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Looking For Brickwede Company

Posted By Guest, 10/4/1999

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I have a mahogany Duncan Phyfe-style buffet with a brass plate in the top drawer that says "Brickwede" I've been unable to learn anything about this firm. Can someone possibly provide some background information (where manufactured, brief company history details, etc)? Thanks in advance for any assistance!


From Guest, 7/27/2011  11:12 AM

We are moving to a smaller and need to sell a Brickweded dining table with 2 butterfly extension panels, custom made felt pad, 4 straight back chairs, 2 end chairs with arms, and a matching buffet. The buffet has one long drawer, 2 short drawers, and two side cupboards. Mahagony colored wood. We purchased the set from the original owners. Mfg in the late 30's, early 40's. All are in very good condition.

From Guest, 7/13/2011  12:43 PM

Recently purchased a sideboard from a thrift store. It's in pretty good condition. Needs some TLC. Top has some water marks. Few splits in the wood. Inside top drawer has the oval plate "Brickwede". Drawer pulls might be brass plated. Number stamped on the back is b-b-co 253. Two long drawers. Top has two smaller sections with felt for silverware. Bottom has cabinet doors. It looks like walnut doors possibly also used mahogany. Any information on this would be great. Love the piece - plan on keeping it.

From Guest, 7/5/2011  5:39 PM

Brickwede started in 1850's making tea tables and fireplance mantels. Earlier furniture is quarter sawn oak as wide as 21 inches with solid oak bottoms in drawers
He made obviously handed the business down to sons or grandsons and it becane Brickwede Bros Fine Furniture and used a squar brass tag from 1917 to 1959.   Earlier furniture had an oval tag in the draw of side boards that said just Brickwede.   Side boards like mine with the oval tag are estimated to have been made cs 1890's to 1916
Based on the materials hardware type of carvings and other factors my estimate of my side board is 1895-1905
If you want photo email genr29@longlines.com

From Guest, 6/29/2011  3:46 PM

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From Guest, 6/25/2011  3:12 PM

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From Guest, 6/25/2011  2:03 PM

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From Brian Porter, 5/31/2011  1:50 PM

My great grandfather on my mothers side of the family was the owner and founder of Brickwede furniture. The company was located in Marietta,Ohio. It started originally as a builder of wood Mantles for fireplaces and evolved into a manufacturer of ktchen, dining room and bedroom furniture. If you have other specific questions, please e-mail me at bporte60@sbcglobal.net

From Mary Lee Gecowets, 5/17/2011  9:18 AM

Interested in selling a Brickwede china hutch, glass sliding doors on top, drawers and cabinet doors below. very good condition, Value...make offer.

From Lisa, 4/26/2011  12:02 PM

E-mail contact for above message is crazyforkids@hotmail.com

From Lisa, 4/26/2011  12:00 PM

We recently replaced our inherited Brickwede set and looking for information regarding the possible value. Our set includes a 3 pedestal drop leaf table in great condition with 2 extra leafs and pads, 4 fabric covered chairs (need recovering and a little extra TLC) and a 42" china cabinet, all in walnut. Original tags included list manufactured date of 1957. Please e-mail or respond with any information you might have. Thanks!

From Dianne, 4/6/2011  6:19 PM

I have a Brickwede dinning room table, with 3 leaves, 5 side chairs and an arm chair. One leg is broken near the foot, but an easy repair. I want to sell it, anyone know what its worth. Thank you.


From Barbara Simms, 3/22/2011  5:50 PM

Anyone that is interested:
I yet own a 1930 Brickwede Buffet.

From Rod Smith, 3/18/2011  11:10 AM

I came across a Brickwede corner china cabnet I think thatis what it is triangular shaped in great shap what would this peice be worth? Thanks Rod

From carol, 2/14/2011  5:26 PM

I have 2 chairs made by The Brickwede Brothers Co. The tag on the bottom of the chairs indicates: Pattern No. 227 dated 1949. They are Mahogany (I believe) and the seats have been re-upholstered. I would like to sell. Will take $75 each plus shipping. I live in the Portsmouth, OH area. Will post a photo on Facebook if you would like.

From Rick, 11/28/2010  6:59 PM

Please use this e-mail for reply's:

Would also be interested in knowing the approximate value if anyone can help.

From Rick, 11/28/2010  6:56 PM

We have the Brickwede dinette table with 5 chairs and one chair that has arms. We also have the the pads that came with the table. Also selling the hutch/buffet. The hutch is in very good condition, table has some lamination removed in one small spot, chairs are all good except one has broken top rail but we have the piece. Have pictures available, make an offer. Live in the Detroit area.

From Lori, 9/27/2010  8:13 PM

Sorry my email is yukonquest20@yahoo.com

From Lori, 9/27/2010  8:11 PM

I have a Willett full bedroom set for sale. Chest small chest with oval mirror foot/head boards. would like 2000.00 for the set. Send email or question to email and I will send pictures.

From Cindy, 9/21/2010  3:34 PM

For Sale I have a beuatiful Brickwede Mahogony China Buffet and table with 4 chairs.

Still has the original inspection tag dated 1958 and the Hamar Hill Series brochure.
The Buffet has 2 glass sliding doors and 2 drawers, one is sectioned off with 2 silverware sections. 48" wide 61" high an 19" deep.

Table is oval with additional leaf, 4 upholstered chairs, one with arms.

For sale for $1500 obo. I am in Northern VA. 703-590-9428

From Kathleen, 7/9/2010  8:41 PM

I have a Brickwede Corner Curio Cabinet with glass sliding doors. Can anyone tell me any info on this piece,its worth?? Has anyone found anyone specific that has information pertaining to this furniture?

Thank you

From Ellen Brennan, 7/8/2010  9:51 PM

I just inherited an entire dining room set of Brickwede furniture. Table, 5 chairs, hutch and china cabinet. I have no room for them and would like to sell. I live an hour from Grand Rapids, Mi. Any help, info, etc would be greatly appreciated. Crew2u@hotmail.com

From Carmen, 7/8/2010  1:21 PM

I have a mahogany Brickwede table (42X66)with a 28 inch butterfly leaf inside and four lyre-back chairs for sale in ID. Base of table is a double metal-claw footed pedestal style. I have pictures if you are interested.

From carol johnson, 5/7/2010  1:45 PM

would like to find out about my dining room set that I have which has the name of brick wede on it.

From Offenue, 4/22/2010  10:49 AM

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From janice, 3/21/2010  12:05 PM

We have a GORGEOUS Brickwede buffet for sale. Dimensions are approximately 58 inches long, 21 inches deep, and 32 inches tall. It is in excellent condition. 4 drawers down center front. They are curved out and then in again and then out. 1 drawer with 1 door below it on each side of center drawers. Shelves inside doors. Please email me if interested or if you'd like to see pictures. Thanks. jec4g@hotmail.com

From pat, 3/18/2010  7:47 PM

please send pics of your brickwede furniture

From jill swan, 3/16/2010  9:25 PM

I have 2 pieces of brickwede furniture. one is a china cabinet and the other piece is a buffet. Very nice furniture and my mom needs to sell because she is moving into a smaller place. Any one interested can email me and I can send you pics.

From L. Gearig, 3/12/2010  12:01 AM

Moving from Canton, Ohio to Arizona and cannot take my Brickwede mahogany dining table, buffet or chairs. Table has two self-storing leaves, original pads. Top never exposed. Dual pedestal "urn" style (Federal) with brass leg tip covers.

Chairs are classic shield back; 5 dining chairs and one side chair.

Buffet/sideboard is typical Brickwede style with undulating front. Two top drawers. Left drawer is divided for silverware. Underneath is one full length drawer, great for linens. The bottom area has three doors that open to a common storage area with one recessed self.

Condition is good. Will sell for fair price. Buyer must arrange shipping.

Only have two weeks then it goes into storage for later sale. 3/11/2010

Please email ljegarig@yahoo.com if interested.


From Lee, 2/23/2010  10:20 AM

I have a table which I believe was purchased somewhere around 1950. Two leaves and 6 chairs. Pattern # 945. Can I get a good description and cost for the set now.
Thank you

From Kaine, 2/20/2010  11:27 AM

I have a Brickwede set table, china cabinet and hutch. It's been in my family since 1960. I am moving and am unable to take it with me. Looking for someone interested in the entire set. I am not asking for anything for it only to be picked up.
I am located in Southern Ca.
Thank you

From jack dufur, 2/12/2010  3:51 PM

need price on a micheal howard amoire 1998 made in mexico with care oct 01,1998 beautiful mahogany wood with
clothes rod , turntable for t.v. , mirror inside door, excellent condition 7'x2'

From Julie, 2/6/2010  9:05 PM

I have a beautiful Brickwede Brothers China cabinet and I am looking to sell it. In the upstate NY area. Please post a reply if interested! I can send pictures.

From brandy hackney, 1/20/2010  11:04 AM

I have an entire dining set made by the brickwede brothers better built furniture co. It is cherry woor with I think mahogany inlay for the design in it. There is no date found anywhere on it. Is there any help you can give me to find the date? I am looking to sell the set and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

From ROSE MCDONAGH, 10/14/2009  6:04 PM


From G Boone, 9/1/2009  12:56 AM

I have a Brickwede Brothers Built Tea Cart or wagon and I'm trying to find out it's value. I've had it forty years and bought it from a lady in her 90's.

From Carla Burns, 8/21/2009  8:55 PM

I have a complete dining set of Brickwede Brothers 1950 pattern #914 walnut: table with drop down ends, two leafs, pads, 5 "rose back" side chairs and 1 arm chair with beautiful flo__l pattern, buffet with two drawers at top, one long drawer in middle with four cabinet doors on bottom, china cabinet with two drawers, two cabinet doors and three glass enclosed shelves. Very good condition. I can email you pictures. I live in southern Ohio but have family in Columbus. Please make offer.

From robert martin, 8/16/2009  11:17 AM

value of brickwede serve4r

From Patti, 8/3/2009  7:00 PM

I have 8-piece Brickwede Bros. Dining Room Suite of mahogany/cherry. This set has been used by our family for over 30 years. Before that it was used by 2 generations of family friends. Very nice.

Table - double pedestal table, 42 x 62 with 2 14" self-storing butterfly leaves,extending table to 90". The table includes table pads (very worn). There is 1 captain chair and 5 side chairs.

Buffet - 54w x 20d x 36h. This has 3 doors across the bottom, with 1 large drawer on top and 2 smaller drawers on top of that.

China Cabinet/Secretary - 45w x 14d x 76h. Piedmont on top is approx. 8"h. 4 drawers on bottom with tall side doors and 3 shelves inside. There are 2 upper glass doors with 3 open shelves on each side.

This is a beautiful set that has been used by our family. It has wear and tear but is in good condition.

Please email if interested: patti@op-sec.us

From Phil, 6/28/2009  6:09 PM

I have a Brickwede Bros. Dining room table with self storing leaves that fold up inside the table. It is 90" fully extended and 62" without leaves. It is in o.k. shape but needs some care (cleaning, polishing). I will let it go for $250. E-mail philccarney@juno.com if interested.


From Kim, 5/18/2009  3:01 PM

I have a Brickwede Brothers dining table (leafs gone) 6 chairs and a china cabinet, looking to sell it. I live in Ohio, will accept any resonable offer. The furniture need some gluing and love.

From Tammy, 5/18/2009  2:27 PM

I also have a brickwede china cabinet for sale. It has the Piedmont at top, upper section has glass doors with intricat carved panes and 3 shelves; the bottom has 2 solid doors with 2 shelves; and there is a drawer in the middle section. I have had this for about 3 or 4 years and over time it has gotten some scratches on the bottom, nothing that can't be fixed easilly though. I need to sell it ASAP! As is condition $350.00.

If interested, please email me at onebadcookie25@yahoo.com

From Jeanne in Tennessee, 5/10/2009  4:48 PM

Offering heirloom Brickwede dining room set in excellent condition; original hardware; beautiful patina with fully-grained walnut finish

$450 China cabinet with Piedmont at top
6’’ tall, 33” wide; 15’ deep; upper section with glass doors and 3 shelves with plate holder grooves; drawer between the top and bottom section; bottom section with solid doors and 2 shelves

$325 Buffet
2 drawers; bottom section with shelving; 4’ wide, 19” deep

$450 Table and 6 chairs with pads included
triple center pedestals with drop leaf and extra extensions; very versatile - can be as short as 2’or extend to 5’ or 8’; chairs with new upholstery; table pads for each extension

If interested, please email jeanne.leslie@yahoo.com

From Elaine, 4/23/2009  12:46 PM

I have a Brickwede dining room set. China cabinet with glass doors and a buffet. The table has a double pedestal with butterfly leafs that are attached to the table. I have 6 chairs. The set was purchased by a great aunt and then given to us. We are downsizing and would like to sell it as a set. It is in good condition, it has a scratch where the leaves fold down on the table. I have pictures. Thanks

From Deanna, 3/17/2009  9:17 PM

I forgot to put my email address to forward information to: jamison502@comcast.net

From Deanna, 3/17/2009  9:16 PM

I have a Brickwede Brothers hutch with glass display door on top and two drawers on bottom as well as a Brickwede Brothers walnut buffet with two large drawers in the middle and two small doors on each side with shelves inside them. I can forward pictures to you - these are in good condition - and we estimate they are from the 20s or 30s. Can anyone tell me what the estimated value of these would be? I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

From Ruth, 3/16/2009  4:29 PM

Price on hutch in previous posting: $300

From Ruth, 3/16/2009  4:21 PM

Mint condition Brickwede hutch for sale, St. Paul, MN.
2 glass sliding doors on upper section, 3 shelves with plate holder grooves. Bottom section: 2 drawers, 2 doors. Original hardware, great patina, warm colored, fully grained. 60" high, 42" wide, 18" deep. Email for photos: merrillkallstrom@usfamily.net

From Troy, 3/12/2009  5:55 PM

Here is what my Brickwede set looks like. nashville.craigslist.org/fuo/1065161247.html

From Troy, 3/11/2009  9:50 AM

Beautiful Heirloom "Brickwede" brand 1940's Era Formal Antique Mahogany Dining Room Suit Complete (9-pieces all matching) Almost unheard of for entire set to all be sold together. Usually they are split up and sold seperately. This set came from an estate sale years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee. Similar in quality to brands such as Baker, Bernhardt, Berkey and g--, Henredon, and Drexel, "Brickwede" was known for making quality, high-end furniture in Marietta, Ohio from 1917-1959. National known, their furniture was shipped by train to New York, Chicago, and even San Francisco.

Set Includes:

Duncan Phyfe (fife) Table and 6 classic empire saber leg "rose back" chairs (one captain & 5 side chairs)

Table: Triple pedestal with 2 drop leaves and 5 removable leaves (14" each). Very versatile depending on how you set it up table can be as short as 2ft, and as long as 10 1/2 ft! (Shown with included custom glass top and drop leaves opened, 4'7" long.)

Double China Cabinet: Has 4 shelves, 2 lower drawers, 2 large doors above with glass and intricate carved panes. Piedmont on top. 6'5" tall, 3' wide, 17" deep

Buffet: 4 doors across the bottom front, 1 long drawer across the top - styled to look like 3 drawers. 3' tall, 5' wide, 20" deep.

This set is not sitting somewhere in storage! It is in our home, in excellent condition, and lovingly cared for.

Entire set for $1,800

Would also consider selling just the 6 rose-back chairs separately for $350.

Contact me by e-mail: phillipst@bedfordk12tn.net

From Cal, 3/7/2009  8:11 AM

I have a Brickwed dropleaf table with two additional leaves, five side chairs and one armchair. Does anyone know what this might be worth?

From Linda, 2/28/2009  9:50 PM

Forgot to leave my email if anyone might be interested in the Brickwede mahagony buffet and china hutch. Have pictures that I can forward to you. Terms would be cash only. Email is bsing@frontiernet.net

From Linda, 2/28/2009  9:42 PM

I have a Brickwede mahagony buffet and china hutch for sale. The buffet is 53"L x 22"w x 35" tall. It has two drawers on top, one is divided for silverware, then a narrow full length drawer for linens and three doors on the bottom with a half shelf on the inside for china.
The china hutch has four glass doors (which have an hour glass shape) on top with two shelves on the inside. The bottom has a door on the right and left side with 3 drawers down the center. The dimensions are 5'W x 16"D x 75" tall. Both are in great condition. Asking $750 for the two. I live in Burnsville MN. I am guessing they are from about the 1940's or early 50's.

From jnet smith, 2/7/2009  9:37 AM

I have a buffett with the top middle drawer that pulls out and has a divider section that comes out that is linred with velet material and then there is a second drawer below this one and its plain inside. It has doors on both sides . how old do you think this is

From Maria, 1/31/2009  4:37 PM

I have a Brickwede Bros. China Cabinet. It has two doors that open from the center and one large drawer on the bottom. A beautiful piece that I need to get the value of.

From Celinda Figgins, 1/11/2009  2:11 PM

I have had a china cabinet for about 6 years. My mother got it from her mother who got it from her sister so it has been in the family for at least 60 years. It has one drawer and one glass door. This piece also has cannon ball legs. If you have any information about the Brickwede Brothers Company please respond.

From Barbara Simms, 12/24/2008  5:22 PM

I can be reached at Barbiel572003@yahoo.com or
My Brickwede Buffet is for sale, it is in good condition.

From Barbara Simms, 12/24/2008  5:17 PM

The Brickwede Buffet I have has a metal plate inside the top drawer. It was made in 1930.

From fran, 12/13/2008  1:27 PM

I have a brickwede china cabinet that I'm looking to price and/or sell. It is one solid piece with three drawers and two small doors on the bottom half. The top half has one large glass door and two smaller ones on either side. I do not know the manufacture year or purchase year. All I know is that it was purchased at Larson's furniture in Rockford, IL many years ago. Does anyone have any insight or interest? We are located in Chicago, IL. Is anyone aware of a chicago antique dealer that we could bring this too? forie01@yahoo.com

From Taylor, 12/9/2008  11:13 PM

Hello, I have a small resale shop in Lenoir NC and I have recently acquired a Brickwede Bros. Drop leaf table with two extra leaves for the center. It also has a complete table pad protector and a matching sideboard/buffet. These were purchased in 1939 in Florida. These are styled after the early Duncan Phyfe pieces. These are in very good shape and I would like to sell them. I had them appraised by an antique appraiser. She told me the table is worth around $600 with the 4 chairs and the sideboard is worth around $450-$500. I will sell the table for $450 with 4 chairs and the buffet for $325.00. If any one is interested please call me at 828-754-6700. Leave a message if no answer. Shipping is available.

From Carol, 12/6/2008  9:20 PM

Sorry, I forgot to add my email address to my posting. It's carbo3595@cox.net

From Carol, 12/6/2008  9:04 PM

I have my Nana's Brickwede dining set consisting of a mahogany console style table with ball & claw foot. The table has this sliding mechanism to separate it and then you add leaves to stretch the table to seat 10. She also had custom made table pads. There are only 4 chairs left which are lyre back with rush seats. The china cabinet (Brickwede plate in top drawer) has three shelves on top with heavy sliding glass doors, two drawers below that (top one felt lined); and then two doors with a shelf. I would love to have a sideboard/buffet to complete the set. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

From Carolyn, 11/26/2008  12:17 AM

I have a brickwede sideboard that I got at a sale that nobody bid on. My husband's uncle bid One dollar and turned around and gave it to me. I did not know the maker of the sideboard until I got it home and found the name plate inside the drawer. It is a quality piece and really would like to know more about the company???? Can anyone help????????

From Mareta, 9/20/2008  12:17 AM

I inherited a Brickwede corner hutch,and then after i got married my husband bought me a regular size Brickwede hutch. i am interested in buying a buffet/sideboard, and table w/6 or 8 chairs (dark cherry or mahogany).email pix/info to happyscrapin@gmail.com

From Dana Jo, 9/16/2008  3:52 PM

I also have a Duncan Phyfe table. Does anyone have a rough idea of the value of these dining room tables with chairs. I have three of these tables; two have the metal or bronze work on the bottle of the table legs. The other table has a bear claw made out of some sort of silver material? I have roughly 6 or 8, table expansions. It is my understanding that one of them came from a very old country home where many people would gather and eat, so they made the table very, very long. I also have several chairs, I cannot recall how many? Where is a good place to gets these appraised? do my pieces even sound worth it?

I was also inherited two Chippendale chairs from the 1980's from my great grandma? Anyone have a rough idea of their worth? Should I hane unto them? Thanks for all your help you all. deejfield@aol.com/dfield1@fairview.org

From Jeff Pieper, 8/23/2008  7:43 PM

I have a Brickwede that I'm selling on Ebay, you can all watch this auction to get an idea of your pieces worth. Auction ends 9/2/08 use item #180281128767 any questions email ajpieper@alltel.net

From Virginia Bolerjcak, 8/19/2008  4:15 PM

I purchased an old. but beautiful Brickwede drop leaf table and a small side buffet. How can I find about how much it is worth now?

Virginia Bolerjack

From Steve in Mass, 8/16/2008  4:57 PM

I have a beautiful Brickwede sideboard that used to belong to my grandmother - i am moving and need to sell it - how do I know what it's worth? Any interest? please email slidebass78@gmail.com

From Gina, 7/31/2008  7:13 PM

I too have a Brickwede corner china cabinet - same description. I'm interested in learning the value as well. txsissi@switched.com

From Geraldine Holsinger, 7/23/2008  6:31 PM

I have a Brickwede corner china cabinet . It is walnut and is in excellent condition. It was made in 1943 and the article no. is 41 and the pattern no. is 126. I have the original tag. It has 2 glass doors at the top then a drawer and 2 more doors that open at the bottom. I would like for someone to place a value on it for me.
My e-mail is: gerri2@windstream.net

From Leo, 7/7/2008  2:25 PM

I have a Brickwede dining set, in excellent condition. It was purchased by my family in the early 60s and has been unused for the past 20 years. The set consists of a Glass doored corner china hutch, a large (approx 5ft wide) buffet, and clawfoot table and 6 chairs with ornate lute design backs. It is probably walnut but may be mahogany. If anyone is interested email me at leoharrison@insightbb.com I will send pictures if you are interested.

From Leo, 7/7/2008  2:12 PM

I have a Brickwede dining set in excellent, orginal, unrefinished condition that I am looking to sell. I think it's mahogony although it may be a dark cherry or other dark finished wood. (I'm no wood expert) It was purchased by my parents in the 60s and has been unused for the past 20 years. It consists of an ornate corner, glass doored china hutch, a large (approx. 5ft wide) buffet table, metal clawfoot dining table with built in leaf and fold down sides, and six chairs (two arm chairs and four regular chairs). Please email me if interested. I have not yet taken photos but will if there is anyone interested in it.

From George, 6/24/2008  2:57 PM

I have a Brickwede dining room table with two leafs and four chairs. I also have a china hutch with two drawers and three doors on the bottom for storage. I'am interestet in selling these pieces. Please contact Kieferg50@earthlink.net.

From gary wendyt, 6/23/2008  9:36 PM

I have a Brickwede mahogany double drop leaf table with covers and a matching three drawer, double glass china cabinet and 6 chairs with lute instrument backs. Looking to sell ASAP. Please contact gwswofil@aol.com for more info.

From John Brown, 6/16/2008  7:14 PM

I have a Brickwede China Cabinet - sliding glass doors on top/two drawers - top one has felt for silverware, and two doors on bottom with a shelf inside. Looking to sell it - know anyone interested - I live in Dunbar, West Virginia. E-mail - my1badvw@msn.com

From Barbara Simms, 5/26/2008  5:22 PM

I have a 1930 Brickwede Buffet. I have owned it since 1968.
It has not been refinished, it is in good condition.
Anyone that is interested can E-mail me at:
Barbasim3@cs.com or Barbiel572003@yahoo.com

From sue, 5/15/2008  9:16 PM

I have a Brickwede server of my grandmothers. (She passed away in 1966 - having moved from Michigan to California).

The Brickwede metal plate is in the top drawer. There are 3 drawers and and a pull-out shelf at the top above the drawers. The top of the server has an edge on three sides. The top drawer has a divided sliding section (for silverare???) It has never been refnished and is in great shape.

I'd be happy to sell it to someone who is insterested. Please e-mail for questions or photo.


From Carol Wall, 5/14/2008  9:40 AM

I have a mahogany Brickwede Brothers dinning set containig table with 2 butterfly leaves (excellent condition),6 chairs (5 excellent condition, 1 good) china closet(excellent condition)and buffet. This was
my grandmother's set and has been mine for 30 years. The set was professionally refinished aproximately 10 years ago. We'll be down-sizing and would like to sell. Pictures could be made available. e-mail to ncwall@msn.com

From Larry Kuhlhorst, 4/30/2008  10:52 AM

We are working on refinishing a Brickwede set at the moment. Set is made up of buffet/side board (2 side doors and 1 middle drawer with silver ware drop-in drawer), china cabinet, table top (closed 62" - with 2 14" pop out butterfly leaves)and 5 chairs (1 captains and 4 side chairs). The one table leaf butterfly has the Brickwede metal plate. Stamp on bottom of table says Oak. Looks like very heavy veneer with solid Oak skirting. Will be putting on old antique table legs as there weren't any with table. $1,000 when done. E-mail for pictures and more info. l_bkuhlhorst@hotmail.com Run a mapquest on Celina, Oh 45822 for general location

From Suzanne, 4/13/2008  2:27 PM

I have a mahogany (I think) three drawer chest that was my mother's. I have no idea how old it is. I am wondering how much it is worth. Has anyone had a chest like this appraised? I just discovered the Brickwede nameplate inside the top drawer. My mother was born in 1907. Hope to hear from someone.

From mahoopes, 4/4/2008  1:11 PM

I am selling a lovely Brickwede dining table with one self-storing leaf, six chairs and buffet. I will have it up on Craigslist by the end of the day. Wanted to give a heads-up to Mary Ann and any other Washington-area folks who may have an interest.

From Ronda, 3/15/2008  2:16 PM

Just discovered our dining room set is Brickwede. One of the chairs has a paper tag saying "Registry No. 1859. Very difficut to discern the full serial number with the exception of "250-B". There is no label on the table. The set is mahogany, although the chairs(6) are in excellent condition, the table does need to be refinished. This set is for sale-Make an offer. I can be contacted via email at: rondatompkins@yahoo.com. I am located in New York State.

From Sally Roberts, 2/24/2008  9:09 PM

We recently purchased a set of 6 chairs all with the Brickwede label under the seat. Also we have a Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table from the same estate. We have found the Brickwede name on the table. These are of mahogany color. These are for sale. Better send a fax to 740-446-7612 here in Gallipolis, Ohio as we are experiencing problems with our outlook express on zoomnet.

Sally Roberts

From Paula, 2/12/2008  1:33 PM

I have a Brickwede Bros. dinette set and buffett. Table and buffet are in very good condition. Chairs are in moderate condition. Walnut finish, built in 20's or 30's. Anyone interested?

From John, 1/8/2008  2:50 PM

I forget my email for the above hutch jam53@psu.edu

From John, 1/8/2008  2:48 PM

I have a Brickwede Brothers China Hutch pretty nice shape it has 2 glass doors up top and 2 drawers with felt in and 4 doors below willing to sell to best offer.
            Thanks John

From Theresa, 1/2/2008  9:23 AM

We have had a Brickwede table for 20+ years that we bought at an auction sale. Sold the chairs last year before realizing they might have some value. Our table has the brass plaque on it and 2 butterfly leaves hidden under the table. The top is made of pressed wood and has some wear. Sits 10 comfortably. I am ready to sell it if anyone is interested.

From sarah, 12/31/2007  8:35 PM

I have recently acquired my great-grandmother's brickwede dining table and 6 chairs. I would love to be able to complete the set and add a sideboard or hutch/buffet if I can locate such items. If anyone knows of someone who is interested in selling these pieces, i would greatly appreciate the help. thank you! my email is sarahkaty@yahoo.com

From jennifer, 12/14/2007  11:02 PM

I forgot my email -if any wants to help me. Does Antiques Road Show make house calls?

From Jennifer, 12/14/2007  10:54 PM

I have a Brickwede piece (single) and I'm not sure about the value. It is a sideboard/ something you would keep in the dining room and use as an extra piece for serving. it has a single drawer, and 2 doors that open up to a shelf in the bottom. Also has a tricky pull out above the drawer for extra placement. I picked it up at a garage sale. i know its good wood, but I have no idea how to sell it. Please help. Oh, I live in Chicago area

From CArolyn, 11/19/2007  5:58 PM

I am looking for 4 to 6 more chairs for a brickweed mahogany color with an engraved rose on the chair back.

Anyone know where I can purchase some.

From connie, 11/6/2007  5:05 PM

I inherited a Brickwede dining table, buffet, and four chairs. I am looking for 4 more chairs to add to my set. I live in California and willing to pay for shipping to my residence.

From Holly Wallinger, 10/20/2007  6:25 PM

I have a Brickwede sideboard, dining room table, and 8 or 10 chairs. They are all in reasonable to good condition. They belonged to my grandmother, and no one else in my family wants them. I'd love to sell them to someone who would care for them. Interested? I'm in the Columbus area.

From Mary Ann, 10/13/2007  4:14 PM

Hi all, I have a beautiful Brickwede set from my Grandmother. I had it refinished and it is gorgeous! I am really interested in buying more chairs and the side boards you are all speaking of. I have the dining room table, a china cupboard/hutch, 5 good chairs and 1 broken! Anyone looking to sell off some pieces? I live in the DC area but would be willing to pay for shipping anywhere. I have familly in Columbus and Akron that I know would pick up for me as well. Let me know and I am glad to know some folks who are knowledgeable about Brickwede!

From Nancy, 10/13/2007  1:16 PM

It sounds like I have a similar Brickwede bros. sideboard and dining room table & chairs.
Does anyone have pictures?
Where are the serial numbers(I have the brass Brickwede label).
Any further information available would be appreciated. I am thinking of selling the set.
Nancy please e mail any info.

From Victoria, 10/6/2007  12:57 PM

I too have a Brickwede Brothers sideboard, but am unsure if it is mahogany or walnut. I also sold the dining room table for far less than it was worth - $100 without realizing it. If anyone has info on these sideboards (without hutch, five feet long with clawed feet and beautiful inlays on doors))please feel f--e to contact me. Mine is in beautiful shape - looks brand new. I just polish it with lemon oil. Thanks, Victoria

From Angie, 9/19/2007  6:18 PM

I, like the rest of you, have a Brickwede dropleaf dining table and buffet cabinet. Stupidly I sold the chairs a few years ago (5 for $50)... Does anyone know where the model numbers are located?   We took it to the Antiques Roadshow a few months ago. At the time, we hadn't noticed the Brickwede label on the inside, so we didn't know who it was made by. Neither did the appraiser (!?!?!) All he said was it was very nice, in great condition and well made. I found it later that evening when we were bringing it back in the house. The appraiser said that it was worth $600 - $800 (it has 2 leafs and a full set of protective pads).

I recently gave it a good once-over with a mixture of 2 parts mineral spirits, 1 part boiled linseed oil. I applied it with a 0000 steel wool pad with the grain and then wiped (with the grain) off the mixture with a clean cotton cloth. This cleaned the table up beautifully. It had always been oiled with lemon oil, but hasn't looked this good in 35 years!

Brickwede made furniture from 1917 until 1959 in Marietta Ohio. I graduated from Marietta College, and still hadn't known about them until I started researching the table after the roadshow!

- Angie (babygoga@austin.rr.com)

From Tari, 9/19/2007  11:39 AM

sorry, should have included an email. zannasue@hotmail.com

From Tari, 9/19/2007  11:38 AM

I would love to see a picture of any of the furniture mentioned. I picked up a Brickwede Brothers sideboard last year at a yard sale but have no idea it's age or what wood it is made out of. I'm cleaing it up as it has some issues but is mainly in good shape. Any information I could get on value and history would be great!

Thank you!

From Barbara, 8/17/2007  11:13 AM

The Brickwede furniture manufacuring company was in Marietta Ohio from 1917 until 1959. The company gets it's name from the Brickwede brothers who owned the company. They shipped, by train, furniture to New York, Chicago and even San Francisco.
See the Marietta Times article dated 7/1/2004.

I love my solid oak buffet that they made!

From Cara, 6/4/2007  6:13 PM

I also have a Brickwede table. (I don't know anything about Duncan Phyfe.) It used to be my grandparents and then my parents and now my family has it. It has two extra leafs that are under and a part of the table. They do not come off of the table. They are sort of on hinges (its hard to explain) but, they are really neat. You have to pull a lever under the table and then pull the two ends of the table apart and then the leafs swing up from the middle. The leafs are in really good shape but the rest of the table is pretty rough. It is our daily table. I've thought to have it restored but, I think it would cost a small fortune!

From naomi, 5/7/2007  11:46 AM

I have the buffet and dining table that has a ring on the end to pull apart and bring the extra leafs from the center of the table.

From Hugh, 8/14/2006  7:05 PM

Just wanted to Add I too have the china cabinet, with the two glass sliding doors on top. Simple one of the best finish's I have seen in awhile. I personally wouldn't let this go for under $600.

I'm unsure of the tables never having one.


From Terry, 11/3/2005  12:36 PM

I also have a Brickwede, Duncan Phyfe dropleaf table, buffet, 6 chairs, 2 additional leaves, table pad, lace table cloth and linens. Does anyone have any idea of the value in excellent condition and best place to sell. twoodburn@centurytel.net

From Sharon, 10/26/2005  12:26 PM

My dining table has nothing on it and I was surprised to see the Brickwede plate on the inside of the china cabinet drawer. I always thought (for 50+) years that the set was all Duncan Phyfe. I am getting ready to sell the set, but can't find out if either has any value. My Duncan Phyfe (?) table has the luted or Musical symbol chairbacks. Any info is appreciated. kennship2000@yahoo.com

From Bob, 10/22/2005  1:27 PM

I purchased what I thought to be a real Duncan Phyfe dinning table. It also had a brass tag that has the name Brickwede.The table slide system was designed by the jefferson Woodworking Co. (est 1981). I started to re-finish the table top and found it to be made out of pressed wood. Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854) this could'nt be one of his tables? roberte@ameritech.net

From Jared, 10/7/2005  5:24 PM

Marietta, Ohio is the home of "brickwede". Their pieces are notorious with quality and the company was headed by a Charles O. Brickwede. That's about all I know. -Jared

From sharon, 9/30/2005  12:40 PM

Did anyone find anything out about this? I too have a Duncan Phyfe table. Nothing on it, but the china cabinet has a metal plate that says Brickwede. I believe my parents purchased the dining room set in the late 1940's. kennship2000@yahoo.com

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 7/14/2004  11:58 AM

I posted y our message to furninfo.com for additional response.  

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