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Posted By Guest, 8/12/2003

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Hello! I was told you might be able to help us. About 22-25 years ago we purchased a chest of drawers, night stand and single bed by Young Hinkle furniture. The drawer pulls are set into the drawer fronts about 3/4 inch and the lip of the casing extends around the edges and 4 screws go through this and into the drawers. The pulls have broken off on 4 of the drawers. The color is antique brass. We would like to replace all so they would match. There are six, counting the 2 on the night stand. We could do with the 4 for the chest of drawers. The number on the left of the hardware is K B C - 2 and on the right, N 4 8 4 2. Thank you for your help.


From kikigallagher, 2/9/2013  3:00 PM

Trying to find a drawer pull for a dresser. It is marked Young-Hinkle.
The pull is brass and inlaid into the dresser. Does anyone know where ai can find it or possibly have one? My e mail is borntorun24@optimum.net
Please put in subject line "DRESSER PULL". Thanks!

From rbw123, 1/31/2013  11:02 AM

I am searching for Young Hinkle Outrigger Brass Pulls
Please contact me at

Thank you.

From Guest, 8/13/2011  7:42 PM

I just bought a young-hinkle dresser on craig's list in san diego. It needs one replacement drawer pull and one wooden drawer slide. So far i have had no luck finding these. Can anyone help me? Alternatively, I guess i could perhaps sell the parts to it to make my money back????? Anyone interested? tricia

From Guest, 8/9/2011  10:34 PM

Evansville:::I am interested and live just out if Evansville please contact me.   

From Guest, 8/7/2011  1:00 PM

looking for young hinkle hardware for armoire small door-2 no8303 kbc---and i dont know what grouping its from but i am looking for a tall dresser oaid 50.00 for the armoire    for my grandson who just moved in thanks

From Guest, 7/29/2011  12:13 PM

We have a bedroom set and it has the marking of young hinkle. It also has a number on the dresser with mirror of 840-210 on the mirror, and 840-221 lenoer(?) on the dresser. Can you tell me if this is oak or ash wood. Thanks.   Alex

From Guest, 7/18/2011  1:42 PM

John Thole - Are you willing to sell any items separately (Accessory Pair). I'm in Ohio but could pick up in Indiana. Please reply to deborah@insight.rr.com

From Guest, 7/17/2011  5:34 PM

To Melissa Slack in Ohio -- Do you have a photo of the set you can send to me? ALSO -- I'M LOOKING FOR THE BRASS HARDWARE (DRAWER PULLS. HAS ANYONE LOCATED THEM?

From Guest, 7/11/2011  4:15 PM

Live in Evansville, IN. Have 20 pieces of Young Hinkle Series 727 Ship Ahoy furniture for sale. Have original 727 Brochure. All in excellent condition. No missing or loose hardware. No missing or cracked drawer glides.

Set ONE for $900.00: #222 6dr Double Dresser Base, #202 Upright Mirror, #306 4dr Chest, #111 Twin Slat Headboard 3/3, #621 2dr Bedside Stand, #529 1dr Corner Desk, #541 3dr/2shelf Hutch w/ light, and #537 Chair (new cover).

Set TWO for $1125.00: #222 6dr Double Dresser Base, #202 Upright Mirror, #307 5dr Chest, 2 #111 Twin Slat Headboards 3/3, #621 2dr Bedside Stand, 2 #532 4dr Desks, and 2 #537 Chairs (new covers).

Accessory Pair: #514 2door/1shelf Bachelor Chest with #540 2dr/2shelf Hutch for $200.00. One pair only.

Will sell entire lot of 20 pieces for $2100.00. Purchaser(s) will need to make arrangements for pick up and transport of furniture to destination.

From Guest, 7/10/2011  12:15 PM

We have a Young/Hinkle dry sink and buffet with all of it's original hardware (brass) for sale. We live in Ohio. If interested I can email pictures.

From Guest, 7/7/2011  10:10 PM


From Guest, 7/3/2011  11:12 AM

I have pieces of furniture marked Ship Ahoy and Young and Hinkle burned into the drawers.
Chest of drawers and desk chair and hutch top that goes onto the desk with light.
I live in Alabama and you can email for pictures. Will sell it all for $500.00

From Guest, 6/28/2011  9:52 PM

I just placed a full set of young hinkle furniture for sale on Atlanta Craigslist. Search for "Ships Ahoy". Picture ad. thanks.

From Martha Yonce, 6/9/2011  1:45 PM

Regarding previous post on 6/9/11- regarding set of "Windjammer" furniture we have. email at marthanotstuart@yahoo.com.

From Martha Yonce, 6/9/2011  1:37 PM

We have a set of the Young-Hinkle "Windjammer" furniture which includes bunk beds with ladder, rails and bunkie boards, 5 drawer chest, 3 drawer dresser with locker chest on side, mirror, desk and chair. All in very good to excellent condition except chair needs new pad covering and re-gluing but is perfectly usable. We purchased this set new in the 80's and is wonderful furniture. Our boys used it from out of cribs through college. Can anyone tell us what a reasonable price would be for this set? We live in North Carolina.

From Ella, 5/12/2011  3:29 PM

I have two pieces of Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy furniture.
I have the tall dresser with 3 larger drawers and small drawers on the upper right with a door on the upper right.

I have the shorter longer dresser with three larger drawers on the right and a tall door with shelves nehind it on the left.

I hae to move into a smaller place and cannnot take them with me.

I live in Southern California. Santa Clarita.

From sean, 3/28/2011  10:22 PM

drawer guides go to SWISCO.com

From Laura, 3/28/2011  6:45 PM

My husband owns pieces of the Young Hinkle Port O'Call bedroom set. We would like to use them for our son's room, but are (like many others) having trouble locating replacement parts. I have tried the few suggestions on this post for locating the drawer pulls and the wooden drawer guides, with no luck. Please contact me with any ideas for locating parts or if you have pieces from this collection you would like to sell: namkrapsl@yahoo.com.

From Christy, 3/25/2011  10:57 PM

I am looking for a replacement wheel and wheel case for the trundle bed (Ship Ahoy?). Also, I would like to get a matching night stand for my set. Please e-mail me at Ccrespin@comcast.net if you have either item. Thanks!

From Sylvia Brown, 3/17/2011  4:05 PM


Looking for Pulls. Can you send Pix with sizes?

From Stacy, 3/12/2011  4:13 PM

I am selling a complete Young Hinkle bedroom set. This includes dresser with attached mirror, 1 nightstand, chest of drawers, and headboard fitting either a double/full or queen mattress.   

We are located in Minneapolis

From Tammy, 2/11/2011  10:48 PM

Hello - I currently have a Young Hinkle Outrigger 6 drawer dresser with a mirror and a twin headboard. I am looking for pieces to match this set. Does anyone have anything they are wanting to sell? I am really interested in a night stand. Please email me if you have anything. Thanks!

From Rob, 1/29/2011  12:47 PM

I am selling hardware for Young & Hinkle Winjammer desk.

From Debbie, 1/29/2011  12:58 AM

Have a set of Young Hinkle Outrigger furniture for sale in Dallas area. Set includes trundle bed, desk with hutch and chair, and dresser with 5 drawers and "ice chest" doored compartment. All pieces in excellent condition. Pictures available upon request.

Asking $750 or ????

From Guest, 1/20/2011  12:22 PM


From suzzanne, 1/20/2011  12:19 PM


From BunniLuv841, 1/20/2011  1:04 AM

Hello everyone! I am new here and I just wanted to make my introduction really.. My name is Catherine and I am a 21 year old student. I am majoring in social work. I'd like to know more about you all!

From kathleen, 1/5/2011  3:20 PM

I need the hinge for the ice chest cabinet on the windjammer ice chest piece. Anyone have an abandoned piece that can sell a spare part?    Have 3 busy boys in this room and I can't believe one of them hung on the door..............sigh.. :(

From theresa crawley, 12/23/2010  1:23 PM

Message to mistyland4@aol.com about buying your ice chest
I left a message for you about your ice chest and wonder how much it would cost to ship to Phoenix.

From theresa crawley, 12/23/2010  1:20 PM

I would like to buy your ice chest but wonder how much it would cost to ship to phoenix. Can you obtain that information. And does your ice chest have the ice chest door on the right side.
Thanks for the information

From maggi, 11/30/2010  3:37 PM

Looking for one hinge for a windjammer piece. Looks like an ice chest on the top, with 1 drawer, and a file drawer underneath.

Want to sell windjammer desk, hutch, "ice chest" piece and 6 drawer piece. Together, they make a very nice arrangement. Pictures available upon request

From Jayson, 11/21/2010  4:24 PM

I have a Young-Hinkle Ship Ahoy desk for sale. Possibly more pieces of the set as well. Boston area.


From Rob, 10/14/2010  7:36 PM

Just purchased a Young-Hinkle one piece hutch. It has three doors on bottom two drawers above them. There are also two shelves at the top the bottom having three small drawers beneath it. Just wondering if any body has any info on this piece. thanks

From theresa, 10/14/2010  6:56 PM

I need two ice chest drawers and small door. Does anyone have these available?

From chris widrich, 10/5/2010  3:01 PM

I need 6 (will buy more if necessary) brown plastic rear drawer glides for old chest of drawers from Young Hinkle Outrigger collection. The glides measure 1 and 15/16" overall width; the height is about 1 and 1/2" (estimated because all of the bottoms that go around the steel in each drawer is broken off. The width of the opening that sits on the steel track is 1 1/16" and the opening that would be below the track looks like it would have been 9/16" or 5/8". Home Depot has a variety of these parts but none in the exact size. I emailed Swisco, twice, but they have not replied. HELP!

From Deanna, 9/17/2010  8:06 PM

I have my son's Ship Ahoy trundle bed for sale, and am located in Ithaca, NY.

From Adam, 8/27/2010  2:51 PM

My email address (in reference to the post above) is knwl@yahoo.com

From Adam, 8/27/2010  2:49 PM

I have some of the original wooden glides and hardware from my ships ahoy bedroom set. I have 7 of each - some are worn more than others.   If anyone needs them, please contact me

From Donna, 8/23/2010  7:35 PM

WE have a complete Young-Hinkle Windjammer bunk bed set that we purchased 25 years ago. This set includes bunk beds (with ladder and 2 rails), tall chest, bedside table, desk with hutch, small dresser with hutch, and desk chair. All is in absolutely mint condition! Please email me if interested.

From Timon Athey, 8/19/2010  2:05 PM

I have Ship Ahoy bedroom furniture with black leather insets. Desk w/chair, Dresser w/3 drwrs/1 door, Hutch that will fit either, and a night stand. I thought about selling them until I started researching the Ship Ahoy brand I found in the top desk drawer. I would like more info and an idea of how much they are worth before I decide if I will sell or keep. If anyone can help me out please email me @ Tsdreamsnthings@yahoo.com. Thanks!

From sherry, 8/10/2010  12:08 PM

I have a Young-Hinkle Outrigger twin headboard and 6 drawer dresser. One of the drawer glides is broken; otherwise dresser and headboard are in excellent condition. I live in Wilmington, Delaware if anyone is interested for purchase. sherrybaby@comcast.net

From liz gellis, 8/1/2010  10:49 AM

I have a chest of 5 drawers Young Hinkle Charter Oak. It is is excellent condition and I would like to sell it.

From H.T., 7/21/2010  10:52 PM

For Sharon on her posting of 26Apr10. I have a twin Young Hinkle Outrigger twin headboard, their part number 950-111 (Panel Headboard 3/3) in excellent condition, in the box. Advise if you are still looking/interested. Regards, H.T. Rea, Katy, Texas, HTRea@aol.com

From Laura Polombo, 7/12/2010  12:19 PM

I have a 6 pc. bedroom set that was my sons. It is over 25 years old. Somehow the slats that hold one of the beds (bunk) are not to be found. The number of the bed 975-180 Cannonball Bunk Bed. The slats are those that hold the headboard and end board togrther. I just need one set. Is it possible to get these?

Thank you,
Laura Polombo
New Jersey

From Rich, 7/10/2010  12:34 AM

just posted above. If you have an answer contact me at rmderose@aol.com Thanks

From Rich, 7/10/2010  12:31 AM

looking for brass recessed pulls K B C 2 N4842. Outside dimensions are 4 5/8 X 2 1/4 " Is there a source for these pulls? Please let me know. Need 6 Thanks

From sharon, 4/26/2010  1:16 PM

I am looking for a twin headboard for a young-hinkle (outrigger) style bed. Please email me, Thanks!!

From Guy Smyth, 4/25/2010  9:03 PM

We have a Young-Hinkle Port O' Call bedroom set and are looking for replacement drawer pulls for the chest. We purchased the set around mid-1980s. Does anyone have any they would be interested in selling?

From gilda, 4/17/2010  8:34 PM

I have a YH charter oak dresser and the drawer slides have broken (plastic pieces). Does anyone know where to get just the plastic piece? The name on them is KINLIN.

From Ward Taylor, 3/18/2010  10:00 PM

I have a ship ahoy 4 drawer dresser and desk with chair if anyone is interested. Please email offer. seattle area.   wardjill@comcast.net

From Julia, 3/18/2010  1:51 PM

I have a Ship Ahoy one drawer nightstand with the shelf underneath, email for pics and price. Located in Orlando, FL

From Don Ennis, 3/16/2010  11:49 AM

I have the following Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy furniture for sale:

2 twin headboards
2 night stands
desk and chair
4-drawer dresser

I am located in Phoenix, Arizona so any buyer would have to pay for shipping as well. Please email me an offer at ennisdon@aol.com if you are interested.

From Catherine, 2/25/2010  7:07 PM

I am looking for the twin Ship Ahoy headboard and the matching dresser and desk. Please email with prices and location.
Catherine (Chesapeake, VA) andrew_heckel@yahoo.comCDX2

From Dave, 2/11/2010  9:44 PM

I had the same problem.

My solution was I took them to a metal fbricator and had him make a bunch for me. I painted them flat black and they fit like a charm. They wont ever break either as they are solid steel. Cost me about 60 dollars for 10 of them to be made.

Hope this helps.

From Hillary, 2/1/2010  5:35 PM

Seems safe to assume noone has found source for YH recessed brass drawer pulls. Has anyone come up with a solution that will work? Nearly all of mine are broken. Will watch for post or email me directly at holbeljh@yahoo.com please put Young-Hinkle in subject if responding directly.


From Keith, 1/21/2010  11:52 AM

Looking For:
Ship Ahoy by Young-Hinkle (Lexington, North Carolina)
Series No. 727
Solid Pine and Pine Veneers
In Driftwood Finish with Simulated Slate Top

No. 727-191 - Twin Ship's Wheel Headboard 3/3. W/Deluxe Metal Frame
No. 727-183 - Ship's Wheel Trundle Bed 3/3, With Drawer/Bed Unit
     Consists of:
           1 No. 727-183 Ship's Wheel Headboard 3/3
           1 No. 727-183 Footboard 3/3
           1 Pair No. 727 78" Extra Lenght Wide metal Rails and 2 Metal Slats
           1 No. 727-183 Drawer/Bed Unit 3/3
No. 727-181 - Sailor's Bunk Bed Complete;
     Consists of:
           2 No. 727-181 Sailors Bunk Beds 3/3, W/Wide Metal Rails and 2 Metal Slats
           1 Pair No. 727-181 Guard Rails
           1 No. 727-181 Ladder
No. 727-652 - Sea Chest, 1 Tray, 32 x 19 - H 16 in.
No. 727-541 - Hutch, 3-dr., 2 shelves and desk light, 46 x 10 - H 47 in.
No. 727-540 - Hutch, 2-dr., 2 shelves, 30 x 10 - H 47 in.
No. 727-202 - Upright Mirror, Framed Size 29 x 45 in.
No. 727-529 - Corner Desk, 1-dr., Front Width 30 1/2 in., Back Sides 30 x 46 - H 30 in.

Will Travel, Please email me with pictures. (Loc: SW.Ohio/Maryland) Keith.Cooley@yahoo.com

From Bill, 1/9/2010  11:10 PM

I need a windjammer night stand!!! Please email me at paniconpack@gmail.com. I live in COrnelius, North Carolina. Thanks!!

From Tom, 1/7/2010  8:22 PM

I am looking for Young Hinkle safety rail for the boys windjammer set. Please E=Mail   tom_lieser@att.net

From Tom, 1/7/2010  8:15 PM

I am looking for the safety rail for the boys windjammer bunk beds.

From Keith, 1/3/2010  2:03 AM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy Twin bed headboard and poss more pieces if you have them. Please email me with pictures. (Loc: Ohio/Maryland) Keith.Cooley@yahoo.com

From d jensen, 12/28/2009  10:47 AM

Looking for Young-Hinkle Charter Oak collection-nightstand. please email me at denissemj@gmail.com with pics and price. thanks

From sandy douglas, 12/10/2009  9:35 PM

i am looking for a nightstand and a queen sized headboard fro the young hinkle winjammer bedroom set. this furniture was on Et. i live in houston texas. olease email at bdouglas5333@yahoo.com

From d jensen, 11/28/2009  3:13 PM

I am looking for a nightstand from the Young-Hinkle Charter Oak collection. Please email with pics and price willing to travel. thanks.

From Katie, 11/3/2009  12:21 PM

I need a couple new hinges for the Young-Hinkle Passport
Collection. Please advise.
Thank you!

From Diane Stevens, 11/1/2009  9:54 AM

I have a Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy dresser that I just listed on Craigs List Orlando, FL area on 10/30/09. ID 1444686402,& pics are included. If interested, feel free to email me at diane_stevens@hughes.net.

From Sheryl, 10/8/2009  12:35 AM

I inherited several pieces of Young-Hinkley Outrigger set and think it would be great for my grandsons. I'm missing a bed, preferably the loft bed & rails etc. Anyone in Northern CA have this?

From Rick, 10/6/2009  3:08 PM

Kathy Smith if you still have the ship ahoy set please let me know, thanks, Rick   (countrycouple@suddenlink.net

From Patti G., 10/5/2009  6:53 PM

I am looking for pieces of bedroom furniture also. I live in the w. ky area.. willing to travel... please e-mail me with pics and price....thanks.patti

From Kathy Smith, 9/29/2009  9:56 AM

I have 7 piece Ship Ahoy Young Hinkle bedroom set. Ship wheel twin headboard, nightstand, desk, lighted hutch, dresser with mirror, 5 drawer chest. Good condition. In Illinois Greenville area.

From Sondra Schofield, 9/11/2009  10:19 AM

I would like to buy pieces of the Young Hinkle Windjammer set. My location is Arkansa. My e-mail is schofi@macomb.com.

From Dave Gibby Gibson, 8/26/2009  10:14 PM

My email is gibby250@embarqmail.com

From Dave Gibby Gibson, 8/26/2009  5:43 PM

I am looking to replace some pieces of my sons "Ships Ahoy" bedroom set.

Specific pieces are:




If you would like to sell the pieces as a package or if you have an individual piece that I need please feel free to contact me. I will travel up to 300 miles for the items. I am located in NJ.

From annette, 8/25/2009  11:30 PM

I have a complete Ship Ahoy bedroom set for sale in Florida. Set was purchased in 1974. Desk, chair, two hutches with bookcases, night stand and headboard. Please email me if interested.

From laurajordan, 8/4/2009  10:00 PM

Jan or Arnold
Do you still have pieces for sale. Please email me.

From Matt, 8/4/2009  4:00 PM

I also need 5 uncracked Young-Hinkle dresser drawer pulls. If you know where I can get them, please let me know. Thanks.

From Rick, 7/23/2009  10:45 AM

John & Betsy, There is a set on ebay right now, item nuber 280371990553

From Betsy, 7/12/2009  9:16 PM

Looking for 2 antique brass door hinges for Windjammer/ Young Hinkle dresser: bnatalie@comcast.net

From John, 7/11/2009  11:47 AM

I need a recessed drawer pull. If anyone still has one or knows where to find them.

From annette, 7/4/2009  1:13 AM

need a ship ahoy dresser . will also buy mirror if available around the Boston area.

From Wendt, 6/30/2009  8:44 PM

I have a piece from the Young-Hinkle Country Spanish collection to sell. It's a small table designed to fit in the corner. If you are interested or can give me any information on this piece, contact me at:

wendt.subscription@gmail.com    in NC

From Rick, 6/29/2009  9:46 AM

If anyone has any of the Young Hinkle ship ahoy pieces for sale let me know,   countrycouple@suddenlink.net

From Jennifer, 6/23/2009  2:51 PM

I'm selling the Ship Ahoy set. We have the bunk bed, armoire, dresser, desk, hutch/bookcase nightstand, and mirror. All new drawer slides made of oak. Good condition. Prefer to sell as set. In SW Ohio.

From Donna, 6/16/2009  2:34 PM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle Windjammer night stand. It is that furniture that was shown in Elliot's bedroom in ET.

From Marilyn, 6/11/2009  11:43 PM

I have Young Hinkle antique brass flush mount pulls from a desk and dresser. Four of the larger pulls are in good condition, no cracks, and four have cracks. I also have two of the smaller pulls in good condition, no cracks. If your interested they $10 each plus shipping

From Dawn, 5/4/2009  11:41 PM

I have a Young-Hinkle dresser for sale in very good condition.   
56"W x 18"D x 30"H

Pictures on craigslist.org item #1154972756. Asking $80 OBO.

From M. K. Maynard, 4/21/2009  9:03 PM

I have an 8 piece Young/Hinkle Ship Ahoy edition bedroom suite in very good condition (pilot's wheel headboard, bookcase, desk, armoire, chair, night-stand, lamp, & mirror - pictures available). This set is available for sale. Will consider selling individual pieces.

From razmom, 4/7/2009  6:41 PM

I am also curious about the value of this furniture, I have the Ship Ahoy twin bed with heavy duty trundle bed with desk and chair, also 2 of the 3 drawer items, not sure if they were intended to be nightstands or dressers. Any clue what I should ask for this set on Craigs list or in a yard sale?

From MROBINSON, 4/7/2009  3:29 PM


From Fridaynight, 3/16/2009  11:58 AM

I recently purchased a used set of Outrigger furniture. I plan to replace all the hardware. If anyone is interested in purchasing my used hardware at the affordable price of $3.00/ea + shipping, please feel free to email me. I can email you pictures of everything - It's all in good condition and is antique brass. I am located in Austin, TX but can ship these items anywhere. I have 8 regular sized pulls used on an upright chest and desk and one smaller pull used on the small drawer of the desk. amtidwell@gmail.com

From Fran, 3/11/2009  4:41 PM

Hi. I have a set of furniture. I dont know what model it is. I has brass handles, it's oak with diagonal slash marks that are obviously on purpose. I have a chest with 3 large drawers on the bottem and two small ones on the left with a cabinet/storage on the right. I have a desk w/leather top and a matching chair. I have a bookcase/hutch w/light that I believe goes on the top of the desk. There is also a computer desk w/swivel top, right side pull out for tower, pullout keyboard tray and two door cabinet on bottem. Does anyone know what to call this style? Is anyone interested in purchasing any of this furniture? It is all in excellent condition with a pulls and glides in place.

From Sue, 3/5/2009  11:34 PM

Has anyone found a source for the Young Hinkle hardware for the windjammers? Perhaps some furniture didn't survive-but the drawer pulls did?

From sue, 3/5/2009  11:33 PM

Has anyone found the hardware for the Young-Hinkle dressers? Looks like it was a problem for a lot of people! I got some shiny replacements (mine were antiqued) but then I couldn't get more when the rest broke.

From dale de, 2/28/2009  2:02 PM

for those of you looking for Young-Hinkle DRAWER GLIDES, go to www.han(deleted)nlin.com...they offer the exact replacements for the metal and plastic pieces of the glides.

They do NOT sell any of the drawer PULLS or drawer HARDWARE unfortunately.

From dale de roia, 2/28/2009  1:58 PM

For those of you looking for DRAWER GLIDES (both the plastic and metal parts) go to www.han(deleted)nlin.com

They have the exact replacement parts for the drawer glides...they do NOT have the drawer pulls (handles, etc.)

From Eric, 2/26/2009  2:09 PM


I would be interested in the set. Do you still have it? E-mail me at eric.brown@juno.com.


From Wayne, 2/17/2009  11:12 PM

Young Hinkle 7-Dresser 56"W x 18"D x 29.5"H with Mirror 26" x 42" All Wood Maple or Pine (I don't know woods that well). Photos can be found on CraigsList.org - Search for Item "1039367420" Asking $100.

Also For Sale a Matching Young Hinkle Study Desk with Chair. Maple or Pine Wood Study Desk in Very Good Condition. Top surface is a hard gloss wood laminate that is unmarred.
Dimensions 42" long by 18" deep by 29.5" tall. Photos can be found on CraigsList.org - Search for Item "1038019227". Asking $85.

From Ibow, 1/28/2009  4:46 PM

Has anyone come up with a place where the hardware for Young-Hinkle furniture can be purchased? I need two door hinges for a boys dresser. Thanks.

From rosie, 1/16/2009  8:44 PM

oh, btw, this was purchased back in the 80's

From rosie, 1/16/2009  8:39 PM

i have an ivory/gold girls bedroom set- dresser, tall chest, vanity and night stand with bench. the tag under the bench says made by young-hinkle corp and dist. by henry link corp. (which no long exists, i guess it's lexington now). anyways, i would like to find out the name of my furniture as well as how i might replace on of the drawer pulls. i looked under keeler brass as suggested above and found nothing.

From Chris, 1/15/2009  8:44 PM

Sorry for the post above you can contact me via email at christopher_humann@yahoo.com

From Chris, 1/15/2009  8:42 PM

I was browsing the internet in an attempt to ascertain value of the Young & Hinkle set I own and stumbled upon this forum in which many posted interest. I live in CT and have a set of the Ship Ahoy series in near mint condition available for sale.   

It includes:
Ship Ahoy Mirror
Ship Ahoy Twin Bed Headboard
Ship Ahoy 4 Drawer Desk w/ Chair and Hutch
Ship Ahoy 3 Drawer Short Dresser w/ Hutch
Ship Ahoy 6 Drawer Full Dresser (Armoire)
Ship Ahoy 2 Drawer Nightstand

Please let me know if you remain interested. I have pictures available of the entire set and I'm happy to negotiate a fair price.   

Thank you,

From Melissa, 1/6/2009  8:12 AM

I have been eying the Young-Hinkle Windjammer set. I'm in love with it, but I keep missing them on my craigslist by a hair. There is is one locally, but it's out of my price range.

Then, this weekend by some miracle I was the first one to respond to an ad on craigslist that said "Ethan Allen" bedroom set - $50 for it ALL. It looked so much like the YK WIndjammer set, that I went to take a look. I got it and it's BEAUTIFUL. But... it's not Ethan Allen, but Dixie. The set is called "clippership". The measurements are the same as the windjammer set, same bureau design, but slightly different hardware. Even the hinge on door of the chest is broken.

Yesterday a quick ebay search led me to the discover that Young-Hinkle was started by Dixie. I was pysched...

So, now I'm on the lookout for more pieces, but what should I expect to pay? On my local cl a 4 piece set sold for $200 a couple days ago (bureau, desk with hutch and night stand). I just missed it. Another is a 10 piece set is listed for $1800. And as I mentioned, I got a twin bed set, double dresser with hutch, desk, and chair and a mismatched night chest for $50.

And, again, where to find comparable hinges?

From marie jackson, 1/5/2009  3:04 PM

Has anyone found the hinges for the windjammer young and hinkle chester drawers 3 big drawers and 2 small drawers and a storage on right with hinges?

From Jeff, 1/1/2009  11:38 AM

I have a Young & Hinkle Ships Ahoy bedroom set in good condition for sale. From the mid-70's (I believe between 1972 and 1976).

*4-Drawer Dresser 32Wx19Dx42.5H
*Hutch 30Wx18Dx77H (Base is 30.5H)
*Desk (3 box drawers + pencil drawer) 42Wx18Dx30.5H
*Desk Chair
*Twin Headboard

Located in Michigan. Delivery Possible.

email jfeit@comcast.net

From TJ, 11/7/2008  2:38 AM

I have a Young Hinkle desk, hutch, 2 side cabinets, chair and bedside table. The desk, hutch and 2 cabinets are 7' long and 5' high. The desk top is inlaid with leather/vinyl which matches the seat of the chair. The desk set and bedside table are in excellent condition. The chair has 2 slits in the leather/vinyl of the seat. This set is located in Tampa Bay FL. I would like to sell all as a set and not peice it out. I am asking $500 for all. Thanks.

From Arnold, 11/5/2008  11:46 AM

I have 2 twin beds that convert to bunkbeds with side rail and ladder, a chest of drawews with square door storage all in good condition.It has solid head and foot boards with a rail on the headboard. The set is 20 years old and has never been moved from our home, located in Geoeria

From sally, 11/3/2008  4:06 PM

Still looking for a young hinkle boys bedroom set....ship ahoy or windjamme...email is sallyfitz@comcast.net

From sally, 11/3/2008  4:05 PM

STill looking for a young hinkle boys bedroom set....windjammer or ship ahoy series....

From peter, 10/22/2008  12:26 PM

In have Young Hinkle Ships Ahoy bedroom set, corner desk with hutch, chair, trundle bed, 3 drawer dresser with door and matching miror. 3 brawer chest with hutch. located in south windsor, ct. For Sale email grahamrealestate@comcast.net

From Judy, 10/18/2008  5:17 PM

I have my brother's childhood Young Hinkle furniture to sell and do not know the style name. It doesn't look nautical. Dark wood & looks to be early American style. Entire set in excellent condition - a few very minor cosmetic small scratches. Does anyone know the name of this style or it's worth?
Two twin beds that convert to bunk beds, if needed, with turned spindles on headboard and footboard
Ladder for bunk beds
Six drawer dresser with mirror
One drawer night stand
One six drawer stand with removable bookcase that has two shelves, two small drawers, one false drawer and pull chain concealed downward shining light (built into the false drawer)- turned spindles on sides of bookcase
One matching smaller three drawer stand with removable bookcase that has two small drawers and same turned spindles on sides of bookcase

From Cathi, 10/5/2008  12:00 AM

I would be interested - please let me know where you are located and the cost.   

From Rob, 9/15/2008  3:17 PM

For Sale entire set of Ships Ahoy furniture.
Headboard in the shape of a wheel
dresser with mirror
Desk with hutch
Had this set since I was a boy, about 20yrs. All in good shape. I can send pictures.

From Rob, 9/15/2008  3:05 PM

I have the whole set of the Ships Ahoy bedroom set including the trunk. I have had it since I was a boy, about 20 years. If anyone would like to buy it please email me.

From Mike Kerwin, 9/2/2008  5:21 PM

My son has a Young-Hinkle Chest 32X18 from the Windjammer series that he needs drawer bottoms for, please help i would like him to be able to use this for his son.
Thank you in advance

From Zetta, 8/28/2008  10:13 PM

Jessica, I have written 2 messages to post here and they are not appearing. My e-mail address is zetta1961@hotmail.com. I think it's Cape Cod (the furniture style). I can give you more info. I do not want to write all of it and then it does not post.

From Jessica, 8/24/2008  5:00 PM

I am looking for girl's Young Hinkle furniture purchased in the 1980s. I do not know how to find the name of the furniture. Can anyone help??

From Jan, 8/11/2008  2:24 PM

I am still looking for 3 replacement brass dresser drawer pulls for Young Hinckle Outrigger # KBC2 N4842. Anyone have any luck yet finding a contact???? Getting frustrated.

From Janice, 8/9/2008  1:54 PM

I am looking to replace a twin size Charter Oak by Young Hinkle captains bed. Any info appreiciated.

From steve, 7/29/2008  9:33 AM

Ryan, you are a genius! I visited the swisco website you mentioned and the picture they show of the 32-081 guide looks exactly like the part I need for the Windjammer drawers. I'm going to try them. Thanks for the help!

From steve, 7/29/2008  9:11 AM

I see that Karen Levine, above has some drawer guide hardware for the Ships Ahoy set. We have the Windjammer and need at least 10 of the brown plastic drawer guides. Do you have those and if so, could you email us a picture so I can see if they are the same as ours?   Thanks.

From Ryan, 7/24/2008  7:44 PM

I replaced my guide hardware sometime ago. They are made by Kenlin. After some searching I found a heavy duty one (has a metal casing around it). I got mine from www.swisco.com. Just search for Kenlin and it should come up with 3 items (case runner, standard, and heavy duty). Hope this helps.

From early, 7/21/2008  12:52 AM

Does anyone know where drawer gliders can be found?

From Dave, 7/16/2008  12:05 PM

Karen, if you still have the guide hardware I may be interrested in it as I need 3 of the front and 2 of the rear plastic guides. I made new ones out of wood for the front but just not the same, they work well but not as new.
Thanks, Dave

From heidi, 7/16/2008  10:36 AM

my email is babycheaks18@yahoo.com

From heidi, 7/16/2008  10:35 AM

I recentley recieved a ship ahoy piece it is the bed rails and headboard,a tall dresser and another fairly large dresser with a mirror the headboard looks like a steering wheel of a ship if anyone has a web site or some information that they can share about these peices id much appreciate it i would like to know how much they are worth.

From debbie crosby, 7/12/2008  8:14 PM

i purchased a storage unit today that had a young hinkle piece of furniture in it i believe its a night stand but im not sure it seems to be in good condition

From Karen Levine, 7/4/2008  12:13 PM

I have some original drawer guide hardware for the Ships Ahoy set. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

From Ryan, 6/29/2008  5:42 PM


I have been trying to locate some hinges and a handle for this piece of furniture for some time. It is a dresser with 3 large drawers, 2 smaller, and a square opening. The numbers from the hinge are N08303 KBC and N08304 KBC. The handle was removed sometime ago to find a replacement, but now it's mis-placed. So I don't have any numbers. So any help on locating these parts would be appreciated. I have contacted the website in this posting to see if they can help.


From Marc, 6/3/2008  9:45 AM

I listed my Ship Ahoy (not knowing the name at the time) set on Boston.craigslist.com recently and only had one person respond. email me if you still need parts and I can send parts to people that need it assuming the person does not take the set.


From Fran, 5/22/2008  9:40 AM

I am looking for a Young-Hinkle Ship Ahoy chest of drawers in excellent shape to go with the rest of the furniture. We need more storage space.

From larry mote, 5/13/2008  1:25 PM

Can anyone tell me what the following furniture is worth?

large 6-drawer dresser with attached mirror   (HxWxD is 30 x 56 x 18)

tall dresser with 3 large drawers, 2 small upper drawers and a square storage area with hinged door on the top right   (dresser HxWxD is 48 x 36.5 x 18 - WxH of mirror is 45 x 42.75)

2-drawer nightstand   (HxWxD is 24 x 24 x 16)

Pirate chest

These are all Young Hinkle --- Ship Ahoy

They have been pretty much unused for the past 30 years.



From Dave, 5/4/2008  7:49 PM

I have a Young- Hinkle bunk set with 5 drawer tall dresser and book case. I am looking for the plastic drawer slides, does anyone know where to find them. I want to sell the set but need to fix first.

From james, 4/20/2008  10:54 AM

where can I get one young hinkle pull handle. drawer has "oak county"stamped inside and the handle has 80595 and BS 2 on it. thanks Jim

From Rory, 4/18/2008  3:59 PM

I just posted an 11 piece Young-Hinkle "Ship Ahoy" boy's bedroom set in excellent condition on Craigs List, Charlotte, NC. Take a look - pictures are posted.

From Brian Buxton, 4/9/2008  2:22 PM

OK - replying to my own post here ... I actually found out what the furniture is. Here is the info. If anyone can use it just let me know!

FOR SALE: Young-Hinkle Windjammer boys bedroom furniture

This safe and sturdy Young-Hinkle Windjammer bedroom set is a perfect fit for any child or young adult. It was the exact style of bedroom furniture that was used on the set of the deleted "E.T." The set was beautifully crafted during the mid-1980s with solid wood materials that are far superior to the thin supplies and cheap construction that we have come to expect with most modern furniture. There are four pieces in this set, each is solid oak beautifully textured and stained a medium-brown tone with brass hardware. The dressers are built very well and have deep drawers sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of loads. The bed comes with the box spring & mattress. The entire set was purchased new by me, is in great condition and is a wise investment that will last as a child grows to adulthood. The set includes:

(1) queen size bed with headboard, box spring and mattress (the box spring is good but the mattress probably needs replacing)
(1) 2-drawer nightstand   (HxWxD is 24 x 24 x 16)
(1) tall dresser with 3 large drawers, 2 small upper drawers and a square storage area with hinged door on the top right   (dresser HxWxD is 48 x 36.5 x 18 - WxH of mirror is 45 x 42.75)
(1) large 6-drawer dresser with attached mirror   (HxWxD is 30 x 56 x 18)

This is the higher end of youth bedroom furniture. Comparable sets will sell today for at least $4,000 - $5,000. Young-Hinkle was bought out by Lexington Furniture Co., so they no longer have a web site. Young America, by Stanley, manufactures comparable items so you can check out prices of those comparable units on the web. Just search under Stanley Young America. As I am not sure of the value of this furniture, so I am asking for serious offers in the $1,400.00 range. I don't need to sell it and don't want to give it away, but it is also no longer being used. This furniture is located in Evansville, IN 47715. I am asking the buyer to provide transport, and I will only sell as a complete set. Local prospective buyers are welcome to view the furniture in person. Photos are available on request.


From Brian Buxton, 4/8/2008  5:48 PM

Hi all,
I am trying to do some research on a bedroom set of Young Hinkle furniture that I purchased about 20 or so years ago. I actually have two complete sets but currently only want to sell one. What I am looking for is the specific name of my set so that I can accurately advertise it, as well as an approximate value of the entire set. It is in great shape, with no gauges, nicks, etc., and no issues with the brass pulls. The set is very heavy, and from the looks of the dark wood it is solid oak. The inside of all of the drawers also have a newspaper type covering printed on the bottom (from the factory). Can anyone help? Maybe direct me to a website that shows all of the bedroom furniture produced by Young Hinkle in the 80's? Will gladly take photos tonight and e-mail them directly.

What I have for sale are as follows:
(1) queen size bed with headboard only, box spring and mattress (the box spring is good but the mattress needs replacing)
(1) 2-drawer nightstand
(1) tall dresser with 3 large drawers, 2 small drawers and a square storage area with hinged door on the top right
(1) large 6-drawer dresser with attached mirror

All pieces are located in Southern IN and need to be picked up. Also don't want to sell pieces separately.

Please feel free to e-mail me directly and reply to this post on the mesage board. I will respond much quicker with a direct repsonse, but your info may also help other people on this board!


From rachel wright, 4/3/2008  7:51 PM

I am looking for the trundle bed with sleeper unit for my son's bedroom. I am in Jax. FL. Rachel

From Janeice, 3/28/2008  3:05 AM

I have 7 piece Young Hinkle Ship Ahoy bedroom set for sale. Twin headboard, nightstand (1 drawer) student desk & chair, 5 drawer chest, six drawer dresser with mirror. Dresser has some minor damage on the bottom, due to several moves. Mirror has a sticker of some sort that I have never been able to remove. But we have tried to keep it in good condition. Drawers work fine.I have pixs. I live in Atlanta. Thanks. I hope whoever buys this will be able to pass this on, as I am. I would keep it but just don't have the room.

From Debra Arnett, 3/26/2008  10:01 AM

I am interested in purchasing Young Hinkle Village Oak nightstand. I live in East Tennessee. Please contact me with any info. Thanks!

From Daniel Barrett, 3/23/2008  5:26 PM

I just bought a nightstand and a chesterdraws made by   young n hinkle but the pulls are broke on the back are these markings KBC2-N4842 I'm looking for replacement        & nbsp;         

From Jennifer Prendergast, 3/14/2008  10:13 AM

I recently bought a Young-Hinkle solid wood desk at a Estate sale and wanted to know how old it is. It has 3 drawers on the left and 1 right above where you sit, they have antique brass pull handles and is in wonderful shape, paid $60 for it, what is it really worth? I appreciate any replies with any information. Thanks

From Mary, 2/13/2008  8:50 PM

I have the young and hinkle rolltop desk with matching chair, the 5 drawer chest and the single bed ranchstyle headboard. All in excellent condition! Purchased new in 1974. No wear,no missing hardware.

From jenny, 2/10/2008  10:32 AM

I have a young-hinkle rolltop from the ship ahoy line for sale...hard to find. great condition-all the hardware and everything. I'm told the rolltop piece is difficult to find. I've had it some years and when I bought it I actually found a gold medallion necklace to "katka" dated 1962 in it! Email for pics and make an offer!

From Lindsay Walsh, 2/5/2008  10:24 PM

I currently have 2 twin headboards, 2 nightstands,2 large chests, and 2 desk chairs all in the Windjammer by
Young Hinkle. I wish to sell these pieces. They are in very good condition.
email lwalsh07@hotmail.com

From Alfonso, 1/31/2008  12:21 AM

Has anyone found out where to get replacement hardware for the above? (KABC 2 N4842?

I have been looking for the last 10 years!!


From Mike, 1/27/2008  1:09 AM

I have just purchased a set of young-hinkle ship ahoy line and would like to find some nightstands and some kind of short dresser to use as a tv stand. The set I got has the bed,desk and hutch, and the armoire. I have seen through these posts that this furniture is from the 70's and it looks very well made. I knew when I saw the wood guide rails and metal guide sleeves that it must be good stuff. If any above pieces mentioned can be found email me. I located in Texas. Thanks

From Maria Stav, 1/24/2008  5:18 PM

I have a 35 year old Hinkle nautical bedroom set. It was my son's bedroom set and he is now 36. I have not been able to part with it. I have the roll-top desk, triple dresser, mirror, small dresser with a hutch for the top, and a twin size shipwheel headboard. I do not have the trundle for under the bed.
Even though it is worn around the edges, I have kept it through all our moves. The only problem I have is the wood around the edges seems to be deteriorating. Does anyone have any suggestions? thank you!
So happy to see we were not the only ones who loved this nautical set!

From Mary Jo, 1/21/2008  6:44 PM

I have a Young & Hinkle ship ahoy set and would like to find a replacement hinge for the dresser door. Does anyone know where you can find these or if you've been able to find another hinge that works as well.

From Chris Johnson, 12/16/2007  7:52 PM

ps my email address is csjmjj@thecamelotinn.com55lock

From Chris Johnson, 12/16/2007  7:50 PM

I find it rewarding that so many people besides myself purhased the Ship Ahoy Furniture. Mine is now in my sons bedroom. Just wanted all of you to know that I have the Young Hinckle catalog from the late 70's of the Ship Ahoy Series #727 The Cover is color and the insides are black and white. I too had a problem with the wood center guide in the chest of drawers but took a good one out from the drwaer above and went to Dixiline where they machined me replacement rails. my br-ss handles are all in good shape. I have 727-235 which is the door dresser base 9-dr 1 x door 727-207 landscape mirror 727-652 sea chest 727-307 chest 5 drawer 727-622 night tables. If anyone wants a copy of the catelog pls email me Merry xmas Chris

From kinky, 12/10/2007  2:43 PM

i also own a young hinkle chest of drawers and needed a glider piece the phone number to order them at is 3364745300 ext. 2 and the send them f--e of charge if you already own the furniture. took about 2 weeks to get to me. and to respond to the gentleman needing the extra furniture. please contact me at 832 206 7695 and i will sell you one of mine you pay the shipping etc. i have the chest of drawers for sale. as i have 3 and only need 2.

From john teas, 12/4/2007  12:35 AM

have country spanish edition young hinkle china hutch. If interested in buying please contact me. john.teas@sbcglobal.net

From Margaret Kalagassy, 11/12/2007  12:09 AM

I have a Young Hinkle girl's bedroom set. I am looking for another twin headboard to match the one I already have. The number on the back of the headboard is 975-117. The other pieces of furniture to the set have the date stamped 11/79. Can anyone tell me if this headboard is still available, and where I can find it? Thanks for your help.

From Kimberly, 11/11/2007  4:37 PM

I have a hinge that broke can anyone tell me where to fine it. Its for Young Hinkle. Thanks

From Frost, 11/8/2007  3:19 AM

There was a recent Ebay auction for 9 pieces of damaged Y-H furniture. It sold for $49. Between the pieces there were at least 15 of the inset handles.

It might be worth watching for these auctions. Even though this was a local pick up only, sellers might have been willing to ship only the drawers (or drawer fronts) and scrap the rest. The auction number was 220162935924.

From oksewer, 11/5/2007  12:31 PM

I need Young hinkle "ship ahoy" drawer slides for desk and dresser. Any source?

From Bob, 11/5/2007  1:24 AM

I have a Young Hinkle Outrigger bedroom set from about 1984 - 86. One piece is a 28" high by 30" wide two door cabinet. One hinge has broken. I am looking for a replacement hinge. The hinge fastens on the outside and appears to be a cast item with a brass finish. Please contact me by reply posting. If anyone has tried to have a hinge welded, let me know if it worked.

From Mary Ann, 10/21/2007  6:56 PM

I'm also looking to buy older Young Hinkle ship ahoy pieces - e-mail me with what you have. I'm outside of Cincinnati.

I've found out replacement parts are no longer available. Luckily I ordered a bunch the last time I spoke with Lexington House (about 10 years ago) so I'm set for awhile.

From Sarah, 9/25/2007  3:09 PM

I am trying to research the approx. value of my husband's childhood bedroom set. It is the Young-Hinkle Outrigger pattern and he has several pieces.

2 Five Drawer Dressers
1 Three Drawer Dresser
1 Twin Bunk Bed Set with Trundle and original "bunkie"    board
1 Desk and Hutch Set
1 Desk Chair

If anyone can tell me a ballpark value for the set, I would really appreciate it. We are trying to sell the pieces, but I have no idea about prices.

From Greg D, 9/22/2007  12:29 PM

We have a bedroom set purchased 23 years ago. Some of the drawer glides have broken. Has anyone found a source to get replacement parts?

From Lyn, 9/22/2007  9:53 AM

Hi Lucy,

I am interested in your Ships Ahoy pieces. Do you have photo's you could email me? My email is Lyn92362@aol.com. Thanks, Lyn

From nholtz, 9/12/2007  10:25 AM

I have several pcs of the Young & Hinkle Charter Oak bedroom set (my childhood furniture). I am looking for a King headboard and additional night stand and dresser; and other pcs. I'm in the Washington-Baltimore area.   Please contact if you have any of these pcs for sale.

Thanks! nholtz@starpower.net Please put young & hinkle in the subject line.

From DT, 9/10/2007  2:26 PM

I too am looking for new handles for a Young Hinkle bedroom bureau. Has anyone located a source?

From lucy campasano, 9/10/2007  12:45 PM

i have a ships ahoy boy's bedroom set. 2 steering wheel headboards a dresser with a mirror and a desk with top shelves Anyone interested in it?

From John Teas, 9/2/2007  3:24 PM

I have been carrying around what I think is a 50s maybe 60s china cabinet made by Young Hinkle. My wife and I finally bought a house and the piece doesnt really fit anywhere. So I have been put to the task of selling it or sanding it down and painting it for the new babies things. I dont particularly want to destroy the cabinet by painting it but until I can identify exactly what it is and worth I dont have a leg to stand on. If you know of a web site I might be able to go to and look it up or would like to call me my number is (405)301-2818. any help would be appreciated.

From bj, 8/29/2007  9:40 AM

About 20 years ago we purchase a Young Hinkle bedroom set. The Cape Cod set. We are looking for a full size headboard to match it. Do you know where I could find one?

From Dara, 8/25/2007  11:41 AM

I am also in need of 6 new handles From the Young- Hainkle Bedroom set. If any one can help please let me know.

From michelle, 8/20/2007  9:41 AM

I have Young-Hinkle dining room hutch. would love to sell it.

From susan, 8/11/2007  12:41 PM

I am looking for draw gliders and some handle replacements for some YH furniture the shipahoy series, does anyone have any informtion when I might be able to get replacements

From Mike, 8/7/2007  8:59 PM

I am looking to sell what I have left. It is from the Ship Ahoy set and it is the desk and hutch with bookshelves on top of both. Purchased around 1979 and in excellent shape. Pictures provided, just ask.

From melissa, 8/6/2007  12:15 PM

I have a Young - Hinkle 6 drawer dresser and 3 drawer night stand. All in pretty great condition. Would love to sell for a great deal- make me an offer! daisymelis@gmail.com THANKS!

From jimmy white, 7/30/2007  2:54 PM

7/30/2007 1;40pm   Ihave a youn-hinkle desk 3draws on one side and one in the middle excellent condition willing to sell best price offered. reply,thank you

From JPecsenye, 7/24/2007  11:32 PM

I am looking to sell my old childhood bedroom set from Young Hinkle furuniture. My set is the Ship Ahoy group.

I have:
2 - nightstands
1 - 3 drawer dresser
1 - 4 drawer dresser
1 - Desk with Hutch and chair

More information and pictures available upon request. Serious offers only.

From Jolene, 6/18/2007  3:29 PM

I am looking for the drawer glides for Y-H Outrigger. Has anyone found a source?

From shirley durham, 6/4/2007  12:55 PM

Lesley, I have a few pieces.
What is this furniture worth?

From Lesley, 5/5/2007  1:24 AM

Looking for some pieces of the Young Hinkle including chest and dresser. Anyone have any pieces they wish to sell so we can add to the set.

From EXT, 4/29/2007  12:20 PM

I have a complete set of Young Hinckle "Outrigger" youths bedroom furniture to sell.
1 - single bed (Captain's without the cabinet for under)
1 - desk
1 - corner desk
1 - desk chair
1 - night stand
1 - dresser, wide with bookcase to fit on top
1 - dresser, narrower with bookcase to fit on top
3 - drawers with hardware to fit (missing) under-bed cabinet
Furniture has some wear on it but is in good shape. Located in Toronto area of Canada. Make offer for lot.
I can provide further details if requested.

From Mike, 4/18/2007  8:31 PM

I have a chest of drawers and night stand I would be willing to sell. It's "Outrigger" I believe.

From Janet, 4/11/2007  4:00 PM

I would like to purchase a chest of drawers and night stand for a Young HInkle set I have.

From Wendi, 3/3/2007  6:34 PM

I to would like a source as about 50% of my pulls are broken too.

From Chris, 2/11/2007  4:46 PM

Well, I guess I am not the only one with this old furniture and the same broken pull handles.

I have searched all over and failed to come up with anything that will fit in the slot. Between my brothers and myself, all of whom received the outrigger desk/drawer set, we could use about 30 of these pulls.

If anyone finds a source, please let us know. I will do likewise.


From JRJ, 2/11/2007  11:52 AM

Did your friend's source come through with the drawer pulls?

From Jim, 1/5/2007  2:55 PM

I just finished building some drawers and used the flush mount drawer pulls like you're looking for. I build furniture for a friend of mine. Everything that I've built for her uses these same kind of pulls. There's two different sizes. The one with n4842 on the back is the larger of the two. My friend has a source. As soon as I find out, I'll let you know.

From k, 12/20/2006  11:01 AM

I am also looking for draw glides for the Young Hinkle furniture. This was made by lexington. I will call the manufacturer today to get more info. Will post again.

From shane, 12/15/2006  10:44 PM

Hey, I bought a Young Hinkle bedroom suite off of ebay. I have the bed, desk with hutch, chair and a chest. I'm looking for other pieces such as a night stand, dresser and mirror.

From montasaidou, 12/12/2006  2:57 PM

hie there,
i have an old "Young -Hinkle", 3 drawers on side and one on the front,desk.cannot find wich year it is and since i can appreciat the quality of the material and also the work,i am wondering how much this could cost.
Would you have anny idea?

From Shirlee Ann Miller, 7/25/2006  4:08 PM

After 31 years, one of the brass drawer pulls has broken (KBC2-N4842)on my Young-Hinkle chest of drawers....has anyone had any success in finding a replacement?
Thank you

From Diane Tucker, 7/25/2006  2:39 PM

I too have an old young hinkle night stand and dresser. Have you found replacement hinges and pulls for them. IF so, where?

From John Kull, 7/22/2006  12:53 PM

I've got some Young-Hinkle chests of drawers that need new drawer glide hardware. I too have been looking and looking with no success. It is quite different from hardware readily available today. Any thoughts on where to find replacement drawer glides?

From beverly masone, 7/19/2006  3:28 PM

I have several Young Hinkle furniture pieces that need to have the antique brass drawer pulls replaced/or repaired. The numbers on the back of the hardware is KBC-2 on the left and N4842 on the upper right.

I have the broken handles if anyone knows where they might be repaired. If not, please direct me to where I might purchase replacement drawer pulls.

Thank you in advance for all your assistance.

Beverly Masone

From miles hinds, 7/17/2006  1:43 PM

I have the same problem and have been unable to find the
same hardware. The two contacts mentioned did not show
anything like it. Thank You.

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/19/2004  6:24 PM

  Try contacting Keeler Brass, a company in High Point, NC that sells replacement hardware. Keeler Brass Co., 1006 N. Main Street, High Point, NC 27262 (336)841-4220. You will need the numbers off the back of the hardware. If that fails you might try http://www.dlawlesshardware.com/index.html. 

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