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Expandable Dining Table

Posted By Guest, 8/12/2003

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I am looking for a source for an expandable dining room table. It looks like a solid buffet with handles on the front that looks like a drawer. It has double doors below. When the handles are pulled, the table and two legs come out. When you continue to pull, "stringers" continue to come out that support several leaves (which I think are stored behind the doors in the cabinet below). The table can be expanded to seat 12. The friend who bought one over 30 years ago found that it was made by Saginaw Furniture Shops, a division of Warwick Electronics, Inc. in Chicago.


From ELittau, 4/23/2015  8:46 PM

My husband and I just purchased a table that looks like a buffet that expands with 6 leaves in the buffet part. We have no idea how to attach the support legs that came with it. They look to be metal and telescope. Any pictures and instruction would be helpful

From ELittau, 4/23/2015  8:08 PM

My husband and I just purchased a table that looks like a buffet that expands with 6 leaves in the buffet part. We have no idea how to attach the support legs that came with it. They look to be metal and telescope. Any pictures and instruction would be helpful

From ELittau, 4/23/2015  8:07 PM

My husband and I just purchased a table that looks like a buffet that expands with 6 leaves in the buffet part. We have no idea how to attach the support legs that came with it. They look to be metal and telescope. Any pictures and instruction would be helpful

From Michigan Resident, 11/21/2012  12:25 AM

If you are still looking for the Expanding Table, please see my very recent submission (on 11-19-12). If you are interested, please e-mail me. By the way, where are you located?

From Guest, 7/29/2011  6:47 PM

EMail SchaumburgTeacher@gmail.com for a link to a ton of pictures of an expand-o-matic, all original, completely complete (down to every last leaf, peg, & knob) buffet that converts to up to a 9ft dining table. This piece is gorgeous, I just don't have a use for it & know there is someone out there who would use & appreciate it.

I can't post a link on the forums, so please email me for pics & complete details.
I'm in a NW suburb of Chicago.

From Lisa, 4/29/2011  8:40 PM

Hi- I have a saginaw blonde wood "waterfall" buffet table - circa 1960s. (the wood had either 1961 or 1967 stamped into it- **in photo), with 2drawers and two doors in which the table pulls out.

It is in good condition. There a few chipped pieces of wood at the bottom, appears to be from dragging/moving it, some normal wear noted to the wood drawers, but it does expand out. My mother found this antiquing near chicago and is now in my house near houston texas. I have twin toddlers and am single, do not need these type of antiques around, just looking to give it a good home. someone who will appreciate it for the amazing item which it is!!!!!

No chairs, email me for pictures. if you are able to have it shipped or picked up, it is yours for only $400

please email me if interested, i can email photos to you - skydive108@yahoo.com

From La Donna, 3/27/2011  12:02 AM

I have a Expandway by Saginaw dining table,game table, hobby table, sewing table or work table. It is in excellent shape. Expands 80" to 110" and will seat 8-12.
It is in a dark mahogany color. It does look like a double door buffet but it pulls out to a table. All the sleeves and center support leg are included. No chairs. I'm located in the St. Louis area and would like to sell it. Pictures are available. Asking 900.00 for the table. If interested please email me at morebaskets@sbcglobal.net.   

From Diane, 3/6/2011  5:09 PM

I have a table that looks like a buffet, pulls out to table. Told it is nicer than what some call "expandaway" or "Saginaw". There is no manufacturer to be found, except it has watertown slides inside. Excellent condition!, glass piece on top to protect wood, Dark Mahogany color, 5-6 leaves, No Chairs. Asking $950.00. Must Pick Up in Madison, Wisconsin, or arrange shipping.
I also have a matching kidney shaped desk for sale, six drawer, glass top, with chair $850.00. For pictures, please contact me at: lillgal45@yahoo.com

From sonder, 2/22/2011  12:11 AM

ive got a extensole corporation
             sparta michigan
             extension table
id like to sale for 700.00 or best offer

From Pam, 2/3/2011  1:50 AM

I have one and its in great shape (double door on the front with leaves inside medium wood coloring, brass look pulls on it. I believe it was purchased i the eary 70's. Nice piece of furniture. We are moving and need to lighten our load...In NJ

From Debbie, 1/19/2011  6:26 PM

Loved finding this site! I have something similar that I grew up with in the 1950's and am down sizing so would appreciate help with value or offers! I am just outside Tulsa, OK. It appears to be cherry wood and finish although finish is showing some wear in areas. It is a telescoping buffet table 62"W x 20.5D x 30.75T. Table width is 40" with one 12" built in leaf and 5 addt'l 12" leafs. The middle false drawer that pulls out to extend the table is flanked on either side by 10.5" drawers. The middle shelf has a 32" real drawer flanked on either side by 10.5" drawers and then the bottom shelf. Have not been able to locate any manufacturer but my Mom bought all of the household furniture at Hanna's of Brookside in Tulsa which was 'the' place go back in the day. Any thoughts? Appreciate it!

From CJ, 12/15/2010  11:53 AM

Hellooooo! I, too, am looking for an expand-o-matic table with leaves in at least good to better condition. I live in Raleigh, NC and would drive 2 hours to pick one up. anyone in the area ready to sell? my email is mzbluebird@gmail.com. thanks so much!

From Gail Vincent, 12/13/2010  9:27 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw expansion table that looks like a buffet table when closed. It pulls out from front and in 2 door drawer are the six leafs. I live in the Milwaukee , Wisconsin area. Chairs not needed. Color optional. My e-mail address is ponchodayo@yahoo.com

From Gail Vincent, 12/10/2010  10:06 PM

To Maria. You are not that far from me. I could get to you in a couple of hours. What are you asking for it?. Do you have pictures?

From Gail Vincent, 12/10/2010  9:59 PM

I am looking for an expandway table. It must have 6 leaves. Color optional,I live in wisconsin Will pay for shipping and have no way to pick it up . I have one and it is really bad shape. Bought it a garage sale. Looking for a really nice and inexpensive one to replace. Chairs not needed. Hope to hear from anybody

From Kathy, 10/31/2010  8:46 AM

I have a Saginaw expansion cabinet. It has six leafs. Good condition. Will provide a pic. I am located in central NJ. I am moving and would like to sell it. Make me an offer. You must pick up, will not ship.

Please e-mail me at KathyW040@aol.com

From Annette, 10/10/2010  9:24 PM

I just inherited an Expandway, by Saginaw Furniture Shops in Chicago, IL. There is a date stamp of 1972 on the slide out part of the table. However, it is missing the leafs. I am looking either to purchase the leafs or make my own. Any information on dimensions, materials, construction of, or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at a.m.zaugg@comcast.net.

From Sara, 9/28/2010  1:07 PM

I have a Saginaw Furniture Shops Original Expandway convertible dining table with the leaves, for sale for pick up only, in the Sacramento/Reno area.   For pictures email smarchewka@msn.com

From Patricia, 9/16/2010  9:18 PM

The old First Presbyterian Church of Ludlow, KY is being sold. There is a table there that sounds similar to the Expando-matic buffet tables being discussed. I did not pull the table out. Seems to be in good condition closed. I found a tag in a box of silverware "the Original Expandway" Saginaw Furniture Shops, Chicago, IL. Can anyone tell me more about the table?    

From Brenda, 9/12/2010  9:46 PM

e-mail me at melawoman2003@yahoo.com

From Brenda, 9/12/2010  9:42 PM

DFW AREA: I have a Saginaw Expando-matic buffet table for sale in the DFW area. Measures 9' 2 1/4" long when fully assembled (6 leaves). Accommodates 3 seats on each side and one at head of table (not included). Buffet end is typically used for serving dish area. Bottom was warped and slightly damaged when purchased in 2000. Restored and refinished to current state. Please contact me to view my Picasa Album of photos on the web.     
Sold As Is, although it is very nice with minimal knicks/imperfections/patina. $975 OBO.

From Bob, 9/10/2010  11:28 AM

I thought readers might like to know that a Saginaw Furniture Shops Inc. Expand-A-Way desk/table is in the Mid-Century auction at Woodwards in Baltimore on Sept. 14, 2010 (woodwardsontheavenue.com). It is furniture lot 1024 (woodwardsontheavenue.com/auction/furniture/image/640/IMG_10 24.jpg), a blonde desk with leaves in a box marked #565. The desk has three drawers, and was one-owner, originally purchased in 1953. Woodward’s number is 410-662-1875 and they take phone bids.

From Maria, 8/31/2010  12:05 PM

I have a Saginaw Furniture Shops expandable table. It is very old as it has a small typed piece of paper which reads "Patent #2-679-443 and other patents applied for and pending." It has beautiful mahagony flame wood double doors and is in very good condition, a couple of nicks at the bottom on the side. The 6 leaves store on the left side with on the right side is a felted silverware drawer with open storage with a shelf. If anyone is intested please let me know. Am located just west of Chicago. Sorry, can not ship. Email me if you would like pictures. Thank you.

From Dave, 8/22/2010  7:21 PM

I have a 1969 Saginaw Expand-O-Matic/ Expand-A-Way buffet table.   Good condition, with some chipped veneer here and there, and some slight delamination on a lower trim piece, but looks good.   Has all six leaves, no chairs.   Looking for $400, but will consider offers.   Sorry, can NOT ship.   I am located in Ocean County, NJ, near Toms River and Seaside Heights. Email me if you would like pictures, and include some info about yourself, so I know it is a serious email.

From Nancy, 8/11/2010  9:50 AM

Carla, would like to see pics and price of your table. I am in WA also.

From Lisa, 8/10/2010  11:46 AM

Does anyone have a Saginaw roll out desk in Arizona that they would like to sell? Please contact me at lsi@cox.net

From Carla Clevenger, 8/3/2010  12:12 AM

I have an original Waltertown Slide table that has been passed down in the family. Not sure of age, but it must be at least 60 years old. Dark wood originally, but my Mom "antiqued" the cabinet in the 70's. Table leaves are original. With some elbow grease this table can restored to its original beautiful condition. Table has been stored in my garage for 20 years and it needs a good home. Don't want to garage sale it if there is someone who is looking for this kind of table.   Live near Seattle. Email if you are interested. Thanks.

From Tammy Snodgrass, 7/24/2010  2:34 PM

my husband and I are interested in the expandable table with folding chairs!Any information on where to purchase one would be very appreciated! t_snodgrass@hotmail.com

From Fran, 7/14/2010  12:50 AM

I have one of the Original Expandway manufactured by The Saginaw Furniture Shop, Dark Brown, has some nicks, all leaves, no chairs, a drawer, willing to sell, $800.00 or best offer, Warren, mi. reply to fcookie711@wowway.com

From Marion, 7/1/2010  2:22 PM

I have a Saginaw expandable table with 6 leaves that I'm looking to sell after using for 10 years. There was some water damage from its past--don't know the history of it. Came by it at an antique shop in Sacramento, CA. Local offers only please. And yes, I'm still in Sacramento. Photos available on request. Price $175 or best offer. Email at marion.jt@sbcglobal.net - thanks!

From Lori, 6/21/2010  9:57 PM

I am looking for an expandable table which turns into a console or buffet- that will seat 10-12 people. Chairs not necessary. I'm in New York and will pick up or pay shipping. Please email: orishdor@aol.com with photos / information.

From Barbara, 11/16/2009  3:58 PM

I am looking for an expandable table within a short drive of Lexington, SC. Please contact me if you have one with all the leaves.

From Michelle, 10/27/2009  10:53 AM

I have a Mohogany drop leaf table with the Watertown Slide mechanism but with the lable of the Extensole Company inside. It is missing the leaf or leaves to extend the table to its full size. Does anyone have any information as to where I might find replacement leaves for a table like this.


From Paul, 10/20/2009  8:59 AM

I just purchased one of these Saginaw expandable buffet tables and love the design. Medium blonde wood,no chairs, but all other pieces are here. looking for offers. some veneer damage and wear marks.

From Joyce, 10/19/2009  12:17 PM

I am looking for an expandable buffet table. Prefer medium wood. I live in North Carolina. If you have one for sale, please contact me.   

From Jill Ann, 10/9/2009  9:36 PM

I have a Watertown Slide buffet made by Saginaw Furniture Company. It has two doors on the front with 6 hinged leaves inside behind one door and a green felt-lined silverware drawer and open storage behind the other. It has an extra support leg and two other wood pieces for support as well. It is blond colored; I'm not sure when it was made but believe it was sometime in the mid-1950's. It is very heavy, in great shape (other than a few water-rings)on the top. I also have the chairs. I've stored this thing for 30 years and have never brought it out to use it! Am contemplating painting it black and giving it to one of my kids, but don't want to ruin an "antique" if this is someone elses "treasure". I'm in Central Washington state and am willing to consider any offers. Contact jaehlers@fairpoint.net

From Dawn, 10/6/2009  3:25 PM

I am a property manager trying to sell a 1971 Saginaw Expandable buffet/table/hutch for the owner. It has 6 chairs, four have some vinyl damage. She is asking $450 OBO. Placerville, CA (You pick up) thanks.

From Jill Baker, 8/11/2009  2:53 PM

Have an original 1950's Saginaw Furniture Co Expandomatic Buffet/Table. Blonde wood laminate over particle board. Slight water damage on bottom from a flood. Also some discoloration from age... (The leaves don't match the hutch anymore.)Would need some paint or refinishing work to make this a very cool "shabby chic" or retro piece.

The dimensions are: 20x40 as a buffet/hutch & up to around 8-10 ft long as a table! Fully expanded it easily seats 8-10 people.

Not Expanded: Buffet w/silverware drawers & a cabinet for linens or misc. All 6 leaves store under the buffet.

I have pictures...This is my last chance to find it a good home! My husband wants it out of the house as we do not have room for it anymore!

Asking $150 or best offer... e-mail is jaker2269@sbcglobal.net

Location: Sacramento, CA area ..Can't ship..sorry.

From Margaret Mueller, 7/9/2009  1:44 AM

Still looking for sideboard style Saginaw telescoping table. Approximately sixty inches wide, four or five drawers, open shelves. Please email me if you have one. Thanks, Margaret

From Gloria DuLaney, 5/29/2009  3:53 PM

Opps. Forgot to include my email address:


From Gloria DuLaney, 5/29/2009  3:52 PM

I have a Watertown Slide "Expand-o-Matic" buffet table from the Saginaw Furniture Shops. It's built like a chest of drawers. It's in excellent condition with some minor scratches. It's been in my family for 60+ years. The inside top drawer is a silverware drawer. Two lower cabinets for linen, etc. It has all 6 leaves stored inside the buffet.

I have pictures.

Interested parties, please contact me. I'm in Columbus, OH

From Jill, 4/5/2009  5:03 PM

email is jbaker2269@sbcglobal

From Jill, 4/5/2009  4:57 PM

Have an original 1950's Saginaw Furniture Co Expandomatic Buffet/Table. Blonde wood. Slight water damage on bottom from a flood. Would need some refinishing work to make this a very cool retro piece.

The dimensions are: 20x40 as a buffet/hutch & up to around 8-10 ft long as a table! Fully expanded it easily seats 8-10 people.

Not Expanded: Buffet w/silverware drawers & a cabinet for linens or misc. All 6 leaves store under the buffet.

I have pictures...

Asking $350

Location: Sacramento, CA area

From Guest, 3/28/2009  3:15 PM

I still have one of these Northern Illinois excellent condition wont be using it will let it go for 500.shirley.ohara@sbcglobal.net

From Senta Jones, 3/28/2009  12:15 PM

We too have one of these Beautiful Antique Pieces! Wow! Take a look! You will be purchasing a Beautiful Original 1950's Mahogany Saginaw Furniture Co Expandomatic Buffet/Table!

This 2-in-1 piece of furniture is very hard to find & an original antique-w/ seal & proof!

The dimensions are: 20x36 as a buffet & 83x36 as a table!

Expanded: It seats 6-8 people!

Not Expanded: Buffet w/ lined silverware drawer & a cabinet for linens or misc!

The only thing wrong is a slight fading(gives it more character) on the table legs from the sun!

This would be a Beautiful addition to anyone's homeI

Don't let this get away-It will only appreciate in Value!

*Asking $750.00 - Price is Negotiable*

Location: North Dallas, Texas

Contact us if interested @:469-464-4830 or by E-Mail @:cutiepaws2@yahoo.com


From judy, 3/27/2009  3:31 PM

Hammacher schlemmer sells them for 599.99 its the exact one you are looking for.

From Ann Marie Rozich, 3/26/2009  6:18 PM

Saginaw Furniture Shops ..H26093 [ wood stamp ] Expandaway Buffet table .. Metal plate at top of drawer. Dovetailed finishing. Incl. 1 folding chair
Desk style pull-out table circa 1950's. Ash/honey oak in very good condition. 40 long X 22 wide x 30 high.
4 x leaves at 15 inches wide. Open length 82in. 3 drawers on left side. 1 drawer is divided into 3 sections and has felt lining.
I will send pictures and I would be willing to ship
{at purchasers expense} This unit is located on Vancouver Island,BC Canada Contact: jarozich@yahoo.com
1 250 923-0125

From Terri, 3/21/2009  2:14 PM

Hi I stated earlier that we had a magnificant saginaw desk that my mother is willing to part with for only $1500 please contact her with any questions (she does live in Mason City Iowa) williams315@mchsi.com

From Paula, 3/17/2009  2:28 PM

Does anyone know where I can purchase the Watertown slides? blaze93024@yahoo.com

From Robert, 3/10/2009  10:30 PM

oops email is rliebeck@hotmail.com

From Robert, 3/10/2009  10:28 PM

Hi, I have a desk/table with 4 leaves made of either mahogany or cherry not sure.The expandway leaves are in a box and the model number is 563 and there are 3 drawers.Not sure what year it was made or how much it is worth but would like to sell if interested please contact me i live in minnesota

From Carol, 3/2/2009  10:49 AM

I am in California and I am looking for one of these tables. Would prefer hard wood leaves, not roll top.
side storage preferred, mahogany. I grew up with one. You can reach me at mafuma@att.net

From marilyn, 2/26/2009  5:01 PM

Terri - How to contact you?

From marilyn, 2/26/2009  3:26 PM

I am in the NE Indiana area, looking for an expandaway table w or w/o chairs. Please email marilyn@ligtel.com with pictures and price.

From Steve Baldwin, 2/20/2009  2:40 PM

This table was manufactured by Warwick Electronics located in Forest City Arkansas. The slide mechanism was manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan. Warwick Electronics was a major supplier to Sears, manufacturing television sets, stereo units and the Expandaway Table. The company I worked for was the supplier of the leaves, tops and ends. Sears sold thousands of these tables during the 60's and early 70's. Maurey Laurie and his brother were the designers of this table and were responsible for its success. I worked with Maury until Sears was forced to close the Warwick Electronics facility because of imported product offering a greater value. This was a great American product. If you own one, keep it, it's a part of our history.    

From Terri, 2/19/2009  3:30 PM

We have a flawless med colored not one mark on it watertown table saginaw that is just magnificant. It belonged to a millionare that my aunt had worked for and we believe by the looks of it that it never got used could anyone provide us with any information that is avail as. we are willing to sell it as we are moving it has 6 leaves. it is 40inches by 21 inches unfolded out when pulled out it measures 9 ft 3 inches long its unbelievable, we have pics if anyone is interested

From Melissa, 2/6/2009  2:35 PM

This is from the first page. I had at least a dozen interested buyers, but we decided to hold onto it. But now we DO have a bigger table and just don't need it. I'm sad to let it go, but we just don't have the room for it... sigh!!! Same price, same condition.

I have the expandomatic table with 5 leaves that fit in one half of the tale and the other side has a cutlery drawer and a bottom compartment with a shelf for table linens. We even have a center leg for support. Expands to 111". Color is ash/honey oak with bronze pulls. pics available upon request. melissa_sinclair2003@yahoo.com

I LOVE this table and it is sooooo ingenious, but we just never use it. I bought it because I didn't have a dining table that could expand, but we are thinking of selling that set and getting a bigger one (as our family has expanded). I will be sooooo sad to see it go... Asking $1000 for it. I live in the DC metro area (NoVa). Mint condition with one TINY piece of veneer chipped at the bottom. EXTREMELY heavy - I will not ship it.

From Eddie, 1/30/2009  2:24 PM

Extensole Corporation
Extension Tables        This is the label on the bottom
Sparta Michigan

I have a expandable dining table Buffet style. It has four leaves and a silverware/linen drawer on the inside. The leaves also store inside, it has double folding doors on the front. Its in very good condition, I haven't used it in years and would like to sell it. I can sent pictures if you are interested. I'm not sure what it is worth so price is open. I'm located in the Ann Arbor Michigan area


From Amy Terenzi, 1/16/2009  2:30 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw Furniture Co. Expanding table, preferably the 3 drawer dresser looking piece with leaves. I live in the NY Metro area, will travel. Email: amyr.stephenson@gmail.com

From Paul, 1/13/2009  2:42 PM

I have a expandomatic desk. I bought it in 1955.It's mahogany, has four leaves. The desk has 3 drawers. It was made by Saginaw. The expanded desk is 44x84. I would like to sell. Northern Illinois. pibrn15@att.net       &nb sp;         &nb sp;   

From Marie, 1/7/2009  8:54 AM

I posted over a year ago and I am still looking for an expanding table. I live in Texas and would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for shipping from elsewhere. I would prefer to find one of the desk/table combos but am willing to consider the buffet style as well. If you have one available please send photos and info to mariezp@earthlink.net.

From Guest, 12/29/2008  2:52 PM


From Kathy, 12/16/2008  8:44 PM

I have an antique castro convertible table for sale. It's in excellant condition
Buffet with double doors, when front pulled out and leaves set into the track it will make a table to seat 12-14 people
I am in North Florida

asking $1000.00

From Diane, 12/12/2008  12:14 AM

FOR SALE MADISON (southern) WISCONSIN: One Family Owned
Expandable (Expand-O-Matic Style) Mahogany Buffet with double doors in the front, all table top leaves inside (excellent condition), silverware drawer and linen storage in base, includes pads.
The front of buffet pulls out to 111", providing a 96" table surface. Closed it measures 20"D x40"W x 30"H.
Cannot find the manufacturer (Saginaw?). The buffet is in great condition, for its age, from the 40's or 50's. Asking $1000.00.
I can e-mail pictures. Contact Me: bichonbabe52@gmail.com

From shirley, 12/5/2008  6:03 PM

Hi located near chicago I still have one of these tables buffet style with drawer all leaves in mint condition beautiful piece just wont be neededing it.
Make an offer.

From Peter, 12/1/2008  11:40 PM

We have an original Saginaw Expand-O-Matic Dining Table with 6-leaves, center support leg, and fitted pads. It has the Watertown Slide. The cabinet was originally mahogany tone but has lightened due to exposure to sunlight. The leaves are unfaded.
It has the two doors, leaf storage on left, 4-divider drawer and two shelves on right.
Expands from 20" to 110". 40" wide and 30" tall.
This has been in my family since new in the mid-'50s. Purchase date for the pads was 1957.
It is a very nice piece but we no longer have a need for it and would like to sell it. We live in far northern Calif. on the coast about 90 miles south of the Oregon border.
We would like $900 for it. I can email images.
email: kpdubaldi@sbcglobal.net

From Rose and Jim, 11/17/2008  1:18 AM

Hi, we're in NJ and have been searching for an expandable table for about a year. Just found this website. Could you write to us if you have an expandable dining room table that would have a narrow profile while closed, but could open up to seat 8 to 10 people? We don't have a huge budget. (But then, who does today??!) We'd be so grateful! Thank you very much!
Rose and Jim

From Lisa Koska, 11/6/2008  10:46 PM

Extensole Dining Table - Mahogany - Family Heirloom 40 W x 88 L x 29 H inches


(Table only-not the buffet style)

Mahogany heirloom table , 40 x 88 x 29 inches, Transforms from a half table/
desk size to full table measuring 88 inches with all four ( 12 inch wide ) leaves
in, Very good condition.The adjustable lengths can accomodate any room size.Manufacturer is Extensole Furniture Co.,Sparta, Michigan

Located in Nashville,TN


From Ed, 10/21/2008  5:05 PM

I have a beautiful, vintage "Extensole" expandable table - with 6 folding chairs - $600 OBO.

To see photos of this item send me your email address and I will send you a link to view pics.


From Nancy, 10/14/2008  8:59 PM

Sorry, I also thought the email would post   

From Nancy, 10/14/2008  8:57 PM

Just found this website and see all the expandable table info. I live 50 miles from Fargo, ND, in the MN area and would also like an expandable table, mission style preferred, any information would be appreciated.
Thanx, Nancy

From Hans Galvin, 10/6/2008  9:47 AM

I too am needing to find this wonderful little table-cabinet. I'll need to find the cabinet with doors style, not the desk model. If they made one with natural wood on the top and doors that is indeed the one I would treasure the most. My location is near Seattle-Everett, but that doesn't matter if we can ship it. Thanks! 360 hyphen 668 hyphen 4464 is the telephone and HBDA at com cast dot net is the email (nix to spammers!!)THANKS

From Sandee, 9/10/2008  10:21 AM

I am looking for an expand-o-matic table complete with leaves and chairs. I live in Micigan and would be willing to travel some to pick the table up. My parents had one when I was growing up and now I need it for a smaller home and for holidays only. Please let me know if anyone has one available. contact me at dancer2@charter.net

From Meri, 9/2/2008  11:17 AM

Sorry, I did not realize my email would not post.
Meriknits@comcast.net Thanks.

From Meri, 9/2/2008  11:15 AM

My grandparents had the mahogany buffet with the extension table and I have fond memories of Saunday dinners around the "magic" table. My cousin sniped it before anyone else had a chance and I would love to find one. I live in Baltimore and would be interested in you contacting me with pictures and pricing if you have one you would like to sell. Chairs are optional. Thanks.

From Clark, 8/9/2008  1:38 AM

I have a Expandable Banquet table with six leaves and seven leg-o-matic maple finish model 25106 chairs. The unit has a few scratches on it but nothing major. I live in eastern New York near Binghamton. My e-mail address is Flo31yd@hotmail.com. I would like to sell this unit for 400.00. Contact me if you are interested.

From LeRoy, 7/12/2008  3:44 PM

Sorry, my email is dunrpr@yahoo.com

From LeRoy, 7/12/2008  3:41 PM

I have an expandable table. It has 6 leaves, and a silverware drawer that is felt lined. It looks like the bottom of a hutch. Watertown Slider is stamped in the mechanism with the patent dates 1899 to 1912. It's for sale. I'm asking $1500.

From shirley, 7/8/2008  6:47 PM

sorry I gues it doesn't automatically include an email.

From Shirley, 7/8/2008  4:22 PM


I have an expansole expananble table with six leaves, its in excellent original condition all the original hardware slides are intact. I have had it for twenty years never used it. I belive it has not ben used since the sixties the dated news papers are between the leaves.I am looking to sell it. I am located in illinois about an hour from chicago in lake county.

From Marlys Bruner, 6/24/2008  11:39 AM

My Mother has a saginaw expanable desk table in Nd. She is going to sell it. Shes moving in with me and she has no use for it. She has had it for many years and it wasn't used. It just sat there like a desk. I believe it is mahagony. Any one interesed in it can email me a marlysfay@yahoo.com   

From Joe, 6/14/2008  1:02 PM

I have an Expand-o-matic table with 6 leaves. 6 chairs in original boxes. All are hardrock maple. I live in the Tampa Bay area.  price negotible. Pics avalible, E-Mail jjmarcinek@verizon,net

From Walt Coleman, 5/23/2008  1:29 AM

Forgot my e-mail Dubayasea@earthlink.net

From Walt Coleman, 5/23/2008  1:24 AM

I also have the expandable dining room table which has the same description as above. Does anybody know what the value is? Who could I contact to get more information about the table?

From ken, 5/18/2008  4:47 PM

I didn't give you my e-mail address ( elken52@bellsouth.net )sorry about that.

From ken, 5/18/2008  3:46 PM

I have one of these tables with the leaves(6).
Need some work.
I live in palm bay,fl

From sue, 5/9/2008  5:33 AM

Hi. I live in Reno,NV and would like a expandable table like this. I agreed to buy one in Lake Tahoe for $250.00 but then the seller decided to give to a family friend. Oh well. Any suggestions, please contact me @ 775-843-2800 or suececkert@aol.com

From Marlene, 4/21/2008  10:02 PM

I also have an expandable table from Saginaw Furniture shops. It is in very good condition. It has 6 leafs inside. I am looking to sell. I live in Stoughton, MA if intersted please email. I have pictures.   Marlene8177@Yahoo.com

From Brian, 4/16/2008  8:04 PM

I have a 35 1/2 wide and 19 1/2 deep expandable mahongany diningroom table. The metal tage says 444 on it. It has 6 stored leaves each measuring 15 inches wide as well as stored pads. It looks like a small dresser. You store the leaves in a compartment that opens on the right side of the table. I was wondering if someone could tell me the name of the piece, its value and age. I live on the east coast. Thanks.

From Lorraine, 4/12/2008  1:49 PM

I have a watertown slide extension table with 3 leaves manufactured by wisconsin. If you are still interested, please contact me at lomein3@aol.com. Thanks, Lorraine

From Laurin, 4/6/2008  12:36 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw Expand-o-way table. I remember my Aunt had one and I have downsized and need this to use for family parties and the many visitors I get since moving to Colorado. I am in Fort Collins area but will travel to get one (or 2) My daughter could use one too.Please e-mail laurfort@comcast.net

From Mark, 3/28/2008  10:52 PM

I have "The Watertown Slide" from Saginaw Furniture Shop. It was purchased in 1954. It is part of an estate sale of the original owner. The top measures 20" x 40" when closed. It expands to 114" when all the leaves are in place. The original chairs are long gone. The table is a very heavy solid wood with a laminate veneer that is medium brown in color. It is located in Los Angeles County and ready for pick-up for anyone serious about obtaining one of these. It is in very good condition and I am asking $1,200 for it. My email address is m.e.flores@hotmail.com

From Robert, 3/21/2008  8:24 PM

I have an Extensol expandable table manufactured in Sparta Michigan by the Extensol Corporation which is now out of business. My parents got the table new in 1965. It has some wear on the exterior but the table inside is mint, all the leaves are included. It is a "Dry Sherry" not sure if that is the wood or the color of the table. I want this to go to someone who really needs it. Many good memories around this table from Christmas and Thanksgiving past, but can not keep it. I am in the Charlotte, NC area. Serious inquiries only please.


From Wayne, 3/19/2008  9:17 PM

Cost, Condition, Size & Location of your extensole table. Is it still available?

Thank You

From Gerry, 3/19/2008  12:39 PM

Sorry, I failed to put the email on here. It is timeless@nckcn.com

From Gerry Watts, 3/19/2008  12:34 PM

I have an Saginaw Expandomatic Buffet/table. It is 40-1/2" X 20-1/2" when closed. There are six 15" leaves. When fully extended it is 110-1/2". It is located in our shop in Downs, KS.

From Lori, 3/12/2008  10:28 AM

I have an expandaway buffet cabinet/table, I would like to sell. Medium wood, 6 leaves for table. NO CHAIRS. I'm in Texas. If interested please email me @ txklady38@peoplepc.com

From Al Frecker, 3/3/2008  10:20 AM

A friend is looking for the expand-o-matic consol table
in central Florida.Chairs would be nice but not necessary.
Please email me with details at imdealin@joimail.com

From Estelle Denison, 2/14/2008  2:55 PM

So sorry. I forgot my email address

From Estelle Denison, 2/14/2008  2:44 PM

To purdyez@aol.com

I am interested in bidding on the table you have on ebay. I have been trying to find it. Did it already sell or is it still available?

Estelle Denison

From steven purdy, 2/12/2008  9:25 PM

have saginaw expandaway table listed on craigs list san francisco east bay purdyez@aol.com

From Marie C, 2/3/2008  6:15 PM

To Susan in the DC area - would be intersted in your table if it is still available. Could you send your e-mail address so we might discuss. Thanks.

Marie C from NE PA

From Tim & Linda Jordan, 1/26/2008  8:07 PM

We have a Extensole Corp. (Sparta Michigan) expanding table. It has two bifold doors with a pullout drawer and six leaves stacked on the bottom under drawer. Patened #'s 2153-262, and 2268042, and 374-6-2828. Dark Mahogany, very heavy, in good condition with no chairs. Does anybody have any idea what it's worth or how we find out? Thank you. Can e-mail me at timlindaj@yahoo.com

From Lisa Brown, 1/24/2008  11:56 AM

Let's try the email again... nana l brown@aol.com, guess it wouldn't take them all together...there are no spaces in the email address...

From Lisa Brown, 1/24/2008  11:53 AM

Hello. We have a Saginaw Leg-O-Matic folding table and chairs that we would like to sell to someone who would come and get it. We have four leaves and so far found 5 chairs.I think we have 3 more but not sure where they are at the moment. The chairs have padded seats and a padded backs with scrolls. The cabinet has two doors, one side for the leaves and the other with a shelf, for linens or silverware storage. We are in the Kansas City area. Email for pictures, measurements, and price, if interested. N--brown@aol.com. Thank you.

From Billie Parker, 1/14/2008  8:50 PM

Hi I have a game table victorian style with 3 leaves, queen ann legs, mahgony. Very nice Estate item, near Amarillo Tx.. Each slide is burn marked with the Watertown slide table mark. Would love to have some one buy it that could come get it,,,,call us 806-676-3826, Billiesueparker@aol.com

From Michael Wiehle, 1/14/2008  3:50 PM

I am looking for table that folds into the buffet/cabinet. No chairs required, but will buy in set if seller prefers. I am in the chicago area. I will meet halfway if necessary up to 100 miles. Prefer darker wood, and at least good condition, no fixer uppers. The longer expanding the better, but all considered. Email me with pics, price and location, please.

Thanks, Mike (mikewiehle@comcast.net)

From Marie, 1/12/2008  11:00 PM

Deborah, I see your post but didn't see an e-mail to contact you. Could you please contact me with measurements, price and send photos, please?

Thanks! Marie

From Deborah, 1/12/2008  8:32 PM

I have the 1954 Saginaw Telescopic (expandomatic) Saginaw table from my grandparents, then parents, you know the deal.
'Tis in good shape, has the Saginaw and "the genuine Mahogony grown only in West Indies, Tropicam America and West Coast Africa. Labels. Mahogany label is issued under penalty contract. Number 444 Mahogany Assoc., Inc, Copyright USA". It is here in Dallas, Texas. Email me if any Y'all want to see photos or buy it, it's a TV stand right now!


From Denise, 1/5/2008  11:08 PM

I recently picked up a table and chairs, but would really like 4 to 6 more Legomatic or Saginaw brand folding chairs. If you have them and are in the Midwest, and/or would be willing to ship the chairs, please contact me at slo_dance@hotmail.com with pics. Many thanks! Denise

From joe reeser, 1/2/2008  9:47 PM

wanted Saginaw expando-matic table, please send data and pictures.

From kristin, 12/27/2007  10:51 PM

Hi all- my husband and I are interrested in purchasing an expando-matic table. Chairs are not a priority. Ironically, we live close to Saginaw, MI and have not been able to find one. Please send data and pics!

email- ifican@charter.net

From Judy Herrera, 12/11/2007  4:09 PM

12-12-07 Merry Xmas all you Saginaw buffs! I have the Saginaw expando-matic buffet/table with 6 leaves & 6 chairs in a dark wood in excellent condition. Located in southeast Arizona just off the interstate. Anyone interested may e-mail me at roaminjil@yahoo.com. I have pics that will share with you and any infor. you want. Thanks, Jude

From Susan, 12/11/2007  1:12 PM

I have a Saginaw expandomatic table in mahogany with all of the leaves. It is in good but not perfect condition.
I'm in the DC area.

From Kenny B, 12/6/2007  7:30 PM

I have a saginaw expandomatic table it is in great shape it has watertown wooden sliders that work great everyting about this pieace is great working order no marks or discolor of the wood dont know anything about the table how old it is or what its value is could someone help me out with this please thanks my e-mail is kbishop2063@yahoo.com

From Paul, 12/5/2007  10:16 PM

I am also looking for a Saginaw expandomatic table. Prefer pick up to shipping and I am in the eastern Ne, Western Ia area. Please email with price and condition.
paulkazak@yahoo.com    Thanks!

From connie, 12/5/2007  4:20 PM

We would like to see photos that anyone has of the support legs for the table with 6 leaves... we bought one and the legs are missing so we want to fabricate something that will replace the missing leg... If anyone would care to email me photos of the support leg I would greatly appreciate it...cetta21@yahoo.com
thanks again.

From Lisa, 12/4/2007  4:13 PM

Expandaway Table:Dark wood with cabinet and storage-table will seat up to 8 people. (6 inserts) table is in maticulous condition. NY (Brooklyn) area. Some photo's available. FABULOUS-FABULOUS PIECE for anyone. Please contact: llang210@yahoo.com or call 212-673-5840 Thanks!

From Judy Herrera, 12/2/2007  11:01 AM

12-2-07 Hey all you collectors or Saginaw stuff!! I still have an Expando-table/buffet with 6 leaves & 6 chairs in dark wood. If interested, we are in Southeastern Arizona right on I10 and are interested in moving this piece. I have pics and will e-mail to any having an interest in this table/buffet. Judy Herrera, 1-520-586-4433.

From Tracy, 11/29/2007  5:46 AM

I have a dark wood expand-o-matic desk inherited from my grandmother. It has the 3 drawers down the left side with the reed type desktop pulling out above them to approx 4' 10". It's in very good condition and is a great piece of furniture. It has a metal plate inside the top drawer stating it's an original from Saginaw Furniture Shops. Does anyone know where I can find out the value of this piece? I live in Michigan and can be emailed at tracy795@aol.com.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

From Cindy-Green Bay, WI, 11/27/2007  10:41 PM


From DEANNA, Eastern Washington, 11/18/2007  11:43 PM

*~*~*~ email me @ DNDWILLS@aol.com ~*~*~*

From Deanna, 11/18/2007  11:41 PM

*~*~*~ I live in Eastern Washington. I want to buy one of these tables. Please email pictures if you have one in Washington, Idaho, Montana or Oregon. Thanks! Happy Holidays!!! ~*~*~*

From Louise Gehman, 11/16/2007  2:44 PM

I have a "Watertown Slide" table, patented & manufactured by Watertown Table Slide Corp., Dec. 1969.
It has 5 leaves, no chairs, but the veneer is plastic (I think). At least it's not oak or maple. This table is extremely heavy and cannot be shipped easily. I am willing to give it away for practically nothing. However, I live in NH (it came originally from Chicago). Contact me at lagehman@yahoo.com

From Judy Herrera, 11/12/2007  11:36 PM

11-13-07 To Whom
I have a dark wood Saginaw Expando-table with 6 chairs in excellent condition. The table has 2 front pull doors with brass pulls, the table support pulls out and you add the 6 15" leaves and a supporting leg giving you about 115" of table, matching dark chairs with vinyl seats and woven cane backs. This piece is very heavy and needs to be moved to a new home in person--I cannot ship it due to its weight. I have pics if anyone is interested. Reply to roaminjil@yahoo.com or you may call us at 1-520-586-4433 any pm. in Arizona

From dawn, 11/12/2007  11:00 AM

I have a Watertown Slide - Saginaw table - it has two doors that open that stores six leafs (also has pads) and a drawer for silverware. I can send pictures if you like. Make an offer. Located in Minnesota. I belive it is Birchwood. Good Condition.

From Surrah, 11/10/2007  7:13 AM



Do you know the specific names of the three furniture companies that would be coming out with similar designs/models similar to the Saginaw Expand-o-matic buffet/table...as well as providing the name of the Amish Company that could be producing something similar now? We just read your post. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you ASAP...e-mail address surrahmft@sbcglobal.net
tel. 323-876-3189. Thank you so much...we are looking for a table for our family and doing research for another relative who also wants one too..
Surrah and Karl
e-mail surrahmft@sbcglobal.net
tel. 323-876-3189

From Surrah, 11/10/2007  6:57 AM


We are looking to purchase 2 Saginaw Expan-o-matic tables/buffets with either the roll out table feature or the table that has removeable leaves with storage in piece for leaves. We live in Los Angeles, CA and are looking for the first one in Southern California. The second one is for a relative that lives in Philadelphia, PA...we know that some models have additional storage for silverware and linens and some also come with chairs. We are looking to seat between 6-10 people, longer is Ok...we would prefer an antique cherry or walnut finish, but we are flexible about the various finishes...what is important to us is that this piece of furniture is in good to excellent shape, does Not need to be refinished or need a major redo...we would like the buffet/table unit to be reasonably clean and are interested in communicating with folks on both the west and east coasts to find the 2 tables needed. We would like to see pictures or come see it in person, if that is possible. We hope to find what our family needs for a fair price. It seems these pieces can be in families for generations. We both have great respect for that. We have furniture from both of our families as well, for a number of generations. Your table/buffet will be well cared for and used for our family. We hope to hear from someone with a table soon!
Please contact us at 323-876-3189
e-mail address surrahmft@sbcglobal.net
Thanks so much!
Karl and Surrah
Tel. 323-876-3189
e-mail surrahmft@sbcglobal.net

From Kansas, 11/6/2007  3:32 PM

I have a Saginaw Expandable buffet table that I would like to sell that is in PERFECT condition. I have all 6 leaves and the buffet part has been protected by a piece of tempered glass. There are no scratchs, discoloration, or any other marks of any kind. Each leaf is 15 inches wide and the buffet part is 21 inches wide. My email address is kansie2002@yahoo.com and I live in Rochester, NY if you're interested. I have pictures I can email too. Thanks.

From Jill C. Horvath, 10/30/2007  2:57 PM

I have a Table/Desk that on the inside says Extensole Corporation Sparta, MI.(the tag is original and metal)When it folds into a desk the front looks like it may be a drawer but it is not. When it folds out into a table it has 3 leafs and would easily seat at least 6 people. On the inside of the table/desk it is stamped 1902. I assume this is when it was built. Very delicate and old. Good condition, never had any work done on it, very original. It is Cherry wood I think. The US Pat # is 2420703, The last two numbers might be correct, it is very hard to read. It also says 8429-3 on it. I need some info on this piece of furniture? This is a show case when someone walks in the house. I have put it away but would like to sell it. What is this worth? I live in Texas. jillchorvath@gmail.com

From Lee, 10/30/2007  9:50 AM

I still have a table for sale. Dark wood piece that extends to fit 6/7 table leaves with the cabinets and storage - table will seat up to 8 people. sorry, no chairs. Table itself is in impecible condition.
If interested please contact llang210@yahoo.com
for photos.

From vicki conder, 10/25/2007  6:49 PM


try this site.. I found exactly what i was lookin for here.. the best quality too!

From Sam, 10/18/2007  11:34 PM

I am looking for an expandable table. I live in the NJ/Phil area. I am willing to travel about 2 hours for one in great condition. Please email me with photos if you are willing to sell and are in my area.

From marie h, 10/14/2007  7:24 PM

anyone in state of PA or nearby states, if have a saginaw expand o matic dining table, any finish, please contact me. thanks,

From marie h., 10/14/2007  7:23 PM

i would love a saginaw expand-o-matic dining table, any color finish is good for me. Anyone that lilves in the state of PA or nearby state that has one for sale reasonably, can email me with price and location. thank you. i've been looking for one of these forever!

From Denise, 10/13/2007  6:36 PM

I live in the Chicago area and am looking for a Saginaw expandable for my tiny living room/dining room. Would prefer a dark wood piece that extends to fit 6/7 table leaves with the cabinets and storage shelves, but would consider other colors. The length and condition are of most importance to me - a smaller one wont be useful and I'd like the table to be in great shape. WOuld be willing to drive a bit to view and purchase or pay for shipping if piece is too far away and pictures are good. Will also consider Saginaw chairs if you have them. Please contact me at slo_dance@hotmail.com or leave a message at 708-807-9190 and I will return your call. Cheers! Denise

From Sue, 10/11/2007  12:18 PM

I have the desk version with three drawers on the left. The drawers are dove-tailed and the middle drawer has a divider and green lining in the bottom. It is light colored oak and has four leaves. The hardware is antique brass, rectagular. I am interested is selling and live in Ohio. Sue

From Sally, 10/11/2007  10:22 AM

I am no longer looking to buy a Saginaw table, as I was able to find and purchase one. I do not know how to delete the message above and so am adding this post. Sally

From Sally, 10/11/2007  10:10 AM

I am no longer looking to buy a saginaw table, as I was able to find and purchase one. I do not know how to delete the above request, so am adding this post.

From lee, 10/10/2007  4:45 PM

We have this table and find we just do not need to sit 8 any longer. - all 6 inserts, maticulous condition. NY (Brooklyn) area. Some photo's available
sorry, no chairs

From Lee, 10/10/2007  4:41 PM

We have this table and find we just do not need to sit 8 any longer. - all 6 inserts, maticulous condition. NY (Brooklyn) area. Some photo's available
sorry, no chairs

From Brenda Greenlee, 9/28/2007  2:13 PM

I would to purchase a Saginaws style expandable Console Buffet table or Expan-o-matic table. Please email me GreenleB@k12tn.net. I live in Tennesse, but I can make arrangement to pickup.

From Bob, 9/24/2007  12:09 PM

Bob's email in NC looking for the expand-o-matic table: austinab@alltel.net

From Bob, 9/24/2007  12:08 PM

We live in the Raleigh/Fayetteville area of North Carolina and are interested in purchasing an expand-o-matic table. If you live near this area and have one for sale, please contact us.

From pat latka, 9/21/2007  11:04 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw expand-o-matic table with self storing leaves. Located in michigan. Recently heard there are three companies coming out with a similar table at up-coming fall furniture show. Did see picture of one made by the Amish.

From Steve, 9/16/2007  8:32 PM

Hi, I just today aquired what I believe is one of the saginaw expandable tables but I am having trouble identifying which model. It is a buffet which gives the appearance of three drawers. The top drawer is a flip up false front that holds 4 table leafs, the middle drawer is a table pullout and the bottom drawer is a silverware drawer with a felt lining. Beneath all is a linenr cupboard with two doors.

The piece was painted twice so I am in the process of stripping the paint. Beneath is a wonderful mohogany.

My question is, does anyone have pics of the different models which they can send me to help me understand if I have an "expand-a-way", "extend-a-way" or perhaps another form. There are no tags visible on the piece that I can yet see so I am not even sure which it is. If you have pics, you can email them to kelsey69 at msn dot com. thanks in advance!


From Linda, 9/15/2007  1:13 PM

I have a Saginaw Expandable table with 2 doors, 6 leaves, silverware drawer, and linen shelf. The table is a warm medium brown maple wood, I believe. The table expands 90 inches to seat 8-10 very comfortably. It is in great condition, belonging to my Grandmother since 1964. We live in Delaware and are wishing to sell this wonderful piece. If interested contact: eldaann@netzero.net

From walter, 9/11/2007  10:02 PM

I have been looking for one of these tables and am a little confused. Some of the tables I have inquired about have wooden slides and some have metal. Which one is made by Saginaw or are they both made by the same company.

Thanks for your reply

From adam, 9/2/2007  5:28 PM

I have a dark walnut Watertown Slide Table that I would like to sell. It's 42" wide. Length is 36" sides down without leaf, 48" sides down with leaf, 77" with leaf and sides up. It has 2 original chairs that have been reupholstered. To see it, contact me at amullikin@tampabay.rr.com

From Tamsen, 8/19/2007  11:31 AM

I, too, am looking for either a Saginaw Expand-o-matic or Expandaway table. My grandmother had on in CA and it was her pride and joy. Please email me at tsmcmahon@gmail.com if you're looking to sell one in the Northeast. I'm in Boston, and would be willing to travel to pick up.

From Dawn, 8/18/2007  11:32 AM

Sorry - like so many before me I thought the email would post, and I still forgot to put it in: coloradodawndt@excite.com

From Dawn, 8/18/2007  11:30 AM

My parents are moving to Denver and I am looking for something similar to these expanding tables. I have seen "all-in-one" offices, where the desk surface drops down and there is additional storage in the armoire-type cabinet. Does anyone know what a dining table inside a buffet might be called? I'm striking out on the internet. Or is anyone selling their Saginaw in the Denver area?

From Sally, 8/10/2007  10:19 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw expandable table (or expandomatic desk) and I live in western New York. If you have one for sale within a day's drive, would you contact me? ednsallyjohnson@citlink.net   Thank you.

From Dottie, 8/10/2007  4:50 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw Expandable Table with chairs but chairs are not a must. I live in New Jersey.E-Mail me at walterdot@aol.com

From Margaret, 8/10/2007  2:31 PM

I would like one of these tables for our cabin in Seeley Lake, MT. If you have one in our area, please contact me. Thanks! Margaret - hendrixmr@netzero.net

From Voina, 7/28/2007  5:17 PM

Wow. We JUST bought one of these! We paid $225! It has four leaves and no chairs. There is no drawer (as some of the ones above are described) -- but it is PERFECT for our very small living area.

Now we need to buy some nice, wood folding chairs that will go with it.

We found it at a local furniture shop that sells many new pieces and some antiques. We told them that we needed a drop-leaf table or something that would not take up much room and the guy said, "I have something to show you. It's probably not what you want, but you should see it." We were sold immediately!

Happy Hunting everyone!

From Marie, 7/27/2007  11:29 PM

I would like to find one of the expandable dining tables. I do not need chairs. If anyone has one available please send me photos and price info. I live in Texas or would be willing to pay for reasonable shipping costs.
Thanks, Marie

From Shirley, 7/25/2007  10:00 PM

I am in search of a expando-matic table. Anyone out there that has one for sale, please contact me at shirley4742071@yaho.com. I would like folding chairs also if available.   

From Diane Jones, 7/24/2007  1:51 AM

Did any other furniture company besides Saginaw make these tables?

From Pam, 7/22/2007  2:43 AM

We have a blonde oak Saginaw Expand-o-way table with all metal labels, leaves and felt-bottomed, folding table pads. Interior center drawer is felt-lined. Brass hardware pulls. Very compact and well-made unit. Table extension pulls out very smoothly.
Some wear to exterior finish on sides of cabinet, but otherwise good and the leaves are pristine and very heavy. Has 4 original chairs with grid-pattern back and original nubby turquoise upholstery.

A relative in the furniture business in Chicago sent this to our family in Seattle in the 1950's. We only used the table during holiday meals when seating extended family.

For sale in Seattle.
E mail for photos.


From Walt Jacobson, 7/14/2007  12:22 PM

My email address is waltjacobson@comcast.net

From Walt Jacobson, 7/14/2007  12:20 PM

I am interested in a Saginaw expanding table seating 8 or more. Possibly also the chairs. Will be located in AZ.

Has anyone found a current manufacturer trying to duplicate this unique item?



From Donna Cotham, 7/7/2007  11:40 AM

You can email me at cothamdr@comcast.net. I would love to see some pictures. Thanks, Donna C.

From Donna Cotham, 7/7/2007  11:34 AM

I live in the South. I am looking for a Saginaw Expand-a-Matic table with the Watertown Slide mechanism. I would be interested in one with the chairs, if possible. Thanks, Donna C.

From Judy Herrera, 6/29/2007  6:06 PM

6-29-07 Jim Bedard--I have dates of manufacture on the bottoms of the chairs to my set--check the inside of the desk, bottom of any chairs you have, underneath the top of the desk and on any papers that went with the piece. Judy H.

From Judy Herrera, 6/29/2007  6:01 PM

6-29-07 Suzanne I have pictures of console/table if you are still interested. Mom paid $800 for the set, would consider $550. and can discuss arrangements for posession. Call 1-520-586-4433 if you are interested. Thanks, Judy

From Jim, 6/23/2007  10:27 AM

Sorry, I failed to post my e-mail:

From Jim, 6/23/2007  9:31 AM

The Expand-o-matic and the Expand-o-way were two different designs of a similar concept. The Expand-o-matic had a drum like mechanism that unrolled as you pulled it out revealing the table top. The Expand-o-way was completeley wooden and pulled straight out leaving an open area where leaves could be inserted. I am not sure when Saginaw Furniture Shops produced these pieces but I believe it was in the 50's. The plant closed down in the early 60's. My father worked there many years.

From Joseph Bedard, 6/12/2007  12:04 AM

I have an Expand-o-matic* desk that I would like some more information about. I have been reading many of the postings and notice people writing about "leaves"; my desk has none but completely rolls out to seat 8 people. One can see the Bakelite Vinyl roll when looking under the top. Is this unusual?

Any information about when it was manufactured would be greatly appreciated.


From Tracy, 6/11/2007  8:01 AM

Saginaw Furniture Shop is the manufacturer, the name of this piece is possibly an Expandaway, it is not the Expand-O-Matic though.

I will give a brief description.

It is mohagany wood (all pieces).

The desk measurements are: Length 40" Width 21" Height 30" it has 3 drawers on the left side. Each drawer has 1 handle and measures L. 18 1/2" W. 10 1/2" and 5 1/2" depth. One drawer is divided into 3 sections with green felt. (I use it for a sewing station.)

There is a section on top of the 3 drawers that looks like a 4th drawer with 2 handles but it is not a drawer. When you pull on the two handles fully extending the front section, the desk becomes a full size dinning table or buffet. When it is completely extended 4 leaf sections are attached, each leaf measuring 40" in length and 15" in width.

On the inside of one of the drawers is a little metal tag that reads "Saginaw Furniture Shops Inc. Americas Outstanding Producer of Fine Furniture, Saginaw Michigan" Im thinking 1940s or 50s.

This desk was passed down from my grandparents (original owner) to my mom then me. It was antiqued finished the whole time I can remember till I stripped it to its beautiful mohagany color again. It is in need of a professional to completed the job however. It does have some surface scratches from lousy movers that help me store it. I have the 4 leaves and I noticed one is also scratched.

This is a desired piece but everyone that is familiar with it seem to reside on the east coast. And I am in Riverside County (Corona). I have seen prices from this collection of Saginaw expanding furniture going for $1500 to $2500.

Email me for pictures @ tracylynnice@yahoo.com

From Suzanne, 6/3/2007  2:00 PM

For Judy,
I sent an email to you but no response. I am in your area and am very interested in your table. Please reply to previous email or post here. Thanks.

I'd be interested in anyone else's if you shipping is not an issue. I am in SW Colorado and could travel a day's distance. I am interested in medium to dark wood with chairs. suzanne @ 947home.com

From Tim, 6/2/2007  11:31 PM

I have a nice blond one that has all the leaves and is in nice shape. Live in South Dakota and would like to sell it! tim.fiegen@dsu.edu

From susan, 6/2/2007  3:16 PM

Delightful to find this site. I have a mahogany expandable table with five leaves that store inside the chest. Drawer front. Decent condition, but not perfect. Would love to sell it. Contact me at my email address susanstine@earthlink.net   I'm in the Washington Dc area.

I can send photos upon request. Thanks

From Debbie, 5/23/2007  2:47 PM

REPLY FROM PJHL in Charleston, WV. How do we get in touch with you??? We live in Raleigh, North Carolina and can be reached at onstar@nc.rr.com.

We have an Expand-O-Matic table, med dark original wood with all of the leaves in EXCELLENT condition in the family for years. No room in the new house!!

Possibly we can get in touch with each other.

From Jeff Hyatt, 5/15/2007  9:51 PM

I have a SAGINAW EXPANDAWAY TABLE for sale.This table is in good
condition with all the leaves.I had a $850.00 offer on it a couple years ago
but wasnt ready to sell.Now we are moving and would consider selling
it.Email me if interested.jhyatt114@hotmail.com

From Tim, 5/15/2007  1:00 PM

I have a genunine mahogany Watertown Slide buffet expandable table. 6 inserts, silverware draw on side. Leaves are in excellent condition but console top has some scratches. Currently located in Southern Vermont but I can move it to New Jersey location if seriously interested. Negotiable price. I can email pictures. Tim at rtfriel@hotmail.com

From JO, 5/15/2007  10:54 AM

Thank you so much for posting this site. I have a Saginaw expanable table with cutlery drawer and shelf in mint condition. Also 6 Leg-O-matic chairs with cane back and black naugahide seats in mint condition. I've enjoyed this set so much and am in the process of downsizing. I would prefer to sell this as a complete set. We are in NW Indiana (25 miles SE of Chicago )May be reached at rangerj@sbcglobal.net

From Stan Hoffman, 5/14/2007  8:01 PM

Anyone in Orange County, Calif have a Saginaw Expandable table available? Please describe details and condition. Would like to see it. Contact me: ispstan@sbcglobal.net

From Judy Herrera, 5/11/2007  1:25 PM

5-11-2007 I have an expandomatic Saginaw cabinet that opens into a table. The cabinet has 2 doors with heavy brass pulls (like door knockers) when you pull on the front it opens into a long table, leaves are stored inside the cabinet and there are 6 leaves and a heavy "leg" to support the table. There are 6 leather (or vinyl, not sure which) upholstered chairs that came with the whole thing. This piece is in excellent condition and is for sale. If you desire pictures, send me an address and I can send them to you. Table and chairs are a package/will not divide them up. I am in southern Arizona and do not want to ship them--to much danger of damage to the piece. My address is roaminjil@yahoo.com. Jude

From Rich, 5/6/2007  4:58 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw expandable table in either mahogany or cherry. Should have 5 or 6 leaves; chairs not necessary. Must be in very good to excellent condition. Please send a detailed description, photos and price to rfyans@cox.net.

From GINGER, 5/2/2007  7:06 PM


From cvbandmoms, 4/30/2007  4:09 PM

Located in Johnstown PA. I listed it on ebay about a month or two ago. Intersted party never showed to pick it up after I ended the listing early. Ebay # 270115859276 email me if interested cvbandmoms@verizon.net   

From Melissa, 4/26/2007  9:08 AM

I have a slideshow of my saginaw table now available. please email me at melissa_sinclair2003 @ yahoo.com

I had several people saying they were interested - make an offer

From Guest, 4/20/2007  12:54 PM

I'm in the Seattle area looking for a Saginaw Expandaway (any color). Anyone have any leads on one or looking to sell, please email chrislisica @ gmail.com or call 206.850.0343. Thanks!

From Lydia, 4/19/2007  2:45 PM

I still have the dark wood saginaw table. Living in S.W. Florida we use our picnic tables outside more than the expandable table. Willing to take best offer. Table only with 4 leaves. No drawers or shelves. Can send pictures. E-MAIL to Crazething @ aol.com

From KAREN, 4/12/2007  4:06 PM


From kelly whitfield, 4/10/2007  11:31 PM

sorry, forgot my email address...

From kelly whitfield, 4/10/2007  11:25 PM

I know that you were looking for a desk that turns into a table I believe that i might have one. I know that this was a few years ago, but i thought that I might give it a shot.
I run a small ebay business and I am trying to sell one for a customer. I just dont know where ot start.

From Patty, 4/10/2007  1:58 PM

I am looking for an expandable console table and came across the Saginaw expandable... I'm very interested in purchasing one. No chairs necessary. Preferrably a medium wood color. I am in the NY area and would be willing to travel (NY, NJ, CT, ME, PA, MD,....and NC) If any sellers out there please e-mail me @ trishmack69@hotmail.com ...with pictures if possible. thanks! Patty

From Melissa, 4/3/2007  9:29 AM

I have the expandomatic table with 5 leaves that fit in one half of the tale and the other side has a cutlery drawer and a bottom compartment with a shelf for table linens. We even have a center leg for support. Expands to 111". Color is ash/honey oak with bronze pulls. pics available upon request. melissa_sinclair2003@yahoo.com

I LOVE this table and it is sooooo ingenious, but we just never use it. I bought it because I didn't have a dining table that could expand, but we are thinking of selling that set and getting a bigger one (as our family has expanded). I will be sooooo sad to see it go... Asking $1000 for it. I live in the DC metro area (NoVa). Mint condition with one TINY piece of veneer chipped at the bottom. EXTREMELY heavy - I will not ship it.

From Mark Anderson, 3/31/2007  4:14 AM

I have a cream colored saginaw 6leaf slide out buffet/table, single drawer, two open and closed door, with a single leg for center support for table, with a metal label inside with stamped code v866 and ink inprinted on inside sliders "THE WATERTOWNSLIDE" Pateinted & Manfor. by watertowntableslide Corp. Watertown Wisconsin. Can someone tell me what it might be worth, or where i can find information on it? Thank you sincerely Mark Anderson       

From mello, 3/27/2007  3:36 PM

i have the legomatic collapsable chairs that go with this table. i am going to list them on Ebay. They are maple and there are two of them. they are from the 40's. if anyone has an interest email me at melloddc1@aol.com

From DONALD, 3/25/2007  10:11 PM


From Gregg, 3/25/2007  9:15 PM

I have a Saginaw expandable table with six 15" leaves. Table when not expanded is aprox. 39"x20". Expands to 110". Mahogany in color.Good condition. Looking to sell. Located in Southern WI. e-mail theelys@rucls.net. Gregg

From Debbie, 3/22/2007  11:12 AM

My grandmother has an expandaway for sale. It appears as a desk and has 4 leaves still in the orginal box. It is in good condition. It is Mahagany stain. It has something about watertown slide on the stickers that are still on it. She is the orginal owner. Midwest area. Northwest indiana, just out side of Chicago about an hour. They had a small cabin and this was great for when company came. She thought she only used the table part of it about 5 times. dfuller@csinet.net

From Cadman, 3/21/2007  6:55 PM

Anyone in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas or Nebraska selling an expanding tables?
email me at cadman_edc@hotmail.com

From Jan Deeds, 3/15/2007  12:36 AM

Any Saginaw console expanding tables with approximately six leaves available? Not interested in blond wood. Because of the weight, shipping is impractical; however, I would travel almost anywhere in the Southwest or West Coast. Thanks, j_deeds@earthlink.net

From Lee, 3/3/2007  11:46 AM

Portland, Oregon area. I have a Saginaw expandway table for sale. It's in good condition and I have the four leaves in the original packing box. It has the appearance of a desk with 3 drawers on the left side lined with green felt. Dark wood. Please email if you are interested in purchasing. el_groth@comcast.net

From cvbandmoms, 3/1/2007  6:45 AM

I as well have one listedon ebay. item # 270093809553 Tried posting a question here before listing it, but for some reason it just never showed up. Located in Johnstown PA

From Sheila, 2/16/2007  11:24 AM

I have a Saginaw expandable dining table for sale right now. It is listed on EBay under my seller name traderjohn1.

From Carolyn Hays, 2/10/2007  10:25 AM

Sorry, did not realize that the post did not include my email - cehays@earthlink.net

From Carolyn Hays, 2/10/2007  10:21 AM

I still have my Saginaw expanding table. Mine seems to be different from most as it does not have leaves - the top rolls out and would best seat about 6-8 people.I have some good pictures that I can mail. Located in the Dallas area. $800.00

From Marianne, 1/27/2007  4:18 PM

I inherited a table described on the original bill of sale as a "Slide-away Dining Table." It was purchased in 1952 for $137.00 and expands to 82 and 3/4 inches. It sounds like the Saginaw Tables described in the above postings.
Since this table is in our vacation home, I am very interested in procuring another one of these, preferably in a larger size, for our main residence. Chairs are not necessary. I am in the Chicago area.
This is a great piece of furniture and very practical. Please e-mail me at makingrn@comcast.net. Thank you

From Debbie, 1/19/2007  11:40 AM

I have the saginaw table but am missing the chairs. I am in western Ny but could travel to get them if anyone has them for sale.

From Alicia, 1/16/2007  8:01 PM

Kathi, I have a nice blonde buffet with 3 drawers no chairs.Price is 400.00.I describe it above in my earlier post.Excellant condition.Let me know if you want pics.Alicia

From Kathi, 1/16/2007  12:17 PM

Have been searching for a ( buffet/table) Have found information under both Leg-O-Matic and Saginaw.. Would be intersted in the blonde or lighter finishes, but seeking information on any decent set, with or with out the folding chairs. Am located in the Mid-South but will travel for the set I am seeking. Kathi

From Margaret Mueller, 1/12/2007  11:35 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw table. My mother purchased one for my grandmother in the fifties. It was roughly 5.5' wide. There was the top, a middle shelf, and a bottom shelf. These shelves were open without a back. The pull out table was centered between two small, felt lined drawers. There were two matching drawers below those under the middle shelf. The unit appeared to be cherry. The legs were square and tapered. It expanded to comfortably seat 10 - 12. I do not require chairs. mmmueller@surewest.net Margaret

From claire, 1/12/2007  1:45 PM

I live in S .D. area and would like to see picutres
of Sagniaw expanding table. I'm interested in
a dark color. Chairs not necessary.


From Paul, 1/10/2007  10:17 AM

We have a Saginaw Furniture Shop Expandaway Buffet which extends into a 96" dining room table.

Buffet is 40" wide x 20-3/4" deep x 30" high. There are drawers in the front with the table leaves stored inside. On the inside there is a silverware drawer and linen storage. Table cloths, pads and linens included. The front of the buffet extends out to 111" and the leaves provide a 96" dining room table. Six matching chairs w/upholstered seat. My family purchased this buffet in 1939. It is either mahogony or a dark maple.

Excellent condition! Pictures are available.


From Robert, 1/8/2007  2:45 PM

I live in Chino Hills, CA and have one of these classic expandable tables for sale. It has all six leaves in perfect condition, beveled glass on the shelf portion, the felt lined drawers, center support leg for the table, etc. Don't have the chairs. Been in our family since new in the 50's. There's some wear to the wood in spots, at the bottom of the base from being moved on carpet but otherwise a beautiful, dark wood piece. Selling for $600.00.


From Hal, 1/6/2007  5:10 PM

We bought one new in 1950 Mt sister has it. I can send you photos. Made by Saginaw Furniture Shops, Inc. Identified as number 444 from the Mahogany Association, Inc. It is beautiful! There are panels in the side as well as a "T" support for the mid-section when opened to seat 10-12 people.

From toledo, 1/6/2007  3:15 PM

I own a Saginaw Expandaway desk. It is solid cherry. There are 3 side drawers, with original brass handles. the top drawer has the oval brass plate inside identifying the piece as from the Saginaw Furniture co. There is a pseudo-lap drawer, which when pulled expands the desk into a table. The 4 leaves are in their original box. The desk is in mint condition and the leaves appear to have never been used. I am interested in selling. If you live near to Toledo,OH and are interested in purchasing and picking-up, please e-mail me@bzdtz2@hotmail.com.

From Lenita Weisfeld, 1/5/2007  10:34 PM

I found an expandable table with Watertown slides on the side of the road. It looks like a small sofa table, but expands to resemble a conference table! But the 2(?) leaves are missing, what can I DO???? Lenita821@hotmail.com

From Debbie Kines, 1/5/2007  5:27 PM

Also, if you live near Houston, TX or St. Louis, MO, I can arrange to have someone pick it up.

From Debbie Kines, 1/5/2007  3:57 PM

I live in Memphis, Tn. Have been looking for one of these tables for 25 years, at least. If anyone lives near (no more than 300 miles away) please contact me at debbiekines@yahoo.com.

From Sarah, 1/4/2007  5:31 PM

I have been looking for one of these for years. I just now discovered the name and maker of these. Please if anyone is interested in selling email me at babysarahjane@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!

From eric, 1/1/2007  11:29 AM

i have a saginaw furniture shop explanable table it been in my family for a very long time it has a 2 stickers the number on it 444 its made of solid mahogany.i am not plaining on selling, but you can make an offer and maybe i'll see if its worth it to me to sell.

From Erik, 12/30/2006  3:23 AM

I am on a perpetual search for an expand-o-matic table. I have been told they are sometimes called apartment tables. If anyone has one for sale in the NY-NJ-CT area please contact me via email: mondonudes@yahoo.com

From Katie, 12/29/2006  2:24 AM

I am interested in a expand-o-matic table. If anyone is interested in selling. I am in Oklahoma but would travel a reasonable distance to aquire. You can send photos and asking price plus condition description to myfilter@gmail.com.

From bernard, 12/28/2006  5:07 PM

Have a table in excellent condition that you may be interested in. Email me back and I'll send a photo of the table.

From Alicia, 12/19/2006  3:16 AM

Hello again to those of you still looking for a expandable buffet.Mine is for sale still and I am dropping the price to 400.00.On friday I will be taking it to a nice furnature consignment store but before that its still for sale.Email me if you are interested. awplatinum@aol.com Thanks! Alicia

From Kris, 12/15/2006  4:22 PM

Like many others I too am on the hunt for an expandable buffet. I live near Denver and would travel to purchase. Please contact with pictures and details. Thank you.

From Becky, 12/10/2006  6:36 PM

Central Florida: My mother has an expandable table/hutch that seats 10. She also has 10 chairs. All are in mint condition. My sister found the name "Leg-O-Matic" 1971,with a company ("Lorraine", Bridgeport, Cn"). I am in the process of determining its market value. Interested parties may contact me at the email address shown.

From Alicia, 12/4/2006  10:09 PM

Hello to those still interested in buying a saginaw expandable table.I still have mine as described above.I live in Southern Arizona.Anyone interested, email me or post here.It is the lighter color wood and in excellant condition.Thanks!!

From Brittani, 12/3/2006  10:37 PM

I am looking for one of the expand- o- matic tables or something like it that goes from a small to a large table. We are recently engaged and only have a small apartment, we live in NJ anyone selling please contact me JBCH2@aol.com. Thank you!

From Mary Frances, 12/2/2006  2:04 PM

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. If you live within reasonable driving distance and have a Saginaw Expandable table for sale, please e-mail me at shortmary@juno.com. Thank you.

From Carolyn, 12/2/2006  11:11 AM

Found this message board on my search for an expandable console table. I live in northern Utah and am looking for the largest one possible. Would love to see pictures. We will be traveling to Arizona this January. Wouldn't mind traveling further if the table is what I want.
Thank you.

From Janice, 11/30/2006  9:08 AM

email address brave_n_crazy@hotmail.com

From Janice, 11/30/2006  9:06 AM

I am also looking for a Saginaw expandomatic table. Prefer pick up to shipping and I am in the northwestern Pa. area. Please email with price and condition. Thanks!

From Stephanie, 11/29/2006  11:05 PM

I am looking for the Saginaw expandable table with the leaves stored in the buffet (about 96" to 111") when expanded. It has the Watertown slide. I live in the Midwest area of the country and am willing to travel for pickup or pay for shipping. My mom had one and has since passed away. The estate sale people sold it before I could get the table. Sentimental to say the least since I am the oldest of 8 children. My email is pinecovers@yahoo.com and my phone is 316-722-1991 Thanks so much for your help and consideration. Appreciatly, Stephanie Hartman

From Frank, 11/29/2006  5:10 PM

my eamil address is mtfranknks@yahoo.com it measure 39" wide 20"folded in. and extended measures 80 1/2" long with the 3 leafs. In excellent condition and for sale. Will email photos.

From Frank, 11/29/2006  4:57 PM

I have a Saginaw expandable table as you describe in perfect condition. I can email photos if interested mine is for sale. Thanks Frank 406-563-3102. or email me

From Kricki, 11/26/2006  2:52 AM

I have just discoverd these great expand-o-matic tables and am looking for one for sale in my area. I am in Southerna California and will travel a pretty good distance ie Arizona, Nevada, Central and Northern CA if the price is right.

Please send price, description and pics if possible to krick128@hotmail.com. Thanks

From BEVERLY SLADE, 11/24/2006  3:07 PM

I have a Saginaw Expanding Table with 4 leaves and 6 chairs that was used yesterday (Thanksgiving) for the first time in 30 years. My dilemma is that I don't remember how to get all the parts back in the base. I have put all the chairs in and then couldn't get all the leaves in. I've alternated chairs. No luck. Does anyone have a photo of the table with the doors open and all the parts inside? Thanks

From Gail, 11/24/2006  7:50 AM

I'm looking for one of the expandable tables with the leaves and chairs that store in the cabinet. I live in Madison,GA. I need the largest one available (be nice to have two of them, as we have 16 family members at Thanksgiving, etc. I'm looking for something I can pick up instead of shipping. Prefer something like oak, but any color would do. Thank you. Please email: HGDCHH@aol.com

From Lydia, 11/19/2006  12:05 PM

I have dropped my price to six hundred if anyone is interested. The wood is mahogony and one of the leaves has a deep scratch in the middle. My e-mail address is Crazething@aol.com

From Anna, 11/13/2006  4:31 PM

I am very interested in seeing pictures of this type of Saginaw Expand-o-matic buffet / table. If anyone has digital photos to send, please do at my e-mail address: anna_in_il@yahoo.com Thank you in advance!

From Alicia, 11/13/2006  12:02 PM

This is for Kris.I still have my table.It is in very good condition.It is the blonde type color.It is a desk that turns into a buffet/table.It is really neat.It has the metal saginaw tag and the wisconsin slides built in and it becomes 80 inches long.I am in Tucson, Arizona.I am selling it for 500.00.Send me your email address at awplatinum@aol.com Alicia

From Kris, 11/11/2006  10:14 PM

This is for Alicia, I am interested in seeing pictures of your table, price and location, I am very interested in purchasing an expand-o-matic table

From don lolli, 11/10/2006  4:52 PM

Would Kristy (curious-geo@peoplepc.com) please contact Don at dlolli@dysarttaylor.com about your Saginaw buffet/table. I could not get through to you by e-mail.

From don lolli, 11/10/2006  3:09 PM

Update to prior message. The item I am looking for is a buffet/table combination.

From don lolli, 11/10/2006  2:14 PM

I am looking for a dark wood Saginaw expanable table (with leaves), the front legs pull out and leaves are inserted. There are drawers on each side and openings in the middle. I live in the midwest. e-mail dlolli@dysarttaylor.com

From Denise Jabboury, 11/9/2006  8:19 PM

I have a RWAY Watertown Slide dining table with three leaves and table pad, four matching chairs, buffet or sideboard with glass top and china cabinet. It is in very good condition. Does anyone know how I get a value? Or a range of date manufucture? My email is djabboury@aol.com

From Lydia, 11/8/2006  11:44 AM

I have an expandable table with a cloth Saginaw Furniture Shops tag. Measures 39 1/2" wide, 22"deep,29 1/2"tall and has 4 leaves that are 15" wide. There are no drawers in this design. Two front storage doors. Made of dark solid wood. Has quite a few scratches recieved from our last move. There are no chairs. I will sell for pickup only. It is to heavy to ship. The price is 800.00.I live in southwest Florida. My e-mail address is Crazething@aol.com

From Lynette, 11/6/2006  10:18 AM

Im trying to locate a Saginaw expanding table for my parents. If you have one or know of anyone that has a table for sale, please contact me. I live in Southern California. My e-mail address is galfam003@verizon.net   OR
whittgals @yahoo.com

From Lynette, 11/6/2006  10:14 AM

Im trying to locate a Saginaw table for my parents. If you have one or know of anyone that has a table for sale, please contact me. I live in Southern California. My e-mail address is galfam003@verizon.net   OR
whittgals @yahoo.com

From jO, 10/30/2006  2:09 PM

I have a Saginaw Furniture expand-o-matic table/buffet cabinet. 111" long. We are currently refinishing it.

The original top and 6 (15")hinged leaves are a walnut formica material. Has anyone heard of the formica on top and the leaves?

No chairs. The balance of the table is stained a medium brown. I cannot identify the wood. Watertown is the maker of the wood expansion part, it is printed on the wood.

We need a support leg for when the table is fully extended.

Thanks for any help

From Cyndy, 10/29/2006  11:36 PM

I am trying to locate and purchase a Saginaw Expanding Table. I live in North Dakota but am willing to travel if that is what it takes to purchase.   I have relatives scattered around the country so would like to hear from anyone who wants to sell. My email is cyndy@aafedt.net or call 701 572 6321 and ask for cyndy.

From Beverly Tarver, 10/27/2006  11:28 PM

I did mention I wanted Mahogany or Walnut as long as it is dark wood. No Blonde wood

thanks again, Beverly

From Beverly Tarver, 10/27/2006  11:23 PM

I am looking for a Mahoney Saginaw Expanding Table with
the two doors in the front of the cabinet with 4 leafs and the two front legs pull straight out for the 4 leafs
to fit on to it. I live in California. hopefully there is someone in Calif or Las Vegas,NV or Tucson,AZ that has one for sale. Does not need to have the chairs. If at all possible please send a picture of it. my phone #
is 760-436-6836   my E-Mail is tar23bev@aol.com Will pay
reasonable price.

Thank you,   Beverly

From Alicia, 10/22/2006  1:00 AM

If anyone is interested in seeing pics of my saginaw expandable desk/buffet, it is still for sale.Although, the store put the pics on upsidedown so if you request them this is an apology in advance!Thanks! Alicia

From Jack, 10/20/2006  10:59 PM

Our e-mail address is jvlovett@sio.midco.net

From Jack, 10/20/2006  10:56 PM

We are interested in the table you have for sale.
Would you send the measurments and when your store
is open. We live in Sioux Falls so we could come
and see it.

From Jerry, 10/18/2006  12:30 PM

I find it interesting that there are so many of the Saginaw Expandable tables around but no one can really get o hook on their value. I have one in mint condition and for sale in my store for $1200.00, or less depending on the mood of the day. I am located in Vermillion, SD if you are interested.
e-mail address is manoftheclothstore@gmail.com

From Michelle, 10/17/2006  2:02 PM

I think I have this table but mine has a cloth tag
not a metal one. Does anyone know the differance?
Plus does anyone know the value? Would love to know more
My e-mail is Mcbear41@yahoo.com I live in Michigan too

From Tim, 10/13/2006  4:03 PM

Has anyone found an expandable table outside of the Saginaw company. I am looking for any company that sells this type of table. I'd like it to collapse into a cabinet that looks like a hutch that can store chairs and china inside when not in use. Something that will close and only take up about 2 -4 feet in width.

From Alicia, 10/12/2006  12:48 AM

This message is for Beverly Tarver.I have tried to send you pics via email and its saying your email is not available.I will call you to get address to send pics via the mail.Thanks!! Alicia

From julie, 10/10/2006  4:11 PM

I am so happy to have found website with other table owners - I have a dining table approx 4' w x 20" deep, blonde wood, 4 legs, 6 leaves, but very modern looking?! Clean lines etc, anyone else have a table sim? It could possibly be a knock-off, no Saginaw Furniture labels that I can see. The table is always a show-stopper. If anyone has one sim they would sell, I'm sure I could find a taker....Cheers, Julie

From Iris Maxwell, 10/7/2006  4:23 PM

I have just purchased the Sagionaw expandabomataic buffet table in solid mahogany, from an Antique Mall in Maumee, Ohio, complete with its four folding solid mahogany leaves, cutlery drawer lined in felt, and with linen shelf, excelent condition ring handles with patina.Guess how much I paid..... the grand sum of $51 plus tax. How about that. It was delivered to my home today. Was this a bargain?

From Meredith, 10/7/2006  1:43 PM

If you are interested I have a Saginaw Furniture CO. Expandable buffet/table. (Original metal tag in drawer) It is in excellent condition, Blonde Oak, all the leaves are present (four total), It has the original support leg and the top glass cabinet and shelving is a separate piece and can be left off if you choose. There are four drawers down one side (two smaller and two larger) the top drawer has divided sections and if lined with felt.
The exact dimensions are as follows:
The Bottom portion is: 34 1/2" high, 19"deep, 57" wide
The Top portion is: 26 1/2" high, 13 1/2" deep, 52" wide
Total Height together is: 61"
The table extends to 75 1/2" long, 38" wide and is 29" tall.
I live in San Diego and plan to list it on craigslist with pictures. You are welcome to e-mail me directly. Mcmsd6@aol.com
I am asking $1500. OBO

From margaret mueller, 10/6/2006  2:20 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw table. It looks like a console table when it is closed. +-sixty inches wide, about 18-20 inches deep. has eight legs, small side drawers, two shelves run width of console, center section pulls out to accomodate leaves. Does anyone have one they want to sell? mmmueller@surewest.net

From Janice, 10/5/2006  12:19 PM

I sold my Saginaw table through craigslist for the Washington DC area for $500.00 on Labor Day. It was not in perfect condition.
For those interested in selling their table on craigslist, the following was the Posting title I used to explain the table:

Dining Table Expands from 20” stored against wall to 7 ½ ’ Seats 2-8

It worked, sold it in one day.

From Donald Carpenter, 10/3/2006  10:45 PM

soryy forget my e-mail address    Sir2don@bellsouth.net

From Donald Carpenter, 10/3/2006  10:43 PM

I just recieved a china closet from my grandmother's passing and as I was moving to my home I found a silk makers mark on the inside. It say's Saginaw, Furiture Shops makers of fine furiture for 40 years, Saginaw Michigan. It is 5' wide and 78 " tall, has two bevelled glass doors and one bevelled glass in the middle all with a gold trim. A door on each side of the bottom with four drawers in the middle and the top drawer opens as a desk with letter holders and one small drawer on the inside with leather on the bottom of the opening front drawer. I was hoping someone could tell me something about it and it's value

From Alicia, 10/3/2006  10:41 AM

Alicia, please call me if you still have the expanding
table. my phone # is 760-436-6836 & my E-Mail is
bev23tar@wmconnect.com Also, would like to see a picture
of it      

      Thanks, Beverly Tarver

From Beverly Tarver, 10/3/2006  9:58 AM

I am looking for a saginaw expanding table, if you have
one for sale please contact me at 760-436-6836 or e-mail
me at bev23tar@wmconnect.com. And if you can please send a photo.

10/3/06          ; Thank you, Beverly Tarver

From Beverly Tarver, 10/1/2006  7:14 PM

Hi Cathy

I am interested in the expandable table, could you please
send me a photo of it and also how much you are asking
for it. I live in encinitas,Ca
my e-mail is bev23tar@wmconnect.com

thanks, Bev

From GARY0852, 9/28/2006  8:08 PM

I have a round table, 53" and it is marked Watertown Table slide co. Is it worth anything ?

From Alicia, 9/25/2006  11:21 PM

I have a saginaw desk with the wisconsin slides.It has 4 leaves and is huge when the leaves are in it.It has 3 drawers and is a natural blonde color.It is in great condition and only has a few surface marks that are very small and a small portion on the bottom from being moved.It was purchased by a lady I used to care for; in the 50s.It is great for someone who doesnt have much space and it is also quite a conversation piece when it is opened to its full length.I am selling it to make room for my grandmothers china cabinet that I dont want them to sell.I reside in Tucson, Az.If anyone wants pics or to make an offer or questions.Email:awplatinum@aol.com

From Susan O'Neil, 9/25/2006  6:17 PM

Where are you located and how much would you sell it for. I am looking for my daughter... starving student, small NY apartment in Brooklyn so is cramped for space.

From Mark, 9/22/2006  5:47 PM

I have one.

From Carla, 9/13/2006  1:23 AM

ditto Mike - my email is ceejean@aol.com

From Carla, 9/13/2006  1:17 AM

I also have a Saginaw expandable table. It is mahogany, but was "antiqued" years ago. Only the chest was antiqued, not the leaves. Sounds like the table Julien described is just like mine. Did anyone find out its value? I'd be interested in selling mine - live in Washington state.

From mike, 9/8/2006  11:38 PM

thought my e mail would show its mikenpg@aol.com

From mike, 9/8/2006  11:37 PM

i have one also with the metal tags roll out its huge in good condition hit me up if your interested and also looking for the value

From Neil, 9/6/2006  1:00 AM

Ihave a Saginal expanding dining table closed is 30w X 20dX30H Has 4 15in leaves opening to 80in has some surface scratchs can be fixed. Has a 11/2in of crown mold missing that can be made. and has the felt lined silverware drawer. Iam in southern Indiana and I am selling for $1200 OBO To heavy to ship. neilgoffinet@sbcglobal.net

From Julien, 9/3/2006  12:38 PM

We have a Saginaw expandable mahogany buffet we would like to appraise and sell. It has 6 mahogany leaves that measure 15" x 36". They store diagonally in a side door on the right. It has false drawer pulls on the front. When the top ones are pulled, the two front legs come forward and the Watertown expansion slides continue for up to 110". Does anyone know what is worth and a good forum to sell it? Thanks, Julien

From Shae, 9/2/2006  4:22 PM

I also own the expandable buffet table described above with the leaves and folding chairs. I am curious as to the value of this piece and may be interested in selling it-we are running out of room in our house!
If someone could get back to me, I'd really appreciate it!


From Jerry, 9/2/2006  12:12 PM

I have recently acquired an original EXPANDWAY COMMODE by SAGINAW. It is blonde with four leaves, all in mint condition. I am interested in either getting matching chairs (6-8) and/or selling the table. Please contact me if applicable.

From velma, 8/26/2006  2:03 PM

I thought the email showed. yannayon@alltel.net

From velma, 8/26/2006  2:02 PM

I also I one I am in N Georgia. It has 5 leaves. Asking $400. Pic are possible.

From Diana H., 8/25/2006  11:11 AM

Am trying to sell a Saginaw expanding table that has a roll out top that seats 6 to 8 people when extended. It is a blonde wood and at least 50 years old, in good condition. Storage area on bottom.

Best Offer. Southeastern Michigan area.

From yolanda, 8/24/2006  7:28 PM

my name is yolanda and i forgot to put my email address
on my reply note it is bar_yola@yahoo.com

From Diane, 8/24/2006  3:55 PM

FOR SALE MADISON (southern) WISCONSIN: Expandable Mahogony Buffet with double doors in the front, all table top leaves inside, silverware drawer and linen storage. The front of the buffet pulls out to 111", providing a 96" table surface. Closed it measures 20"deep x40"wide x 30 High.Cannot find the Manufacturer. The buffet is in perfect condition. Asking $1000.00. I can e-mail you pictures. Contact Me: ddamon@wisc.edu 608-831-5212

From yolanda, 8/22/2006  12:06 PM


I have a table slide that is in great shape double doors
on bottom & looks like a drawer on top it pulls out 9 feet long it has six leaves great shape & silverwear drawer & another walnut color. it has a metal square on it saying saginaw furniture shop & then stamped watertown wisconsin & also flint mi. on the metal thing too. I want 1,350 dollars very heavy only m.o.
                                         thank you

From chris, 8/15/2006  2:36 PM

I live in Kingsport Tennessee and would be interested in photos of your expandable table (located in Bristol, TN). Please send pics to lunsford@voridian.com with a selling price.


From Ariel, 8/8/2006  11:49 AM

I recently aquired a Saginaw Expandomatic table with six? maybe leaves. The underpart of the table stores the leaves on the left and has shelving on the right. It looks to be possibly mahogany or special walnut finish. I also have four leg-o-matic chairs of a darker color. All are in great condition with few scratches.

Can anyone give me a possible value on these?
I live in Bristol TN and can be reached at aatester@cn.edu. Thanks!!

From Tom Dombrosky, 8/4/2006  6:51 PM

I live in suburban Tampa, FL and am very interested in a Saginaw Expandomatic Table. Must be in good condition and include matching chairs.

Please email if you have one or know of one for sale. Thanks

From Richard, 8/2/2006  2:07 PM

We have a Saginaw Furniture Expandaway Buffet. My family purchased the buffet around 1940. Liture states that is the "Original Expandaway". The buffet is 40"w x 20-3/4"d x 30"h. There are two doors in front with interior leaf storage, silverware drawer and linen storage. Table clothes, pads and linens are included. The front of the buffet pulls out to 111", providing a 96" dining room table with leaves. There are six matching upholstered chairs. It is either mahogany or a darker maple. It is in excellent condition. Price is negotiable.

Live in Thornton, Colorado. Contact us at csc022@aol.com.


From Amy, 7/15/2006  12:30 AM

I am trying to sell a Saginaw Expanding Table for my grandmother who is the original owner. It has been in the same spot in her house since it was purchased and it is in great condition. We are in the Seattle area. If anyone is interested, please contact me at amykate72@verizon.net. Pictures are available. Or call at 360-939-0175. Pickup only.

From Charles Gunn, 7/14/2006  1:43 PM

There is a table like you describe on E bay, under Saginaw Table.

From Kim, 7/12/2006  3:34 PM

I have a SAGINAW FURNITURE SHOPS EXPANDABLE BAR. I am interested in selling this piece. I live in South Florida and can be reached at av8jets@bellsouth.net if anyone is interested.

From Carolyn Hays, 7/11/2006  8:33 PM

I have a Saginaw expanding table that has the roll out top - seats 6-8 people - what looks like a drawer, when pulled out, becomes a table. Storage area with double doors. Very good condition. I am in the Dallas, TX area. For more information, my email is cehays@earthlink.net

From jennifer tiedt, 7/8/2006  10:30 PM

I am in Michigan, we have one of these Watertown Slide Out tables made by Saginaw Furniture. This is still in the possession of the ORIGINAL owner.
It is blonde, or light color wood with six leaf inserts. It has two doors, and she had custom pads, to match the size of all of the leaf inserts, made to protect the table as it was used.
There is some minor damage to the bottom of the table from moving it, but other than that it is in great shape.
This table was purchased new by my Grandma. She is still alive and has given me all the details of this piece.
It was purchased in 1955ish. From a Shannahan Furniture Dealer, which was a sales outfit for the Saginaw Furniture Co. The store was located in Detroit.
They have a huge Italian Family and table space was always sparce.
We are looking to sell it now, no longer have the need for it. She lives with us and we already have prepared for the posse before she came to live with us.
We are willing to discuss delivery or shipping.
If you are interested, photos are available as well as any resonable offers are concidered.
Take care...Jen

From Joe, 7/4/2006  1:33 PM

HI! The slide desk I have is NOT 38ft, it's 38inches, sorry about that!

Also, it's Watertown Slide desk, 1971-it's in great shape, but we are moving out of state and don't want to lug it around!

Price is negotiable if you pick it up, or maybe we can check out shipping it...let's talk!

Thank you!


From Ray, 7/1/2006  2:18 PM

Like other people, I forgot my e-mail, which is raychen@erols.com.

From Ray, 7/1/2006  2:17 PM

I have a Saginaw Expand-O-Matic table for sale. It has 4 leaves and opens to 82". Unopened, it looks like a desk with a faux top drawer and 3 drawers on the left, one of which is felt lined. In this site, people are asking from $800 to $2400 for a similar table, which qualifies as an antique, since Saginaw has been out of business since the 1950's. I plan to offer the table on Craigslist Washington DC for $600 as soon as I get the photos. I live in Gaithersburg, MD.

From Joe, 6/27/2006  4:40 PM

Would help if I left my email address?!
Also, the dimensions are 38'W by 10'long when expanded, it's the size of a regular home desk when un-expanded(?).

We are asking $800.00 for it.


From Joe, 6/27/2006  2:53 PM

IN Bakersfield,CA, I have a slide desk that expands to about 8 ft. (Can get the exact measurements if needed.)
It has four double leaves, the front has one drawer and one cubby with door.....would like to get rid of it.
It's too heavy to ship....but in great condition, never knew exactly what to do with it!!

From Kris, 6/21/2006  10:28 AM

Should mention that I tried 'Elaine' in Paducah, but the phoen was no longer in service and the email bounced. I could drive a couple of hundred miles.

From Kris, 6/21/2006  10:23 AM

We're looking for an expanding table as well. St. Louis metro area. krisdw@madisontelco.com

From Chris, 6/13/2006  2:12 PM


I have a saginaw Expandway table with NO chairs.
It seats 8 - 12 and expands 80 or 110.
Good overall condition has the support leg with the bottom brace piece that has been replaced with a standard 2x4 board. If interested please make offer. located in south west central PA mom243@verizon.net

From scott, 6/10/2006  9:07 PM

I have the desk version for sale on craigslist in denver in the furniture section under "vintage expando-matic table". Pictures are posted. If interested, please respond to the posting, or just take a look. You can also contact me at cargile22@hotmail.com

From Diane, 6/10/2006  4:15 PM

FOR SALE SOUTHERN WISCONSIN: Expandable Mahogony Buffet with double doors in the front, table top leaves inside, silverware drawer and linen storage. The front of the buffet pulls out to 111", providing a 96" table surface. Closed it measures 20"deep x 40"wide.Cannot find the Manufacturer. The buffet is in perfect condition The price of this buffet is $1000.00. I can e-mail you pictures.
Contact Me: ddamon@wisc.edu

From kristy, 6/9/2006  11:07 AM

I have a mahogany expand o matic buffet for sell.
Expands up to 63inches, sits up to 8 people,
good cond. I live in Independence,Mo. Will possibly
deliver for a fee. Cost of table:$2000.00
Contact me at: curious-geo@peoplepc.com

From Karen, 6/8/2006  11:03 AM

I live in Colorado and would like to buy an expandable table, chairs are not necessary. Please let me contact me if you are intested in selling. contact: ksrobinson@prodigy.net

From Alex, 5/28/2006  8:47 AM

We have an Expand-0-Matic table made by Extensol-Corp
(1936-1979) Sparta, Michican with the Watertown Table slide. It has 5 table top leaves which open to 96" with a center drop down leg support when fully opened. It came with 6 legomatic folding chairs. The table slides
back into a beautiful walnut wood buffet with folding double doors with large brass knobs. The buffet has a large sliding drawer for silverware and linens. The wood finish is walnut and is in very good condition. We are the orginal owners and used it for holidays only. We purchased it in the 1960's. We live in Conn (New Haven area) and would prefer not to ship (it is very heavy) shipping and packing would be very costly. Photos will be e-mail on request. contact ferraroa@sbcglobal.net

From Gloria, 5/27/2006  10:17 PM

I am looking for the table with the leaves and chairs stored inside of it. My neighbor has one. It, or at least the chairs have the legomatic brand on them. I will be moving to Maryland in June so would love to buy one from some one in the near proximity. That could be from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. As someone above said it could be really pricy to ship. I could pick it up if in that area. My e-mail is kenglok4@bellsouth.net

From Janice, 5/26/2006  9:08 AM

Janice, I am moving to Leonardtown, Md in a few weeks. Do you still have the table, and if so what are you asking. Gloria Koehler - at Kenglok4@bellsouth.net

From Peggy, 5/25/2006  9:17 PM

Am looking to buy saginal expanding table with leaves Peggy Long Island NY 516 220 9069

From Ann B., 5/23/2006  12:54 PM

I have a mahogany Saginaw expandomatic with inside silverware drawer and shelf for linene as well as storage for the 4 leafs. There are no chairs. It belonged to my late aunt and I believe it was purchased in the late 1940's. Willing to sell to someone in RI, southeastern Ma area. It is too heavy to ship inexpensively.

From EUGENE T, 5/20/2006  2:22 PM


From EUGENE T, 5/20/2006  2:19 PM



From Laura Smith, 5/10/2006  7:38 PM

Just started looking for the buffet expanding table but from what I'm reading they are very pricy. Anyone still have one for sale in the northern IL area at a more reasonable price? Chairs not absolutely necessary if price is better without them.

Thank you.

Laura Smith

From T Straub, 5/6/2006  6:35 PM

Does anyone have information on the Saginaw bar? it's 4' wide 2' deep and when the doors are opened the top folds open and slides to a 8' surface. It's mounted on casters and has been in the family since I can remember (i'm 45 now). I got it from my Dad and wouldn't sell it, but I am wondering if it was sold with the glassware and if anyone know who made the glassware.


Tom Straub

From RBlue, 5/1/2006  3:26 PM

I have an expandable table as is described but mine was sold by Castro Convertibles which had many of this type. Is anyone familiar with Castro. I know that they are no longer in business.

From B. Zamora, 4/29/2006  2:42 PM

I have a buffet style expandable dining table made of mahogany. The table is labled as being made by Saginaw Furniture Shops Inc. and is also labled as being mahagony.
I live in Colorado and am interested in selling the table. Would like info. on avaliabillity and price. thanks

From elaine, 4/26/2006  12:49 PM

ellen, i emailed some pix of the table, hope you got them, after i set the table back up, i remembered how beatiful it really is!!! hope u like it, but like i said, shipping would be crazy!!! im in ky. and your in miami, but am willing to sell if your willing to pay.

From Guest, 4/24/2006  4:50 PM

Sorry, my request for Saginaw expand table in Miami or Fla area did not contain my email address. It is eaf9@bellsouth.net

From Ellen, 4/24/2006  3:50 PM

I live in Miami and would like to know if anyone has a saginaw expandable table (seat 12) that you would like to sell.

From elaine, 4/23/2006  10:18 AM

would like to sell my saginaw expand-o-matic table, very good shape, very heavy so shipping would be waaayyy expensive, i am in kentucky, so if anyone is interested email me at stua4662@paducah.com, or call 2705544153. thank you

From brian, 4/19/2006  11:01 PM


From Janice, 4/14/2006  7:34 PM

this is the email adress you can reach me at: anniebug222@hotmail.com

From Janice, 4/14/2006  7:20 PM

To Kathy
     I live in Riverdale, Maryland near College Park. I have a Saginaw table I am trying to sell. I am currently am not on the internet and am using my daughter's computer. Please email her with your telephone number and email address and I will get back to you right away. You did not include your email address.

From Sharon, 4/13/2006  11:34 AM

I've been looking for one of these tables also
I live in Colorado. If anyone lives near Greeley
or Denver I would be interested in perhaps
purchasing it.

From Josh, 4/5/2006  12:17 AM

My grandmother has a dresser and a chest of drawers from the Saginaw Furniture Shops. They have been in the family for at leat fifty years. Both pieces have brass handles. The chest of drawers has a label on the inside that reads, "Futique, Antique of the Future, The Saginaw Furniture Shops." I have had a very hard time finding out any information on these pieces of furniture. If anyone thinks that they have a piece like these or has any information on these pieces concerning their value or age, please email me. Thanks, Josh in Alabama. Tigerpride80@aol.com

From Marly, 4/1/2006  4:14 PM

OOOPs forgot my email address: marlybear@iw.net (Looking for the Saginaw Expandable table. marly

From Marly, 3/31/2006  3:59 PM

I am looking for a console table with expandable leaves with chairs. We are remodeling and need it only for Thanksgiving dinner once a year. Please email me if some of you still have your table with chairs available. Thanks.Marly

From Joan of AL, 3/25/2006  4:34 PM

Forgot chairs are in very good condition. No wear at all.

From Joan of AL, 3/25/2006  4:28 PM

I have one of these tables with 6 leaves & 6 folding leg-o-matic chairs. would like to know the value. Mine has a little water damage to the bottom of cabnet due to house flood. But still in good shape otherwise. would also be interested in selling. You can e-mail me @ ducksofpc@aol.com or call my cell @ (205)369-4445.

From Kim, 3/24/2006  6:49 PM

I have still have my Saginaw expanding table. Looks like maple and/or oak. My e-mail address has changed to morefreshstarts@aol.com

From Carol Ann, 3/17/2006  11:24 AM

I have one of these expandable console buffet tables that is in the federal style in decent shape. I have moved to a much smaller house and I dont have room to store the chairs and extra leaves etc. It looks like a half moon console table, cherry wood, ornate legs, front panel has beautiful urn design and flourets. It has three leaves, table pads and comes with 6 legomatic folding chairs. I have photos if anyone is interested in purchasing. Reasonable and serious offers only considered. I am at the Jersey Shore. email at fiery_cat@hotmail.com

From Kathy, 3/16/2006  9:39 PM

I've been searching for 2 years for the expanding table that looks like a buffet! I have a tiny eating area, but would love to have one to entertain for larger dinner parties. If anyone in the Washington DC metro area has one, please let me know! Thanks so much!

From Lynn, 3/16/2006  12:48 PM

I have a Watertown Slide table built in Watertown, Wisconsin. The number 2545 is branded on the underside. It has a sideboard with brass pulls and low backsplash,with 2 cabinets on the sides, left side drawer has lined silverware draw ,and 2 large center drawers. 4-5 chairs re-covered, one captain. All in great shape. I'd like to know the value. Can anyone help me?

From PJ Bryant, 3/7/2006  6:15 PM

My mother just gave me on of these tables...It too is stamped Table Slide MFG Corp on the mechanisms. It came with 2 leaves and is in fair shape. Should I refinish this table myself, or does the value require an expert to restore it?

From Ginny, 3/7/2006  10:59 AM

I'm looking for a desk that opens to a table. of course I need the leaves with it. Anyone in a reasonable distance of WDC/Richmond/Baltimore either for pick up or reasonable shipping please let me know. bag@post.com

From d k b, 2/19/2006  7:43 PM

I have a blonde Water Town slide table. 6 leaves store behind the doors, with a middle support and one leg. It has one drawer and shelf under it also. The leaves are 15 inches deep. Unopened the dimensions are 30" ht x 40" wd x 20 1/4" deep. Fully opened it's 110 1/4" long. No chairs. It too has the Watertown info on the slide and a metal tag that reads Saginaw Michigan with a picture of an Indian chief in full headress on it. The wood is light in color and appears to have a blonde 'laminate'? on the outside. It's pretty heavy. I don't know wood very well. The folks I've talked too here in Las Vegas have never heard of it, but one man said he thought it was made of ash since it is so heavy. I bought it from a thrift store many years ago. If anyone is interested in it, or has found out how much it might be worth, please contact me. dmkbkb@cox.net

From L. D., 2/19/2006  6:45 PM

Let one of these expandable Saginaw chest/tables be taken by estate sale company from my parents home and still regret it 2 years later. Really could use it now. Anyone in the Midwest/St. Louis area have one willing to part with? Likely too heavy to ship.

From Pet Aid of Washington, 2/15/2006  3:29 PM

ooops... I see our E-mail was not in the msg. budfrog@direcway.com

From Pet Aid of Washington, 2/15/2006  3:26 PM

We are a non-profit animal rescure org. with a thrift store in the Portland/Vancouver area. We just had one of these Saginaw tables donated to us. It has the leaves and the center leg, but no chairs. If any are still looking, please contact me.

From Dick, 2/14/2006  1:54 PM

Forgot to include my e-mail.


From Dick, 2/14/2006  1:46 PM

We have a Saginaw Furniture Shops Mahogony Buffet with double doors in the front, table top leaves inside, silverware drawer and linen storage. Original literature calls this the Original Expandway. The front of the buffet pulls out to 111", providing a 96" table surface. The buffet is in perfect condition and has six upholstered chairs. The price of this buffet is $2600.00 subject to some negotiation.

Please contact us for additional information, pictures, etc.


From FRED YOSENICK, 12/29/2005  6:14 PM


From Dena Shealy, 12/29/2005  9:43 AM

I am also looking for an expandable buffet table as a gift for my husband who has always wanted one. Dave K, did you ever sell yours? If anyone else has one they are interested in selling, please contact me at MissDena1@AOL.com. Thanks!

From Himelright 1@aol.com, 12/1/2005  7:45 AM


From Sharon, 11/28/2005  7:48 PM

i have an expandway table with 6 chairs by saginaw. easy opening doors. expands to 80"- or 110". seats 8- 12 people.
it has a brace you use when fully extended. i would like to know the value and am willing to sell.

From pam, 11/28/2005  10:05 AM

ihave a saginaw expendable table with 8 chairs in good condition would like to know the value and iam willing to sell

From Bruce, 11/27/2005  5:55 PM

My wife just bought one of the expand-o-matic tables. It has no leaves. I was looking for leaves or some way to make them. I do not know what kind of wood the table is made of because it has been painted. I do have a picture of it if someone wants. It has a number stamped near the metal lable of the company..D-138. Does that mean anything?

From Lee, 11/25/2005  9:26 AM

I too have a Saginaw expandway table and was wondering what the value is. It's in good condition and I have the four leaves in the original packing box. It has the appearance of a desk with 3 drawers on the left side lined with green felt. Please email me any info you may have on this or similar items. I am interested in determining its value as I would like to sell this item. Thanks. Happy Holidays,Lee. eleegroth@comcast.net

From Suzanne, 11/20/2005  10:51 AM

Saginaw Furniture Store - Expand-o-matic buffet table. In good condition for sale. I own this beautiful expandable table, has what appears to be a drawer that rolls out that has a roll top table that extends 6 feet in length. Two doors under that has a silverware drawer with additional space for linens. Has all the SAginaw Furniture labels inside. Am interested in selling since I have no space. Email me at suzbook@yahoo.com for photos. Make an offer. Thanks and happy finding. Suzanne

From donna e, 11/15/2005  3:07 PM

We have a saginaw furniture expand-o-matic.The tag says original expand-o-matic. It has 2 side compartments front drawer. shelves on bottem also a huth on top. We would like an idea of how much its worth. If any one knows.      

From Dave K, 11/9/2005  4:36 PM

I have one of the expandable Saginaw tables in mint condition with all the leaves and even a center support leg my father invented to give the middle section more stability when all the leaves are in.

This table was bought back in 1976, and I've eaten a few T-giving dinners on it about ago.

To view several photos of it, go here: http://community.webshots.com/album/54414033XvnCJS


From Cathy, 10/18/2005  12:13 AM

I live in SD, CA and have a cabinet like this in my storage, it says Saginaw Furniture Shops, Inc. on the metal Label with an indian as the logo. It has four leaves. The front moulding is somewhat ornate and pulls out to extend for leaves, the slide is wood/peg construction. One hidden flatware drawer is in front doors. It is beautiful, VERY Heavy. Mine needs some work on lower sides of Cabinet, leaves are in excellent condition as well as interior, slides, labels etc....I would sell mine as I have no room. I have photos. catcom9308@aol.com

From Kimberly Martin, 10/17/2005  9:37 AM

Looking to purchase an expandaway table Saginaw Bay Company. I live in Scottsdale, anyone close that is selling? Kim kim119@cox.net

From Design, 10/3/2005  5:58 PM

we have a saginaw expandable buffet table with 10 expandable chairs... what would be a midrange asking price? It is in good condition.. e-mail me please at desolatewriting@aol.com

From Roland, 10/1/2005  5:23 PM

For all of you who want to know the value of your tables, there are two methods of pricing them. First remember that an item is worth only what someone else is welling to pay for it, or what you are willing to sell it for...and second for insurance value you should only insure it for replacement value. This means that if you have a Queen Ann style table that is made of solid mahogany, that expands to seat 12 and have all the matching chairs also made of mahogany it would cost quite a bit to replace at today’s market prices. So find out the wood that was used, the style and the amount of work that went into producing the product. Mass-market pieces normally don't have a high collectible value, 5 or 6 figures. But they can easily bring in the high 4 figures.   

From Jim, 9/13/2005  4:15 PM

Must sell Saginaw expandable table, 6 leaves and four chairs. $$$$$$$1000.00 takes it. Jim jimarl2001@juno.com

From Barbie, 8/23/2005  8:40 PM

I also have an Expand-0-matic Saginaw table which has 5 leaves and 5 leg-o-matic chairs. I am searching for a value, and will try some of the links above. MIne is in almost new condition. It was purchased new by my Mother many many years ago, now I have the pleasure of being the benificiary of this beautiful piece of fine furniture.I am glad that there are still some out there, although it seems that some have parts missing. Mine is complete and is still used for many holiday occassions... will never sell, but for insurance purposes and curiosity, I wish to find it's value. barbie@rcabletv.com

From Kim, 7/29/2005  8:15 AM

I own the exact brand and table you are speaking of! If you are interested e-mail me. I can send photos! morefreshstarts@peoplepc.com

From L. Kiel, 7/18/2005  9:32 AM

I have a slightly different expand-o-matic table circa 1950's. It was made by the Saginaw Furniture Shops and has original metal plate markings. We are the original owners and have kept it in pristine condition. This model has no leaves because it actually pulls out to reveal a concealed table top. Anyone know this type? lljskiel@aol.com

From Elizabeth Jordan, 7/4/2005  7:16 PM

We have a Saginaw expandable table that was given to me years ago by a relative. Double doors in front and opens to two legs and has 4 expandable extentions. Pull out draw underneath with felt cubbies. Can anyone tell me approximate value and where to sell it? It is very very very heavy so not sure if it is worth shipping. Thanks for any info   lizjordan@optonline.net

From Guest, 7/3/2005  11:38 AM

Bill, Try www.whatsitworthtoyou.com or email appraisals@furniturebrains.com. -Russell

From Bil, 7/2/2005  11:40 PM

I have a table and Buffet from Saginaw Furiture Shops it has a date of 1924. The table has 2 built in extensions and the outfit also has 6 chairs, one has arms. I would like to know what this is worth as it is to big for our home. carterwh62@msn.com

From JIM, 7/2/2005  8:08 PM

We have a Saginaw expandable table with 6-15" leaves, extends to 111", also 4 folding chairs, all original.We are downsizing and don't have room for it. Give us a call. Jimarl2001@juno.com

From Marie, 6/28/2005  2:26 AM

I have one of these desks/tables and am trying to do some research on it. I live in Southern California but am moving across country soon and can not take it with. It does have the metal label and is imprinted with H25143 with the Watertown Slide markings as well. I do not have the leaves that go with it. It is in good shape, the handles are still here with great patina and the drawers as well. Can anyone tell me an approximate value and where to sell it? Thanks neverceasestoamusemyself@gmail.com

From Carol Peter, 6/26/2005  8:13 AM

I also have a Saginaw expanding table and am interesting in selling it. I am moving across country and cannot take it. It's in perfect condition with all leaves. Please, if anyone has any idea at all what it's worth, please email me. Thank you. carolpeter@comcast.net

From Stephanie, 6/25/2005  3:39 PM

I have an expand-o-matic table that measures 40" x 21" when serving as a buffet table and extends to approximately 111" when the six leaves are inserted. There are two door which open and contain the six leaves, along with a silverware drawer and shelving for storage of linens and/or tableware. The manufacturer's label is on the inside of the left door and states "Saginaw Furniture Shops, Inc. I am interested in determining its value and also interested in selling. If anyone has any information concerning the value of this table/buffet please e-mail me at ElZagal46@att.net.

From Marcia McGinty, 6/16/2005  10:29 PM

I have the Saginaw Furniture Co. Expand-O-Matic table with the four folding wood chairs. It is in excellant condition and the original lables are on the table and chairs. I am asking $2,400.00 for the set. Please email me with any questions. marcialymc@yahoo.com

From jan deeds, 6/15/2005  12:22 AM

Had this table once and would love to own one again. Anybody interested in selling one or does know where I can find one? j_deeds@earthlink.net

From Jennifer, 6/2/2005  6:37 PM

So did anyone find one of these - I would love to buy one too. Thanks. jensalzman@yahoo.com

From kim bennett`, 5/25/2005  2:59 PM

I want to buy an expandable dining room table and have it shipped to Sunnyvale texas 75182 bennettk@terrell.ednet10.net

From wendy wolfe, 5/25/2005  12:59 PM

i am interested in other expandable pieces made by Saginaw such as console tables etc. thanks, Wendy. wolfegrr@hotmail.com

From nikki, 5/18/2005  2:34 PM

I also have the expandable dining room table which has the same description as above. Does anybody know when it was made and what the value is? Who could I contact to get more information about the table? nikkicolonna@hotmail.com

From Teresa Huston, 4/23/2005  1:07 AM

I am interested in purchasing an expandaway table. I have been looking everywhere. Please contact me. huston1996@sbcglobal.net

From Mark Landrieu, 4/22/2005  1:15 PM

I have a Saginaw Expandaway and would be interested in its value. I have 2 leafs. 504-583-6002 Mark Landrieu. Mklandrieu@aol.com

From Evan G. DeRenzo, Ph.D., 4/8/2005  8:43 PM

Dear Mr. Brehmer, It is wonderful to hear you have a Saginaw Expandaway. I, too, would love to know what it's worth. I have one also (although I lost the leaves years ago). I am the daughter of one of the brothers who were the last family members to own Saginaw Furniture Corp. Sincerely, Evan G. DeRenzo, Ph.D. ederenzo@worldnet.att.net

From Guest, 3/17/2005  7:00 PM

Dear Arnold, Watertown Slide is not the manufacturer. It is the maker of the slide mechanism. Try www.furniturebrains.com for an appraisal. -Russell.

From Arnold Brehmer, 3/17/2005  12:06 PM

We have a Watertown Slide Table that is Mahogany > It measures 40" X 60' closed. It has the hidden leaf plus two other leaves. When all three leaves are used it measures 96". We are wanting to sell it. It is in good condition. Where can we find the Value? Thank you.gales@walnutel.net

From MARGE O, 3/15/2005  1:30 AM

I have the expandable table you described, and I was wondering how old it was. I found a metal label with the name Saginaw Furniture Shop in the inside, and decided to check it out on the internet. I was wanting to sell it but had no idea what it is worth. Would you be able to help? or where I can find out?ÊÊÊThank You, Mrgrt_osborn@yahoo.com

From John Henderson, 3/12/2005  12:00 PM

We have this exact table now. What were you needing? john@hhpaint.com

From Frederick Neubauer, 3/10/2005  12:14 PM

I forgot to post my email address: fneubaur@comcast.net

From Frederick Neubauer, 3/10/2005  12:10 PM

I Have an expandway desk, model 563, Mhgy, Unit No 21336H.   It has Saginaw Furniture Shops listed as manufacture, and also on the expanding parts, it has Watertown Table Slide Corp printed on the slide part.

From Brian D., 2/23/2005  9:34 PM

I own a table similar to the one you described. Email me if you would care to see a photo of it. Brian. sccat7@aol.com

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/19/2004  6:26 PM

 Saginaw has been out of business for many years. I believe that AA Laun makes a mission styled table that has similar features. You can ask them to suggest a local dealer by contacting them through their web area at www.furninfo.com/laun. 

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