28/2010  6:04 AM

I just wanted to share that I just came across the paperwork that came with our purchase a few years ago of two Broadmoore bookcases. It is the standard care for their wood furniture products. It says to use a soft, clean cloth that will not scratch the surface when dusting. The use of furniture polishes are not necessary. Should you chose to use polish, spot test it first. Using solvents of any kind on your furniture may damage the finish. Also never use water on it as it will damage the finish. Always use coasters,etc. Protect from liquids. If you do have a spill, remove immediately,using a clean, soft cloth to blot the spill gently. Avoid rubbing. Direct sunlight may damage finish. Extreme temperature and humidity changes may cause warping,shrinking and splitting of the wood. It is best to keep in a climate controlled environment. Their customer service # 1-800-357-0701. It says for service or parts. Hope this a help to someone. It looks like It is an insert that they put in all their wood products.

From dave, 1/27/2010  6:43 PM

Recently purchased a complete bedroom set: Samson Nottingham. Beautiful furniture, solidly built. My problem is the outgassing from the stain and finish. It is so strong that after assembling the whole set in the bedroom, I have been having to sleep on the couch to avoid waking up with a raw throat and respiratory difficulties. We're talking much more than discomfort here. I tried opening all the drawers while opening windows, running fans, running heaters to cure the finish...for days. Still outgassing, though not quite as strong. Hmm. Made in China. Wonder what they use as a vehicle for the stain and the finish. Anyone venture a guess? Have the same issue?

From dave, 1/27/2010  6:36 PM

Recently purchased an entire bedroom set- Samson Int'l. Nottingham. Beautiful set, and seems to be well made. My question is if anyone else has experienced the excessive outgassing from the stain and finish. It is so strong that I have had to sleep out of my bedroom to avoid waking in the morning with a swollen throat and difficulty breathing. I'm not just talking about discomfort here. I've tried opening windows, using fans, heaters to cure the finish, everything I can think of. This furniture is, in my opinion, dangerous. Made in China. Anyone know what the stain and finish vehicle is?

From Ron, 1/9/2010  10:42 PM

We also saw this nine piece counter height dining set at costco at Christmas time, but when we went back recently to purchase it, all they had was the display left. This set is by Golden Tadco. We talked to customer service at Costco, and there are several stores in our area that still have them in stock. We are going to go get ours tomorrow.

From Candie, 1/5/2010  11:42 AM

I'm looking for a 9 piece dinning set that Costco had, which I thought was at Christmas time. It was square counter height with 8 chairs on all 4 sides. It also came with an extension so you can seat 10 if needed. Called Samson and they think it was the Remingtion, but then I read more messages and there's a Kensington and a Gilcrest........Help! Does anyone know that name of this piece and how I can buy it?

From Jose Martinez, 12/16/2009  1:50 PM

Hi everyone,

I am selling a Costco Broadmoore Gilcrest 8 chair Dining Table item number# 830219. It is brand new in 6 boxes, my mother purchased it several years ago, but never opened it. If you are interested please email me at hozer27@gmail.com
Thank you

From John, 11/19/2009  3:24 PM

We purchased a Lawndale dining set from Costco. Price was right, love the look, chairs super comfortable, but the table top is so porous that any grease from fingers seems to get embedded in finish. Cannot get them out. Not even with professional furniture cleaner. Anyone else have this problem or suggestion.

From Danny, 11/18/2009  3:18 PM

Looking to buy additional Berkely dining chairs. (without arms) does anyone have any. my email is domanoukian@aol.com

From Gisele Bell, 11/7/2009  11:29 PM

to the above message my email is rossgisele@shaw.ca

From Gisele Bell, 11/7/2009  11:27 PM

We purchased two night tables(Sheridan Bedroom Collection) from Costco a year ago and should of bought the headboard and t.v dresser. So is anyone knows where I can purchase these please let me know via my email address. Thankyou

From bernadette, 5/12/2009  12:22 AM


i am looking for Broadmoore night tables to match the sleighbed costco was selling about 1 1/2 years ago.
Can you help me?

Bernadette Vanderstar

From Linda Filippi, 2/14/2009  12:10 AM

Just bought the Kensington 9-piece dining set at Stupid Prices. Does anyone have the sidebar or hutch they would like to sell? I live in the greater Seattle area.

From Karen, 12/26/2008  10:32 PM

I did find Sheridan bedroom furniture in the MTF stores in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Looking for a queen bed to buy. email at twrowan@shaw.ca

From Karen Rowan, 12/26/2008  10:25 PM

I am looking for a Broadmoore "Sheridan" queen bed to buy.

From marvel, 11/14/2008  9:01 AM

Can anyone tell me how to remove the drawers from the dressers we bought through Nebraska Furniture mart. There is no brand on them. We want to move the dresser to our son's, and it would be much easier if we could remove the drawers! thank you

From Eric, 11/12/2008  12:18 AM

Looking for Sampson Broadmoore bookcase oak color to compliment additional 48 x 84 space need. Does anyone have one available to sell? I know this was a Costco private label that is now disconnected.


Eric in Indy

From dora, 10/28/2008  1:13 PM

I have purchased the Stonebridge bedroom from costco but am missing the lingerie chest. If anyone is interested in buyinf the set and wants to sell the lingerie chest I am willing to buy it from them. They will not sell it separately and when I originallly purchased the set the chest was not in stock.
I am so interested in the lingerie chest please let me know
DOra kapatsaki@hotmail.com

From corrie, 9/13/2008  8:41 PM

I am trying to locate a 9 piece dining set that was being sold at the Antioch, CA Costco in August 2008. It was made by Samson International and it was a counter height table with 8 chairs. The color was a dark cherry and the chairs had a black leather cushion on the seats. Any help in locating this set to purchase would be appreciated. The item # was 742109. Thank you

From Whitney Markson, 9/9/2008  4:48 PM

I purchased the 7pc Hampton Dining Collection that was available at Costco. Looking to purchase the matching buffet/hutch shown in the picture and some captains chairs. Does anyone have any information?

From Steve, 9/7/2008  9:54 PM

I am looking for a dresser/ chest form the Broadmoore Sheridan Collection that was recently discontinued at Costco in Canada, does anyone know where I can purchase one?

From Terry, 8/29/2008  7:06 PM

We are looking for an Anderson Cottage chest of drawers from Samson International that was sold at Costco a couple of years ago. I called Samson and they don't make them at this time. Does anyone know where we can get one? Thanks, Terry

From Jman, 8/26/2008  5:27 PM

can anyone tell me if they have the chelsea manor king size bed. We have had it for awhile and are now wondering if we can make the wooden slates higher? we have two low profile foundations and it still is too low. the mattress is 18' and impossible to lift to make the bed...did anyone figure this out?

From Carol, 8/24/2008  10:59 AM

Am thinking abut purchssing the Stonebridge bedroom collection. Would be interested in hearing from those who have the collection. Do they like and how well has it held up.

From Roger Wilde, 8/10/2008  12:26 AM

Lokking for broadmoore furniture sheridan collection. The furniture we want is being marketed through Costco in Canada we are lokking for the bedroom series. Costco's product numbers are999152; 999156; 930682; and 999155. Please let me Know what you can do to help us.
Roger Wilde

From Betty, 3/21/2008  3:41 PM

Can anyone help...i am looking for the TV Console, End Table and (deleted)tail Table from the KEATON Collection. Does anybody have any clue as to where I can find these items. i have tried my local COstco to no avail.

From pooja, 3/17/2008  6:14 PM

I had contacted Janice for the wilshire place collection last year in april. She said they had discontinued the line. If anyone has any luck in getting the furniture, please let me know as well. I really liked the collection.

Janice Noel
Samson International
Direct Contact Number 336-822-8345
Fax Number 1-800-842-9515

From Lisa from Toronto, 3/8/2008  6:21 PM

I am interested in just 2 chairs from Costco - MENDEL Collection Broadmoore by Samson. I am in Canada. The 9 piece set of table and chairs retailed for $1099 and reduced to $499 on March 1. Anyone want to sell some chairs from their set?

From Joe, 3/6/2008  8:05 PM

Nick, the Costco at Foster City California has or had the dresser/drawer available on the floor display. We are looking for the eastern king Stonebridge bed, if anyone can direct.

From Esther Lopez, 2/25/2008  3:15 PM

Ijust purchased a Stonebridge headboard and night stands at Costco, they are out of the dresser, how can i order one?.

From Sharon, 2/19/2008  2:08 PM

I just bought The Hampton Square Dinning table from Costco and are looking for the buffet hutch that goes with it. Any idea where I can get it. I love the set the quality is great.

From Nick, 2/18/2008  6:57 PM

I just purchased a bed and 2 night stands from the "Stonebridge" collection at Costco. I can't find the matching dresser/chest. Does anyone have info on how to get it?

From Avril, 2/6/2008  6:27 PM

I bought a Wheaton queen bed and set. I opened the box and realized there was no hardware for the bed. I called Samson but it will be 4-6 weeks until I get the parts. I need the measurements of the hardware so I can go to home depot and buy them.
Can anyone help me??

From Gordon, 2/2/2008  2:48 AM

The drawers simply pull out from the front. They have a plastic stopper that provides resistance when the drawer is at the end of it's normal travel. If you just apply a bit more force, the drawer will pull right out. The stop is rounded so nothing is damaged by pulling it out and then putting the drawer back in.

From Barry, 1/27/2008  11:01 PM

just purchased dining room set from Costco.Samson International Hampton Sqquare. Within 1 day I can see surface scratched already that I cannot rub out.It is a Dark Brown surface.

Any advice?



From Ben, 1/24/2008  8:43 PM

Hi Richard,
Yesterday, january 23, at Costco of Chicoutimi, they have in stock (9). Just call Costco 3-R and ask for the phone number of Chicoutimi.
Have a nice day!

From aron, 1/13/2008  4:11 PM

Can someone please tell me how to remove the drawers from Boadmoore Wheaton Collection?(bought at Costco).I can't figure it out. Do I actually have to remove the backs from the dressers and nighttables?

From richard poisson, 1/13/2008  12:16 PM

I am interested to complete my living room occasional tables.The style I have is Westgate by Samson Distributor. I bought my previous table at Cosco in Trois-Rivieres PQ.Canada.
Can you help me to find a retail store neer from my home.

Richard Poisson.

From Lisa from Toronto, 1/12/2008  4:40 PM

I am interested in 4 chairs (1 to 2 arm, 2 to 3 side) from Costco - MENDEL Collection Broadmoore by Samson. I am in Canada. The 9 piece set of table and chairs retails for $1099. Anyone want to sell some chairs from their set?

From Wioletta, 1/8/2008  2:41 PM

Does anyone know if the bedroom Wheaton Collection carries a different type of bed rather than the sleigh bed?

From Barb, 1/7/2008  8:55 PM

I have just purchased a console table from Costco. It is part of the Westgate collection of Broadmoore furniture from Samson International. Does anyone know if there is a dining room set available from the same collection? Thank you,

From charlene, 12/13/2007  11:51 PM

I hoped to order the wilshire place bedroom collection through costco that is in the 2007 catalogue. Strangely it no longer shows as available on their wesite. Anyone had success finding it elsewhere?

From Christy, 11/14/2007  8:48 PM

I bought the "Inspirations" collections nightstand by Samson at a California Costco last year and, now need one more. I spoke with Samson Int. customer service today and found out it is now discontinued. The representative advised me to try and find furniture liquidators. I haven't had any luck yet. Does anyone has any info for me???? Thanks, Christy

From donna, 10/19/2007  11:37 AM

I am looking for the dresser to match the night stands I purchased from Costco to go with the Claridge collection. Please contact me at Browneyegirl1964@aol.com

From Deb in Detroit, 9/30/2007  8:36 PM

I am looking for 1 Inspirations nightstand from Samson Intl. If anyone knows where I can find one of these please contact me at deb.threads@gmail.com Thanks.

From Rosa, 9/30/2007  3:39 PM

I am considering buying the 4 piece leather sofas San Marino Collection/Granada Sierra. Rapallo Leather Company makes them. The set is currently 800 dollars off. Has anyone bought it? If so, how do you like it? Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

From Jan, 9/7/2007  2:03 AM

Has anyone discovered where the hutch and/or sideboard for Costco's Kensington dining room collection can be purchased?

From Holly, 8/28/2007  12:18 AM

We're looking for the Cal. King and dresser by Governor that was just in So. Calif. (sleigh)Costco any help would be appreciated. Is it possible to get this through the manufacturer Samson? I don't seem to have the correct # for them anyone have this? Thanks a Bunch!!!

From Missy, 8/26/2007  12:54 AM

I'm looking for a Samson International Chelsea Manor Gentlemans Chest bought thru Costco. I live in Tri-cities, Washington. Please e-mail a daschlotfe@charter.net if you want to sell. Thank you.

From Heidi, 8/18/2007  10:03 PM


Could you please share where you purchased the Claridge bedroom set? What pieces did you get and did you notice if the bed came in a king? If our Costco gets the bench in then I will let you know. I am in Houston. They only offered the Claridge bed in a queen. What do you think of the quality.....Thanks for any info...

From Beryl, 8/12/2007  3:27 PM

I bought the Claridge bedroom set and want a matching bench item number 185686. It was 199.99, if anyone want to sell one please e-mail me.

From Rachel Arroyo, 7/25/2007  10:37 AM

I'm looking for a cypress cocktail table that Costco was selling to match my end tables and sofa table.

From Joe V, 7/4/2007  2:42 AM

My email is velatechnologies@sbcglobal.net

RE: Interest in the Chelsea Manor armoire and lingerie chest please email me if someone wants to sell theirs, thanks.

Located in Central California

From Joe V, 7/4/2007  2:37 AM

I am interested in the Chelsea Manor armoire and lingerie chest please email me if someone wants to sell theirs, thanks.

Located in Central California

From Anne, 7/3/2007  5:24 PM

Both Costco's in Houston, TX have the armoire and dressing chest available, at least they did on Monday, July 2nd.

From Karen, 7/1/2007  10:42 AM

The Claridge dresser is at Costco in Indianapolis IN. It's $599 I think. I am looking for the amoire. Let me know if you find it please.

From Michelle, 6/27/2007  4:20 PM

I'm looking for anyone that want's to sell their Univeral Furniture Chelsea Manor bedroom collection pieces which was sold through Costco. I'm in need of two nightstands, the large chest of drawers, the lingerie chest of drawers and the armoire. Please contact me if you wish to sell any of these pieces and you are in the Washington D.C. area. Thanks!

From cathy, 6/18/2007  12:59 AM

I'm looking for the Claridge dresser and amoire by Samson International sold at Costco that go with the nightstands.

From Casaundra Crofoot, 6/9/2007  8:08 PM

I am selling 2 Courtland Park nightstands. If anyone is interested please contact me via email: casagrande81@yahoo.com. Thanks!

From Amanda, 5/10/2007  12:51 PM

I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Fairmont bedroom set?

From Guest, 5/2/2007  2:22 PM

Kensington 9pc Dining Table Set: Yes, I am tooking for at least 2 additional chairs. Anyone has any luck with this?

From Stacey, 4/28/2007  1:18 PM

Thank YOU so much for posting about the PLASTIC removal from the chairs. I was just about to attempt yet again removing it and was pretty much about to get out a knife to cut the plastic- The thought of unassembling ALL the seats was to much. The other information everyone else has posted was very helpful. I also wanted more chairs and matching pieces to the 9 piece Kenningston dining room table- I also would like the side board and matching hutch. One of my chairs has a hairline crack and the Costco near me said they could not help me!! ugh...After getting everything unpacked I was not about to attempt to get the entire set back to them. I need the manufactors phonenumber also so I can resolve the one broken chair problem.

Again - thank you for sharing this information in your posting.
"The plastic slips through easily one side or the other, just takes a little patience.) Flipping the table over after assembly will require two strong people, though. If you are looking for any additional pieces, just have your Costco Front End Supervisor lookup an "IAI" on their computer for the item you want. If they are having trouble finding it with the description, they can search item numbers "ITM" that are close to what you purchased. All sets usually run numbers in sequence. They can find it in the system and then let you know the closest warehouse that has it in stock. It really helps if you know the warehouse numbers that are close enough for you to drive to, to save them the time on their search. If you need to replace any damaged pieces, you should keep the 800 number that is attached to your paperwork in every carton, if not you can contact Costco and talk to their RTV (Return to Vender Clerk,) and get a number for the furniture manufacturer. Do this ONLY as a LAST RESORT, since they are usually very overworked, as it is. Costco is the greatest, and they always stand behind everything. That is what sets them apart from any competition! Hope this helps!"

From Michelle, 4/24/2007  4:12 PM

I am yet another one who has purchased a Universal Furniture Chelsea Manor king bed. I am in search for two nightstands, the large chest of drawers, lingerie drawers and the armoire. The only retailer that responded back to me was Haverty's. Does anyone know of anyplace that may still have supplies of these or know of someone that wants to sell? Thanks for any info.

From Franeker, 4/19/2007  1:04 PM

In follow-up to my 1-11-07 Post regarding the Kensington Dining Room Set:

It is now 3 months since we purchased the set. Still sturdy and solid with moderate use.

We have had some minor problems with the finish, however. Although the finish is dark and beautiful, the underlying wood is white, so any nicks in the finish stand out quite visibly. Why would there be nicks in the finish after only three months?

We started noticing these nicks appearing in the back lattice of nearly all the side chairs, around the spot where your back would make contact with the chair. We suspected rivets in jeans, etc., but after ruling that out I noticed that most of the chairs had some small rough edges in that location that apparently sometimes pull away from the finish causing the white scratches to appear.

Since this was happening to nearly all the chairs, I figured I'd try to deal with the repairs myself, rather than take them all back to Costco only to have the same thing happen again with the replacements. Fortunately, the fix is quick and simple:

A Bic Black Permanent Marker. Filled in the scratches, they blend very well with the shadowing of the finish, and are virtually undetectable. Other colors of furniture repair markers are available if you want to go for an exact match, but this seemed to do the trick quite well.

If white wood scratches are showing through the finish on your Kensington product, try this and you'll probably save yourself a trip back to Costco.

From Mary Cash, 3/11/2007  5:23 AM

I am interested in the Wilshire Place Bedroom set, but Costco is no longer showing it. Does anyone have any idea how to find it? Does anyone know the manufacturer? Phone numbers?

From Olly, 3/7/2007  5:40 PM

I have been attempting to puchase a Rapallo leather sofa from Costco. I emailed for a swatch and received no confirmation of my request. In the meantime, the sofa increased $700. The Rapallo website says they manufacture for Costco, but the same sofa is being offered on eBay with the same price spike. When I emailed the eBay site requesting info, I never received a confirmation re: manufacturer. Such a Catch 22 process. Go figure. For above posters looking for Costco furniture try eBay - looks like that could be an alternative Costco outlet.

From carla, 3/1/2007  2:32 AM

I am also looking for the Chelsea Manor Nite stands or ones that may go with this set---i live in San Diego, California. Costco no longer carries this set. Any ideas on where to find Nitestands that would match ( even it is not the chesea manor ones)
email me at Dncing4fun@cs.com

From Randy, 2/25/2007  9:40 PM

I am looking for two night stands that go with the Chelsea Manor bedroom collection. I was only able to purchase the queen bed and chest. If there is anyone out there that can tell me where any night stands are, I would appreciate it. I am in central Texas. Thanks.

From Laura, 2/23/2007  11:42 PM

Yet another person looking for 2 more chairs for the Kensington set. Anyone willing to sell or know of way I can get them, let me know.

From Wayne, 2/19/2007  9:07 PM

I am also trying to find two more chairs for the Kensington set. If I could find three more people willing to invest a couple hundred dollars each we could split a set and each get two more chairs. I'm in NW Washington.

From Janine, 2/11/2007  5:48 PM

by chance did any you find a way to get two more kenisington dining room chairs? i would love to know as I would like same.

From margarita bukowski, 2/7/2007  3:11 PM

I am looking form 6 chairs in white from the Costco collection from the 9 99pieces but I need 6 chairs only
Kensington unibersal compant BrodmorePlease anser me the price
margarita bukowski Dancille caifornie 9459
                      2841 G0lden Rain aprtment 10

From Dean, 2/6/2007  2:29 AM

HEY--IF ANY OF YOU CORPORATE COSTCO BUYERS ARE OUT THERE, LISTEN UP!!! You are not filling the demand of many higher $$ items! If people are desperate to spend thousands on pieces of furniture, maybe you might consider filling the void! I site my freshman-year econ 101 book, principles of supply and demand, to help support my plea to have items available to buy at least online.
What gives, folks?? Why such limited quantities?

From Jorge, 2/4/2007  12:09 PM

Costco is the greatest FOR SELLING, NOT FOR HELPING CUSTOMERS AFTER SALES, and they always stand behind everything DURING THE SALE, NOT AFTER. That is what sets them apart from any competition BECAUSE THE COMPETITION LOOKS AFTER CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY NEED SPARE ITEMS!

From Jorge, 2/4/2007  12:05 PM

Riva, I bought the Broadmoore Manhattan dining table with 6 chairs hopping to buy 2 extra chairs. As I have read, it will just be impossible. What a damn .... You and all the people working at COSTCO should be aware that if COSTCO really looks after their customers, they should acutally do it and not only say it.

From Robert, 2/4/2007  8:42 AM

I'm trying to purchase the Kensington 9 piece Dining Collection from the Costco.com website, but I am not able to find it online. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase the set online?
Thanks in advance.

From dana, 2/3/2007  5:45 PM

I'm also interested in the "wilshire place" bedroom collection. Please let me know how to get in touch with the manufacturer. The last time I spoke to the costco representative, he said it would not be available online anymore. I wish it is not true.

From Julie, 2/2/2007  5:44 PM

I have been waiting for months for the "Wilshire Place" bedroom collection to be available online. Does anyone know how to get in touch direct with the manufacturer? Do you think it will ever be available again?    

From christine, 1/29/2007  1:27 PM

Has anyone purchased the "Kings Court" dining room suite on the Costco.ca website? I need a specific dimension regarding the hutch. Would also like to know about the quality.

From Lisa, 1/26/2007  12:08 AM

Does anyone know where I can purchase 2 additional side chairs for the Costco Kensington Dining Room set? I have already contacted the manufacturer who says they do not sell direct to the public and Costco who called they supplier but is not able to get just the chairs.

From lynne, 1/24/2007  7:20 PM

Joe, I am looking for a cal-king(western king) Chelsea manor bed. My costco in Hillsboro, OR on Cornell Rd. only carries the eastern king. Where is your warehouse located? Costco is of little help. Thanks

From Betty Townsend, 1/22/2007  10:43 PM

Wheredid you find the sideboard to the Kensington Dining room set? I would love to buy it.

From Aaron, 1/20/2007  12:37 PM


Where did you find the lingere chest for the Chelsea Manor bedroom set? We asked our local Costco & they told us they did not have it. Any info would be helpful...

From Riva, 1/18/2007  6:01 PM

I worked at Costco back when they were Price Club, and again up to two years ago. My entire house is filled with furniture from Costco. I have the Sleigh Bed that many are talking about with two nightstands, armoire, dresser, Chippendale writing desk, and have just purchased the Kensington Dining Set on coupon. All are of excellent quality, and I have had the bedroom set for several years. The entire diningroom set is easy to fit in a regular long bed F250 truck, with a perfect fit, so easy to strap. All 4 chair boxes should be placed standing up on one side, then you stand the table top on it's side against the chair boxes, the additional box with the pedestals (when layed flat) fits perfectly on the other side of the table top, giving a nice snug fit. Tie solid and just don't go 4-wheeling! I, actually, moved three sets, since my sister's were not going to let me be the only one to take advantage of an awesome deal! The assembly was very easy for me (a woman) and only took around 45 minutes, although getting everything out of the boxes and pulling the plastic took a little time(you do not have to remove the seats...save yourself the headache. The plastic slips through easily one side or the other, just takes a little patience.) Flipping the table over after assembly will require two strong people, though. If you are looking for any additional pieces, just have your Costco Front End Supervisor lookup an "IAI" on their computer for the item you want. If they are having trouble finding it with the description, they can search item numbers "ITM" that are close to what you purchased. All sets usually run numbers in sequence. They can find it in the system and then let you know the closest warehouse that has it in stock. It really helps if you know the warehouse numbers that are close enough for you to drive to, to save them the time on their search. If you need to replace any damaged pieces, you should keep the 800 number that is attached to your paperwork in every carton, if not you can contact Costco and talk to their RTV (Return to Vender Clerk,) and get a number for the furniture manufacturer. Do this ONLY as a LAST RESORT, since they are usually very overworked, as it is. Costco is the greatest, and they always stand behind everything. That is what sets them apart from any competition! Hope this helps!

From Susie, 1/16/2007  10:31 PM

I too have just purchased the Kensington 9 piece dining room and will be purchasing the sideboard this week. I am also looking for a hutch to complete the set. Does anyone know where I can purchase this? And if so, the cost?

From Melody, 1/16/2007  6:24 PM


Sorry to be so long in responding. I've just re-visited this message board today. You might no longer need the information, but here's what I know. In response to your question regarding using the dust-ruffle with the Chelsea Manor bed, you will no longer be able to do so. We are just using a comforter now and have the option of tucking inside the wood frame or not. We're still extremely pleased with this furniture. Too bad there's not a dresser available!!

From Karen, 1/14/2007  12:52 PM

I just purchased the 9 piece Kenningston dining room table, chairs and sideboard. All pieces are excellent and the price was right!!! I really like the pieces but I would like to purchase a hutch. Does anyone know where I could get the hutch and the how much it is?

From jeanne, 1/14/2007  10:39 AM

we need 2 more bookcases that costco doesn't carry anymore westin-broadmoore 48x84 #700477 or#776703 costco #can you help us locate

From MORA, 1/13/2007  7:11 PM

I just bought the 9 piece Kensington dining room collection today and it looks beautiful in my dining room. The quality seems excellent and it is a great value. The picture on the box showed a sideboard. This was not for sale at my local Costco. Does anyone know how I can find this piece and what the cost is?

From Lisa, 1/11/2007  5:21 PM

We just bought ALL of the pieces to the Chelsea Manor bedroom collection and couldn't be happier. There was one minor issue within one of the doors on the armoire being hung slightly lower than the owner but the manufacturer is sending someone out to fix it next week. If we are not 100% satisfied with the repair they will replace it. Other than that, all of the furniture is absolutely beautiful. It was all packaged so well that there were no scratches or dings at all. Also, the furniture is very well made--hardwood, not particle board, as is definitely evident by the weight of each piece (which is it's only downside). Overall, for the money, I don't think we could have done any better. Very well constructed, beautiful wood, and very affordable.

From Franeker, 1/11/2007  11:05 AM

Kensington 9 piece Dining Collection filled up the long bed of my Ford F-250 completely. All of the boxes, though large, are very manageable with the exception of the table top carton. We ended up tearing it down into sub-components on the truck, and then carrying them inside piece-by-piece. The table pedestals require assembly and attachment to the table top. The arm chairs required only attachment of the arms to the chairs. The side chairs ship complete with no assembly needed.

Fit, finish and packaging is excellent - no nicks or scratches discovered. All the hardware is top notch - the 2 table leaves fit together with metal pins and receivers rather than wood doweling which is a great feature. It all assembled rock-solid with no wobbles.

Yes, the table top is veneer, but it's beautifuly jointed, inlaid and finished. You're going to need three or four grown men to carry the table top into your house - it's by far the heaviest table I've ever had to deal with.

Bottom line - for $999.00 ($1,299 - $300 coupon) you get a huge pedestal table (if you plan on using both leaves you'd better have some echo in your dining room acoustics,) six side chairs, two arm chairs, a full set of table top protector pads and two nice drawstring bags to store the table leaves. The only annoyance I had with the assembly was having to remove the seats from all eight chairs (7 phillips head screws each)in order to remove the plastic used to protect the upholstered seats during shipping. You can add my endorsement to the others concerning the quality of the finished product. It's an amazing value.

From sandi, 1/11/2007  2:26 AM

we bought from costco the chelsea manor cal king,2 night stand armoire,dressing chest and then found the lingerie chest. on the way home the 2 drawers on the lingerie chest got damaged. would like to know where we can get two drawers. where can we fine the bench and what is a gentlemans chest? we love the set very much thanks for bring it to cosco.    thank much sandi         & nbsp;  

From Kirsten, 1/10/2007  2:57 PM

I have read through the posts and several people seem to be knowledgable about Costco furniture - my husband and I also saw the Chelsea Manor chest collection and love the design and construction of it, but it seems there are no regular dressers. Good info... but I have another question about another piece we saw there, it is a Collector's Curio from Fine Furniture Design and Marketing LLC but I can't find any information on the manufacturer. I fell in love with the curio, it is $999 and I can't afford it right now but would love to know where else to get it in case Costco is not carrying it in a few months. Does anyone know anything about that manufacturer? They are also out of High Pt, NC, the model # is 530-830. Any info would be appreciated!!

From Bonnie, 1/10/2007  8:19 AM

I just purchased The Keningston Dining Collection from Costco. I got the 9 piece set and the sideboard. Now I need a china cabinet.. any ideas. The company that makes this collection is Broadmoor. Thanks.

From Joe, 1/9/2007  3:02 PM

My wife and I wish to find a Chelsea Manor Sleigh Bed, size eastern king. Our local Costco only stocks a California king. I've called Costco central office, the local warehouse and Samson International...all with no solution but to continue calling Costco stores. Can anyone inform us the Costco location where they purchased a Chelsea Manor eastern king sleigh bed. Thanks.

From Terry, 1/8/2007  3:27 PM

Thank you, Melody for the info....also to anyone out there who has bought and put together the Chelsea Manor king bed.....is this truly as pictured? It looks like (and that's what I want) the the sideboards and footboard all connect in a way that the bedding fits inside the boards. In other words, no more dust ruffles, etc.!!! I want the box springs and mattress to fit down into bed frame and just be able to tuck quilt in on sides and you see the bed wood on all sides. I'm questioning wood also......veneer over what? Hardwood/particle board? Thanks to all!

From Heather, 1/8/2007  1:47 PM

I am debating buying the Chelsea Manor collection, and I am wondering if anyone who already bought the set can comment on the type of wood used. It says cherry veneers.... what is it over? Hardwoods? Particle board? Is the bed the only piece that requires assembly? Thanks!

From dana, 1/7/2007  2:46 AM

Did anybody see the wilshire place bedroom set in the local costco stores in california?

This bedroom set was available online, but is no longer there. Anybody knows anything about it.

Also, can I get samson internationals phone number, I can call to order that set.


From Joel, 1/6/2007  11:20 PM

Priceless...glad to see I'm not the only one looking for a "real dresser"...sounds like the chests and nightstands are it...

From Sandeep, 1/6/2007  10:04 PM

I just assembled the Chelsea Manor queen bed and you do need a boxspring with the mattress. I also bought 2 nightstands, which did not require any assembly. The assembly for the bed is quite simple, but the pieces (particularly the headboard) are HEAVY.
Becca, I don't think you will be able to fit the king headboard in the minivan. I know queen is 5'x6'. so king must be at least 6'x6'.
It looks very nice and we love it.

From Kavi, 1/6/2007  6:43 PM

Does any one know if we can use the Chelsea manor bed without Boxspring? Also, I do want to buy this but I do need dresser and mirror also. Looking at UniversalFurniture.com website, looks like their Madison collection is some what similar to this. Can any one confirm?

From Melody, 1/6/2007  3:41 PM


My husband and I are very pleased with the quality. According to my husband, the assembly isn't difficult but is time consuming. The greatest challenge was getting the pieces home in the large boxes and the weight of the boxes (the gentlemen's chest in particular). The bed comes in three boxes, and the headboard is very heavy. We're still wishing there was a dresser to this set.

Hope this helps.

From Terry, 1/5/2007  3:39 PM

Melody - I've just come from Costco where I'm very interested in the Chelsea Manor king sleigh bed and nightstands. Just wondering what you think of the quality and how hard was it to assemble? thanks.

From Melody, 1/3/2007  6:43 PM

Sandy, we've just purchased and assembled the Chelsea Manor king sleigh bed, and we were able to use both the box-spring and mattress.

We also purchased the Gentlemen's chest. Sure would love to have a dresser, too! This set is absolutely beautiful, and we're extremely pleased.

From Becca, 1/1/2007  4:25 PM

When I called the number from the product to ask if any other dressors were available, the company said no.

Can anyone confirm that the king size bed can travel home in my minivan? (It will hold a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood without a problem.)

Additionally, does anyone know for certain if you have to use a box springs? Many thanks!

From Karri, 1/1/2007  10:04 AM

Ron and Beth...Chelsea Manor from Universal Furniture (Broadmoore line) is made exclusively for Costco and cannot be purchased from other retailers. There are no other dressers that I have found through research. We purchased all pieces including the gentlemans chest. The chest is kind of tall...but it is beautiful and provides a lot of storage. Good luck.

From Raj, 12/31/2006  5:39 PM

From the display, I think you can use it with box spring or without it. You can put the slates in two positions (that's what I figured out from the display). Can any one confirm?

From sandy, 12/31/2006  10:57 AM

I also purchased the chelsea manor sleigh bed-to install it soon. there was some confusion at the store regarding whether or not we can use both box and mattress for the bed. Does anyone know if it is okay to use both? thanks-

From Patti-Anne, 12/30/2006  8:02 PM

We just purchased a sofa table today from Costco. "Mendel" from Broadmore. They also carry a Hall Table and Bench. We are wondering if anyone has seen a coffee table and end tables. They are in a rich cognac finish. Thanks

From Beth, 12/30/2006  4:55 PM

I am also looking for the dresser. Does anyone know who carries it?

From Ron, 12/30/2006  12:37 PM

Anyone know if or have they seen a dresser that goes with Chelsea Manor set other than the Gentlemans Chest?? I know they have a lingerie chest, night stand, bench, gentlemans chest and queen & king beds but no dresser? Thanks

From barbara, 12/26/2006  11:21 PM

Scott, I JUST brought home a Chelsea Manor Eastern California King Bed from my local Costco. When I first saw it there earlier today, I noticed the box said Eastern California and I didn't know what that meant, so I came home to look it up. Eastern California King is standard king bed size, while Western California is the one commonly known as California King....it has more length to it. I have just assembled the Eastern California King and put my standard king mattress set on and it is perfect.

From jay, 12/23/2006  7:53 PM

I have a Broadmoore westin bookcase #700477 available for purchase. We purchased it through Costco in Denver and are getting ready to retire and decided not to keep it. We would be interested in selling it.

Please email with any questions:

From Scott, 12/22/2006  11:51 PM

I found a Chelsea Manor bedroom set made by Samson Internat'l at Costco. They had a California King size bed frame... I need a regular king size frame. Has anybody seen one? Also, does anyone know how I found out which Costco carries them (or if I can find them anywhere else?) I've called several stores with no luck.

From Guest, 12/18/2006  2:46 PM

I called Broadmoore ddirectly. Costco has them listed if you have a problem. I contacted them and they stated that they had plenty in stock and all I had to do was to call Costco back and tell them to manually enter the order. I don't know if they have other Wilshire place products in stock, you would have to contact Broadmoore directly and ask them. Costco did tell me that they would be posting the Wilshire set again after the New Year's.

From MELISA FLORES, 12/18/2006  12:47 PM

TRA, How did you order the dresser from the manufacturer? I need a Wilshire Place nightstand or the lingerie chest.

From patience, 12/8/2006  10:43 PM

I am looking for the courtland park bedroom set. I have the sleigh bed and 15 drawer chest but would like the nightstands and another dresser or chest. Is anyone interested in selling (in So. Calif.) or know of a similar set?

From Mary, 12/6/2006  7:05 PM

On 10/31 Amanda says that Costco can order the discontinue directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped to you. Well, I called Costco and tried to order the Wilshire Place armoire and the response was that they cannot do that. So Amanda, how did you get Costco to order a discontinued item for you? Had you previously placed an order before it was discontinued?

From Tra, 11/18/2006  12:52 PM

I just purchased the Wilshire Place dresser from the manufacturer but cannot locate the Queen platform bed. Costco no longer has this item on their website. Does anyone know where I can purchase the bed? I may be willing to sell the dresser if I cannot get the bed.

From Jenn, 11/11/2006  7:41 AM

My husband and I purchased the entire Anderson Cottage King set with the exception of the dresser last year about this time. We are now interested in purchasing the dresser and have discovered that COSTCO no longer carries it. Does anyone have one to sell or does anybody know of a contact site or phone number that we can call to try and get a hold of this particular piece? Any advice/information is appreciated.

From Jim, 11/9/2006  6:02 PM

WANTED: Broadmoore Westin Double Bookshelf

I purchased one of these at Costco about a year ago for $200. Now I need to purchase one more for my home office, but Costco doesn't carry it anymore. If you have one you'd like to sell, or know where I could buy one, please contact me.

Many thanks,

Seattle, WA

From Guest, 10/31/2006  10:19 PM

I just purchased the chest of drawers today. If you call costco and ask them to manually enter the item number, they then contact the manufactor. The manufactor will ok the manual order and you will receive it in a month or so.I have spent two weeks on this, and I was finally able to order my dresser.

From amanda, 10/27/2006  5:42 PM

Dear Pooja,

If you are interested in selling the dresser, please let me know. We have been looking to purchase the dresser, but Costco online no longer sells just the dresser.

From pooja, 10/16/2006  2:33 PM

did anyone feel that the dresser of wilshire bed room set is too high or is it just me? is there any other alternative for the dresser coz this one is 54" high and if i were to place a mirror abv it, it will not work. any suggestions?

From Diana, 10/8/2006  7:25 PM

Does any one know how to take off the top part of the very large double Corinthian Bookcases by Broadmoore that Costco sold three years ago? We want to move the large bookcase into another room and we do not know how to take the top off so it will fit in the doorway. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The corporate number for Westin Broadmoore is 336 822 8378 if anyone needs it.


From Raj, 9/5/2006  1:52 PM

For many of you looking for Inspirations bedroom collection (which is no longer available in stores), they started selling at their website. But the prices are at least 40% more (shipping and installation included though). I heard that this collection is in stores every 6 months and probably it's worth to wait for them.

From JENN, 8/29/2006  2:14 PM


From Barb, 8/29/2006  1:41 PM

I am looking for Broadmoore - Inspirations Dresser Item #958656. I have the end tables but I can't find the dresser.

From PIa, 8/24/2006  8:47 PM

I am too looking for the armoire for the Mullberry Cottage collection. I would love to find out where I can purchase one. I bought my bed and two nightstands last July. When I purchased them I thought that I would be back the next day to purchase the armoire, as I did not have enough room in my truck for everything and my local Costco was closing. When I returned the next morning, all seven of them were gone. I have been hunting for this piece for over a year. If someone knows where I can find this piece, please let me know.

From Beth, 8/17/2006  7:13 PM

Looking for Samson Internation Broadmoore Inspirations bedroom furniture. Since Samson doesn't have a web site, does anyone know where I can see a picture of this furniture on the web?

From frances, 8/13/2006  4:34 PM

what i forgot to say is costco no longer has the bedroom set model958679 958656 958678 where can i now purchase these items

From frances, 8/13/2006  4:24 PM

i saw a bedroom set at costco in a magazine . it was called inspiration model 958679 958656 958678 where i i purchase this set
                                      francesthank you

From Marcie, 8/11/2006  10:16 AM

We just purchased the Manhattan dining room set from Costco and it's beautiful. We purchased knowing that we probably could not get more than the 6 chairs that it came with and that is correct. Samson has confirmed that there are no additional chairs available and that they get 20-30 calls a day from customers who would like extra chairs. The funny thing is, when the table is set-up without the extra leaf, it fits 8 chairs, so automatically the table is made for more chairs, even without the leaf. With the leaf it would sit 10 people. Frustrating. This company could make some good money on all the people requiring extra chairs.

From Sarah, 8/4/2006  11:33 AM

Micheline Vallée,

I have also purchused this dining room set. I spoke to the manager about getting 2 more chairs and she was of no help. Have you been able to purchuse any??

Thank you!


From Kumar, 7/26/2006  11:15 AM

my anderson cottage sleigh bed (king size) has formed cracs and squeaking noise due to the cracks. I've called the custoemr service almost every week for the past 2 months and no response yet. How can I get in touch with Samson International directly? Their customer service email gives no responses either. I don't even get to hear a courtesy response

From Cathy, 7/25/2006  10:39 PM

If any one can help with the Anderson Cottage Armoire please e-mail me at cthyjo@yahoo.com!

From Cathy, 7/25/2006  10:36 PM

I was given the Queen size Anderson Cottage Sleigh Bed as a gift, and now i am looking to buy the rest of the set for my new house. I can find the night stands and chest but I cannot find the Armoire..... Can any anyone help???

From Nancy Roper, 7/25/2006  3:01 PM

Our church has purchased numerous desks, files and bookshelves from our local Costco. We are still looking for more broadmoore allistar bookcase Coscto item #895524 and some of the lateral files to match. If anyone knows who may have them please let me know ASAP!!

From debra, 7/15/2006  1:56 PM

Just purchased Broadmore Inspirations sleigh bed, night stands and the matching armoire for a total of about 1,800 at the Costco store (not website)--love the look of this furniture although not sure of the quality. we are moving in a few months so still in the box in the garage. Costco is the best at returns and I am not a bit worried if I open the boxes if a few months and see damage as I know Costco will take all back without any hassle.

From Edwa, 7/13/2006  11:51 AM

I recommend opening the box as soon as you get home and if damaged take it back to Costco immediately, while you still have the truck. Otherwise, be prepared to be disappointed!

From melisa flores, 7/10/2006  4:05 PM

Sorry, I was reffering to the Wilshire Place collection from Costco.

From melisa flores, 7/10/2006  4:03 PM

I purchased the 15 drawer chest and a nightstand. I would love another chest or the armoire. How do I go about searching for this. Please help, anyone!!!

From MARC SSS, 7/10/2006  12:11 PM


From cherie, 7/8/2006  11:46 AM

We purchased a Rapallo Cranberry leather recliner at Costco last year and are looking for another. We are in Atlanta. Does anyone know who carries this chair or where we can get another?

From ellen, 7/2/2006  3:56 PM

Saw a night at costco and an armoire is there a smaller armoire and is there a smaaler chest. do you have a catolog

From Roz, 6/25/2006  5:04 PM

Saw a Broadmoor armoire at Costco today. From what I am reading, no one sells this product but Costco. Is that correct? It is an anonymous manufacturer!!!

From boris, 6/24/2006  6:03 PM

Samson international boockcase and secretary, dark cherry color, 84" and higher

Thank you

From Micheline Vallée, 6/14/2006  8:16 PM

I wood like to by a dinning set that i saw at costco, but probleme the dinning set has only 6 chairs ans i wood like to buy 2 others. The information on the set is Samson International/Manhattan Samson/ Broadmoors/Manhattan Dining. Please write back soon

From Ray Inabinette, 6/12/2006  5:10 PM

What is Samson Internationals phone number?

From Linh, 6/9/2006  12:43 PM

I bought 3 of the Allistar double bookcase. Costco store in St. George, UT also had the Kathy Ireland (Martin Furniture) L-shaped desk. It's not the same brand but I've set these up in my office and the finish is almost exactly the same. It looks as if they were made to go together. Hope that helps.

Also, I had a problem with one of the bookcases and called Samsom for replacement parts. They say will ship in 2 weeks...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

From Tina, 6/8/2006  11:05 PM

I am looking for the Shenandoah Valley - Charleston Entertainment Wall Unit. I believe they were in Costco last year, does anybody know of a Costco that still has one or if they will be getting anymore in?

From JEANIE, 6/2/2006  10:38 PM


From Dana, 5/26/2006  3:43 PM

I'm also interested in the Wilshire place 4 piece bedroom collection ($2399) at costco. It seems to be a little expensive considering the fact the this set was selling for $1900 a few months ago. I'm not sure if I should wait for the price reduction.

Also, somebody was looking for a Lingerie chest. They can probably send an email to
BroadmooreCustomerService@samsoninternational.com to find out more.

From etta, 5/24/2006  10:16 PM

I am considering purchasing the Allistar double bookcase (cherry) and wanted to know if anyone found a desk to match.

From Marty Custer, 5/21/2006  7:47 PM

The Wilshire Place Bedroom items are back up on the Costco.com site, all but the Lingerie Chest. We are still looking for one either new or used. If you have one or know where to purchase one. Please let us know. Thanks

From Wayne, 5/15/2006  1:46 PM

Horrible Customer service. I purchased the Cameron Park Dining Set in February. The Table doesn't close correclt (with or without leaves) I've been complaing to Samson since day one

First I was promised a rep would come by. NEVER HAPPEND
Next I was told they would reissue the request Same Results
Next, Email customer service (email only) guess what - No REPLY

BE WARNED -- STAY AWAY --- I plant o return the entire set to costco after 11 months & 25 days. THey promis satisfaction for a year or more

From Jackie, 4/30/2006  9:14 PM

I've been trying to get my hands on the Anderson Cottage Collection in King size since December. I've called Samson International, and they said they just replinished its stock and it should be available on line soon. I was told, though, that they only had the set in queen and Cal. King, but to check online anyway. She said to start checking last Saturday, which I did. It's still not there. I check daily.

From Cassie, 4/21/2006  11:23 PM

Has anyone heard if Anderson Cottage Bedroom Collection been discontinued? I have been saving for a year to buy the set at a store. I went online to show someone what it looked like and could not find it. I am so worried I really want that set.

From Dana, 4/20/2006  8:29 AM

I recently bought the bedroom suite, Wilshire Place, didnt get the lingerie stand and would like to know if there is anywhere to buy it now that costco discontinued it. thanks. danamross@hotmail.com

From Anna G., 4/17/2006  6:44 PM

Hi, I recently purchased the Willow Lane (by Samson International) dining room table and chairs set from BJ's. There was a hutch pictured on the box, but the store does not have it in stock. Has anyone had any luck locating the matching hutch?

From Kathleen, 3/21/2006  10:54 PM

I'm seriously considering buying the Gilcrest dining table, but I have a few questions:

How goes cleanup? I have a 2 yr old and feel quite nervous about the white padded chairs. And, what about the table top - does it clean up nicely? Good for every day use or only for formal dining?

From Blanche, 3/11/2006  7:21 PM

Would like to know if #700477 Bookcase by Broadmore can come unfinished, i would like to finish the stain myself to match the kitchen cabinets, thank you. Blance. blancherey@msn.com

From Tracy Loehner, 3/9/2006  10:59 PM

I am trying to location the Courtland Park nightstands to go with the chest/dresser I bought at Costco a year ago. Has anyone had any luck locating any? Thanks

From Robin, 3/6/2006  8:28 PM

I just purchased the Cameron Park sideboard at the Costco in Christiana, DE. That isn't too far from parts of NJ. I too however would love to find the hutch. Any suggestions anyone? Robinb17@aol.com

From Casaundra Crofoot, 3/6/2006  5:32 PM

I am still desperately looking for two Courtland Park nightstands. Anyone have any info or want to sell theirs?

From Jackie, 3/5/2006  1:49 PM

I've been looking for the Anderson Cottage Collection bedroom in king size since December. It hasn't been available online. Does anyone know where I can find it?

From Bill, 3/5/2006  2:41 AM

We are going down tomorrow to buy the Cameron Park dining room set and before we do are there any words of caution?? Costco has been great so for..

From Bonnie, 3/2/2006  3:09 AM

I got the sideboard for Cameron Park at a Costco in California under part number 954479 for $499.99. They said they did not know anything about a china cabinet.

From Jim, 3/1/2006  10:31 PM

Does anyone know the Costco item number for the Cameron Park sideboard? I haven't seen it in any Costco stores in NJ and having just bought the dining table set, I would love to get the sideboard. I can't find it on Costco.com either. Any info on the Cameron Park china cabinet and hutch would be great also.

From Kris, 2/26/2006  6:10 PM

I purchased the allistar bookcases and am looking for a desk or credenza to match. Has anyone seen other pieces that match this wood. These allistar bookcases DO match the Wilshire Place bedroom furniture great! The wood/color matches perfect. But I need a desk???? Help!

From Suzzie, 2/25/2006  9:28 AM

I too bought the Cameron Park Dining Set in Indianapolis. Our store has a sideboard to match the set, but no China Cabinet/Hutch. I would also like to have a china cabinet and hutch to match. Anyone know of one? Thanks

From susan, 2/22/2006  2:42 PM

Does anybody know where I can get a Hutch/China Cabinet/Buffet to match the Cameron Park dining room set from Costco??

From Margie, 2/21/2006  12:14 PM

If anyone out there has the Cameron Park 9 piece dining set by universal samson from Costco. I would love to know if anyone has had any problems with the tables finish. I only have the table one week and I notice it scuffs very easily and cannot get it off with the manufactures suggestions of a soft damp cloth wit a little soap.

I have furniture medic coming but would like to know if anyone else had the same problem?

From Margie, 2/20/2006  5:33 PM

for Christine regarding the universal samson cameron park china cabinet. (for the 9 piece dining room set)

Did you find a local stor to view the piece?

From Melissa, 2/18/2006  1:45 PM

I bought the wilshire place dressing chest and 2 night stands. I also drove 200 miles to retreive the last one in the state. when I returned with this set my bed is 3 inches to wide to fit both night stands, I was hoping to find a piece a little narrower than one of the night stands, has any one seen anything to compliment?

From Cheryl, 2/16/2006  9:20 PM

We bought the Gilcrest table and chairs---We need two more chairs? Can we buy a couple of chairs somewhere?

From Judy Eibeler, 2/14/2006  9:51 AM

My son brought a dresser and two end tables about a year ago from Costco.......He is looking to buy the womens dresser ......please let me know who he can contact.............thank you so much..........

From Gordon, 2/11/2006  10:34 PM

I have bought two Franklin Place end tables from Costco item 907901. I am looking for the matching cocktail table. Any information? Thanks.

From Christine, 2/11/2006  12:26 PM

We couldn't find a china cabinet at the Kansas City Costco, but found something similar online this morning (don't know who sells it or the price, but I think it's the same "anonymous" manufacturer):


and click on "English Manor" and see if it might be what you are looking for. I might try Nebraska Furniture mart to see if they stock it.

From Margie, 2/10/2006  9:55 PM

Yes, I just bought the Cameron Park Samson (universal furniture) dining table w/double pedestal, two arm chairs and six side, table pad protectors at Costco in Hazlet N.J. 07730.I don't know if this is the one you want with a $300.00 off coupon that ends 2/12/06

From Kandi Tucker, 2/8/2006  11:44 AM

We want to buy the Cameron Park dining set on sale this week, but would also like a china cabinet. Has anyone seen a matching china cabinet in another store? Our Costco featured the sideboard, but not a china cabinet.

From cindy, 2/7/2006  3:51 PM

I finally talked to someone who seemed to actually know something at one of the Costco stores. She told me that the Wilshire Place furniture has in fact, been discontinued (in the stores at least). So, it looked like no chance of me ever being able to get the armoire, but they finally started selling the armoire separately again online... for $200 more than they were selling it for before online!! gggggrrrr... but I went ahead and bought it... I will now have the complete set, which I am very happy about. But I won't go through this again... lesson learned.

From Alex, 2/6/2006  3:52 PM

I also like to get the SAMSON ALLISTAR bookcase but can only find Cherry veneers finish at Mayfield Height./OHIO store. I hope to get matching table/computer desk/home office set to go along with it. I called Samson Int'l. They said they don't have anything matching the ALLISTAR bookcase. For those who bought this bookcase, what did you buy to go along with it ?

From Lori, 2/3/2006  2:30 PM

I had the same experience as Cindy. I bought the Wilshire nightstands intending to buy the dressing chest later. The manager told me, while looking in the computer, that it was an active item and they would be getting more in. I don't think so judging from all the replies listed here. So, no one knows where this furniture comes from and how to get more? I saved the boxes. I think I'll take the nightstands back!

From Lan, 2/1/2006  10:00 PM

Quick question about the Wilshire Place Bedroom set - does the wood scratch easily? If so, is it noticeable.

The display at Costco seems to have alot of scratches, but then again it is a display, so I would imagine alot of wear and tear. Thanks.

From Lou, 2/1/2006  11:52 AM

Gigi, If you're still looking for the Westin double bookcases in oak, my local warehouse in Texas had them back in stock yesterday. Good luck!

From Virginia, 1/31/2006  10:21 PM

I want the Wilshire Entertainment Center as well as the dresser, but Costco no longer sells the wilshire Furniture. How can I get this furniture? Please help!!

From Cindy, 1/30/2006  3:34 PM

I hope it's not true about the Wilshire line being discontinued. Our Costco told us they would be getting more in, but couldn't tell me exactly when. One of the store managers told us this while looking at the item number in their computer. That is why we chose not to buy the damaged display armoires they had in the store... because they said they would be getting more in... so far this hasn't happened and now they don't even have them online anymore! :( I have the whole set (and love it) except for the armoire and not it's looking like I won't ever be able to get it... I hope this is not the case! :(

From Lori, 1/29/2006  1:12 AM

I bought the Whilshire Place nightstands and queen bed(love them), but need two lingerie chests. I'm sad to hear they're discontinuing. Has anyone seen them in a So. CA warehouse? The online prices are about a third higher than what I paid in the store. Thanks!

From Gigi, 1/24/2006  11:21 AM

Lou, the item # on that bookcase is 895524, the dimentions are 48"w x 15"d x 84"h. They said they were getting 30 units at the Gilbet,Az store on 1/23, unfortunately for me they are a cherry finish. What about my oak??? Goodluck.

From Lou, 1/24/2006  7:50 AM

Gigi, any chance you have an item number for that Allistar bookcase? It sounds like it would be perfect for what I'm looking for.

From Gigi, 1/23/2006  12:20 AM

okay, I live in the Phoenix area and at my local Costco they carried a Allistar Double Bookcase by Samson International that sold for 199.99 last year. It was a med/dark oak finish. As usual, I procrastinated and didn't buy it when I saw it. I was truely shocked when they featured it again this year right after they cleaned out their Christmas stuff. Like a dummy I assumed they would at least carry it until Jan of Feb of this year. When I went to purchase it 2 weeks ago they carried the same bookcase, same mfg., same dimensions, inset lighting, glass adjustable shelves, a little different moulding, but it is now in a cherry finish (to dark to match my piano). I'm hoping to find 3 units in the oak finish. Anyone have any ideas???

From sleeper_cell, 1/20/2006  8:30 AM

The people at Stockton Costco told me the Wilshire line has been discontinued. We bought the last CalKing bed there on 1/12, went back about a week later and they only had the night stands, all the other pieces were gone. You're right - the stuff is almost double the cost on-line. We felt lucky to have found the pieces we needed in the stores - like I said, we had to go to SF (about 150 miles) to get one of the last armoires in N. CA. Thanks for the info about the box springs.

From sun, 1/13/2006  4:00 PM

I bought night stands thinking that i can buy calking set when it's awailable,I talking about wilshire bedroom set now they ran out off all calking beds in all show rooms.Do you know if it is going to be back?.It's available online but bed costs450$more then the warehouse price?.OH by the way yes your boxsprings do fit inside.PLS let me know if you guys know of any showroom which carrys calking bed in N.cal.

From sleeper_cell, 1/12/2006  11:46 PM

I just purchased the Wilshire bedroom set at Costco: bed, lingerie chest, nitestnds, armoire. It's still in boxes - we have to wait for escrow to close on new house to set it all up. It looks very nice, and price was great. Had to go to SF today to get the last armoire in N. CA - awful traffic - they're saying this line is discontinued. My question: will my mattress and box springs fit inside the bed frame, or is this strictly a platform bed? It's a Cal King.

From Lou, 1/12/2006  7:11 PM

Looking for the Westin Bookcases. My local store doesn't have them any more. Has anyone seen them in the warehouses recently?

From birgitta, 1/7/2006  4:31 PM

I've just purchased a Broadmoore/Gilcrest Dining Room set in Costo - Ontario, for $1399 + tax CDN, so for those of you who are still looking Costco is still carrying this product. They also sold the matching server.

From Lan, 1/2/2006  11:47 PM

That's great to know. Thanks for your reply, c.s.! Am planning to pick up the set this weekend - Lan

From c.s., 1/2/2006  3:02 PM

ps. only the bed needed assembly and that took about 2 minutes. Disposing of all the cardboard was the most difficult part of this buy.:)

From c.s., 1/2/2006  2:57 PM

We bought the Wilshire dresser, nightstands, and king bed...we love it! It is very elegant as a set. You can't beat the price. I have been searching for bedroom set everywhere. The same set would have cost at least $4500. The only thing is that the dresser is a bugger to lift...make sure you have plenty of help. Also, the new varnish smell is a little strong for the first couple of days. But it has plenty of storage and the bed is gorgeous! I still can't believe we got it all for under $1900

From Lan, 12/29/2005  2:32 PM

Has anyone bought the Wilshire Place platform bedroom collection from Costco? Am interested in it, but wanted to know what people's experience have been with the set. Thanks.

From John, 12/10/2005  2:20 PM

I purchased 5 Broadmoore doouble bookcases from costco and love them. I would like to find end panels with the crown molding to match the front molding. Anyone know where to find them? BTW, I returned one bookcase for lack of parts. Costco gave me a new one, no questions asked!

From Jason, 10/25/2005  3:19 PM

Does anyone know the 800 number for Broadmoore? I bought the gilcrest dinning set (love it), but one of the arms of the armchair has a crack in it and need a replacement arm. Jason. jasondkim@att.net

From Greg, 9/26/2005  8:23 PM

I actually have a pair of Broadmoore Courtland Park nightstands. They are in great condition, I only bought them because I thought I would be able to buy the rest of the matching set at a later time...little did I know, that's not a good assumption to make at Costco. I'm 99% sure the set was Courtland Park, I remember the dresser in the set was a taller chest of drawers. I am located near Boston, MA if someone close by would like to contact me about an offer. supergreg7@yahoo.com

From sharon, 9/14/2005  3:03 PM

I am loopking for the gateway curio in the july issue of costco, please let me know where i can find this. Thanks. sharonsrnbsn@hotmail.com

From BES, 9/10/2005  1:25 PM

I have the entire Courtland Park bedroom set from Costco. I purchased it in January. A glass fell and broke on one of the night stands and has left it very scratched up. I would like to replace it. If anyone had one they would like to sell I would be willing to pay a good price or if they know where I could get one. The store says that manufacturer is no longer making them. Thanks Bryannastearns@hotmail.com

From LeiRed, 9/6/2005  10:15 PM

ANDERSON COTTAGE FURNITURE is back on costco.com for sale. If you're willing to brave a possibly inordinately long delivery time, its available NOW in Costco Connections for September 2005. missleired@yahoo.com

From Susan, 9/6/2005  5:54 PM

Hi, I recently saw a two drawer file cabinet in wood at a Costco store and they have since sold out. Is there anywhere that I can purchase another two drawer file cabinet. It retailed there for about $200 if that is any help to you. Thanks, Susan sue.fischer.lhjc@statefarm.com

From Chris Ross, 9/5/2005  12:24 PM

Help!! I too am looking for the matching Hutch/china piece that goes with the Gilchrest dining table?? Has anyone found it? Please email me. Thank you. chris.ross@rrd.com

From Suzanna, 9/5/2005  7:33 AM

I just bought the Samson Broadmoore queen size sleigh bed and am looking for the matching night stands. I went to another Costco where I wastold they had two in stock (pc inventory stated that from the first store I went to) and when I got there, they had been sold 10 minutes before I got there. I live in Toronto, ON and I am being told that the only Costoco that carrys them now are in Quebec. Any ideas as to how I could purchase these night stands? Do other retailers sell them or caould they be purchased direct from the manufacturer/distributor? Suzanna suzanna_roger@rogers.com

From Melisa, 8/30/2005  10:56 AM

I am looking to find more of the Mullberry Cottage line of furiture that I originally purchased at Costco. You would think you wouldn't have to wait more than a year for a new piece to come out. I really need to get a dresser with mirror and armoire to complete this set. Why is Broadmoore's in hiding from the customer?

From john, 8/29/2005  7:43 PM

COSTCO ONLINE is the worst - do not purchase unless you want to be disappointed - instead send me the money and I will make sure to disappoint you. Very unreliable and poor customer service!!!! Never again COSTCO!!!!!!!!

From Leisl, 8/24/2005  5:16 PM

I have an ANDERSON COTTAGE ARMOIRE FOR SALE. It was purchased in July 2005 and is in New York City. Please email me if any interest. It is in perfect condition and immediately available. Thanks. missleired@yahoo.com

From maxine hurley, 8/24/2005  4:49 PM

Does anyone have any night stands item # 830141 Anderson cottage, Broadmoore. If you do I would like to buy 2.ÊÊÊThank you Maxine. maxin@hurley-assoc.com

From Rachel, 8/17/2005  11:27 PM

Looking for the Anderson Cottage dresser. It had 5 large drawers in the middle and five smaller drawers on each side. It was $599.99. Does anyone know of a Costco that still has it or where else I might find it. Docrachlou@Juno.com

From Spence, 8/15/2005  4:36 PM

Westing Bookcase 700477 from Costco. We just purchased 4 of these excellent bookcases from Costco. Only request is to find somewhere to purchase ADDITIONAL shelves. It comes with 6 shelves (total including base and fixed solid middle shelf) and since we will be using it mostly for "paperback" books" we would like to maximize the space by adding up to two additional shelves to each bookcase. Any ideas???? My last resort may have to be to take one of the SOLID middle shelves to a local BARE WOODs furniture store and ask him to make additional SOLID shelves and stain them to match. Not the BEST solution, but it beats buying additional units at $199 each just for the shelves. Thanks!

From Kim, 8/7/2005  10:57 PM

I am interested in purchasing the Broadmoore Gilcrest dining room set from Costco but want to find the matching china hutch. I live in NJ. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the hutch? Thanks for any help. Kim dkmartin525@optonline.net

From Jake McCarty, 8/3/2005  2:02 PM

I recently purchased two of the broadmoore Westin bookcases and need 4 additional shelves on each one. How could I order 8 additional shelves? Any phone numbers? jake.mccarty@sbcglobal.net

From Jodi, 8/2/2005  8:15 AM

I think I know who makes it....Let me tell you why I think I know.

We have a huge furniture store in my area. And I bought a console table for 418.00 from them in May. Well, I wanted the matching coffee table and end tables, but with a combined price tag of 700.00 (for coffee table and 1 end table), I decided I would buy each piece as I had the money.

I bought the console table in May, and in July, I was wondering through Costco, when low and behold, the matching coffee table and end table to the piece I bought at the local retail store were sitting there for 1/2 the price. I bought both pieces for 381.00 versus 700.00 retail.

I have to admit that while the pieces I bought from Costco match my retail piece, there are differences between them. Like instead of square corners, the Costco tables have rounded corners. The coffee table is not as wide as the exact same table at the retail store. But, all the inlay details and the handles (which if you knew the pieces I was talking about, the handles are a dead give away). and the details were the same.

So.... here's who I think is making Costco's Broadmoor line of furniture.....check out Universal Furniture.....

I'm not certain if they are definatly making all Costco's Broadmoor lines, but the pieces I bought are one in the same and made by Universal Furniture. As a matter of fact, the tables I am taking about are the Brownstone Classic series.

Hope this info helps.

From Patricia, 7/31/2005  9:12 PM

I also want a coffee table to match the accent table by Broadmoore in the Chelsea Manor collection. I believe I saw a Franklin Place coffee table, for the individual that wanted one of those, at the Costco in Dunwoody Atlanta, GA today. Now that I have the accent table up and all put together, there is a smell.

From Patty, 7/29/2005  5:59 PM

I too am looking for the Broadmoore Gilcrest Hutch/China cabinet. Has anyone had any luck? Please email me with any advice. Thanks! Kansas911@aol.com

From espie pratt, 7/28/2005  1:42 AM

Regarding Franklin Place model#907901, by Broadmoore mfg., Is there matching shelf units or entertainment unit to match? espiepratt@cox.net

From Lynn from So Cal, 7/27/2005  11:58 AM

Does anyone know if they have seen or know where I can get a Chelsea Manor Coffee Table to match the accent table that is currently being sold at Costco under the Broadmoore brand? Any help would be great!! Thanks lynndiuco@hotmail.com

From Joe Preston, 7/27/2005  9:41 AM

I am looking for a used Ethan Allen Heirloom upper bookcase, 40" wide x 48"high. Is there any particular place other than Ebay where I might expect to find one listed?

From Gerina, 7/25/2005  9:24 PM

I purchsed an entire bedroom set from Costco - Park View - it's beautiful - so beautiful that I want another piece - a lingerie chest - any idea if one exists or how to find out since Broadmoore doesn't have a web-site? Gerina. gerinadahl@hotmail.com

From iskannou, 7/23/2005  3:54 AM

If anyone know where we could purchase the gilcrest hutch to match the 9 pc dining table bought from costco, please email me at iskanno@yahoo.com.

From Iskannou, 7/23/2005  3:50 AM

I am also searching for the gilcrest dining hutch to match the 9 pc. broadmoore gilcrest dining table. please let me know where I can purchase. I would be willing to buy directly from the manufacturer. I would appreciate your assistance. iskanno@yahoo.com

From PHIL, 7/22/2005  7:56 PM


From John, 7/19/2005  3:57 PM

I just bought the Gilcrest dining set from costco and would like to purchase a matching china/hutch. I called up local costco warehouse and was told that they are not getting the china. Anyone who bought the same set has any suggestion about a matching china from another manufacture? Advice will be greatly appreciated. johnchen@hotmail.com

From NANCY, 7/19/2005  3:04 PM

A few words of advice. If you want to purchase furniture from Costco, make certain that all the pieces you desire are in stock at that store. Inspect the furniture, if possible, before making the purchase. I ordered the Cortland bedroom outfit on line and the whole transaction took five months. Costco left me hanging after they charged my card for over $2,500.00. Giving birth to my first child was a less painful experience. Never again.

From Sandy, 7/18/2005  1:58 PM

I just bought the Franklin Place coffee table and am looking for the end table. Anyone seen one? sandy.adams@ubs.com

From Flint & Olivia, 7/17/2005  10:40 PM

We just bought our Gilcrest 9 pieces dining room set at Frederick location. Number is (301) 644-1483. They have several sets left in stock, bed, bookcase but no china cabinet. ftran2004@comcast.net

From Sue, 7/16/2005  9:27 PM

I am looking for the Ashton Dressing Chest - item # 779846 - sold at Costco and Costco online , but is no longer available. Any suggestions where I could purchase one? sfreleaux@aol.com

From Russ, 7/14/2005  10:19 PM

This is for Dan....the Costco in Nanuet NY and the one in Dunwoody (Atlanta) GA both carry the Anderson Cottage set for that price. My mother sw it in NY and told us to go look at it here in Atlanta. We're probably goign to buy the set for a house were closing on in 2 weeks.

From Paula, 7/14/2005  2:44 PM

I purchased the Broadmoore Hartford Place 9 piece Dining set at Costco. On the instructions there was a customer service number for Samson International 1-800-357-0701. I called them to request the Buffet & Hutch for the Hartford Place - Item 727503/Model 700463. They couldn't tell me if the matching Buffet & Hutch has been sent to Costco. They told me that shipments go out every 6 months - last one was June. Does anyone know if the pieces I'm looking for exist? paula.gomez@rogers.com

From dan, 7/13/2005  6:52 PM

i would like to know the location of the costco richard found the king size bed for 700 dlnyc1@earthlink.net

From PHIL, 7/13/2005  6:33 PM

I am looking to buy an armoire and dresser sold by Costco under the nae Courtland Park. SUNTEKIES@AOL.COM

From Phillip, 7/12/2005  11:21 PM

I am trying to purchase the Anderson Cottage California King Bed Item #888789 and it does not exist on the Costco website. I live in Missouri and beleive it or not I can not get the CA King here. The woman that I spoke with at Costco informed me that I should surf the web and try to find the manfacture of the bed. It apperas that Samson Internationl is a company owner by Costco. Does anyone know any else about this company. Costco is telling me that I'm going to have to pay to have the bed shipped from CA to MO. Has anyone lived this experiance if so do you have any advice. nlee56@hotmail.com

From jim, 7/9/2005  3:50 PM

I still have not found the courtland sleigh bed nightstands. Has anyone had any luck. Costco was not very much help in locating one! burchellj2@bellsouth.net

From Shashi, 7/7/2005  7:20 PM

I have purchased GILCREST Dinning set from Costco. I am looking for a China Set which goes with it. I know China Set comes with it and picture is shown on the Dinning Set box, but Costco does not sell Cina Set. Could any of please let me know where can i find the China Set. ShashiMadulapally@Yahoo.com

From Richard, 7/6/2005  8:20 PM

Our local Costco has the Anderson Cottage collection in stock. Prices are $760.00 for the Armoire, $700.00 for the King Bed, $560.00 for the Chest-Drawers and $170.00 for the Night Stands. Great deal. $2,510.00 including tax.

From Kelly, 7/6/2005  1:27 PM

I too am interested in the Anderson Cottage collection, but haven't been to Costco to see if they are carrying it yet. Does anyone know if the armoire is compartmented? I found a Kincaid Armoire that actually had adjustable "box/shelf" areas where the TV would normally go and need to find something similar for use vice a chest of drawers.

From Gloria, 7/6/2005  9:40 AM

The Anderson Cottage Amoire is $ 1279.99.

From Gloria, 7/5/2005  12:50 PM

I am also interested in the Anderson Cottage set. I called Costco customer service & the whole set with a King size bed is $ 3550.00 delivered. I didn't get the individual prices for each piece, but if you call the customer service # in the magazine, they can help you :)

From Raymonde, 7/2/2005  11:09 AM

The Costco Connection of July 2005 displays from Broadmore -Anderson Cottage an Armoire Item #830137 I tried to see that armoire on line to know the price, butI can not get any information. I will appreciate any help if someone knows that armoire. Raytony@bellsouth.net

From SueB., 6/29/2005  11:59 PM

We purchased the Gilcrest dining table set from Costco many months ago. We love it; but I was wondering what others are using to clean the table top. Regular furniture polish streaks unlike on my other wood furniture. The table top seems to have many layers of a clear coat finish that makes cleaning it different from regular wood top tables. Since our 4 & 8 year olds eat at the table regularly, there are often sticky spots that need to be cleaned off as well as regular dusting. Any suggestions? Thanks! Sue B.ÊÊÊ:-D sueboughner@adelphia.net

From Guest, 6/22/2005  11:11 AM

Dear Liz, this is the first complaint I've received about this product or this company. Basically every person posting a message has been wildly enthusiastic about the brand. This has been a surprise to me since often when consumers purchase furniture from a low margin source (not a full service furniture store), they run into problems when something goes wrong. That's because in the furniture business it is the retailer that is responsible for ensuring that the furniture is delivered on time and in good condition. If warranty repair is necessary, generally the furniture retailer arranges for it. If the manufacturer must be brought in, it is the retailer who must arrange for that as well. I don't know the people at Samson, but my guess is that they are not set up to deal with consumers. They seem to import a good product with excellent quality control (in general) and package it so that it avoids most problems. This is essential for a company like Costco that has good pricing, but does not run their own furniture delivery trucks, deluxe or repair furniture in house or have dedicated furniture salespeople responsible for customer satisfaction. It is a trade-off consumers often make when buying from low price, low service retailers.

From Liz, 6/22/2005  5:00 AM

The first part of March, 2005, we purchased 2 of the Blue Ridge Library units for our new home. One was placed in a room on carpet, the other on a wood floor. The one on carpet leaked stain from underneath, leaving some very serious, and very permanent stains on the new carpet. We have been in contact with Broadmore, Samson International, and Costco on many occassions concerning this damage. Initially, the library was the only piece of furniture in the carpeted room while we waited for the other pieces to arrived from North Carolina. We kept telling the businesses that now would be the time to act to solve the problem, while the room was empty, but no one responded until last week, after the room was entirely filled up with other heavy pieces. Since we have had the spots cleaned professionally several times and the stains remain, it was evident to the Furniture Medic that the carpet will have to be replaced. He filed his report with Samson, but we have heard nothing about a resolution.   My calls to the company have yielded nothing satisfactory, and our visits to a manager at Costco have not helped, either. Just thought I should warn others.

From Greg, 6/21/2005  3:59 PM

I am looking for the Courtland Park dresser (I believe it is a 12 or 15 drawer dresser.) Does anyone know where I can find one? I am in Seattle, WA. greglun@comcast.net

From Casaundra Crofoot, 6/1/2005  2:35 PM

I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I bought a beautiful armoire from Costco. It's the Cortland Collection made by Samson International. They have since discontinued this collection and I REALLY NEED two side tables. If anyone is selling them, knows someone that is selling them or has ANY information about how I can get these side tables I would REALLY appreciate it and love them forever. My email address is casagrande81@yahoo.com. Thanks!

From Kim, 5/19/2005  4:09 PM

I bought the Blue Ridge Library back in February and have been waiting "4-6 weeks" for the missing shelves to be delivered. The customer service phone number is no help. I have no idea how to get any resolution here--I certainly don't want to return the entire huge unit because shelves are missing, especially since this isn't a one-time occurrence--but the lower cabinets are unusable without shelves! If anyone's received any satisfaction from Sampson please let me know. kimmrz60@comcast.net

From D. Walvoord, 5/18/2005  9:23 AM

Myrtle Beach, S.C. opened new Costco sometime in Dec.2004. In January 2005, they carried one very high, quite wide with lots of drawers, dresser. Costco sold it before we could get more info that we might purchase after returning to Vermont. Anyone know which piece I am referring to? Cost about 599.99. Do not know how to research this, but found your question. Thanks, Senior Citizen in Vermont who could use just such a dresser in small room w/bed ridden mate. Doris. RNDWAL@cs.com

From JENNIFER ALLEN, 5/15/2005  7:08 PM

I bought the dining table (Gilcrest) about a week ago from COSTCO and asked about getting the china closet - They gave me the phone number of the local vendor in our area, and I am going to try him tomorrow. If I had known that they couldn't order items for us, I would have never bought the table - as I want a matching set - The table is unbelievably sturdy and nice quality,. If anyone has information about getting the hutch please e-mail me at jallenstamps1@yahoo.com with theinformation - any and all help is greatly appreciated!

From Ron (Las Vegas), 5/14/2005  11:51 AM

Quite impressed with Westing Bookcase 700477 from Costco. Was looking for a wall unit and stumbled across bookcases. First off, the price...wow....only $199 each. Can't touch anything this quality anywhere else for under $500.   Costco sales the same unit online which included delivery and assembly for $559.... Assembly was a breeze...quite impressed....get them while you can and while they are hot....

From Nancy, 5/13/2005  11:55 AM

The first shipment was reported damaged when received in Michigan by the shipping company that was to deliver it to us. The replacements were also received for delivery in damaged condition. When a third delivery was received damaged we were told that the damage was not serious and someone would be dispatched to our home to repair pieces. We received our order with two of the four pieces damaged. Then we were told to find someone locally to do the repair at the shipping company's expense. When we approached Costco regarding a reduction in price because even after repair we still would not have new items they offered us $50, an insult on a $2500 order. We refused this. Without the consideration shown us by the shipping company, I do not know where we would have ended up. We purchased one piece that matched this set at a Costco store and transported it 200 miles and when we unpacked it, it was fine. The excuses we got from Costco regarding the difficulty of moving furniture from California to Michigan were ridiculous. We enjoy shopping at Costco stores and will continue to do so. But we will never order a big ticket item for their delivery again.

From Guest, 5/13/2005  8:55 AM

Nancy, Our readers report, in general that they are very satisfied with the quality and price of the furniture Costco sells. When a problem occurs, it is comforting to do business with a full service furniture store, because it is the store's job to stand behind the purchase. There is often a trade-off between low margins and the ability of a retailer to provide services such as warranty repair, house calls and design assisistance and sometimes that all important (with furniture) quality delivery.- Russell

From Nancy, 5/12/2005  10:37 PM

My husband and I purchased the Courtland Park bedroom set from Costco and paid the extra shipping cost since we don't have a Costco store near us. We ordered the furniture in January and we are finally done with this transaction in May. Costco and Hal(Harold)were of no help to us and insulted us by offering us $50.00 compensation for three damaged pieces of furniture. The shipping company was terrific and resolved our problems. I would never buy furniture, tv, anything electonic from them. They don't stand behind their products and leave it up to the buyer to resolve any problems. Buyer beware.Ênancysuea1@aol.comÊÊÊ

From debbie, 5/12/2005  2:44 PM

I too cashed in my rain check for the Gilcrest dining table and chairs. I'm looking for the hutch also. So far dead ends. I called the Samson company, they only sell to Costco . I called the Costco Home Store in Glendale Az. and they said they don't carry that brand. I from the San Diego area . Any suggestions. the_simpsons@cox.net

From Bob, 5/6/2005  1:10 PM

We just bought and assembled the Broadmoore Westin double bookcases (2 of them!) bought at Costco. They do have that distinctive odor mentioned above, but I expect them to loose it over time. I am personally glad it smells like varnish and not lacquer ~ varnish will be a longer lasting finish.

We are VERY pleased with these units, they are ALL wood, genuine veneers for the back panels, and very well engineered for precise fit. Hardware was of very good quality (not all hardware from China is) and worked exactly as expected. I have assembled a lot of knockdown furniture over the years, and for the money these are an exceptional value. I could not have built these myself for the $200/ea. I paid for them at Costco.

From Guest, 5/2/2005  3:13 AM

70 inches long without any leaves. Just got the set today after holding the rain check for over 3 months. Even without the $300 coupon, it is one sweet deal. Others easily charge more for the table alone.

From amar_7, 5/1/2005  9:58 AM

Does any one know what is the length of the Gilcrest Dinning table without leaf's, that is from costco? abdur_02@yahoo.com

From Mike, 4/30/2005  10:09 PM

Just purchased the dining room set. All we can say is we LOVE it!..What was the last decision point was a customer in the costco store walking down our way stating she has one and really likes it and looking for more pieces...

From Richard, 4/28/2005  11:24 PM

I bought four of the Broadmoore Westin Bookcases and the Idiot I hired to assemble them unpacked them all assembled one, threw away all the boxes and instructions and lost or misplaced or the hardware package was missing from one set. so any information on how I can get a hardware set would be appreciated.
thanks a bunch!! rmckn@msn.com

From paige, 4/27/2005  2:06 PM

I love my broadmore dinning room table. We had to drive over an hour just to get one. I really want the bookcases too, it seems ALOT of people are after this very popular furniture. Can anyone from Costo let me know if and when you will be bringing this back to costco, the sooner the better. ps, Costco should offer delivery and set up for a small fee, for those of us who aren't able to do it ourselves!!!!!!!!! Thanks paigekries@hotmail.com

From Rey, 4/26/2005  12:27 AM

My Broadmoore Blue Ridge Library 700215 is missing the 3 bottom shelves. I called customer service more than 2 months ago and I still have not received the missing parts. I love the library but please send me the selves. Does this have a matching desk? I'll be interested. reyc44@yahoo.com

From Jonita, 4/25/2005  7:51 PM

I bought the Broadmoore Westin Bookcase and the hardware package was missing. I attempted to contact the number for assistance or replacement parts....that was 4 months ago!! They consistantly tell me that they send the request to Samson, and we should get the parts soon!! I have one bookcase and I love it. I don't want a refund, I just want the hardware parts!! Any suggestions?? kendarrla@yahoo.com

From normangel1, 4/24/2005  8:38 AM

As a long time Costco Employee I can tell you the quality is excellent and the guarantee at costco is even better!! You can't lose. As far as missing pieces, nightstands etc...call the costco buying office for you region...(the store can tell you the buyers name...they will bend over backwards to find your furniture pieces.

From Pinkey, 4/23/2005  5:50 PM

I am trying to locate a china cabniet by Gilcrest (Broadmoore), distributed by Samson International, Highpoint, NC. Item# 830219. Thank You

From Glen Shepherd, 4/19/2005  9:46 AM

I am looking for a Samson 5 piece round glass top, wood base dining room table carried but sold out at Coctco. gashephe@telusplanet.net

From Deb, 4/18/2005  12:43 PM

I bought the Broadmoore Westin Double Bookcase (48 by 84) and heavy - 185 lbs. I paid to have someone deliver it and set two units up. I have had it up for a week with the window open and a fan blowing on it as the units have a very distinctive varnish-type odor to them but they are not sticky. It's so bad that I can't use the room. I called Costco and they said to bring them back (easier said then done). Has any one else had this odor problem with any of the Boadmoore furniture and if yes, what did you do? Thanks! angelluck@msn.com

From Guest, 4/7/2005  5:51 PM

Gaithersburg, Maryland. Zip 20879 I have a rain check in Jan., costco currently only offers to those who have rain check.

From Diva, 4/7/2005  10:01 AM

Which costco store did you buy the dining table set from ? I'm also looking for it. sherry_yin@yahoo.com

From Sherry Yin, 4/6/2005  6:01 PM

I bought the Gilcrest 9-piece dining set at COSTCO yesterday, I am looking for the matching China and Hutch right now. Does any one have any information where I can get it ? I really want to whole sets. the vender is Samson international, but I can not find a website. Thanks in advance. my email: sherry_yin@yahoo.com

From Ron, 4/5/2005  10:25 PM

Looking for Courtland night stand- did any of you ever hear a way to find one. Costco very poor in helping anyone with this. Thanks but no thanks to Costco. ronoveson@yahoo.com

From Francine, 3/29/2005  4:05 PM

Hello, I have the chairs for this dining set if anyone is looking for them. I dont belive that Costco is selling them any longer. Thanks. fkapello@aol.com

From Sarah S., 3/27/2005  6:17 PM

My husband and I recently stayed in a condo that had the Broadmoore Cama Trineo Country Lane bedroom set. (Bed #700270)We abosl***ely LOVED it and would like to purchase it! So...from the postings I am seeing I gather that Broadmoore furnishings can only be purchased at Costco. Costco online does not have this bed on the website. Any suggestions on how to get ahold of this beautiful bedroom set? Thanks! sarahstjohn@clearchannel.com

From Toni, 3/19/2005  7:11 PM

I too am looking for the Courtland Park nightstands did anyone find them. Please email me if you have any infor. I am in San Diego area. Thanks Toni G3socgirl@aol.com

From Sophia Costa, 3/18/2005  10:06 PM

I bought the courtland park sleigh bed set at costco, they did not have the nightstand in the store, I am trying to locate one,can anyone give me an item number or tell me where or how to purchase one. Thanks. sophia_honey@yahoo.com

From Carole, 3/14/2005  12:00 PM

My mother is looking for the Broadmore, Blue Ridge Library. Any help would be most appreciated. caew619@aol.com

From John I. Depp, 3/12/2005  3:20 PM

Anyone, We are looking to find a Broadmoore Westin style book case or end shelf.ÊÊÊroughly 30" wide by 84" tall. Please post here if you know of a place. Thanks, John I Depp Johnidepp@yahoo.com

From nancy, 3/12/2005  9:24 AM

I am going to purchase the Gilcrest dining set sold at costco. What is the best way to take care of this table. Has anyone tried the furniture polishes sold at furniture shop guaranteeing to keep the finish like new.

From jj, 3/3/2005  2:05 PM

Care instructions for Gilcrest wood: Use soft cloth that will not scratch, furniture polish not necessary,never use water,use protective pads and coasters under hot dishes or glasses,blot spills immediately,do not rub.

From Walter, 3/2/2005  8:05 PM

Has anyone had any luck finding a source for the Courtland Park night stand to match the bedroom suite sold at Costco. I too have been searching. walter.nichols@jwhomes.com

From Kevin, 2/26/2005  6:20 PM

Lynn, Do have email? I am not sure how you did it but I would like to know. Thanks, Kevin KBielat@msn.com

From Lynn Spencer, 2/26/2005  6:06 PM

To get all the chairs to fit, we added one of the leaves . . . now it works great (looks better too since hte pieces are so "heavy" looking . . . balances the look. The way my pedestals are set, one of the three legs points to the opposite end of the table -- on each side (so I have two tiers facing each corner of the table and the third tier facing the middle -- if that makes any sense.) I love this set and what a steal!!!!

From Kevin, 2/26/2005  2:03 PM

I bought the Gilcrest set. The qulaity is very good. A similar set at Etan Allen (probally better quality and over priced) is $6000 plus. Ethanallen.com My question is what way should the pedial legs face? I assembled like the pic on the box and I can't get all the chairs to fit? SHould the legs go the other way? Will it take another leaf? Thanks, Kevin

From Kathy, 2/24/2005  5:50 PM

The table and chairs that "were" at Costco (2 arm chairs; 6 side chairs; 2 leafs and a table top cover for $1299.99?) If this is the same dining set, Costco doesn't have it anymore and we would REALLY like to get it. Anyone have any info on where we can find this?? We are located in Seattle. Thank you. cruisebrat@comcast.net

From tracy, 2/24/2005  1:02 PM

I am also looking to locate nightstands for the Courtland bed I purchased from Costco. Anyone has any information on where I might look? Thanks

From Sharon, 2/21/2005  10:34 AM

I am also looking to locate nightstands for the Coutland sleigh beds I purchased from Costco. Anyone has any information on where I might look? Thanks sjcali@hotmail.com

From Ray, 2/14/2005  6:47 PM

I purchased a dinning room set at BJ's Wholesale today,table ,six chairs for $600.The quality and workmanship are rock solid.It went by the name Willow Lane and the assembly instructions were printed with the Samson International letter head.Does anyone know if they have a website??I'd be interested to see what else they have to offer. Thanks rmorin2@verizon.net

From David, 2/9/2005  12:35 AM

We bought the Gilcrest Dinning room set, floor display. No care instructions, any body have the intructions for care of the wood?? snoopydave@hotmail.com

From james burchell, 2/8/2005  7:54 PM

I bought the courtland park sleigh bed set at costco, they did not have the nightstand in the store, I am trying to locate one,can anyone give me an item number or tell me where or how to purchase one. burchellj2@bellsouth.net

From david, 2/8/2005  6:03 PM

I live near Salinas, CA. that store has eight (8)hutches in stock and they move very slowly. cost is $800.00.

From david, 2/4/2005  12:52 PM

I called Samson International at 800-357-0701 (this was on cleaning instructions in one of the boxes). they say you cannot order the hutch from them, but they do show the product is still in some Costco stores. the hutch is model #700185 (this is not Costco's number). she says to call Costco and have them check other stores and get it brought to your store. Also, she said you can order replacment parts from them at that number.

From david, 2/4/2005  12:44 PM

we purchased the table and chairs from Costco also, but did not see any hutch. anyone know if we can buy it from a manufacturer.

From Alex, 1/26/2005  8:21 AM

I just bought the Gilcrest Set from Costco. It is very nice. The price is excelletnt. I can tell you from having assembled it last night, that the construction is sturdy. The pedestal center peice is one peice of wood. I did see the china set at the costco we bought this from, but we already had one. Warning- there are 6 huge boxes. We had to rent a Uhaul to get it home. Its worth it, a set like this at any furniture store would be twice as much. If you have questions I would be happy to answer. afbq@yahoo.com

From Phyllis, 1/22/2005  9:58 PM

I just bought the Gilcrest table and chairs and the hutch. My local Costco had the hutch in stock. You might ask your local store to check other locations for you. They had sold out of the table set on Monday (1-17)but got in more sets yesterday (1-21). You can get a rain check for the $300.00 off coupon. This set was offered last fall so maybe it will be offered again since it has been such a big sell. By the way the set is just beautiful. I have other name brand furniture that I bought direct from High Point and the quality is equal if not surpassing. Great value. Looks very impressive!

From alex, 1/21/2005  6:45 PM

01/21/05 has anyone found the china cabinet/hutch that goes to the gilcrest table fromm costco? I to have seen the picture of it on the box & I would really like the entire set as shown on the box.ÊÊÊalex alexnmiss@verizon.net

From tom, 1/20/2005  11:43 AM

we want to buy this gilcrest table at costco as well. right now it is on sale with a $300.00 rebate to make the price $900.00 .. is very nice and such a good deal.. however,, there is a matching china hutch that goes with the set. you can see a picture of it on the table boxes in the store... does anyone know where to get the huitch? .. i have tried costco online,, they don't offer gilcrest.. i also couldn't find gilcrest furniture in a googel or yahoo search... i want the table, but don't want without the complete set / the hutch kind regards, tom swellcharger@msn.com

From Guest, 1/20/2005  9:22 AM

Karen, if you bought it from Costco, you should call their customer service department. -Russell

From karen, 1/19/2005  6:33 PM

I bought a dressor with a mirror that is broadmore. We can't find the instructions and don't know how to attach the mirror. Anyone know how I can get a hold of that information? karenv139@verizon.net

From Tiffanie, 1/18/2005  11:09 PM

At Costco everything is 100% guaranteed satisfaction, so don't worry about an anonymous manufacturer or quesiton the quality of the product. All the furniture I've bought at Costco (most of it Broadmoore) is as good quality as it looks, and it does look nice huh! I think I might get that Gilcrest dining set too, esp. since this week there is a $300 off coupon. It's hard to go wrong at Costco!

From Kerri, 1/18/2005  10:32 PM

I saw the furniture at Costco as well. It looks like it is a good deal for the price. It is even cheaper than the scratch and dent outlets that I went to (Baers, City Furniture and Rooms to Go). Yet it seems to be made very well. The way that I look at it, you can't even buy the chairs for the price of the whole dinning room table set. Please post a reply if you have purchased this dining room set. I plan on buying it myself this week. Thanks :)

From Kate, 1/13/2005  3:58 AM

Costco tends to have very competitive pricing on all of their items. Their markups are usually less than 15%. If the set is what you want and you want something new versus used, then it is probably a good price (versus buying new elsewhere).

The overall quality is hard to assess since the manufacturer is effectively "anonymous" and though it seems like a sturdy set, I'm not sure about the quality of the fit and finish. If I had to guess, I'd say the furniture is probably comparable to lower or mid-range Universal offerings.

If you want the best deal, I'd recommend to check your local paper's classified section and get a nice used dining room set.

From Bill, 1/12/2005  10:33 PM

I'm going to buy a table and chair set from costco under this brand name is it worth the money it's called the gilcrest a table 8 chairs inlaid wood if anybody knows please let me know. wda930@msn.com

From Brenda, 1/12/2005  10:11 AM

Is there a desk and hutch that match the Blue Ridge Broadmoore Library unit sold at Costco? I am interested in all pieces that match the library unit. golfjos@msn.com

From Hal, 1/11/2005  8:35 AM

I'm going to buy a table and chair set from costco under this brand name is it worth the money it's called the gilcrest a table 8 chairs inlaid wood if anybody knows please let me know.ÊÊÊthanksÊÊÊÊHal hfvh@yahoo.com

From harold quan, 1/10/2005  10:45 AM

Re:blue ridge library, model #700215,by Broadmoore mfg., Is there matching shelf units and entertainment unit to match?

From Johnny, 12/29/2004  6:16 PM

Samson International does not have a website.. it is a private label brand for Costco.com only.. so is Broadmore, The products are manufactured by one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world who prefers to remain anonymous for competitive reasons.

From Guest, 12/27/2004  9:38 AM

Search the message boards (click on the above text link) to find this information. -Russell

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