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High Point Bending &Chair Co. Info.

Posted By Dick Thomps0n, 8/2/2004

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I am trying to find out any information on the High Point Bending & Chair Co. that was located in Siler NC. I have 6 Hichcock style chairs, pattern 223, Mahogany, that were made by them and am trying to find out their approximate age. The company possibly went out of business in the late 50s.


From jsmithnc06, 4/18/2014  7:28 PM

We have 5 dining chairs (Hitchcock style) made by the High Point Bending and Chair Company in Siler City.  Pattern # and finish are not visible on th label.   I believe that the finish is either cherry or mahogany.  4 of the chsirs are in good condition.  2 of these need some re gluing on the top of the chair bach.   The 5th chair has a partisl break on one side of the back.   We also have one armchair in this set.  I would like some idea of the value if these chairs and would consider selling the set or just the dining chairs.

From Bob72319, 11/11/2013  10:29 AM

I have two of their chairs, one is a swivel pattern 6710....I suspect it's one of the later models, because the tag reads "Boling Chair Company".  So based upon the info you got from the historical society it must have been made after 1956 when they changed from "High Point" to "Boling Chair"...

I saw the pics of the 6700 you were restoring.  The 6710 looks exactly the same, except mine's in way better condition.  The mate is a straight back Boling Chair Company Pattern 6711.

From Dick Thomps0n, 8/15/2011  9:06 PM

Apparently this site has a program that deletes inappropriate posts - which is great - however it deleted my description of the style of chair. It is not a "hitchdeleted" style, but rather a hitchc**k style chair, or maybe I can type it this way: Hitchcok. Hopefully you get the idea!

From Dick Thomps0n, 8/15/2011  9:03 PM

I have couple of these chairs and am looking to complete the set. They are a hitchdeleted style chair with a rush seat. The bottom has a tag that says the following:

Boling Chair Co.
Mellowax 977


From Dick Thomps0n, 8/10/2011  12:30 AM

Âàñ ïðèâåòñòâóåò èíòåðíåò-ìàãàçèí "Êëåîïàòðà-øîï"!
Ìû ðàäû ñîîáùèòü Âàì, ÷òî çàïóñòèëè íîâóþ àêöèþ!
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Ñïåøèòå, àêöèÿ äåéñòâóåò äî 31 àâãóñòà 2011 ãîäà.

Ñ Óâàæåíèåì Êëåîïàòðà-øîï.

From Dick Thomps0n, 7/15/2011  3:51 PM

Hi all,

I found the following information on the 'net while researching my own chair...

"After contacting the Chatham, North Carolina Historical Society I received the following information about the High Point Bending and Chair Company: The High Point Bending and Chair Company operated from 1904-1956 when it became the Boling Chair Company, later just the Boling Company. That company is now out of business. The company began in 1901 as the Siler City Bending Company. It made parts for house-drawn vehicles. An investor was M.J. Boling and in 1904 he rescued the failing company reorganizing it into the High Point Bending and Chair Company. In addition to the chair-making plant in Siler City it built a plant in Mount Olive NC to make desks, tables and bookcases, mostly for office use. It was still operating in 1987 when the booklet from which I have taken this information was published and it continued to be owned and operated by the Boling family. I'm not sure when it closed.”

From s. chesak, 5/13/2011  9:46 PM

worth of high point bending chair pattern 3 5505 finish oak

From s. chesak, 5/13/2011  9:33 PM

worth of chair

From Richard, 5/4/2011  2:26 PM

the tag under the chair says:
Manufacture by
Hight Point Bending and chair Company
Siler City, N.C.
look like a office type chair, has casters,rocks back, swilvel, & hand adj. for tention.

From Jedmon, 4/24/2011  2:37 PM

I am interested in adding an arm chair to a set of Boling Chair Company, Siler City, N.C. #264-R, #24 Cherry, Henkle Harris listed, chairs.

Thank you for any information about how I might be able to do it.

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