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Posted By Guest, 4/3/2000

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I recently bought a small wooden footstool at an estate auction. On the underside is a label and emblem seal saying it is a genuine Cushman colonial creation of Bennington, Vermont established 1886. I would like to know more about this piece. It is called a "cricket stool". Any help out there?


From Guest, 8/14/2011  4:05 PM

we have twin beds made from your company . were trying to find out what year they were made. on back written 2059.is this furniture become colector item now. thank you

From Guest, 8/14/2011  12:56 PM

Looking for value of Cushman Colonial drop leaf table and 3 chairs. Table has an extension piece. Etched numbers n each chair looks like 5651 or could be 5681 or 5631 and undeneath table is the brass plate and number 5630. Can anyone tell me how to find market value for set, may be interested in selling. Email is the1003form@aol.com. Thanks.

From Guest, 8/8/2011  1:22 PM

Concerning the lapdesk w/stand. My email is cp85912@gmail.com. Thanks1

From Guest, 8/8/2011  1:20 PM

I have a piece I call a lapdesk on a stand-Cushman #22-1113. Also has a stamped number 38. Another stamp says Antique. Would appreciate any infor as to date of manufacture and current market value. Thanks for your assistance.

From Guest, 7/28/2011  4:07 PM

Forgot I have all the furniture numbers, if you are trying to find a certain piece.

From Guest, 7/28/2011  4:05 PM

Cleaning out my Grandmother's house and have about 17 pieces of Cushman furniture- dining table with 6 chairs, desk, nitestand, captain's chair, hanging shelf, lamptable, hutch, stool, secertary desk, full bed, hanging mirror, small coffee table, 5 drawer chest, buffet. Looking inerested buyers. please contact my email krista13katra@gmail.com.

From Guest, 7/17/2011  3:45 PM

oops, forgot my email for above message


From Guest, 7/17/2011  3:44 PM

Cleaning out my parents house and they have a lot of Cushman furniture - dressers, nightstands, cricket stool, hutch with open top, 2 twin beds, mirror, 2 endtables, bookcase, small dropleaf table, octagon shaped table,some assorted chairs...looking for interested buyers

From Leon, 6/9/2011  2:06 PM

I have a Cushman 2 Draw Buffet with open hutch top.
It is in good condition. Does anyone know the value.
Please let me know. lpjr12@aol.com

From Patrick Fleming, 4/28/2011  7:24 PM

Does anyone know the best way to restor the finish to watermarks for thie wonderful Cushman furniture?
Thanks, Pat Fleming shiikis@comcast.net

From lInda, 4/5/2011  6:00 PM

My grandson found a plate that said This is a Cushman Colonial Creation NO 3-70 A

From rich, 4/3/2011  10:27 AM

from rich forgot my e-mail its rengh001@triad.rr.com

From rich, 4/3/2011  10:23 AM

we found a cushman small table with 3 legs and a half round bottom with a half top with 2 heart shaped openings on each side any one with    any idea what its worth its also stamped with the #2706 or 2106 on the bottom it has the oval plate on it too

From Lyle, 3/10/2011  12:27 AM

We have a cushman full size bed and would like to know the value and age. it has been handed down in the family but not sure for how long.

From Jeannie Veale, 3/6/2011  5:47 PM

Looking for one dining room chair #5921 in very good shape. One of mine got damaged.

From E.D. Wells, 3/1/2011  2:31 PM

I have a 5-drawer desk and stool, cushman colonial #2051(desk) and 2052(stool). Could someone please give me the value and year made.
Desk has some scratched and discoloring on the top. Stool has normal wear and tear. EMAIL = edwells@rocketmail.com

From john, 2/28/2011  8:10 PM

I have two cushman colonial creation mirrors that I would like to know the value of and if anyone is interested in buying on the brass plates it has the #4-136 they are in decent shape and maybe the year it was made also my email is johnny100@verizon.com thanks

From kim G, 1/29/2011  8:54 AM

I have 6 colonial creation chairs (7031) that I am interested in selling--located in western MA. They are in very good condition and include the brass tag.

Would love to know value and if anyone would be interested in purchasing them. Will send pics if requested. mysteriesgal@gmail.com

From Thomas Kowalski, 1/26/2011  4:34 PM

My parents have a colonial creations dresser#7163 with a mirror, a small night stand, and twin beds. Would like to sell it all. Daytona Beach area. tkowalski1@cfl.rr.com Pictures can be sent on request.

From John N, 1/16/2011  5:06 PM

I have a Cushman Creation coffee table that I would like to know more about. It has 2 leafs on the ends and a drawer in the middle. The model number is 010.

From earl m, 1/15/2011  4:41 PM

i have inherited quite a few pieces of cushman furnitureand would like to know value for insurance purpose.None is for sale.listing as follows. (4) malden chairs#4-24 (1)malden armchair#4-24A (1)Nantucket Captains Chair #5241A (1) Cricket stool#9038 with original shipping boxand decorating pamphlet (1)cobblers bench#3-16 (1)Hudson table#3-150 (1)Bookcase Desk #5-119 (1) Brookhollow end table#8006 (1) Table#3-40 (1)Drop leaf table#3-72 (1)Arm chair with cushions (cannot find # but found brass tag (1) Lamp table #9002 (1) Chest on Chest # 5456 (1) Double Dresser #5455 with full lenth mirror Any help you can give me will be apprecieted. All this furniture has only nominal wear and tear. Thank you     

From James D., 1/9/2011  10:16 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial dining table (21-3203)with four chairs (22-3107) and a hutch (22-3404) and im trying to find out the value and age of the set its in mint condition.

From Sue Parker, 1/9/2011  10:10 AM

I am interested in purchasing a cushman dining table and chairs, excellent condition please. If anyone is willing to sell please email me at Susan.k.Parker@jpmchase.com. Thanks.

From Jeanne, 1/8/2011  6:58 AM

I have a Cushman bedroom set. Headboard and footboard and bed frame, dresser and mirror, table with a fold down leaf (desk type), 3 legged chair, and (perhaps) an end table. They are made of maple and in an oval on the bottom it reads "design - registered furniture - code authority - copyright 1934.". Any information would be appreciated.

From william a henry, 1/4/2011  12:47 AM

I currently have cushman 3 drawer dresser #2055 looking for matching tall dresser saw it on ebay after it was sold :( had 7 drawers 2 small ones on top Any info appreciated

From Marian, 1/1/2011  3:55 PM

I have a cushman smoker table with a self-storing leaf. It has a partial paper label also, have three chairs in excellent condition. These also have partial paper labels.

I will send pics. Can anyone tell me about these?

Thanks for any help.

From Dave Keiser, 12/20/2010  1:16 PM

I recently was gifted a Cushman Colonial Dining room table #4 40 and 4 chairs # 4 24. From all the posts and threads Ive gathered they are from APPROX 1940. table is maple drop leaf at both ends. Table is in good condition for its age, chairs are fair, i guess. As I have no interest in antique furniture, nor does it go with the decor of my home, I AM interested in selling. Does ANYBODY know if 1000.00 would be a fair asking price? I paid 900 for my current dining room set and it doesnt have 70 years of history. ANybody with any info or interest please feel free to contact me at dave.keiser@yahoo.com Thank you.

From cindy, 12/14/2010  8:18 PM

I inherited several pieces of Cushman colonial, my question is what is on the hinges that make them black. They appear to be brass, then painted black.I have restored the china hutch and want to restore the hinges before putting the doors back. Also,if I cleaned them down to brass and used a clear coat, how would that affect the value? Don't really want to sell, love the pieces,just curious. I think the brass would be attractive. Thank you.

From Matt Millhollin, 12/8/2010  6:18 PM

I currently have a Cushman dining room set.
8 chairs stamped 5941, a table and 2 leafs.
Very good condition. Looking for the value and/or any buyers. Thanks in advance.

From M.Bennett, 12/8/2010  1:59 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial table w/4 chairs. ss-brass plate w/number. Got them about 25 years and want to know the value for insurance purpose. Thanks

From Denise Hall, 12/7/2010  6:13 PM

We have a cushman colonial dining room set. table and four chairs the numbers on the chairs are 4-24 and the numbers onthe table is 4-40 Please let me know the year it was built and what it may be worth

From mary, 12/1/2010  2:30 PM

I have my fathers bedroom set full bed head and foot board desk and stool two mirrors one large and smaller and dresser what would the value be on todays market

From Gail, 11/10/2010  8:41 PM

Looking to sell Cushman Rocker #9095 - 2 pc burnt orange reupholstered velous matieral, 4" cushion base, excellent condition and Cushman Arm Chair #0180 -2 pc tan with faded pink, blue, and orange bursts reupholstered velour matieral 7" cushion base, excellent condition - pictures of each are available

From Harriette, 11/5/2010  10:34 AM

Have a Cushman Colonial#6185 from Bennington, Vermont. It does not have cushion but wood is in great condition. Would like to sell this. Wondering the worth and market. Currently live in Northern California. Email me with info or bids at harriette.123@hotmail.com

From Wm. Martz, 10/26/2010  1:00 PM

I have a cross leg table in antique color with 2 leaves , a matching hutch , and matching server, two captains chairs and two regular chairs. would like to know what they are worth.      purchased in 1959. all in great shape.

From Michael L. Bayliss, 10/18/2010  4:31 PM

I have a 1940s era Cushman Plymouth Chair in excellent condition. Has anyone researched this piece for a value? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


From cdidio, 10/18/2010  2:46 PM

I am looking for 2 captains chairs for a cushman maple dining set I have. If anyone out there has 2 they want to sell please contact me and we can discuss it. CDidio

From Barbara, 10/17/2010  4:16 PM

I have a 50 yr.old Cushman Colonial Bedroom Set and would like to know what it is worth?

From Kathryn, 10/10/2010  6:57 PM

I am trying to locate a Cushman wall mirror to go over a chest. A dresser mirror would be preferred but any decent size Cushman mirror will work.
Thanks, Please reply to kathryn3224@aol.com.

From John Renk, 10/9/2010  6:20 PM

2 Cushman Colonial Creations

chair #6021A

Floor Lamp #3-187

Could you give me a value for each item, and apromix age. Both in very good condition. Thank you very much.

From Patti Kolster, 10/7/2010  9:22 AM

I have 6 Cushman Creation dining room chairs: 2 captain chairs ( # 5931 A - antique color), and 4 regular chairs. (#5831- antique color) I would like to sell them. They are in great condition. pkolster@wi.rr.com

From sue deaver, 9/27/2010  1:56 PM

i have a corner cabinet with 3 shelves, cabinet at bottom, mirrors in shelves; tag reads: cushman colonial creation No. 3-179

From Marcia, 9/24/2010  10:22 PM

I inherited my dad's beautiful old highboy dresser, in pristine condition with a wonderful warm patina. It's one of the Cushman Creations, #9063 , and is 33.5" wide x 18" deep by 57" tall. I would love to have an idea of the date it would have been made and it's approximate value in today's market.
Thanks for any information someone may be able to provide!

From larry wilmington, 9/22/2010  10:30 AM

i have a cushman colonial floor lanp with small 1 drop leaf table brass plate with manufacturer and stenceled# 21-1505 it a beautiful piece
can anyone give me an idea of the value in great condition.

From Alex Elliott, 9/19/2010  7:34 PM

Please give me any information you can on the following Cushman pieces:
NO. 7030 (table)
NO. 7031 (hutch)
NO. 7031 x5 (dining chair)
NO. 7031 A (captain's chair)
We also have a glass front hutch that matches the set that I could not find a # on.
Thanks for any information you can give.

From deb, 9/19/2010  8:52 AM

I recently bought a chest of drawers that does not have a name plate but has the distinctive shaping on the top and is made of maple. The drawer hardware is nautical - anchor pulls and ships wheels. There is also a galley on the top. do you think this is a cushman colonial piece or an imitation by another manufacturer?

From Sandra Prince, 9/16/2010  3:11 PM

I have a Cushman 038 foot stool that I purchased at a flee market. I was wondering if this has any value at all?

From SusieB, 9/15/2010  12:20 PM

I have a Cushman 4I-166 high dresser that I purchased for $80. It was painted white and had porcelain knobs where previously it appears there were elongated original drawer pulls. I have stripped the white paint and can see beautiful striping in the wood grain. I don't know what kind of wood this is or what the pulls should be to get this piece back to its most attractive state. Can anyone tell me about this piece? I am thrilled with my discovery after removing the paint!

From Teri, 9/13/2010  11:29 PM

I am a collector of Cushman Colonial Creations here in the Northeast. Email me with your furniture descriptions/numbers and I will get back to you with book values and general comments.

From Tammy Totten, 9/10/2010  9:05 PM

Is this board monitored and answered? I have a couple of pieces we'd like info on?

From Elisa, 9/10/2010  8:33 PM

hello, I just recently bought a Cushman Colonial Creation Chairs (2) with number 7051A. I'm wondering how old is these chairs and how much is the book value of it. Your response is greatly appreciated.

From Darryn, 9/9/2010  11:39 AM

My wife has a Dinning room table and chairs, the metal tag reads as follows on bottom of chairs & table: GENUINE CUSHMAN COLONIAL CREATION BENNINGTON, VT with a G 5921 stamped into the wood on the bottom of the chairs. The table was owned by her mother & father who are nolonger with us! She & I were both curious as to how old and valuable it may be if at all??? We're not looking to sell it but would like some backround on the furnature and if it's worth insuring incase of a fire or something else of that traggic nature if we were to lose it.
Thank you,

From Marcia Spence, 9/3/2010  5:50 PM

I recently acquired a Cushman #5860 double bed with foot and head boards. Can you tell me anything about it? Value? Year made? Etc.

From Mary Hurd, 8/26/2010  9:02 AM

Yes ,I have a Cushman Colonial Chair # 5-83 , could you please tell me more about it.    Thank you , Mary Hurd

From Denise, 8/22/2010  5:56 PM

Denise, again, with contact info.
yes-I have a Cushman Colonial Creations Dresser High Chest, Style # 4 168.
any info on this piece is appreciated.
Thank you,

From Denise, 8/22/2010  5:54 PM

I have aCushman Colonial Creations Dresser High Chest, Style # 4 168.

From Shireen, 8/18/2010  9:56 PM

Looking for Cushman Colonial Creations chairs #5431 (without arms) or 5431A (with arms). I'm in Northern Vermont. Contact Shireen quiltsanity@yahoo.com

From Shawn, 8/16/2010  3:35 PM

Hello all,
I have a cushman colonial drop leaf table with extension inserts and two chairs. All stamped with Cushman style #'s and brass.
Chair - Style # 5831 Lot # A500
Table - Style # ends in 0-1 I think, the number is very hard to read lot # A118
Leafs - Style # 5820 Lot # A500

Can any one tell me who I can contact to recieve an appraisal on them?


From Glenn, 8/9/2010  7:06 PM

to Betty Ann i am interested in buying your set if you come up with a price. thanks

From Lisa, 7/31/2010  5:28 PM

I have a Cushman chair stamped 4 125. The brass tag is on the bottom side of the seat and also a tag marked "J.B. Van Sciver Co." Could anyone shed some light on this chair as to age and value?

From maggie LePley, 7/29/2010  12:24 AM

Hi! We have a Cushman chair, 4125A; and a 3 legged chair,4126; and a small 3 sided drop leaf table, also with 3 legs, #3-7. I would like to know the value of these items. And do you know anyone who would be interested in them? Thank you so much.

From Nesa, 7/23/2010  11:57 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation Table #5240 and 4 chairs #5241A and a lazy susan (center turns) #5245. Could you tell me how much is its worth? And what kind of wood is it? It is in good shape. Thanks!

From Betty Ann, 7/22/2010  6:31 PM

I have a Cushman Brandywine Manor Table (7030) and 6 Malden chairs (4-24) that I would like to sell because I am moving to a smaller home. They are in excellent condition. I would like to know the value of these items.

From Tim, 7/21/2010  4:59 PM

I'm restoring my parents Cushman Brandywine Manor Table (7030) and their 4 chairs (7031). I would like to purchase two Captain chairs (7031A) to complete the set. I'm open to any condition, please contact: tmurphy@upnorth-vet.com Thanks!

From Angela Jones, 7/21/2010  10:53 AM

I have a Cushman Colonial Collection coffee table with drawer in the center. It has the numbers 5707 stamped on the bottom. Can you tell me the age and value of this?

From A. O'Connor, 7/18/2010  7:59 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Cross Base Table #5945 with 2 side chairs #5921 and 2 arm chairs 5921A. All pieces are in good condition with brass plates and markings. The pieces were purchased in PA in 1965 for #435.00. I am interested in selling and would like to know the value of these pieces. Thanks A. O'Connor

From Betty, 7/17/2010  1:19 PM

I have A "Cushman Smoker" #603 (I believe the number is} It is a half moon table with painted top. Top has potted flower painted on it. All original I believe, and a drawer on the right side-when pulled out there is a sunken astray holder with black felt and 3 raised cigarett rests {one missing}.Some condition issue with warn paint and one water stain. Just curious of age and value.

From Nancy, 7/7/2010  12:24 PM

To Lynn, Northern NJ: can you send photos of items you wish to sell. Thanks, Nancy, in NJ

From Donald, 7/7/2010  12:48 AM

I recently purchased a Cushman hutch and the numbers on the back say 21 3402 10. Can you tel me more about the hutch, like when it was made and approx value, based on a good condition?

Thanks, Donald

From Lynn, 6/28/2010  11:39 AM

I have several pieces of Cushman Colonial furniture and would like to sell them. Northern NJ area.

Cushman Colonial Creations - maple furniture - circa mid-1940s to early 50s - original cushions - excellent condition - sofa, chair, rocker, morris chair with ottoman:

council room settee (sofa) #853
council room chair #185
Remember Baker ottoman #191
Remember Baker Morris Chair #190
Ira Allen Platform Rocker #193

From Claudia, 6/27/2010  2:19 PM

Hi there, I'm also looking for valuation on a 7030 table and 7031, 7031A chairs. All pieces are in very good condition. Thanks in advance for your response.

From valerie philpot, 6/21/2010  5:07 PM

i have a in great condion, nothing loose, cushman colonel creations in bennington, end table with 3 small drawers . there is a copper tag on boottom that tells me
the above info. would like help in finding it's value so i can sell it

From Clare, 6/7/2010  1:44 PM

THe email to contact me is Clare814@verizon.net. THank you. I live in the State of NY.

From CLare, 6/7/2010  1:38 PM

I have many Cushman pieces Coloinial Creations Dining Room Table with end leaf on both sides,(5-47)2 arm chairs and 4 side chairs corner hutch, (4-29)server with 3 drawers and cabinet and Mirror, Hutch with plate rails,and 3 drawers , Men's dresser and bedroom mirror as well as 2 bedroom arm chairs (6185) IF anyone is interested in purchasing these, please e-mail me. I am moving to a smaller home and I don't think this large dining room set will fit. It is all in great condition!

From dana, 5/26/2010  4:36 PM

from the post above the correct information is!! sorry the # is not 9058 on the stool!! its 9038!!!
the chair is stamped #7289
email darfai2@windstream.net
thanks for your help!!

From dana, 5/26/2010  4:13 PM

i have a chair and stool its a cushman colonial creation
made in bennington, vt. on the bottom the # is stamped 9058. i would like to find out how old it is and how much its worth. thank you dana
my email is darfai2@windstream.net
thank you for your help !!!!

From PAULA, 5/26/2010  12:22 PM

I just got a double bed and the only thing I can find on it is a stamp that reads A gennuine cushman colonial creation made in Bennington ,Vt. I would like to maybe find out how old it is and how much it's worth.   Thank You From Paula.                                                                                                                                                              

From KERRY, 5/20/2010  5:42 PM

I have a cushman colonial creations double bed and was wondering the value and a possible date of make....I know that it was made after 1933 from research and I can't find any number or stamp on it just the metal plate saying cushman colonial creations

From jeffrey, 5/18/2010  8:52 PM

available 4 sale genuine cushman colonial creation #6107     317-874-6110

From jane, 5/11/2010  7:27 PM

Have just acquired a Cushman chair, need to know some history, date and value on Cushman chair 5-25

From Jane Parish, 4/16/2010  3:00 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial desk #6141 and would like any information you could give me on this desk....What would it's value be? It is in excellent condition, no scratches, etc. I could email a photo if you would like.

Thank you.
Jane Parish

From Mike Hamner, 3/28/2010  2:41 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial dropleaf coffee table #5703 or 5708 (hard to read). It was inherited from my mother-in-law who had it for some time before then. I was curious what the range of value might be. It is in GOOD condition but needs cleaning. It has never been refinished.

Thank You,

Mike Hamner

From joe c., 3/25/2010  6:58 PM

i have a cushman colonial creation three legged chair and desk, not sure on when it was made but there are few screws and is mostly doweled together its marked inside the top right droor "cushman colonial creation, no. 5-61" looking for a value on it

From Devon Saker, 3/22/2010  1:09 PM

Hello All,
We have a dining set we'd like to sell. A sidebar/buffet/hutch? with open shelves, a hutch/cabinet with double glass doors on top, a dining table w/sliding leafs, five chairs (#125 on bottom). Can't find numbers on other pieces. The table top and two chairs need to be glued but otherwise everything is in excellent condition.

Any ideas on value and how to best sell them? We're in S. Jersey near Philly. My email is dhsaker[at]comcast.net. Can send pics, of course.

Thanks in advance!

From Len DeVirgilio, 3/16/2010  8:49 PM

We have cushman furniture that we purchased in Bennington Vt "Haynes and Kaines. I'm looking to replace two H-Hinges that are 3 1/2 inches high by
1/2 inch wide over all size might be 1 1/2 wide
There is a number on the back of the hinge that reads
H 858 if thats helpful. If you have them please let me
know. The furnitue is 40 years old thanks Len

From Len DeVirgilio, 3/16/2010  8:36 PM

we have cushman furniture that we purchased in Bennington Vt. Haynes and Kaines. I'm looking to replace two H Hinges that are 3 1/2 inches high by 1/2 in. wide.There is a number on the back that reads
H 858 If you have them please let me know. The furniture is 40 years old.

Thanks Len

From Marsha, 3/7/2010  11:09 AM

Correction to the Cushman website:


Sorry for the misinformation the first reply.

From carol janesko, 3/7/2010  10:25 AM

I have a coat tree with the number 3-82 printed on a Cushman Colonial Creations metal sign affixed to the bottom. Anyone know anything about it?

From Marsha, 3/6/2010  8:23 AM


Try www.northbennington.org/cushman/cushman/html. The catalogs show smoker tables. Read the text. It looks like it might be from the 1920's. Hope this helps.

From david, 3/5/2010  8:09 PM

i have a cushonman smoker table i would like to know what year was the table make.

                    thanks david

From mary sue, 2/21/2010  9:43 AM

I have a cushman colonial creation #1154 buffet and would like to know the value. It has several mars on the top, Is it worth too much to repair the top? Please advise asap. thanks

From kathy, 2/19/2010  2:58 PM

have a cushman colonial creation dining room table with matching hutch and chairs brought in the 30's or 40's how to i find out what its worth

From Ashley, 2/17/2010  10:27 PM

We have a Cushman Colonial Creations, 9022. It is a large buffet/cabinet. We are trying to find out a value on it.
Any info would be great.
Thank you!!

From Gerry B, 2/15/2010  2:44 PM

i have a table floor lamp from cushman colonial.. there is markings on the bottom that read 47-5-102 and under that also says 60-1-D..Its like a 3 legged two tier table with a lamp extending from the table.. Make with wooden dowls..so im expecting its pretty old. Any info on this or value would be nice. thank you

From Paulette, 2/13/2010  10:20 PM

I have a corner cupboard and drop leaf table stamped with the Genuine Cushman Colonial Creation stamp. I know the piesces are at least 55 years old. How can I find the exact age?

From Steve Sass, 2/11/2010  9:05 AM

Have three pc. Cushman Colonial Furniture
Dresser #8143
Coffee Table #5-115
Table top six-sides, tilts to 90 degrees #7105

need to know values
where to sell


From Marlene, 2/10/2010  10:19 PM

My mother has a small table, HT Cushman #7512 - she has asked me to find out when this was manufactured and what the value might be - any information would be great - thanks.

From debbie szczypinski, 2/10/2010  12:36 PM

'cricket by the fire' is a stool made in bennington vermont @ cushman furniture in the '40s. i have a few peices also, and can't find a catalog anywhere. One book; Cusman Colonial Creations, is out of print.

From DeDe V, 2/1/2010  4:02 PM

Cushman Colonial Creations $FOR SALE$
2 (two) side chairs #7031
1/2 arrow back style
$40.00 each
Location is Norristown PA 19403

From Richard, 2/1/2010  3:47 PM

Cushman Colonial Cretions $FOR SALE$
2 piece Hutch, Plate rails, convex glass on top 2 doors

79" H
68" W
15" D (Base cabinet)
2 drawers, 2 doors with shelves

4 side chairs, 2 arm chairs #6921

Dining Table + 2 15" leafs #A176
28" H
42" W
64" L + the 2 15" leafs

$1200.00 or Best Offer
Location is Norristown PA 19403

From Anne, 1/31/2010  8:10 PM

I have a set of 6 Cushman chairs Style 5921. They are in excellent condition even though I was told they were purchased in the late 50's/early 60's. One of the chairs is an arm chair. If someone is interested in purchasing them you can contact me at cbracox@verizon.net and I would be glad to send pictures. I live in Virginia near the Dulles Airport. Thank you.

From Marsha, 1/30/2010  7:43 PM

I'm looking for any information that can help me with finding the value of several Cushman pieces that I have acquired. Please contact at ballquest@smta.cc. Thanks.

From marie ellis, 1/26/2010  12:32 PM

I purchased a Cushman Colonial Creation coffee table
#5707 and would like more info on it. Thanks

From rossierk, 1/24/2010  9:55 PM

anyone in the Vermont area that is selling a Cushman desk? bureaus? night stands? if so, please email:

From Marsha Boes, 1/23/2010  7:55 PM

I have a Danby Extension Butterfly Table, four Brandywine Manor Side Chairs (no. 7031), a Brandywine Hutch Dresser (no. 7033), a dropleaf stand (no. 8006), and a desk with seven drawers and two "rests". All are Cushman Colonial Original Creations. Please let me know if you are still interested in the dining room set or any of the other pieces. Please make an offer.

From evelynn askew, 1/23/2010  7:23 PM

I have table with slideout both ends for extension which has a number stamped in red 962 1/2, and five cushman chairs 7031A,and one 7031 (without arms) I live in australia but bought them from a second hand store whilst overseas in 1971. could you give me a date of manufacture and approx. worth as am trying to decide whether it is worth having the set restored as they have been marked over the years when transported. Any information would be appreciated. thank you e. askew

From todd elliott, 1/17/2010  1:38 PM

I have a dining set with 4 chairs. The chairs have a metal tag stating that it is a Genuine Cushman Colonial collection made in Bennington Vt. The table itself is a drop leaf style. The chairs are also stamped 4 24. The table and chairs are in excellent condition. My question to you is what year was this produced and approx. the value. Thank You.

From Verna, 1/16/2010  2:06 PM

We bought a Cushman dining room table with two leafs and 6 chairs at an estate sale.   We purchased it for our granddaughter who has moved again and it is too big for her digs now.   Anyone interested in purchasing?

1 Captains chair 5631A
5 dining chairs 5631
Table with two leafs and table pads - 5430

Can send pictures if interested.   The set is in very good shape considering its age.

From KEVIN, 1/12/2010  1:02 PM

Genuine Cushman Colonial Dining Room Set For Sale!

Large rectangular dining table with slide out end leafs
6 matching dining chairs (2 captains)
Matching hutch (6' long x 6' tall)
Matching buffet (5' long)
Liquor cabinet (may not be Cushman)

Can send pictures on request.

From GARY, 1/11/2010  4:56 PM


From ron salter, 1/9/2010  5:15 PM

we have one chair called, A geniuine cushman creation made in bennington, VT, #4125.

!. I would like to know when it was made year?
2. How and where i could find 3-5 more?
3. How much is it worth?

From Lauren, 1/7/2010  12:54 PM

I have a Genuine Cushman Colonial Creation desk.

7 drawers with 2 slide out "rests" on each side.
The piece is in PERFECT condtion. I am looking to see the piece. Do you know what it is worth. I also sent an email to: jmgertz@comcast.net

Thank you,

From Barb, 12/29/2009  10:47 AM

I have a cushman colonial maple dresser with matching mirror. I live in PA west of Philly. I'm moving asn need to sell. I'm happy to sell both for $50 as that is what I bought it for at a garage sale 30 years ago.

Please contact me at Reverendbb@gmail.com to arrange for pick up.

From EAC, 12/23/2009  12:46 AM

Hello, I am looking for some Cushman Colonial furniture for my house in PA. My grandfather had it and I was so thrilled when I figured out the company that make it: Cushman Colonial.   Long story short, I am looking for a living room furniture set and dining room table and chairs. Thank you for any help! Sincerely, EAC

From Pat Webb, 12/20/2009  7:25 PM

I have an old Chushman colonial Dinette set. I brought it second hand 45 years ago. It is 40 inches round and two sides drop down. I have 2 chairs and 1 arm chair that goes with it. My problem is I really like it but it needs to be fixed up like the chair needs to be glued and maybe refinished and it is rock maple I got an appraisal and he said $700.00. I don't mind doing it as I really like this table but then I can buy a new table for that price and I wanted to see if you had any suggestions. I feel this must be worth a little bit of money. I am going to get another appraisal to have it refinished.

Thanks, Pat Webb 302-223-6446

From steve cederstrom, 12/16/2009  1:23 PM

i have a cushman colonial table with hidden leafs that pull out and up. it has a brass plate with cushman company colonial creations no 4 - 40. i also have some chairs that came with it. they are stamped with cushman 3 - 70 into the wood. what can you tell me about the pieces. steve cederstrom

From stephanie tarzia, 11/22/2009  10:31 PM

I own a cushman table in really good shapewith 4 chairsand sideboard to match would to sell. I am not sure how much to ask please contact me .

From Jamie, 11/22/2009  4:17 PM

Me and my wife have a cushman table like to know the vaule and a little info on it.Style 5921 LT A074.It has the chairs with it.Any info helps thanks.

From Frank, 11/17/2009  9:20 AM

I own a Cushman kitchen table #5940 which I think is maple. It only has one leaf. I would like to buy two additional leaves if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions how I might go about doing this?

I do not know anything about furniture but need a bigger table so thought I would give this a shot before purchasing a new set. I live in Madison, Connecticut and work in Midtown Manhattan if anyone knows of any place in either of these areas which might be of help.

Thank you,

From Pat Feaster, 11/6/2009  8:08 PM

I purchased a Cushman maple chair. I looks like one that would be used at a kitchen or dining room table.
I did see a number on the underside. It was a 3 space 70.

Please help me determine the value of my chair.
Thanks, Pat

From Judy McGinnis, 11/5/2009  11:15 AM

Would like approximate age and current value of Cushman Colonial hutch - 2 open shelves with 2 drawers and queen anne style legs. Has the Cushman brass plate and stamped in the wood is the # 0 153.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

From michelle t, 10/31/2009  4:40 PM

cushman colonial creation/no.3-37 stamp on brass plate and in wood.what is it and is it worth anything?

From Kyle, 10/31/2009  4:23 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial chair 7031A for sale. Please contact me if interested. I am in Rochester, NY.      kytigojo@gmail.com

From Kyle, 10/31/2009  4:21 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial chair, 7031A for sale. Please contact me if interested. I am in Rochester, NY.   

From Michelle tarver, 10/31/2009  4:04 PM

I baught a corner shelf at a yard sale on the back is a plate/CUSHMAN COLONIAL CREATION>NO.3-37 is stamped on it?

From Nancy, 10/30/2009  2:02 PM

I live in Atlanta. I inherited my Cushman pieces, all of which were purchased at Wanamaker's Department Store, Philadelphia, PA in the 1930's. The pieces are unusual and include a ladies' desk, fireplace screen, butterfly table and a butler's tray. I am downsizing and interested in selling the furniture to someone who loves the quality pieces.

From Sue, 10/24/2009  10:14 PM

Just purchased a cushman mirror at a 2nd hand store. The number is 8147. Wondering how old it is and the value.

From Kathy Paradis-Payeur, 10/13/2009  5:00 PM

I have a dining room set and it is 1 of 34. I was wondering if I learn more about it.
Thank you, Kathy

From Ring, 10/12/2009  5:25 PM

Can you tell me about my Cushman Colonial Creations?

Style 5921



From pat, 10/9/2009  8:14 PM

I have a Cushman trestle table w/#7030 imprinted on the underside of the top. I would love to know the approximate value. It is in mint condition. I would appreciate any help in valuing this beautiful piece of furniture. Thanks! patcarter13@hotmail.com

From Bonnie & Kirk, 10/4/2009  7:49 AM

We recently purchased a Cushman Colonial Creations hutch in the russet color, a simple design with wood knobs on the drawer and doors. We are looking for a table that would match and would sit 8 so the entire family could sit together, and we would like to find eight matching chairs, although six would do.
Thanks for any help with this. Any ideas on how best to find what we are looking for?

From Mike & Alice, 10/3/2009  11:27 AM

We have a Cushman Bed # 6150D.
Looking for any information.

From Mary Anne, 9/19/2009  4:09 PM

Just purchased a Cushman mirror in mint condition, for $10 at a yard sale. It's number is 077. It's stamped on the back into the wood as well as on the brass plate.
When was it manufactured, what style is it and what's its worth? Does it have a story?

From Joan, 9/16/2009  5:43 PM

I have a Cushman smoker/humidor #538. Would like to know what it is worth and the age of the piece.

From Joyce, 9/11/2009  1:53 PM

I have a very heavy,42"x64" table w/three chairs, one has the metal tag marked Cushman Colonial #4-29. The finish is worn from age, and the center leaf is missing from the table, but in very good condition. Would like to know the age, worth and type of wood these are.


From Laurie Foley, 9/10/2009  2:14 PM

I am looking for Cushman Maple chairs to replace broken ones that will complete a dining room set. Anyone know of any place I can look?

From SARAH, 9/8/2009  11:05 PM

IHAVE A DINING ROOM Table w/4 chairs an the leaf on the table folds out how much is it worth

From sarah benoit, 9/8/2009  11:02 PM


From Steve, 9/8/2009  3:22 PM

We have about 19 peices of Cushman, looking to sell, here is the list. If you are interested please call me at (steve) 941-966-1499. The furniture is located in Pittsburgh, in excellent shape for 65 years old.
Dining Room
2 captain chairs
4 chairs and tablew/pads 6021 6081
corner cupboard 6021A
server 2 drawers 6115

Bed Room
4 drawer vanity wbench 6051
5 drawer chest 6055
1 night stand 6059
4 drawer dresser 6054

Living Room
3 drawer octogen table 7114
3 drawer end table 6004
1 coffee table 6006
1 drawer end table 6004
3 drawer secretary 6112

From Jeff Nicoll, 8/18/2009  12:50 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation dinning room table and 5 chairs. The table is stamped 7130 and the only markings on the chairs are J X. I would love to buy more chairs but not sure were to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated

From Grace Weitzer, 8/14/2009  10:35 AM

I have 4 Cushman colonial chairs #5921. The chairs are in great shape as far as construction goes but the finish is worn. What are they worth and how would I go about selling them ? Not my style. Came with a beach house - in the basement.

From Mark Jansen, 8/12/2009  10:10 PM

   I have a Maple cushman drop leaf table W 6 ladderback chairs from the #7030 series. I am looking for a value on the set and also looking for 2 additional side chairs. The side chairs have 3 slats and the end 2 have 4 slats. and have the rush/ cane seats. the set is in very good used cond.

From Pattie, 8/10/2009  2:15 AM

I have a Cushman Colonial Cross Base Table (#5945 with 2 leaves from the Bennington collection, with 4 side chairs (#5921)and 2 arm chairs (#5921A, Lot #475). Also, I have a buffet and hutch (#6018). Entire set is in an Antique finish. All pieces are in very good condition with brass plates and markings on them. Could someone help with the value of these pieces? I am interested in selling this set.

New Jersey

From Jan, 8/6/2009  2:13 AM

I have a Cushman Colonial Cross Base Table #21-3203 (5945)...(64x42x30)...extends to 94" w/2 end inserts. from the Bennington collection....w/6 sidechairs #5921...Purchased in 1964. I believe it is solid beech or birch wood. It is still in rather good condition, w/the exception of a repairable split @ one end...And some wear on the top edges of the chairs. Would anyone have any idea of the value.???

From becki, 8/1/2009  4:56 PM

i am looking for 2 cushman colonial chairs #5241a. please help if can thanks

From marie kenedy, 7/24/2009  2:56 PM

I am looking for a cushman night table style#1290
lot #153.

From marie kenedy, 7/24/2009  2:53 PM

looking for cushman night stand style#1290 lot#153

From Vivian, 7/24/2009  9:32 AM

I know someone selling a sideboard and am trying to find like pieces on line- Is there a web site that displays Cushman furniture

From bev, 7/22/2009  8:45 PM

i just purchased a small table or bench, not quite sure from craigslist ~ didn't realize what i had until i looked underneath and the cushman gold plate is there along with a #2052 ~ can someone tell me what it is and the value? thanks so much, just love the piece.

From Stace, 7/20/2009  5:24 PM

I have a dining room bureau (hutch?) FOR SALE. It is a Cushman Colonial Creations without a #. It has 3 drawers and it maple. I am happy to send pictures. Please email me at greatsmile_1@yahoo.com

From Brenda, 7/20/2009  4:57 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creations #7161, do not know if it is a desk or dresser. It has 6 drawers, 2 shelves in middle and a dropleaf comes out in the middle. It is in very good condition. I'd like to know about when it was made and the worth.

From valerie, 7/14/2009  12:44 PM

I have a genuine cushman colonial creation twin head broad, foot broad and side rail. How much are they worth.

From Tammy, 7/11/2009  3:46 PM

me and my husband just bought a cushman table #7030 and chairs #7031 can you tell us the age and value in excellent condition thanks

From trudy, 7/7/2009  5:48 PM

PEOPLE: there is a market for Cushman Colonial on ebay. It is not that hard to arrange shipping with a moving company. Search the listings for Cushman Colonial to get an idea of values, and don't forget to check the completed listings for prices also.

NEVER under any circumstances refinish this furniture, as its characteristic finish is one of its desirable characteristics even if worn.

(I can hardly stand to read this thread, so much Cushman hiding out there, please list it on ebay.)

From Maurice Warner, 7/4/2009  7:43 PM

We have a large maple dining room dropleaf table with one leaf. It will seat 12 when fully extended. It has the brass plate "Cushman Colonial Creation, made in Bennington, Vt". No number on the plate but the leaf has stamped on it Style #5820 and Lot #A500. Can you give me any information as to its age and value. It is in good condition. We expect to be moving and probably will sell the table soon. Thank you for any help. Maurice Warner

From Jennifer, 6/29/2009  9:10 PM

I'm looking to purchase a Cushman Maple Corner cabinet to match my grandmother's set. Email me at gerlach44@yahoo.com if you have one you are interested in selling.

From Ginger, 6/24/2009  8:17 PM

I have a cobblers bench and a cricket. I am interested in selling them. Is there a market at this time and how might I get a value?

From carrie, 6/24/2009  4:12 PM

We have an end table that is marked "A genuine cushman colonial creation, Birmington, VT #5809. We had the ceiling crash down this past week and I need to know the value of the table. It was in pristine condition and now it is ruined on th edges. What would be the value be in excellent condition.

From sandy, 6/24/2009  3:44 PM

Would like to know any information on a really different looking little table. It has four legs, only on the back side of the table is just the legs, while the other three have a brace across each to connect to the other leg. But the back side there is nothing there on purpose.Looks like a small desk. The table top is kidney shaped and there is a cubby hole under the table top, No drawer. On purpose. There is a piece of wood on top of the table top in the one corner only. Does anyone know when it was made and what it was made for?Has a paper sticker on the bottom with the H.T Cushman Vermont. What is the value also? Thanks email at hansborger@hotmail.com

From rich, 6/23/2009  4:35 PM

cushmen queen bedroom set

harrisburg pa

From rich, 6/23/2009  4:32 PM

I have a cushman collection bed room set Queen, with vanity ,mirror, night stand and stool also a bookshelf.
I am trying to find a value for these items to sell. love the pieces but must sell due to family issues. any help would greatly appreciated, harrisburg,pa.

thanks ,


From Caroline, 6/14/2009  11:14 PM

I am looking to find out the value of A Cushman Dining Room Set. The table is a large oval with middle extension. There are six chairs, two with arms and four straight back. There is also a hutch all in good condition. I may be interested in selling. My e-mail is rgcg@optonline.net. (Do not wish to sell pieces seperately.)

From Yvonne, 6/5/2009  7:28 PM

I have a cushman hutch #8034 and 6 chairs and I am looking for a table. I just can't seem to locate one in my area any ideas?

From Karen Anne, 5/31/2009  6:19 PM

People who are asking about completing their Cushman sets should consider setting up a search with automatic notification on ebay. I have gotten two pieces that way.

From Amy McCormick, 5/25/2009  12:28 PM

I have a genuine Cushion Colonial Creation made in Bennington,VT. I believe this piece is an end table.I'm wanting to know how much this antique is worth?

From Kelle, 5/18/2009  11:22 AM

Hi there - we recently inherited a full bedroom set, including full size bed, tall dresser, nightstand, and vanity with mirror and stool. I've been unable to locate a copy of Cushman's reference guide. Would love to purchase a used copy if anyone has one they no longer need.

From DANNY, 5/15/2009  6:27 PM


From bill, 5/13/2009  10:14 PM

am lookingfor any cushman dining room chairs 24711

From Barry, 5/13/2009  11:51 AM

This message is for Kevin in Atlanta who has the following two items:

Buffet: 21-3403H
Hutch: Style# 6018, Lot# A 120

Please email photo's to bear518@hotmail.com

I live in Hiram, GA.


From Barry, 5/12/2009  12:06 PM

This to Kevin in Atlanta:

Reply from Kevin

4/30/2009 10:56:30 AM
Buffet: 21-3403H
Hutch: Style# 6018, Lot# A 120

would like to sell these or at least ballpark a value. I am in Atlanta.

I live in Hiram and recently inherrited some Cushman dining room furniture - looking for a few more pieces. Can you email me a picture of what you have please?


From WAbbey, 5/8/2009  9:44 PM

I have the catalog written by B Williams. It shows pictures and gives dates and model numbers.
I own a bedroom set. I wrote to the Bennington Museum sending pictures and while they do not give values, I did find out that my furniture is made from yellow birch. I don't think I would refinish an Cushman Colonial Creation piece. It's not possible to replace it. The story is as unique as the furniture itself. I love mine. WA

From don engelbrecht, 5/5/2009  12:38 PM

I have two pieces of Cushman colonial collection furniture. One is a #5-184 plymouth chair, and the other is a #5-184 plymouth settie. cushions for both pieces are missing. I would like to get a ballpark figure on thier price.

From Kevin, 4/30/2009  10:56 AM

Buffet: 21-3403H
Hutch: Style# 6018, Lot# A 120

would like to sell these or at least ballpark a value. I am in Atlanta.

From karen, 4/17/2009  6:30 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Table, 6 chairs, hutch and corner cabinet that I got from my grandmother. The bottom of the chair says Cushman Colonial 4-24. I am trying to detertmine what kind of wodd it is. I'd appreciated any help. Thanks.

From chloe, 4/8/2009  9:58 PM

I am looking for a oblong cushman maple mirror that I will put over my cushman maple buffet. Approx. measurement is 20"X36".

From Leigh DeMichael, 4/6/2009  11:54 AM

I have several pieces of Cushman Colonial furniture and have no idea what they are worth. Could someone advise as to where I could get this information or if they have the information, how could I obtain it. Here are the style and lot numbers for each piece:

Hutch - Style #5837T, Lot #A596
Hutch - Style #5835, Lot #A401
Night Stand with matching dresser and dresser with mirror - Style #900 or #169
Table with chairs - Style #5821, Lot #A131; Style #5921, Lot #A131

Thank you.

Leigh DeMichael
email: hzleydgurl@aol.com

From nick, 4/3/2009  7:29 PM

I have a cushman bench with an eagle in the back and I would like to know more about it. How much is it worth?

From Christian Lombard, 3/31/2009  6:03 AM

I have two end tables for bedside use that have a metal oval shaped marker inside the drawer of each of the two night stands. I am of course interested in gaining information on these two items, to have a valuation made for insurance purposes.
Is ther information as to how i would go about gaining any insight? If so please let me know how i should procede. I am looking foward to hearing from your establishment with advice.

Thank you, Christian Lombard, Plattsburgh , New York

From teresa, 3/29/2009  1:32 PM

i also have a cushman foot stool 9038 that I bought for $2.00. Want to know more info. on the value and history of thios piece.

From elisabeth, 3/26/2009  5:11 PM

cleaning out my fathers house, I have a cushman colonial 6 drawer dresser #2055 from my grandparents, so have no idea how old it actually is unless someone can give me a reference point from the catalogs.

Just wondering if I should store it since i can't move it across country now or place in consignment, and if so, how much would be fair to ask.

From LEIGH, 3/23/2009  9:50 AM

I have the following Cushman Colonial pieces. Does anyone have any information on these? Thank you!

Hutch: Style #5837T, Lot #A596
Hutch: Style #5835, Lot #A401
Dining Room Set Style #5821, Lot #A131 and Style #5921, Lot #A131
Night Stand #900 & #169

From Tammy, 3/21/2009  11:54 AM

I have inherited my parents hutch, 2 pieces top piece has two glass doors, the bottom i drawer and two solid doors. The drawer has a brass plate, but does not have a number stamped in to it. the piece is to lage for me to move by myself. but i believe that it has some writing on the back? It was a wedding present they were married in the 50's Also a large table with two leaves and eight chairs?

From Cathy, 3/20/2009  8:50 PM

I have a Cushman Es(deleted) Salem Junior Bookcase #6111 from my mother. It is in very good condition. Can someone give me an idea of what it is worth. I have not been able to locate that item anywhere on-line. Thanks so much. Cathy

From stephany, 3/15/2009  9:24 PM

I have a chushman chair, brass plate, #1180 PERFECT CONDITION ! I would like to know the worth.

From Pam Gallaher, 3/14/2009  2:52 PM

I also have a little foot stool made by Cushman # 9038 needs restoreing,also would like to its worth?

From Deborah Heinritz, 3/13/2009  2:39 PM

I have a Cushman platform rocker with cushions (can't make out numer) and a floor lamp #381 both in good condition. I would like to know what they are worth.


From Nikki, 3/1/2009  7:04 PM

i have a 35-40 year old nightstand it is a genuine cushman colonial and i was wondering how much it is worth.   it is in good condition it has two hearts carved out one on each side and it has three legs. (made like that not missing one.)

From JM, 2/1/2009  4:13 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation 3 35 (On placque) that is a game table. When the top is open....it slides around to become a square game table. It has straight legs with the dark nail pegs. I just love it and was wondering when it was made and what it is worth. I will try the email address posted last year. Thanks JM

From Pam Oliver, 1/29/2009  8:06 PM

I have my Mother's dinning room set that my Father had bought her back in 1961 it is a table/1 leaf, with 5 chairs and a Hucth in great condition,thier are 5 chairs that on the bottom of the chair is the Cushman's plate and the numbers 5831 that is all the numbers that I can fine on the hole set can you tell me what the set is Valed at. Thankyou Pam Oliver

From jb, 1/25/2009  6:24 PM

I have the same table set as a previous writer. It seats six people and has drop down ends to extend the table length. It has wood covering all portions of the chairs and table making it appear as though there are not screws. It has been passed down to me from a grandparent. The tag says...Cushman Colonial Creation 6021A I believe. The fourth number is difficult to read. It is in good condition.

From Olga, 1/20/2009  10:16 AM

I have a dining room table measuring 5' x 3'2", at each end an extension pulls out making the table 7'6" x 3'2". I don't know much about the table, it does have the seal on the bottom. I have pictures and would like to know the value. The table top is in need of repair it has two splits down the middle. El Paso, TX.

From Sherry, 1/10/2009  1:49 PM

I am looking for any chairs from the Cushman Colonial 7031A series. SOME PLEASE HELP!

From Richard Bond, 1/7/2009  1:11 PM

I just purchased some cushman chairs at a used furniture store. The # are 7031a and 7031. I am interested in purchasing one of each of them. My e mail is whrjb@hotmail.com and we live New England.

From Charles Lee, 12/18/2008  1:06 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation floor lamp. The brass plate on ebottom has hnumber 3-187. Can anyone tell me anything about it and if it is worth anything and if so approximate amount.

Charles Lee

From Elizabeth Legg, 12/17/2008  11:22 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation footstool. I has a brass plate on the underneath side with a number on it. It is hard to read but I think it is 9058. I would like to know its worth.

From barbara sizemore, 11/30/2008  7:58 PM

i haave a cushmon smoker table for sale mint condition brass lined no leafs about 3' high really nice   best offerS

From Mrs. Ferreira, 11/26/2008  10:51 PM

I have 6 chairs, sadly someone ealse bought the table.
no. 4-24

From Victoria Smith, 11/23/2008  11:00 AM

I have a Cushman twin bed and tall dresser and would like to purchase another twin bed for my son's room...I can provide more information about and pictures of the bed I currently own if anyone has one or knows where I might find one to purchase. Thanks! Tori

From Lula Stokes, 11/18/2008  4:21 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial Creation post full size high
post bed #8160. I would love to know the value range.

From Jeff, 11/16/2008  8:54 AM

I have aold dropleaf serving table with big butterfly hinges. The table is put together with dowels .The witing under the drawis 2476 an next number is 7320 .Could you help me

From Sara, 11/13/2008  6:56 PM

I have a desk with a tag ( A Genuine CUSHMAN Colonial
Creation NO. 2051) could you tell me how old it is. It
was my Mothers or Grandmothers.

From tonda, 11/12/2008  11:56 AM

I too forgot to include my email address   tonda1010@yahoo.com  &nbs p;  Thanks!

From Tonda, 11/12/2008  11:54 AM

I have CUSHMAN CREATION no number but the letter "F". It really is lovely. I rescued it from the trash. Can anyone please give me a price. I will include a photo if you request it.    Thansk!

From susan, 11/10/2008  9:29 PM

I forgot to put in my email address susanackerman23@verizon.net

From Susan, 11/10/2008  9:25 PM

I just saw this listed I am very much interested Reply from debe

9/21/2008 6:05:53 PM
my father is moving to assisted living in oct 08, and he has a beautiful cushman maple dining room suit ,table, hutch, and 6-8 chairs. this suit was bought in 1969-70 in new kensington pa. it is still in bautiful shape , its just soooooooo big.if anyone is interested please email . all the brass emblems are on all the chairs and the table has 2 leaves

From tom myers, 11/6/2008  5:45 PM

On my previous message i stated the model number on the dresser was 2055,it is actually 2053,regarding the cushman colonial dresser and mirror,thanks again.

From TOM MYERS, 11/6/2008  5:28 PM

I currently own a cushman colonail dresser and mirror,model number for dresser is 2055 and mirror is 2057,just curious as to what the value may be,its been in my posession for about 35 years,it was left in a home my mother and father moved into in 1968,any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks.TOM MYERS.

From Beverly Stevens, 10/29/2008  9:47 PM

I forgot to give my e-mail address if anyone can give me a value on my Cushman table #7030, and chairs #5831. Contact me at bevgonedogs@hotmail.com

From Bob Kramer, 10/29/2008  12:24 PM

Reply for Darlene James re: Side chairs 7031 - I have four and two matching arm chairs. If you are interested please contact me at bkramer326@bellsouth.net

Thanks Bob Kramer

From Beverly Stevens, 10/29/2008  12:29 AM

I haven't received a answer to my question above, so here are more details. I have a large Cushman table with 2 pull out leafs on the ends, the number on the table is #7030. The Cushmans chairs are #5831. Can anyone tell me the value of these or tell me where I can find out?. I can send pictures. They are from my mother's estate and my husband keeps telling me that they are JUST old furniture and not worth anything. I need to know something about them so I can convince my husband that they are valuable and I need to keep them. Thanks, e-mail me.

From D'Anne Blume, 10/25/2008  7:39 PM

TO Sandra "cushman smoker # 502 for $8 "   

Sandra I just bought a Cushman Smoker for $189 at a Tennessee antique store. It has two free-standing ashtrays with wooden stands that attach to each side. If you have an email address, I can send a picture.

Mine has a number but it would take some special device to read the ink.


From Linda McDonald, 10/22/2008  8:55 PM

I too just bought a table with 2, 1/2 moon leaves that fit in pullout drawers on the side, 4 captain chairs and 2 straightback. I'd like to know the age and worth like everyone else. I'm reading all kinds of questions, but no answers!

From Beverly Stevens, 10/20/2008  10:02 PM

I tried to e-mail John Gertz at jmgertz@comcast.net and my letter came back. Can someone give me the correct adress or another one where I can find the value on a Cushman table and chairs. Thanks

From Diana B, 10/10/2008  2:56 PM

I also have a Cushman Cricket stool, # 9058, says it is a salesman sample, on the bottom there is a brass cushman emblem and a card telling the history of the cushman Co., that my husband bought me at a local auction. I love this stool would like to know what year it was possibly made and more history about them, can anyone help me ?

From Mike, 10/4/2008  4:06 PM

I left out the address, cudamike@hotmail.com

From Mike, 10/4/2008  4:03 PM

I have two Cushman morris chairs, two lamp tables and a cobblers bench, any help with valuing these would be great. With the exception of the original lampshade material, I believe all is original and in good/very good condition. Andra,I am interested in selling this feel free to E-mail me, Thank you.

From Bob Thamm, 9/29/2008  3:37 PM

I have a twenty-inch Lazy Susan in good to new condition having the Cushman brass label and the a design number of 5945 upon it. Were all Cushman furnishings of maple? I wish to sell this item but have no idea of its value. Any appraisals? Offers?

From Jackie, 9/28/2008  9:33 PM

My husband and I just purchased a Cushman Colonial dual drop leaf table with 4 chairs. The brass plate indicates the chairs are 7031 and 7031A. Interested in purchasing additional chairs, especially the 7031A. Thanks!

From John, 9/28/2008  9:53 AM

I recently purchased a Cushman #9023 "Hutch". I would love to know approx. when it was crafted and in what type or wood. Feedback would be much appreciated.Thank you!

From sandra, 9/25/2008  4:14 PM

my daughter recently purchased a cushman smoker # 502 for $8 at a thrift store. Can you tell me how old this item is and it's approximate value. thanks.

From debe, 9/21/2008  6:05 PM

my father is moving to assisted living in oct 08, and he has a beautiful cushman maple dining room suit ,table, hutch, and 6-8 chairs. this suit was bought in 1969-70 in new kensington pa. it is still in bautiful shape , its just soooooooo big.if anyone is interested please email . all the brass emblems are on all the chairs and the table has 2 leaves.

From Darlene James, 9/20/2008  12:51 PM

I noticed up above a message from Dale Harvey about Colonial Cushman table/chairs and the chairs were model 7031. I just received my parents old dining room set (puchased early 50's) The number on the bottom of the chairs is 7031 and it is a dual pull out leaf table with foot pedals and originally had 4 side chairs and 2 captains chairs. I am looking for additional side chairs and any direction toward finding Cushman furniture would be greatly appreciated.
Darlene James

From Debbie, 9/17/2008  3:56 PM

I recently purchased a Cushman Colonial China Cabinet. It is in wonderful condition. It is maple. Top has two shelves, bottom one having a door on both sides and a spindle rail in the middle. The top shelf is open with two spindles on the sides. Under the top piece it has 5 narrow drawers. The bottom has a long drawer in the middles and 3 drawers on the left side, then there are 3 doors with space behind them. I would just like to know the value of this piece. It is beautiful. Thank you. Debbie

From alan venus, 9/17/2008  8:19 AM


I have a dining room set trestle style table 60" long with 2 15" extensions and appeaars to be a cherry finish with 6 side chairs matching. They appear to be a set stamped (5-70). In addition there is a matching side table with doors and a pivot top card table all the same finish and all stamped with 5-70. They all have the oval plate mounting and there is an original card from Cushman explaining the "pivot top card table" concept. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a value range. Thank you!

From joe chirdon, 5/22/2008  11:12 AM

i have a cushman end table that i'm trying to gain more information about. on the underside of the table i've found an oval brass plate indicating CUSHMAN COLONIAL CREATIONS made in bennington vermont. in addition, it's stamped CUSHMAN and the number 5208.

From Kathryn, 5/19/2008  8:02 PM

I am interested in purchasing a Cushman poster bed but havent been able to locate one as yet. I am trying to complete a bedrrom set left to me by my grandmother. A nightstand or small table would also be appreciated.
thanks, K

From Evelyn, 5/18/2008  5:04 PM

I have a cushman dresser and mirror #1157. It was on the street 25 years ago for the garbage man. Is it valuable?

From karen, 5/9/2008  7:10 PM

I purchased acushman colonial round end table with abrass plate on the bottom stamped with cushman colonial original S105. Would anyone know what it is worth.

From cathie gutierrz, 3/31/2008  4:27 PM

I have a Cushman Colonial hutch #5952. I good condions what is the value?

From greg, 3/31/2008  3:48 PM

I have a cushman bed from 1940's (Peter Schuyler?) How would I get a reliable valuation?

From Sarah, 3/18/2008  9:50 PM

I have a Cushman Smoker no. 528, what do you think it is worth?

From dale harvey, 2/23/2008  3:08 PM

I have a cushman colonial table #7030, hutch #7033, chairs #7031A , and chairs 7031 all piece are in good shape could you give me a value and if ther would be anybody interested in buying them.
Thank you.

From Irene Smith, 2/18/2008  8:54 PM

Ref Cushman # 9023 Brandywine Manor dresser with hutch. I presently own one of the above, location in Naples Florida. Are there still people interested of buying or taking them? If needed photos available.
The peice of firniture is still in good condition, brass plate from manufacturer is still inside a draw.
A reply greatly appreciated. Thank you, Irene Smith in Canada

From Stephen Shoemaker, 1/31/2008  10:03 PM

My wife and I just bought a Cushman Colonial Creation end table.The number on the brass plaque is 7106.It is a drop-leaf trestle style table.We paid $50 for it.It is in great shape with a bit of ring wear from glasses or other beverage containers.Could you tell me if we got a good deal or not. Also,should my wife strip and refinish it.Thank you

From John Gertz, 12/18/2007  9:25 AM

Want to know more about your Cushman Colonial Creations furniture pieces? We can help. We have a large collection (135 pieces) and have helped people all over the U.S. identify and value there pieces.
Just drop us a line (jmgertz@comcast.net) giving us the Cushman #’s stamped into the wood or on the br-ss plate. If you can’t find them drop us some pictures (pictures are actually better as we can evaluate the condition as well) to our email address and we will provide you with the following information on each piece:
Cushman #
Cushman Style Name-
Years Produced-
Book Value Range (depending on condition)-
*Estimated Current Market Value (depending on condition)-

•     We have 135 pieces of Cushman Colonial Creations in our collection currently. We have followed the auction values of Cushman Colonial Creations for some years now. Based on these we find that sometimes due to rarity and the cost of shipping various pieces may tend to sell for more or less that Book Value Range. We have included those variances, if any, for your consideration. The Book Value Ranges were determined using “The Complete Reference Guide to Cushman Colonial Creations” by Bradley J. Williams. The book is now out of print but can be ordered from the Bennington Museum at benningtonmuseum.org the ultimate value of any antique or collectable is determined by the market at the time and place of sale.

If you need to use U.S. mail for the pictures drop us an email and we will provide our mailing address. We are not dealers just collectors.

John Gertz

From kellyh, 12/14/2007  11:25 PM

i have inhereted several pieces of genuine cushman colonial i would like to know how old the furniture is and the worth.where would i find a year? is it on the furniture?they all have the br-ss plate on the pieces. 2 tv chairs. a rocking chair, twin beds and night stands,tall dresssers,a china cabinet and coffee table, 4 kitchen chairs.

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 7/9/2004  9:29 AM

I've gotten three inquiries about Cushman in the past week or two but haven't posted them. I posted your inquiry. Perhaps someone will be able to tell us more about this company. Russell


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