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Posted By Mark, 11/11/1999

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Gentlemen/Ladies: My parents purchased a mahogany dining-room set (mahogany stain) in the 1950s consisting of a table, table extension, 5 chairs, 1 captain's chair, and a breakfront with 3 curved drawers, 2 small glass panels, and a glass door. I would like to locate the matching buffet, or at least a diagram or picture of it. The top breakfront drawer has the branded seal "Morganton." The number 4420 is stamped on the table and extension bottoms. The number 4413 is stamped on the breakfront back. The number 4408 and "Stratton 41" are stamped on the chair bottoms. The set was purchased from Belknap Hardware in Louisville, KY, who probably obtained it from Longtown Supply Company in Longtown Tennessee. Any assistance in obtaining information about the buffet or dining-room set would be appreciated. Thank you,


From ross, 2/21/2017  3:27 AM

I am looking for a mahogany Morganton breakfront, preferably with just one drawer in the base. It is now Feb 2017.

From Lorenmeaghan, 5/31/2016  12:29 AM

I have a buffet! 

From IndyGal, 10/12/2013  3:18 PM

Hi, folks....I have a 1950 Morganton china cabinet (excellent condition w/ key), buffet, table w/ 3 leaves and 6 chairs (4 regular chairs + 2 upholestered captain's chairs) for sale.  Belonged to my grandparents who originally purchased in 1950; came from their home to mine.  ALL are in excellent condition.  Any interest ? 

From IndyGal, 10/12/2013  9:54 AM

Hi, folks....I have a 1950 Morganton china cabinet (excellent condition w/ key), buffet, table w/ 3 leaves and 6 chairs (4 regular chairs + 2 upholestered captain's chairs) for sale.  Belonged to my grandparents who originally purchased in 1950; came from their home to mine.  ALL are in excellent condition.  Any interest ? 

From hemidale, 8/9/2013  2:24 PM

  Hey Deborahblack61  ...do you still have the Morganton corner china cabenet for sale....thanks Dale.

From deborahblack61, 1/5/2013  7:49 PM

Hi, I have a Morganton corner china cabinet and is numbered on the side, it's solid Mahagony with bowed front glass doors, I believe it's mid 1930's or 40's but cannot find any info on mine, it has decorative handles to the doors(not the key type) Looking to sell it, anyone have any ideas?

From Mark, 8/6/2011  7:03 PM

I have an old Morganton Buffett that has been in the family for nearly 60 years. It has been moved several times, so it is not in perfect condition. It is in very good condition and has all original hardware. I am wondering if it is worth anything to anyone has similar furniture in the Georgetown, Texas area. If not, it may be going into a yard sale next Saturday, August 13, 2011. I will be asking $150 - $200. If anyone thinks this is too much or too little, I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

From Mark, 6/30/2011  2:07 PM

I purchassed a curved nesting chair w/ ratin sides &velvet back & seat.The tag reads Morganton Chair Inc. No. 4 Morganton NC. P.O. Box 1056. Can anyone tell me how old it is? I paid $10.00 @ local goodwill.        &nb sp;         &nb sp;  

From Judith KIrkey, 6/16/2011  4:10 PM

I have a Morganton piece of furniture which is Mahogany and of the Tidewater collection. It has a wheat shaff on the top of the piece. It is three shelves with a cupboard below with 2 doors. Does anyone have any info on this, such as value and where I would sell it. We are moving and their is no room in the new place for it.

From lainey g, 6/12/2011  1:49 PM

@ leslie roods
i have one of those dressers and this is literally the first place i have even heard anyone mention them at all. mine is a fully painted and guilded with 4 large drawers two small drawers on the top outers and one large skinny drawer onthe top center . i believe its in the italian provincial style as well. if you can find out anything more about this style it would be spectacular as ive been researching for almost a full year to no avail!!! i guess it is extremely rare and i want to continue putting my set together. i need those bedside tables! :)

From James Howard, 3/7/2011  9:01 PM

I emailed Drexel and they were very helpful. They told me that the model for the end tables is "T-squared" and that the last two number groups are the dates that they were constructed (7-58). Also wrote that the records for the company were tossed away in the 70's after Drexel bought Heritage furniture. Bummer. Does anyone out there have any information on the "T-Squared" line? Thanks

From James Howard, 3/6/2011  8:56 PM

My girlfriend and I purchased 2 elegant Morganton side (end) tables at an estate sale and we'd like to know more about the history of the company, aside from what's already on this thread. Can anyone help? We'd be interested in finding out what they are worth. Thank you.

From Feuerfly, 3/6/2011  7:58 AM

I am looking for 2 captain's chairs or armchairs to complete our Morganton dining set inherited from my husband's grandparents. We have the table and 4 side chairs. They are a mahogany finish. Please e-mail me if you know where I can locate a pair of chairs. Thank you.

From cath, 2/19/2011  10:06 AM

Hi! I am looking for morganton dining room chairs to complete a set that we have started. If anyone has chairs or even the dining room table from this old company that they are looking to sell, please email ash_mall@yahoo.com    Thanks!

From FUNDERBURK WILLIAM, 1/17/2011  3:50 PM


From Ann, 1/14/2011  7:53 PM

I went to Salvation Army in Atlanta and fell in love with a mahogany buffet with Morganton stamped in the drawer. It had a bow front curve, doors, and drawers. I wanted to know more and came across your posting. The buffet was priced at 299.00.

From john, 10/19/2010  7:08 PM

i just purchased a tidewater collection coffee table from goodwill in canton ohio. the table has a brass label on the inside of the drawer.it says tidewater morganton.the drawer has a stamp on the bottom 70-512-64-2-63.it also has a number in the lower left corner the number is 76 can anyone help me put a value on this piece of furniture.i live in canton ohio please email me at jmcmahan1@att.net. p.s.this piece is in good conditionhas a few scratcheson the side but oherwise it is blemish free.

From Gary, 8/16/2010  7:34 PM

PS - My email is drvol75@comcast.net

Sorry I omitted it in my earlier post.

From Gary, 8/15/2010  6:32 AM

My wife and I have a Morganton mahogany china cabinet and buffet from the 1950s for sale. Both have bowed fronts and are beautiful pieces.

From Leslie Roods, 8/2/2010  4:35 PM

Actually saw a piece from my Morganton bedroom suite on Mad Men(Season 2 - Babylon Episode - nursery scene).
Based on what research I've been able to do over the past three years, it appears that at least some of the bedroom ensembles have a stained top and a painted/guilded body finish. Anybody have any add'l info? Prices(original/current)?

From Alicia Gresser, 7/11/2010  2:34 PM

If anyone is interested, I am about to sell a Morganton set that includes a table with leaf and pads, 4 side chairs, 2 armchairs, a tea server, and buffet with the china cabinet on top. All have cabriolet legs and the china cabinet has bowed glass. Beautiful! Please contact me at avgresser@yahoo.com if interested. This set is located in the metro Detroit area of Michigan.

From Joel, 7/8/2010  8:53 PM

Hello I am trying to find the information about this Morganton Chair (95C9692) in good contion and what's the value for this chair, and what year was this chair? as I'm thinking of selling it.

From Mare, 4/26/2010  7:10 PM

My parents were given a Morganton bedroom set by an aunt in the late 60s. It consists of 2 twin beds with footboards and rails, a dresser and a high boy in mahogany. The original sticker has the style as #6231 on it. My mom need the money and wants to sell it, however, I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?


From wiseowl, 4/26/2010  4:30 PM

I have a 'breakfront' -buffet w/ glassfronted canitet sitting on top by Morganton Furniture - Format is the style. It is what I would describe as Danish Modern. I also have a dining room table w/ 6 chairs (one a captains chair). I am ot sure if the living room furniture is the sma style but it also is danish/mid century modern. The LR set = coffee table, 82'long sofa, armchair, ottoman, rocking chair, & magazine holder. the wood according to the seller is walnut - looks like teak to me - would appreciate any info about this furniture & also as to its' value. Thanks

From Cheryl, 4/13/2010  4:13 PM

I have a dining room set from the 1940s made by Morganton that was my Grandmother's. I have the table, leaf, 6 chairs, bowed front buffet (large) and a small china cabinet, with table pad. It is all in nice condition aside from a sticking door on the buffet. I currently am storing it as I have no room in my new house for it. I used it in my old house for 5 years. It is mahogany and a duncan phyfe styling. If anyone is interested, please email me at cheryl.purser@gmail.com I hate to part with it, but the storage unit is climate controlled and costing a small fortune. I am in NC, ironically, as well...though the furniture was bought in Ohio in the the 1940s or so.

From Betz Castro, 4/12/2010  6:06 PM

Just a correction on the description of the set. I think from what I have seen in the pictures and read in the descriptions of them, I believe to have dressers with serpentine fronts, if that helps or makes any difference in your interests....

From Betz Castro, 4/12/2010  5:47 PM

My wife acquired a Morganton Bedroom set a few years ago from a friend and we are now looking at selling the set. It includes the Gentleman's 8 drawer (3 large. 4 narrow, and 1 center) dresser, 12 drawer dresser w/o the mirror and full size bed frame with head and foot boards. They are in fairly good condition with bowed fronts, Morganton Stamp in the small top right-hand drawer, original hardware and of Mahogany wood (heavy pieces!). We did find a picture of a Man and Woman, a postcard, and a letter inside belonging to the previous owners dated in 1953! Not sure of the value of these pieces. We'd love to see this set go to a home that can appreciate the value of antique furniture. email me at renovationbybetz@hotmail.com with suggetions or interests on this set. Thanks!

From Ashley, 3/7/2010  4:57 PM

Helo My Mother gave me an old China Cabinet and inside the drawer it says Morganton so I'm assuming that is the brand name.I would like to sell it but have no idea how much it is worth. I seen the same exact one in an antique store for $600 but a friend of mine said it was only worth abut $100. If anyone has any idea and could help me out please give me a call at 734-829-8573

From sheila, 1/10/2010  10:46 AM

Just recently bought in the last week a Morganton china cabinet from the salvation army. Stamped on the back is #2413. Morganton Furniture company dealt mostly with all mahoghany dining and bedroom furniture. That is all the info that i have for this company.

From Mona, 12/25/2009  12:37 PM

I have a Morganton dresser and the serial no. 3612-13ASE is on the back it needs to be stripped and revarnished. Also needs a couple of hardware for the drawers. If anyone would like a picture please call me at (313) 580-6766 or email me at msaaidi@hotmail.com

From Sue, 12/9/2009  1:05 PM

Hi All;

The sideboard posted 8/25 is sold.


From Michelle Cottrell, 10/29/2009  10:38 PM

BTW- does anyone have a Morganton cherry dining table for sale?...to go with my newly acquired china cabinet?

From Michelle Cottrell, 10/28/2009  10:08 PM

I had a skeleton key given to me long ago by a local furniture refinishing business...they seemed to have lots of them...
when I tried it on my grandmother's morganton cabinet, it worked fine

From Diane, 10/25/2009  6:47 PM

I have a morganton maghony dinner room table with buffet and hu - tch,i need a replacement skeleton, key to open the doors any ideas???/

From Sue, 8/25/2009  12:29 PM

Hi There;

I have a morganton mahogany serpentine front sideboard. Three drawers in the middle two on the sides and two cabinets below the side. I'm interested in selling.

e-mail me if you are interested in pics and pircing.

From kimberlykropf, 8/20/2009  2:01 PM

I have a corner cupboard-china cupboard with curved glass double doors with wokable key and paneled? lower doors- one drawer. beautiful shape 2 or three real small nicks or scratches or marks it has morganton stamped inside the drawer what do you think th value of this piece might be?

From AZ, 8/16/2009  12:12 PM

I believe that the fair price would be somewhere from $1400-$1800, depending on the condition. It would be lower if the set has scratches and needs some work!

From Judy Sizemore, 8/11/2009  11:43 AM

My Mother passed away this year leaving a beautiful dining room set with "Morganton" stamped inside the china cabinet. I'm keeping the furniture but I need a estimated value to settle up with my brother. In addition to the china cabinet, we have a buffet, cart, dining room table and 6 chairs.

Your assistance would be appreciated.

From John, 8/9/2009  12:09 AM

I have a beautiful Morganton mahogany end table, Tidewater collection. It has two doors that open for great storage. It is 21" high, 24" wide, and 27" deep. If anyone is interested in purchasing, let me know, I can send photos.

From Selling from Boston, 7/31/2009  8:49 PM

Hi, I have a Morganton table, buffet, china closet, 4 chairs and 2 captain chairs. All the pieces have glass for the top and there is a leaf. It is a full dining set, in great condition and has been in my family for ages. I am in need of selling it. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me at: nduzzi@msn.com and I will send you pictures of all pieces.
Thank you

From Elizabeth, 7/21/2009  10:56 PM

I finally succeeded in selling my 9 piece Morganton dining suite. I got my full asking price of $2500 (Cdn) although it took about 6 months to find a buyer. I sold it to a local couple (Hamilton Ontario) by advertising on Kijiji.ca. Beware of fraudsters! I had two potential buyers both from the UK who turned out to be scam artists. They didn't pass my smell test and when I started to ask questions they dropped out of contact. Also, a product I found here in Canada called "Restore A Finish" did a beautiful job of buffing out minor scratches and actually made white heat rings disappear. My furniture looked absolutely gorgeous when I sold it.

From Cesar Grant, 7/15/2009  6:14 PM

I have a Morganton Tidewater Collection. All solid cherry the number stamped back on the top 6/4/1796 # 7-70-131-23 Within Gabet is a slogan (Tide Water J MORGANTON Collection) on bronze plaque. Has the size, L.46 "x19 ½" W.X52"H. with a weight of 165 Lb. Quality is excellent. and is in excellent shape. Some minor stratches. Have,( two very large drawers at the bottom 42¾"X7" each ) with ( two doors double in the middle 20¼"X20¼" each + nine shelves inside 14"X7½" each) and (with one smaller drawer at the top of each door drawer 20¼"X3½" each ) Excellent for dining room, living room This belong to my great-grandmother,we are looking for possible buyers. I would be willing to sell it at a reasonable offer, around $2500 This is an antique so serious buyers only. If anyone is wanting this, please call me at 315-210-6684 or email me at grahomeco@gmail.com Syracuse NY

From AZ, 7/14/2009  9:33 PM

Where are you located? What is the condition of this furniture? Any idea of what you would like for it?

From julie, 7/5/2009  7:48 PM

I have recently inherited a full dining room set, the round table, two leaves, 6 side chairs, mother and father chairs, and the china closet. The china closet has the the 12 glass panes and skeleton key. It also has the pull out buffet server and bowed cabinet underneath with a huge drawer. All solid cherry, stamped Morganton and purchased in the early 1940's. Anyone interested?

From kate, 7/5/2009  1:49 PM

I have just purchased a beautiful mahogany buffet table from my neighbor, has Morganton stamped in the top drawer. My guess was the mid to late '40s for the make. Any history info about the company prior to its buyout in 1960 would be greatly appreciated.

From roseann, 7/4/2009  10:32 AM

Hello, My Mother passed away in May and I'm just now making myself go thru her things. She has a Morganton mahogany Bedroom set,consisting of 12 drawer dresser with mirror and 6 drawer chest,nitestand and foot and headboard. Purchased in 1952. I am not having any luck in finding information on this set.
                               Thank You

From Leslie Roods, 6/17/2009  12:38 AM

Tricia - I'd love to see photos of your Morganton bedroom set. Just started the refinishing and it appears the original stain/finish was cherry. The hardware was badly tarnished but navel jelly and brasso did the trick.

What pieces do you have?

From Ruthie Dunlap, 6/9/2009  2:58 PM

Hello! My husband and I are moving and cannot take my Morganton mahogany dining room set. It has been in my family for over 50 years and shows some nicks here and there since it has been moved a lot, but looks really good considering the age. The number 4420 is stamped underneath the table and has a leaf; there are only 4 chairs and they are okay but not in mint condition. The hutch is 2 pieces with the number 4410 stamped on the top and 4448 on the bottom. It is in nice condition but is missing a keyhole plate because there was no key. The buffet is very large and in nice condition and the number 4462 stamped on the back. It has two doors on the sides of the front with one smaller drawer at the top of each door, and four very large drawers in the middle. The set really has sentimental value but I would be willing to sell it at a reasonable offer, around $750. If anyone is wanting this set or just some of the pieces, please call me at 478-955-6887 or email me at rd0402@aol.com and reference furniture in the subject line, please. Thank you so much!   

From June Mackrell, 5/29/2009  9:13 AM

Trying to get a value on a dresser and mirror inherited from my mother-in-law. It was bought from Morganton in 1940's. It is in mahogany with a cherry like finish with inlay with serpentine front and matching mirror with inlay and brass button edge. The dresser has two small side drawer and two small center drawer and then three large drawers.    

From g kennedy, 4/19/2009  1:39 PM

I have a buffet with a morganton stamp in the drawer that belonged to my grandmother. It has 3 columns of drawers. Each side contains a small (like silverware) drawer on top with a "cabinet" style door beneath it. The center column contains 3 or 4 drawers. It does need refinishing and one of the drawers is a little warped. Before I sell it, I was wondering if anyone had any idea of the value. It would be a beautiful piece with a little TLC. Thanks!

From red star, 4/18/2009  9:03 PM

I just acquired a beautiful Morganton China cabinet WITH THE KEY!!! Duncan Phyfe table, 6 chairs and a buffet all in VERY nice condition,,if interested let me know,,beautiful mahogany wood.

From Elizabeth, 4/4/2009  8:56 PM

Hi Christina - when I had my furniture appraised, the appraiser gave me this information about
Morganton: "Through an exchange of common stock, Drexel acquired control in January 1957 of the Morganton Furniture Co., a producer of case goods (a trade term for wooden bedroom and dining room furniture)
and Heritage Furniture, Inc. of High Point and Mocksville, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture.
Heritage became a wholly owned subsidiary of what became Drexel Enterprises Inc., and Morganton a
division of Heritage. Both acquired companies continued to operate autonomously, producing and selling
their own regular brand lines. The Morganton label was used until the 1960s." My own Morganton suite was manufactured in the 1920s but I am not sure when the company actually started. Hope this helps.

From Christina, 4/2/2009  4:21 PM

Hi, I am curious to know if anyone has an idea of the Morganton company when it was started, my mother purchased a beautiful sideboard solid mahagony with the heppelwhite period it has wonderful storage and it locks as well, in excellent condition,any ideas would be appreciated,

thank you

From BOB J, 3/10/2009  3:49 PM

I guess e-bay will have to wait a little longer on my mothers furniture. I am going to try to sell the house and it will show better with all the great furniture. If anyone wants to see this furniture, e-mail me at robjack2305@msn.com and I will forward pictures.

From Tricia Mangiafico, 2/28/2009  11:20 PM

Hi. A woman, Leslie Roods, replied to your email and was looking for original info on Morganton bedroom set. I just purchased a set and it is original and not yet painted so I wanted to email her pics of it, as she wanted to see an coloring on an orig set. And I would love to see a pic of her set, looks like she has a piece I am missing. Tricia Mangiafico

From Judy S, 2/23/2009  9:16 AM

Whoops, forgot to say that I live in Ocala FL

From Judy S, 2/23/2009  9:12 AM

I would like to sell my Morganton dining room set as previously described on 2/2/09. Please post a reply if interested.

From Cathy AZ, 2/21/2009  10:17 PM

We also have a 3 piece Morganton dining room set from my father in law's estate. It's circa 1950's mahogany. claw foot table with 2 drop leaves and hidden center panel, 2 arm chairs and 4 side chairs, 3 drawer/door buffet and china cabinet with a bow front door on the bottom (three flat glass panels. It's in fair condition, the chairs and table were used every day, and the top of the buffet need to be refinished. We've been trying to sell it out of Prescott AZ for a couple of months, but this requires just the right buyer. We're asking $600 for the set, any suggestions as to other ideas to see it would be appreciated.

From Bob J, 2/20/2009  4:32 PM

Just got back from vacation and will put my mothers furniture on E-Bay soon and see what happens. As we all know it is great furniture and you hate to see it go to someone who would not appreciate the quality.

From Elizabeth Babcock, 2/11/2009  10:04 PM

My Morganton d/r suite has been valued at $2500 to $3000 so I listed it for sale online. This is a Federal Revival suite in the Duncan Phyfe style, made in the 1920s, solid mahogany, 9 pieces. Very little interest on this continent but I did get someone in the UK willing to pay full price plus extremely expensive shipping costs. Did anyone else have any luck finding buyers for your Morganton stuff? My furniture can be viewed at Kijiji.ca - search "Federal Revival" in the Hamilton area.

From Judy S, 2/2/2009  7:12 PM

I have a mahogany Morganton dining room set purchased in the early l950's. It consists of a double pedestal table with 2 leafs, a serpentine glass top china closet with four drawers in middle of base and 2 cabinets on sides and a large serpentine buffet with 4 middle drawers, 2 small drawers on each side with cabinets below.

From Bob J, 1/10/2009  12:49 PM

To AZ:
I am located in Davenport, Iowa. My e-mail address is robjack2305@msn.com

From AZ, 1/7/2009  9:35 PM

To Bob J:
Where is your location? I am very interested in the Morganton Furniture that you have. My e-mail is:

PS: how do I e-mail you?

From Bob J, 1/6/2009  4:32 PM

I think I have the mother load of Morganton Furniture. We have just put my mother in a nursing home and will sell all listed below. This was bought new by my grandparents around 1950-1955 all at the same time. It is light mahogany and would be considered as excellent condition. The pieces are as follows.Double Bed Headboard/Footboard & Rails- 5 Drawer Bowed Chest-8 Drawer Bowed Dresser- 2 Drawer Night Stand- China Hutch with Bowed Lower compartment- Buffet with 4 Bowed Drawers & 2 Smaller Drawers & 2 Larger Doors-4 Table Chairs & 1 Arm Chair- Drop Leaf Table with Pads. If anyone is interested please e-mail me. I will be putting this on EBAY with pictures in weeks to come.

From Peggy, 11/13/2008  10:34 AM

I have a beautiful Morganton dining room suite, circa the 30's or 40's I would guess, with three leaves and a nice table pad that I had made a few years ago when I had my set refinished. The six chairs are beautiful and unusual. I have looked and looked on ebay, Craig's list, etc. over the past few months but haven't seen any just like them. There is also a bow front buffet with three drawers and four doors that is especially nice. We purchased this set in 1973 at an estate auction and have used it ever since.   I also have a mahogany china cupboard. It was not part of the original set but was refinished within the past 5 to 10 years along with the rest of the furniture, so it goes well with the other pieces. I think it is probably slightly newer, maybe about 1950. I am wanting to sell these pieces and buy something that better fits my decorating style.      

From HELENE, 11/4/2008  5:32 PM


From AZ, 10/25/2008  9:20 PM

Has anyone had any luck in refinishing a morganton piece of furnture? I was lucky to buy three bedroom sets over the years and I would like to finish them so I could pass them on to my three girls!!!

From Heather, 8/26/2008  11:12 AM

My sister has been storing her morganton corner china cabinet in my home that she got from my grandmother. The problem is now I love it. Does anyone know the value? I either want to purchase my own or make her a reasonable offer that I am sure she will take. I even offered to buy her her a new dining room set.

From Cathi, 8/16/2008  4:23 PM

I have a 4 drawer chest, bow front, with original brass handle/pulls. I listed it on Craigslist.org in Baltimore for $625 or best offer. Photo of a similar chest is attached to the listing as my daughter has our digital camera at camp! The scale of the mohogany chest is lovely, perfect for large or small scale rooms. Look for the listing at www.craigslist.org, search Baltimore For Sale, search keywords Morganton Chest. Or email me at cbhm@comcast.net in Columbia, Maryland.

From Elizabeth Babcock, 7/31/2008  4:01 PM

I have a Morganton dining suite which I have owned for almost 23 years. Bought it from an antiques dealer in Burlington Ontario for $2100. He said it was c.1920s. Duncan Phyfe style mahogany table with large solid pedestals and one leaf. Six shieldback chairs (including one armchair), buffet with curved front and nice detailing, and china cabinet. It's in good condition with normal wear and tear. One chair needs repairing on the shieldback. Some of the chairs still have the Morganton label on the underside of the chairs. I would like to sell but have no idea what to ask. Can anyone give me an estimate?

From Sophie, 7/22/2008  9:46 PM

I have a Morganton Tidewater Collection piece - but it's not furniture, it's a beautiful Bombe Box. It's rectangle, about 12" wide, 6" high, 5" deep. It seems that they made all their pieces in mahogany, so I will assume that is what the box is also made of. Sorry I can not contribute anything new to this posting, but wondered if others own this type of box.

From Tanya R., 5/10/2008  11:40 AM

My husband & I just bought a beautiful Morganton china cabinet at an estate sale. One side is locked & we are unable to locate a key. Does anyone have a way to unlock it without finding a skeleton key to exactly match? We are also looking for a dining room set to match it. This piece was purchased in the late 60's,mahagony, & is simple in design. Thanks so much!

From Sarah, 4/11/2008  1:49 AM

We have two morganton chests w/three drawers, only identifier is the morganton stamp on the inside and 136 or 36 stamped on the back. Mahogany, mother-in-law said it is veneer and was appraised years ago for $300 each. Any info would be helpful.

From Penny, 4/7/2008  7:15 PM

I have a 6 piece Morganton mahogany bedroom suite. 2 twin beds with head & footboards & rails, tall 5 drawer chest, vanity with matching wall mirror, and nightstand with drawer. All have barrel fronts & original hardware. This belonged to my great-grandmother, and is in excellent shape. We are missing 1 finial from a bedpost. We are trying to sell this suite; we are looking for possible buyers and would love to find a replacement for the finial. Any suggestions? We are in Indiana. Thanks, Penny

From Diane Tait Dong, 3/30/2008  10:46 PM

I sure was surprised to find this site with all this info about Morganton. I remember very well when my mother bought the dining set that is now in my home. It is in the style of Duncan Phyfe, made in mahogany. She purchased this set in Tacoma, WA at Rhodes Brothers sometime before 1952, probably several years. I know this even though I was very young as my father died in 52 and the set was in use for some time before that. This has brought back many happy memories!

From marc, 3/8/2008  12:06 PM

Anybody want a moganton vanity with mirror and many drawers in Cherry wood. I am looking at buying a china hutch with buffet table- but I have to buy the matching bedroom vanity as well. I am looking at paying about $800 for the set- call me at 612-759-8051 Minnesota if you are interested in buying the bedroom vanity- I am taking a trip out west and I will deliver.

From Renee, 3/3/2008  4:24 PM

Help, I'm considering buying a cherry colored china cabinet in excellent condition with Morganton stamped in the top drawer. It has two top glass doors w/lock & skeleton key, 3 drawers lower middle and a cabinet on each side. It has a curved shape (not bowed) and has beautiful carvings. Trying to determine age and worth. Don't want to overpay. Can anyone help? Thanks!

From Mary, 2/20/2008  5:32 PM

I have a Morganton dining room set reportedly made in the 30's. It is mahoghany wood with a cherry stain.
It has a Duncan Phyfe style table with leaf, 5 chairs, bowfront buffet and small china cabinet. Quality is excellent, but does need some re-finishing. Would like to sell. Any suggestions?

From Janet, 2/12/2008  1:05 PM

I have a small chest of drawers and the only identifying markings is a paper label glued to the underside. The label has
Made by
Nonesuch Corporation
Morganton, N.C.
Item No. 507 (507 is hand written)

I can find nothing about this piece. When I google Nonesuch Corp. all I pull up is a Record company and books.
Anyone have any idea???

From Jamie, 1/24/2008  2:21 PM

Hi Connie. I'd like to see pictures of your china cabinet. I have an octagon shaped end table with 2 doors that open up for storage underneath from the same colletion. It belonged to my grandmother. Thanks.

From Connie Smith, 1/13/2008  4:20 PM

I have a Morganton china cabinet, Tidewater collection, that I would like to sell. It has been in my family for 45+ years. I live in Cocoa, Fl. and can e-mail pictures and details if someone is interested. Thanks, Connie

From julie, 1/7/2008  3:23 PM

Hi, I have a anitque Shop in Keystone Heghts, Fl. My Telephone # is 352-473-2183. I have a mahogany barrel front hutch and matching server in the shop. Call me and I will send you pictures. Both pieces are from Morganton. Mary

From Anita, 1/6/2008  9:20 PM

i have a Morganton dining room set that was given to me last year by a family member, however i am torn on what to do with it.. could any one help me try and find out how to go about fining the value of a dining room set (table with leaf, five chairs, one captain chair, a buffet, china cabinet, and a server with four drawers) im not sure whether to keep it or sell it. thanks for your help.

From Julie, 12/28/2007  9:19 PM

I am looking for Morganton dining room pieces, mahogony finish. I would like the barrel front hutch and the matching server or cabinet. Please let me know.

From JB, 11/5/2007  2:21 AM

I have for sale 2 identical ball and clawfoot camel back (chippendale) loveseats by the Morganton Furniture Co. The are very beautiful,and are in great condition but are done in an older chintz green, creme and mauve that appears to be an Oriental type print. Does anyone know what a good price would be for them? I know that Drexel purchased that Co some yrs ago, but wondered how to find the value of these. Any feedback.

From Leslie Roods, 10/25/2007  3:23 PM

I have three pieces of Morganton bedroom furniture, originally purchased by my grandparents in the 30's? 40's?. Other than the "Morganton" stamp on the interior top drawers, the only other identifier is the number "28731" stenciled on the back of one piece.

All the pieces have curved/bow front, ornate bronze(?) handles and cabriolet legs. The dresser has nine drawers, the highboy, two small and four large drawers and the nightstand, one drawer and a storage area with two mullioned metal door.

All the pieces have been painted or refinished. I would like any info as to the original finish, what the set should include, how much it cost originally, does it have a design name...keeping it in the family but would like to restore it to it's former glory.

From Denise Hofstra, 9/28/2007  2:01 PM

Below is a paragraph of information I just found on history search of Drexel Heritage. I will read further to see if it mentions and exact year that Morganton no longer existed.

Through an exchange of common stock, Drexel acquired control in January 1957 of the Morganton Furniture Co., a producer of case goods (a trade term for wooden bedroom and dining room furniture) and Heritage Furniture, Inc. of High Point and Mocksville, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture. Heritage became a wholly owned subsidiary of what became Drexel Enterprises Inc., and Morganton a division of Heritage. Both acquired companies continued to operate autonomously, producing and selling their own regular brand lines. The purchase of Heritage in particular provided a dependable supply of high-quality upholstered furniture, which Drexel had never offered. Immediately following the merger, plans were being drawn up for a correlated line of bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture under the Heritage name.

From Todd, 9/4/2007  11:11 PM

Hi all, I have a Morganton Collection dining room set that I would like to sell. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? There is a dining table with six chairs, a breakfront and a buffet. All big pieces. I don't know how to sell it. Any ideas on value too? Thanks! Please contact me at thovex@hotmail.com.

From lisa, 8/22/2007  2:05 PM

I also have inhereted Morganton bedroom set. Am having trouble determining the value. Does anyone have an idea what a set from the early 50s is worth. I dont want to give it away but I dont want to over price it either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

From Brenda, 8/10/2007  7:50 PM

Can any one tell me the value of any of the Morganton pieces. We are looking at a corner cabinet and a dining room set. I would like to know the value to make sure we don't overpay. Thanks for any help

From Joan, 7/30/2007  3:06 PM

I also just purchased a bedroom set from an auction that all of the pieces have the Morganton stamp. I purchased a double bed with head and footboard; a double dresser w/12 drawers and wide mirror; and a night stand. All of the pieces are cherry wood and are in great condition. Would love to receive more info.

From Jane, 6/15/2007  2:45 AM

Does anyone out there have any information about the blond mahogany pieces Morganton made--when they were made and values, etc? I have a lovely buffet with curved doors and I'm guessing it was made in the 1950's.
Thanks for the help.

From ELLEN, 6/5/2007  8:04 PM


From Dottie Belanger, 4/12/2007  6:24 PM

I am closing out my parents home and am looking for information on their bedroom set. The name Morganton is printed in one of the drawers of the 6 drawer chest. The set also includes a double dresser with mirror, a vanity with chair, and a pineapple post double bed. The set was purchased in 1954 and is solid mahogany. The "patina" is great, but the dresser and vanity tops will have to be refinished. I am looking for an estimated value for the
4 pieces. Any info will be appreciated.

Dottie Belanger

From Kenny Stoner, 4/7/2007  3:26 PM

Me and my wife just purchased a morganton buffet at a cheap yardsale. We also have an assortment of older furniture to go in the 1920's home we have restored. So far my research is a dead end. But I have thought of researching for furniture apprasials. If I come across any more info I will repost.

From K Brown, 2/5/2007  1:58 PM

I just did a Google search of Morganton Furniture and it gave an intersting history. It was bought by Drexel in 1957, but still produced products under it's name. As best as I can read from the Drexel-Heritage Furniture history is that lasted until sometime in the late 60's (between 1966 and 1968). Do the google search and click on the link that shows Drexel-Heritage history, it is a good read.
I, too, just picked up a bedroom set that had the Morganton label and is of extremely high quality.

From STEPH, 11/25/2006  4:34 PM


From Paul V. Sutherland, 11/15/2006  5:17 PM

My mother is trying to sell her complete Morganton mahogany dinning room set. The set is about 60 years old and in relatively good condition. All pieces are very solid. The chairs have many dry, but solid joints. The finish has minor nicks and the normal effects of aging. The furniture is located just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The set contains four pieces, curved front china closet, large and small curved front buffets, large table and six chairs.

From Margaret Yopp, 10/24/2006  11:08 PM

I have a Morganton corner mahagony china cabinet that belonged to my grandmother. The glass in the top is curved. My problem is the key to the cabinet has been lost and I've tried using different keys to no avail. The number 2416 is on the back. Does anyone know how I can get a replacement key?

From julie, 8/7/2006  11:17 AM

Hi, I just came across a nice piece of Morganton. It is a corner cabinet with a rounded bottom section with the top having a glass door with 9 little panels of glass and a skeleton key. It is gorgeous and I am curious if they used a particular wood. I think it is cherry but am not sure. I also have a china hutch that could be from the same maker. I have not yet found a mark though. The corner cabinet has Morganville in the drawer. Thanks for any help out there. Julie

From Michael Nuzzo, 8/1/2006  8:58 PM

Whoever you talked too is confused. The Morganton Furniture Company closed in the 1960's. During a quick visit to my grandmother's home town of Morganton NC last year, I drove past the factory and some company is back in the old factory. But the original company is "old" Morgantion. My furniture dates from the early 1950's.
For more information check for Morganton and Burke County NC web site. My history books on Morganton are buried in the basement.

From Oscar Morales, 7/25/2006  4:05 PM

I was just recently tring to sell a corner cabinet that I had purchased 10 years ago from an Antique dealer. When I purchased the cabinet, I was informed that the cabinet was a 1920's Morganton Furniture Company piece, it even has the company logo in the drawer. The person I was just trying to sell it to informed me that the Morgan Furniture Company was established in 1960, therefore, the piece could not be from 1920's. Does anyone have information on The Morganton Furniture Compnay of North Carolina?

From jordan grant, 7/20/2006  9:34 PM

Did you ever find this item.I have a complete set of Morganton dining room furniture and am seeking infoThanks.Jordan

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 7/12/2004  11:10 PM

I found some information from a 1940 issue of FURNITURE WORLD, but I don't think it will help. Morganton Furniture Company, Morganton, North Carolina. Bedroom & Dining Room manufacturer. A.C. Chaffer, President. You might start your search there. Possibly with the Chamber of Commerce.


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