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Posted By Anne Cr0nin & Friend, 8/10/1998

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I have been researching the Jamestown Lounge Company and have uncovered a lot of interesting information. In their day, they were "the Cadillac" of the industry, but gradually faded out. They were known for a line of British Oak and later Feudal Oak.

Mr. Arthur H.. Greenlund, one of the founders of the company was active in the Jamestown Furniture Market Association, and I am sure was one of forces that brought the market to Jamestown, NY. Mr. Greenlund was also well known in Grand Rapids. I have been researching this company and have uncovered a lot of interesting information. In their day, they were "the Cadillac" of the industry, but gradually faded out. This company that once employed 400 people and shipped furniture around the world has really become an enigma.

In 1912 there was a household show in Chicago that got a very bad review because the circus had been in there the week before. According to The Grand Rapids Furniture Record June 1912 p. 179 "You can't rush out a lot of elephants one week and rush in a household show the next week." According to a 1928-29 Furniture Reference book,

The Jamestown Furniture Market Association was organized in 1914 and the Exposition building opened in 1929. Jamestown pioneered the early market dates, May and November.

I have done some research the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware and well as the Winterthur Museum library. I will go to the Library when I visit my daughter in North Carolina.

In one of your letters you offered to put someone in touch with some of the more senior members of the Greater NY home furnishings association. I would like to contact them to get more information about the Jamestown Lounge Company.

Anne Cronin from Bremerton, WA and I have been collaborating on researching our JL furniture. Anne has set up a Web page and I have become the historian of our venture.

Thank you for your help. Click on the above to see our page. I have a lot of other information that I would be happy to share.


From Barbs58, 10/29/2015  11:05 PM

I inherited my moms Jamestown lounge Americana casual designed by Jack Van Dee molten mid century modern Americana. There is a dresser with matching mirror, a chest of drawers, a nightstand and the headboard and baseboard, it is blonde oak. I am actually from Jamestown, New York and am trying to find out what it is worth. I would love it if someone had some information 

From mlc62472, 12/15/2013  8:56 PM

I would be interested in finding out more about the Americana Casual line. I have 4 accent/coffee tables that I'd like to find out more about.

From forbecks, 10/17/2013  11:50 AM

I have a bedroom set by JL in the Colonnade Collection.  It was originally purchased from a designer in Sacramento, California and shipped from the JL factory.  It is a simple design of solid oak. It was purchased in the early 70's.  We have a 9 drawer dresser, king size head board, side mirror, and slide top desk.  

I have moved a few times with corporate transfers and the furniture has been all over the country. Currently it is in NC.  We would like to know if this small collection has any value.  I am retiring soon and plan on down sizing so I want to sell what I have. 

From galleryg, 10/14/2013  7:14 PM

I'm new and pardon my ignorance but I know nothing of furniture. I ran across this site while researching the JL Line. For those of you interested I have a piece of JL (I believe it is a Regency style Chair) that has been identified as a piece of the collection from the Iolani Royal Palace in Hawaii. Provenance indicates it was purchased at auction in 1902 in Hawaii and was brought back to a Womens High Fashion store in Aberdeen WA (Last own by my parents). It is a beautiful and very stout yet tastefully ornate chair that I believed was to be manufactured in the 1890's. It has an elegant oval bronze manufacturing tag that is still in tact. Story is that a Visiting U.S. Dignitary gifted this item to the Royal Family. I am trying to find out more information as to who that might have been and more specifically what the date and purpose of the visit was.

Unfortunately, not knowing what it was originally I did not make any photos of it before it was recovered.
In it's original condition it was very elaborately upholstered. The fabric was lush red velvet backed with some sort of heavy broadcloth. The Piping for the cushions was gold silk with REAL spun gold thread. It was attached to the frame with hammered bronze tacks and at its point of attachment it had a silk gold brocade border trim to which long looping gold silk tassels with interwoven spun gold thread dangled. The cushions themselves were filled with straw which was wrapped and layered with horse hair.

I am only certain that the Chair was purchased at an auction of furnishings from the Iolani Royal Palace in 1902 and that it has been in the possession of the owners of Brower's Clothing store since that point, and that it has the original manufacturing tag. If anyone here has any other information as to who might have originally purchased the chair or has information as to what kind of chair it is, I would be eternally grateful. I have images of it but I do not know how or where to post in relation to this message, so guidance would be appreciated. I had the chair recovered in 1991 but did so in Royal Blue velvet sans tassels and piping. All else is original and untouched. At that time the person doing the work offered me $12,000 for the piece before it was even touched. 

I am trying to get as much info as possible about this as it has come time that I must let go of the item due to medical bill related to recent diagnosis of Leukemia. I am hoping to either have a benefactor from the friends of the Iolani Palace or one of the Major Auction houses (Sotheby's/Christie's) purchase it. 

Once again Thanks in advance to any of you that might offer your insight. Also hopefully I can post pictures so that collectors out there may use this as a reference example of the exquisite early work of this company.

From Rickl, 9/21/2013  1:40 PM

I would also be interested in a catalog covering Jamestown Lounge American Casual line-I have a few pictures, but does anyone have access to more?

From Rickl, 9/21/2013  1:38 PM

I would also be interested in a catalog covering Jamestown Lounge American Casual line-I have a few pictures, but does anyone have access to more?

From Rickl, 9/16/2013  9:27 PM

I would love to see a British Oak catalog if anyone has one they would share. My email is Rlundqui@yahoo.com.
I live in Jamestown, NY and have many pieces from all 4 of their lines, and am still collecting!

From bnewmark, 9/28/2012  8:32 PM

My mother has a beautiful Solid Dark Oak Dining Room Set
By Jamestown Lounge from their Colonnade Collection.  It was manufactured 11/2/1971.  

The table is 90" closed and opens to 126".  It is truly magnificent.  There 6 chairs, as well as the coordinating buffet and server.  

The whole set is in very good condition.  We are near Philadelphia. Please let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing the set.  We would love to see it go to someone who will love it for another 40 years. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please email jarednewmark [at] gmail.com  Pictures available to those who are interested.

From Annette VandenHeuvel , 9/16/2012  1:07 PM

Sarah - I would be interested in a catalogue that shows the British Oak line.  My email is annettevandenh@gmail.com.   Thank you!

From Annette VandenHeuvel , 9/16/2012  1:03 PM

My husband and I are the grateful recipients of his grandparent's British Lounge living room set (couch, 2 chairs, coffee table, and 2 end tables) that they used at their Lake Michigan cottage.  Family lore has it that the set was purchased at Grand Rapids' Klingman's Furniture store in 1946. I would be interested in purchasing any accompanying pieces...living room or dining. Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge of the funiture's history...much appreciated!

From Annette VandenHeuvel , 9/16/2012  1:02 PM

My husband and I are the grateful recipients of his grandparent's British Lounge living room set (couch, 2 chairs, coffee table, and 2 end tables) that they used at their Lake Michigan cottage.  Family lore has it that the set was purchased at Grand Rapids' Klingman's Furniture store in 1946. I would be interested in purchasing any accompanying pieces...living room or dining. Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge of the funiture's history...much appreciated!

From Sarah Whitney, 7/17/2012  3:32 PM

This is in reply to a message about a Jamestown Lounge plant in Arizona.  Margaret Carey (my sister) was absolutely correct when she said that Jamestown Lounge had a manufacturing plant in Arizona.  We are the granddaughters of one of the longest serving presidents of JL (Richard Swanson), and our uncle ran the "Jamestown West" facility.   The plant was located in Casa Grande, and the building was still there as of about 10 years ago, though no longer a JL facility. 
Also, if anyone is looking for catalogs, I can't send you an original catalog, but I can probably send a copy if you let me know exactly which furniture line and item you are looking for (there are many catalogs and not all items are in each.)

From rlmahony, 3/2/2012  2:24 PM

Avid Jamestown Lounge buyer seeks information on existence of Jamestown Hde-a-bed.  Did Jamestown Lounge produce any hide-a-bed products?  All information appreciated.  Pictures GREATLY appreciated.  Any such Jamestown product for sale?  Thanks. E-mail ing@gleim.com with information.  Mention this post.

From Anne Cr0nin & Friend, 7/13/2011  2:08 PM

I would love to speak to someone that was a wood carver for the Jamestown lounge company. I have a table that is almost 100 years old and in wonderful shape. If I could get a catalog of the feudal oak pieces that would be even better. Please help!

From Anne Cr0nin & Friend, 7/13/2011  1:53 PM

I have a feudal oak dining table that I need to have appraised. It is from the 1920,s and was purchased I think in Milwaukee by my grandfather who has passed.

It has 2 leaves that are attached underneath and pull up on both ends. It is in excellent shape and have 4 chairs and 2 captain's chairs.

From Anne Cr0nin & Friend, 7/3/2011  2:32 PM

I was a dealer in Kalamazoo Michigan and sold Jamestown Lounge as early as 1970 when they had a display showroom in the Merchandise Market Bldg. in Chicago. We personally furnished our home in 1972 with a kitchen table & charis, dinning room complete with china cabinet, tea cart, table & chairs. The living room received a sofa and love seat. Many years and houses later the furniture continues to serve our needs and looks as good as it did nearly forty years ago. It's truely timeless furniture and may just serve for generations to come.

From Dr. Gleim, 6/13/2011  10:27 AM

We have over 50 pieces of which need to be refinished. Am looking for a refinisher experienced with Jamestown Lounge to come to Gainesville, Florida to assist.

From frargibre, 6/6/2011  6:58 PM

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From Laura S., 6/6/2011  1:37 AM

Reading your posts has been absolutely fascinating. I own the Colonnade Collection dining room set: #1054 extension table, 90"x44" with 2 self-storing leaves opening to 126" revealing the fact that it was cut from a single oak trunk! Also, 2 #1054 arm chairs, 6 #1054 side chairs (leather), the #1033 Lin cabinet (Gothic linen fold panels)#with the #1433 cabinet top. It is absolutely stunning. The hand tooled leather chairs have some wear and a few minor wounds that only add to the character of the period. I'm am heartbroken to part with what has given us more joy than I can express. However, scaling down to smaller quarters necessitates our parting. Anyone interested? We live in southwest Florida. Email earlsgarden@comcast.net

From karen/eric mets, 5/9/2011  1:03 PM

Hello, We just purchased 1 Feudal Oak dining chair with armrests because we knew it was old and might have some value. If anyone could get back to us we will forward some pics !!! Thanks     eric.mets@gmail.com

From adam smith, 5/4/2011  11:53 PM

This is a reply to an earlier post where Margaret Carey said there was a manufacturing plant in Arizona. There was no plant, no oak wood available in close proximity. The only manufacturing plant was only in Jamestown New York.

From SueO, 4/16/2011  12:26 AM

I was born and raised in Jamestown NY.

From SueO, 4/16/2011  12:24 AM

I am buying my first five pieces of Feudal Oak furniture made by Jamestown Lounge Company tomorrow. The loveseat,matching chair, 2 small end tables and 1 coffee table.
It's all pictured in the catalogs. I love this stuff!

From Tommy P, 4/11/2011  4:15 PM

We just inherited a china cabinet made by Bailey Table Company and was wondering if anyone knows the history of the company and the value of the piece.It stands about 62 inches tall, 14 deep and 42 wide, has double doors with glass and glass in the side panels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email at wanton40@verizon.net

From bryan G, 3/27/2011  10:58 AM

^---email at bg7491@gmail.com

From bryan G, 3/27/2011  10:57 AM

I got this Atlas Furniture Co. vanity, most the sticker is ripped off and it says Comb. American Walnut. i was wondering if someone could provide me with more information about it or a possiable price that it could be worth?

From Jessica A, 3/21/2011  9:08 PM

Hello, I have an 1930's Feudal Oak couch and chair with coffee table. My husband's grandparents bought this set when they first got married. I'm looking for end tables. If anyone knows where to look for them, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for years.
Thanks Jessica

From adam smith, 2/18/2011  8:17 PM

This is an inquiry to an earlier posting where Margaret Carey posted and said there was an Arizona Branch and Richard was the owner of this? I am curious, were they actually manufacturing at this location. Where was the location?

From Michael Milligan, 2/17/2011  11:15 AM

I have recently purchased a Jamestown Lounge Company seven sided poker table in excellent condition. It has all seven original chairs and each seat has a removable oak chip tray with two cup holders which can also be flipped. The center play area is a durable leather and the chairs match the oak and leather the table uses. This set is absolutely beautiful and i have been searching for days now for information on this table set and have come across nothing. Anyone with info would be appreciated. I believe its circa 1920s, not sure how to read the dates on the tags. sabrefan1113@yahoo.com

From Jen, 2/10/2011  11:13 PM

Randall, I'd be interested in finding out what other pieces you have, where they are located, and your asking price for the pieces. I'd email you directly, but you didn't post your address! Please contact me at jenhill3@frontier.com. If you read further up, I've posted several times before.

From Jenn, 2/3/2011  9:05 AM

I'm actually looking for information on the antiquing process used to preserve the wood in Jamestown Lounge furniture. It's a spray-on substance that looks like a blue-grey powder when applied. Does anyone know what this is and how I can get someone to come work on my Jamestown Lounge furniture? Please email me if you can help.


From Randall Porter, 2/2/2011  6:05 PM

Like others above, we have a large collection of Jamestown Feudal Oak following the death of my parents. I have a letter from David W. Swanson who was president at the time our pieces were being acquired. Can you advise where and how to sell them or get them appraised?

Included are 1 1054 Extension Table; two 9188 Chairs; two 1310 Sofas; 1 1327 Commode; 1 1395 Bench, 2 1384 Chairs; 2 1116 Bunching Tables; 1 1124 Commode; 1 1014 Wood Tob Table, and more....

From Margaret Carey, 1/22/2011  6:23 PM

It is fun to find this site as my grandfather, Richard Swanson, owned the Jamestown Lounge Co until it closed in the 1970's. My uncle, also Richard, ran the Arizona branch of the company which only operated for a limited time.
My uncles, mom and grandparents attended furniture shows in Chicago every year. My grandparents traveled to Arizona to gather both inspiration and accessories for their showrooms and catalogs.
The master carvers were primarily of - or from - Sweden. I have an original carving given to my grandfather by one carver before he returned to Sweden, done by "Gosta."
Growing up, we visited the Lounge Co many times to see Papa in his office. His home was completed furnished in Lounge furniture and many of these pieces went to my sisters and I after his death in 1986.
While I do not know the value of any of these pieces on the current market, I do know that I treasure each of my pieces!

From Peggy Baird, 1/16/2011  9:49 PM

I am trying to get a value on an antique Feudal Oak, leather top desk, from Jamestown Lounge co. Can you help me?
Thank you
Peggy Baird

From Lynn Benson Wyville, 12/2/2010  9:37 PM

Like my cousin Jen (jenhill...in the above entries) I grew up with lots of Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak. It is amazingly built furniture but pretty heavy for today's tastes. I think it'll come back in. When my folks married in 1957 they were gifted a more midcentury modern blonde oak set. Later their tastes changed and they adopted all the feudal oak.

Kenneth Benson was my grandfather and, I think, chief of upholstery (or master craftsmen or fill in the appropriate title). He and my grandmother had a kitchen table and chairs in the sleeker more Scandinavian looking design that I have inherited through my brother's generosity. I also have a low bookshelf and desk. My brothers have a smattering too. I would love to find more of this style.

I have a low loveseat (straight out of Mad Men) with Grandpa's signature on the tag. He died suddenly when I was 3 so it's pretty special. If anybody wants to offload that style- that mid mod look- especially with a Kenneth Benson tag- email me at lynnanddarren@yahoo.com.

Thanks for caring enough about this old stuff- the life's work of many from Jamestown NY- to read this.

From Sally Saggau Reiman, 11/29/2010  2:31 PM

I am enjoying 14-16+ pieces of British Oak furniture and each piece has the crown and Jamestown Funiture Co burned onto the bottom it. The ornate carvings on the headboard, footboard and dresser are equisite. The kitchen table folds in half and the 4 chairs have a 1/2 moon back and pull up to the table with the seat corner first under the table. The furniture has been in our family for well over 50-60 years...like your other emails I want to know more history of this furniture and value is also nice to know. The entire summer home was furnished with the British Oak furniture and now I have many of the pieces. Thank you in advance for any information. sallyreiman33@gmail.com

From Keith Sineath, 11/11/2010  6:27 PM

I have a Feudal Oak desk (9559) and a ladder back chair (no number visible) which I bought at action a few years ago. I have researched the desk and found it first appeared in the 1939 version of the Jamestown Lounge catalog. So far, I have been unsuccessful in determining the value of these pieces. Can anyone help or refer me to someone who can? Thanks, Keith. ksineath@embarqmail.com

From brian kenney, 11/10/2010  1:47 PM

I recently bought a Feudal Oak coffee table (#5006) and two end tables. I'm not sure if the end tables are Feudal Oak, but they are solid oak and they do have oak leaves carved on the narrow sides and oak leaves with acorns on the long sides. there's a number stamped on the bottom (4592 5-454 B8). The legs are tapered from 2" at the top (they extend about an inch above the table top)to about 1" at the bottom and they spread out at the bottom. There's a flat top and another shelf about 3' from the bottom. I can't find pictures of them in the 1939, 1941, or 1949 catalogs. Can e-mail pictures. Any info is appreciated, thanks Brian. Bijoucreek@aol.com

From bob, 11/6/2010  11:30 AM

I have what apears to be a French Provencial set with an oval table about 40 x 44 a buffet where the top slides to make it wider and a beautiful armoir / china cabinet. It is yellowed with gren stripes and beautiful carvings. I am trying to find out if it was originally whitewash color or yellow froom the factory. my email is rea411 at gmail dot com Any help dating these pieces or other information would be greatly appreciated. I have pictures to share.

From Diana B, 10/9/2010  8:45 PM

I own four fuedal oak chairs that came from the Jamestown Lounge. I'm trying to find out what they are worth. If you have any idea please email me. Thank you

From Jen H, 10/6/2010  1:20 AM

I'd love to see photos. I posted above, about this same time last year. My mom sold some Lounge pieces at auction last year and they did not bring much. My opinion is that the pieces can bring whatever someone is willing to pay for them! Not great advice, I know. But I saw a set consisting of the larger size dining table with 2 leaves, 8 chairs, the 4 section buffet, and a lighted china cabinet with 4 section base go unsold for a total sale price of $400.
My email is jenhill3@frontier.com

From Sarah, 9/16/2010  10:33 AM


I have a Jamestown Lounge credenza/hutch that was given to my by my grandmother. Sadly it really doesn't fit in my home and I am looking to get it appraised for potential sale. Have pictures if anyone is interested. Where can I locate someone who might direct me on its value?

From Ellen, 9/11/2010  5:36 PM

I'm interested in purchasing some Feudal Oak furniture to add to the pieces I already inherited. A bedside table or two would be great if I could find them. If anyone has one or more for sale, please e-mail me. Thank you!

From Willene Pifer, 7/22/2010  6:08 PM

I have the Feudal Oak sofa, chair, coffee table, large buffet and the china cupboard purchased by my in-laws in the 1930's. Not really interested in selling them, plan to keep them in the fanmily, just curious as to their value. Know where I can find the information?

From Tammy, 7/15/2010  10:45 PM

I have a single gold puffy chair, the tag is a Master Mark piece and sign by Kenneth Benson and Richard Sevanean. I found it at a estate sale a few years back for $15 . I just thought it was neat that it was signed. Is it worth any thing?

From PatrickB, 6/27/2010  10:30 AM

We have a Collonade Collection 12 drawer dresser, king headboard, side mirror, and slide top desk. They have been in the family for almost 40 years. They are heavy oak and so well made. We are down sizing and need to part with the set. We can't find anything new that even comes close the the quality.

From Julie, 6/15/2010  2:16 PM

I have a 6 chair and table set of the Jamestown Feudal Oak collection. The chairs resemble the style of victorian smokers bow/windsor and have black leather on the seats, back and arms. It would make a great poker/game table! It is in Excellent condition! If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact me for pictures of this beautiful set at qswoman@gmail.com.

From brian, 5/1/2010  12:33 PM

I have several pieces of Feudal Oak and am looking for a hall table, corner shelf unit, and ottoman. any info will be appreciated. You can e-mail me at bijoucreek@aol.com   Thanks

From R. Evans, 4/24/2010  11:44 AM

Looking to price a Feudal Oak dinning room set made by Jamestown Lounge Co. Very old. 4 perfect chairs, table with extended leaves and buffet (hand carved trim(?) I think? mymark1@me .com

From R. Evans, 4/24/2010  11:35 AM

Looking to price a Feudal Oak dinning room set made by Jamestown Lounge Co. Very old.
4 perfect chairs, table with extended leaves and buffet ( hand carved trim(?)I think?

From Jackie, 3/28/2010  1:18 PM

I have an old vanity from Atlas Furniture Company in Jamestown, NY, No. Comb. American Walnut. It needs quite a bit of work, but was wondering if it is worth it or if I should give it up. I have a photo if anyone has info on this piece.

Thank you.

From ray, 3/23/2010  10:35 PM

If you want a reply to your questions, you have to list your e mail, otherwise you have to post again and hope someone reads it!

From Ken Holt, 3/21/2010  4:49 PM

I have a Feudal Oak drop leaf hall table. Does anyone know the value of this?

From Chris Ramey, 3/15/2010  10:40 PM

I've got a Feudal Oak Jamestown banquet dining room set that includes all six chairs and leaves. It is in excellent condition. I'll send you pictures if you are interested in purchasing it. If so, write me at cpramey@aol.com.

Thank you

From caddie dunn, 12/20/2009  2:13 PM

I have recently purchased some side chairs, and two arm chairs on the bottom it says- Jamestown Lounge co. They are latter back with embossed flowers. Do you have any information you could share with me.

From Nancy VanDerMolen, 12/1/2009  11:00 PM

The Fenton History Center in Jamestown, NY has information on past Jamestown Funiture MFGs,
contact information@fentonhistorycenter.org or call (716)664-6256, Karen Livsey librarian/archivist.

From Jon VanderMolen, 11/25/2009  11:04 AM

My father Jack VanderMolen designed the Americana Casual furniture for Jamestown Lounge in the 50's. He is now 87 and living in West Palm beach Fl. On E Bay there is a lot of his furniture for sale by the company Danish Mafia. Also if you google his name you can find a lot of his furniture for sale.

From Jen, 10/28/2009  2:20 AM

Hello again! On 10-17 I posted a message and this is just a brief update. On 10-25 my mom sent to auction the remaining pieces of her Jamestown Lounge furniture. There were 3 commode tables of which 2 matched, and a coffee table. At auction in Indiana, these pieces only brought $10 TOTAL. When that brought me to tears, my husband took pity on me! Luckily, it was a friend of his who bought it, and he allowed us to buy it back for the $10 winning bid. So, I guess there isn't much of a market for it here in Indiana! That being said, I'm still on the hunt for a buffet or china cabinet to go with the table and chairs I got from my mom. They are from the Colannade collection but I'm flexible. Please contact me at jenhill3@verizon.net if you have something to sell that you think I might be interested in.

From Debbie Smith, 10/26/2009  6:43 PM

I also have a Jamestown Feudal Oak dining room table with pull-out ends, 2 King chairs and four dining chairs. I also have the buffet. I have no idea what this is worth but would love to hear from anyone that has had an appraisal.

From Jen, 10/17/2009  11:30 PM

Hi all, very interesting reading! My parents were from Jamestown, though moved to Indiana in the 60's when they were married. MANY of the pieces in their home are Jamestown Lounge. My mom says they are feudal oak though I don't recall seeing the brass plate on any of it. She also has a catalog. Anyway, she has sold her home and we are clearing it out now. My brothers have taken the bedroom pieces that my mom didn't move. She has taken her enormous dining room table and chairs, and numerous other pieces...and I have taken a few pieces as well. That being said, there are still a few pieces remaining that are set to go to auction next week - either Oct. 25 or 26 - in Indiana. One is a large sofa which is signed by Kenneth Benson but has been re-upholstered. The tag was re-attached though. I believe there are also 2 side tables (maybe even 3?) with closed storage underneath. And there is a large coffee table too with 2 doors in the middle and open ends. I'm not sure if there is more or not. So, these pieces are for sale. But, I'm now looking for a buffet or hutch to match the table my family ate dinner at every night as well as a few barrel back chairs. Buyers or sellers? Please contact me at jenhill3@verizon.net. The closing for the house sale is on 10-27 so all must be gone by then - either picked up by you or a moving company.

From Barbara, 10/8/2009  12:55 PM

My mother has a bedroom set that she purchased when my father was active duty in WW2, and it was purchased in PA, probably Butler. She is 93 now. Just yesterday she told me that her bedroom set is 'fuedal oak" which i had never heard of before. The set consists of a dressing table with hand carved mirror, a dresser- also with mirror, and chest of drawers, headboard/footboard, and bedside table. This set is masterfully put together with pegs and so on (no nails or screws). She also said that it was a copy of a type of furniture. I have searched the net and can not find anything. Does anyone know what this set might be worth?

From Paula, 10/5/2009  7:06 PM

I have noticed many postings to sell Jamestown Lounge furniture, but no information on folks interested in purchasing. Am I missing something or are there few people interested in this fruniture? I have a complete living room set: sofa, chair, 2 end tables,one coffee table, and round pedestal table (all purchased in 1946 from the factory) and in mint condition; also have the large dining room table with 2 leaves, banquette with a china cabinet on top (purchased new in the 70's) also in perfect condition; I recently purchased a large desk in good condition. What is the current value of these pieces? Is there a market for them?

From isobellstone, 9/15/2009  7:26 PM

just wanted to say whats up to everybody in the forums.
name is bryan from LA. cant wait to meet all you interesting people.

From ray, 9/15/2009  5:58 PM


send me pics.

From Karen, 9/15/2009  5:39 PM

I have the motherload of the Feudal Oak line! I purchased a full dining room set over 20 years ago for $2200.
The table is heavy and has two leaves that slide out from each side. When both are open, it's the size of the last supper table. I also have a king's chair, two side chairs and a bench for two along with a hutch with double cabinet on top, four drawers below. It has been loved well by me but I want to sell now. I would be happy to send photos to anyone interested in seeing it. After reading through the site a bit, I noticed no one seems to know how much its worth? Anyone??
Please get in touch if you do. Much appreciated.

From Lisa, 9/12/2009  4:50 PM

I happen to have a whole living room set of Jamestown and I live in The Phoenix area. Can someone point me in the right direction in order to sell this set please. Any info is much appreciated!


From Pat Gunckel, 9/7/2009  3:56 PM

I have a Feudal Oak dining room table. It has a swivel top that opens up to a 50X50 size table. I am trying to find out the value and the year of this table. I have had it for 22 years and the lady that owned it says was in her family for many years. I am in southern California. I have never seen one like this . Any information or pictures anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. I would be willing to sell this item.

From Don Wilson, 9/2/2009  9:18 PM

Intersting reading all the above. I didn't realize what I have, which is Jamestown Lounge Royal Oak Refectory Table. It came to me in 1960 from a old couple who were planning to use it for firewood. I believe they purchased it new in the early 1930s. It also has 2 matching benches.
I would love to sell it but have no idea of the price.
I see other tables on ebay etc, but nothing like this one. I have a picture from the 1938 catalog which looks like the one I have.
If anyone can suggest a price, please let me know.


From Colleen Medeiros, 8/22/2009  4:12 PM

Just purchased a secretary desk that the owner who is in her 40's says her great-grandmother owned. It is Feudal Oak Jamestown Lounge. It does not appear in the 1930 catalog was wondering if anyone has any further information or could help in the valuation. Also purchased from the same manufacturer a small sofa table that was in the 1930 catalog. Both in excellent condition.

From steve, 8/20/2009  8:49 AM

Americana Casual: I believe I also have 2 pieces of this style, but they are not stamped as far as I can tell. A low chest of drawers and a tall gentleman's chest. Supposedly designed by Jack Van Der Molen. Anyone know more about this deigner? Also is it American or Americana. I saw it as American in an archived newspaper article. Any info is welcome.

From elizabeth Crisler, 8/2/2009  3:03 PM

Just purchased a Americana Casual Oak by Jamestown Lounge Company secretary. Looking for info.

From C. Sue Beck, 7/25/2009  5:57 PM

I have a cherry wood desk that says "Taylor Jamestown" Jamestown, NY inside the top drawer. It is a small desk with a drop front on it. I inherited it. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Age? Value?

From C. Hurst, 7/8/2009  5:11 PM

My grandfather, who died in the mid-50s, had a Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak office desk in his opthomology office in Scottsbluff, NE. It filtered through the family and has served me well for the past decade. It has five drawers, 2 pullout shelves and an H-shaped wooden floor piece that connects the front & back legs at the sides with a wide carved center piece connecting one side to the other. Thus it is very stable. I have been unable to find a photo nor an approximate current value for the desk while it has been with me. And now I find it is too large for my small abode and am considering letting it go. Please help me know more about it so that it may serve another as well as it has served me. It's in very good shape.

From Clare Frank, 6/21/2009  10:53 PM

When I was cleaning my gorgeous dining romm set tonight, I decided to look this company up. I have an octagon table, six chairs and a small abosultely goegeous hutch by this company. It is in mint condition and I wish my daughter wanted it. i know there is much re-sale value in furniture, however, this was definitely a top line. I paid $1,000.00 for the set about 15 - 20 years ago and it was used.

I wish I could at least see some pictures of their furniture.

From Ellen, 5/26/2009  7:15 PM

I am so glad I found this site!
My mom and dad bought a 'British Oak' living room set sometime in the late 40's or early 50's. I've only seen one picture of the couch in its original fabric, (a mauve on mauve? stripe). I was probably 2-4 when I pored french dressing on it, so needless to say Mom had it recovered. Anyway, Dad used the 'big' chair, and Mom had the smaller chair and couch (we kids had to sit on the floor). There is a 'coffee' table and two endtables as well. The drawers are carved, on the 'big' chair there are wide arms and carving on the upper part, on the 'small' chair there is a cane back with a small pillow that does not go as high as the back so the carving can be exposed. Mom also has a dining room set but I will have to look to see if it from the same company. Could some give me an idea of their value without the original upholstry, or at least where I could look to find out.

From Phil Mistretta, 5/3/2009  10:20 PM

Sorry folks, I just noticed my e-mail doesn't show in the posting.


From Phil Mistretta, 5/3/2009  10:14 PM

To Arlene Wieland: If you still need some information on repairing the finishes on Lounge Furniture, send me an e-mail. I believe my mother has the name of somebody who can replicate the finished and techniques used by the Lounge.


From Phil Mistretta, 5/3/2009  10:10 PM

My father, Marion "Doc" Mistretta was the last plant manager for the Jamestown Lounge Company and work there most of his life. My grandfather was a Master Carver and most of my uncles worked there at one time or another. My mother, Nancy also worked in the office in Customer Service. I remember running around the plant and watching all the framing, carving and finishing, you can't imagine the wonderful smell of freshly cut oak until you went through the plant. My father collected all of the last drawings, photos and catalogues that were left when we closed the factory. I'm not sure but my mother might still have some left, although we did have some flooding and might have lost it all. My mother still has a house full of Lounge furniture, most of it was destined for the furnace due to imperfections, but my father was able to buy it. It is good to see folks still interested in some of the best made furniture. You just can not find that kind of craftmanship today.

From Cynthia, 4/27/2009  5:29 PM

To Carla: The round game table is likely one they called a Party Table..I have one and also the four chairs..still original upholstery. It looks fabulous still.   Do you have the sofa and loveseat still? Can you send a picture?   I would be interested in those items. Sincerely, Cynthia censymphony@aol.com

From MMiller, 4/12/2009  4:06 PM

I have a dresser from the Americana Casual collection with shaped drawer fronts that double as handles. Found in NH November 2008.
Would like to discover more from this company.

From ray, 3/12/2009  11:36 PM

To Carla,

Would you forward pics on these items to valueray@cox.net.

From Carla, 3/4/2009  6:10 PM

I have a carved sofa with 3 cushions and a loveseat also a bar/server that I would like to sell and A large round game table with 4 tufted leather chairs on casters

From Martha Murphy, 2/13/2009  9:10 PM

When I saw my Jamestown Lounge British Oak sofa at Goodwill in Sutherlin, Oregon, for $19.95, I bought it on the spot and asked my niece and her husband to pick it up and bring it home for me -- 100+ miles. So it arrived on a boat trailer on Mother's Day.

What I love most are the wide oak arms and the shoulder carving of a vine. The base of the sofa (maybe it's a lounge?) has a more modern look, so at first I thought it might have been rebuilt, but now I think it is original. The sofa is currently upholstered in dark orange leather -- at least the back is leather or maybe naugahyde. The seat is in a cheaper vinyl that almost matches in color. The company name and "British Oak" are branded on the underside of the right arm with a crown logo.

I have purchased microsuede in a dark rose that goes with my rug to reupholster the sofa. I plan to add a layer of fiberfill to make it a little cushier, and some matching loose cushions filled with down pillows, so it won't seem so much like it belongs in a doctor's waiting room.

I'm happy to have this great sofa and to share the story with you.


From athena bullard, 2/9/2009  8:35 PM

my aunt gave me two end tables the only info i have is that they were made by jamestown lounge company colonnade collection they are in beautiful condition had have a drawer that is carved and the legs are carved also any info someone may have will be helpful

From mike in NY, 2/5/2009  8:55 PM

I have an armour and a dresser drawer set with matching night stands, there is also a mirror which mounts to the dresser. They are all the feudal oak series. I am interested in finding their value.
Thak you.

From Marie, 2/1/2009  11:21 AM

I have a sofa and chair and ottoman marked with the brass plaque reading Feudal Oak from Jamestown Furniture. I have searched the 1938 Feudal Oak catalog from Jamestown and what I own is pretty much identical to what is shown in the catalog. Can anyone tell me what the value is of these pieces and where I might sell them?

From J.C.Landon, 1/26/2009  10:49 PM

I would llike to know if any one knows of a website with pictures of James town fuedal oak, dining and living rooms and desks with pictures.

There was one such and I cannot find it now.

It would be nice to start one up with pictures of what people have and when they wish to sell them or buy them.

From Arlene Wieland, 1/26/2009  3:34 PM

In the early 1970s I purchased, from Sloane's Furniture Store in Jenkintown, PA, 21 pieces of JAMESTOWN LOUNGE FEUDAL OAK furniture for my living and dining rooms. I have the Item Number of each piece but have lost my booklet which included pictures. I am still using the furniture but some pieces need wood repair from moving damage. I am looking for advice because the finish is unique and modern wood finishers do not seem to be knowledgeable about it.

I will be most appreciative of your help.     

From marilyn, 1/25/2009  9:28 PM

in reply to louis moran, i too have the same china cabinet and would love to have an idea how much it is worth.

From marianne, 1/25/2009  2:31 PM

I have a cica 1930's Jamestown dining room set. am looking to sell and was wondering the price. I will send pictures if interested.

From louis w moran, 1/21/2009  8:49 PM

i had just bought a jamestown lounge co.feudal oak china cabinet,with 12 convex glass panels.the bottom has one draw,2 doors and a board that slides out near the top.please give me some info. about this piece,and what it could be worth.thanks bill

From Cynthia West, 1/8/2009  11:41 AM

I am looking for a desk chair and dresser to match the feudal oak desk we bought for our daughter.   Would anyone be able to help? cynthia_west@comcast.net

From AL HOLLOWAY, 1/5/2009  2:31 PM


From Donna, 11/29/2008  6:47 PM

I have the coffee table#5006 on page 12 of the 1942-42 catalog for Jamestown Lounge Co. My father purchased it in 1960 or 1961 from an elderly lady in Boise, Idaho who told us she had bought it at an auction of President Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park, New York. We did not write it down and neither of us can remember when she bought it. I would like to find a way to verify if it did belong to FDR and also a value. We have moved to a smaller home and I do not have room for it anymore. However, I want it to go somewhere where it will be appreciated for its historical value and its beauty.

From M.J.S., 10/21/2008  1:51 PM

Could anyone help with information on a Jamestown Lounge Company Cabinet and Lighted China Cabinet Top. We'd like to know when it was made and an approximate value. We need to sell. The tags say Feudal/Old Gold Bk. Panel. 1184-Pil Cabinet and 1185G Cabinet Top. It's a very large furniture piece - beautiful. We can't find the piece on the web. Any information would be appreciated.
email is mendajs@wildblue.net

From christy finlay, 10/18/2008  1:26 PM

Would like info on credenza I have that is a Jamestown Lounge Colonnade collection Will try to post picture soon Thanks Christy

From KP, 8/31/2008  11:20 PM

I have just aquired a dining room set from my Aunt, it was my Grandparents. It has tags on it stating it is from the Colonnade Collection by Jamestown Lounge Co. I have seen some things about the British Oak and Feudal Oak peices but have not found any information on the Colonnade collection. I only have 2 of the chairs,I am missing the front right leg of a 3rd chair. I would like to purchase some more chairs if I can find them. Any ideas on where I might find more info or peices for this collection? And how much is the furniture worth? Some of the peices have cracks on the top or side and the table has a spot that needs work. How should I care for the furniture and what can I doe for repairs?
You can e-mail me at k6j3p@aol.com.

From Betty Brown, 8/31/2008  2:58 AM

I have Feudal oak furniture comprising two chairs (upholstered), a "smoker", a bookcase, a hassock, and a little table which converts from a triangle to a round table by pulling up half leaves which are along the triangle. Movers have cracked one of the triangle ends and now I must find the price of this piece. These have been in my family for many years as they were bought together as antiques by my mother for her living room and the smoker even has the Feudal Oak stamp on the inside of the top drawer. Does anyone know approximately the value of this little triangular table to send to the moving company? 9/1/08

From gwen trory, 8/22/2008  2:14 PM

hello, I have an oval coffee table with a push through drawer carved with grapes and leafs on it....the mark underneath is Jamestown...British Oak...I have been told it is from theArts & Crafts movement....would greatly appreciate any info or value as I am wanting to sell it...can supply photo....thank you so much

From ray disabato, 6/8/2008  12:13 AM

While going to college in Tucson, Az in the 1970's I worked for a furniture company called Kuykendalls. Mr Robert Kuykendall was the principal designer for Jamestown Lounge during this period. This store had all of the pieces from this collection. The majority of it was oak and beautifully carved with some sofas and chairs. While working there we purchased many items, but sadly we have parted with most of them. I have one of the catalogs from this era. I have not seen anything recently that possesses this quality, carvings or design.

From Jim, 5/21/2008  10:07 AM

I worked for Scott-Shuptrine, a Detroit area furniture retailer, in the latest 1970's and early 1980's. We still carried Jamestown Lounge then-and I remember that they were still doing painted finishes, mostly in 1960's/early 1970's moss greens and antique golds, as well as the most popular finish, Feudal Oak.

You'll see JL furniture on EBay often. Because it's always stamped with the finish name-search under "Feudal Oak" and you'll find some.

From Anita, 5/20/2008  9:59 PM

I have a Jamestown lounge company table.It is Feudal Oak.The top is shaped like half an octagon.The front drawer pulls down.It is carved with grapes and leaves.It is in top condition.My mom told me it was my great grandmothers.I have been trying to do some research but cannot seem to find anything about it.Maybe one of you will know a bit more than I do.I was just wondering how old it actually is and maybe the value.Please let me know if you can help me figure this out.Thanks.I can take pictures if you like

From Darlene M. Roy, 4/20/2008  4:17 PM

For Sale in New Hampshire- Union National Fine Furniture-Jamestown NY labeled tiger maple hutch and china cabinet. Both pieces are in mint condition. Email at ms_darlene@yahoo.com for more info & pics. Thanks

From christi, 3/13/2008  2:03 PM

I have a late 1940's model chair. I looked on a couple sites and found a picture of a chair published in one of Jamestown Lounge Co.'s catalog printed in 1949-1950. I was wondering how I can determine the value of such a piece. I inherited it and really didnt know much about its origin until I started researching on the internet. It is very sturdy and solid. The upholstery has a plastic covering to protect the fabric, I am not sure if it is original. If anyone could lead me the right direction, that would be wonderful!!

From Eileen Gelso, 3/13/2008  1:25 PM

I have a very old feudal oak high back chair
beautifully carved how can I find out the value

From J. S. Mayer, 3/5/2008  2:09 PM

My Jamestown Lounge Co. furniture (Feudal Oak) was purchased by my parents in Cleveland, OH, when they were married in 1934. I am not certain, but I believe my brother and his wife have a living room set, again Feudal Oak, that was given to them when a neighbor of our parents died. We were just talking and speculating about the company and its products last weekend. I found this site today and will tell them about it.

I also have the dining room table with five chairs and a buffet, a drop leaf hall table and a desk with a matching chair. I love the furniture and have removed the contemporary furniture I have used for the last 20 years to begin using the Jamestown furniture again. I do need to have it reglued and new cushions made but the oak has held up beautifully!

From Suzette Ritchey, 2/23/2008  6:30 PM

I have these 2 wonderful JL chairs from my Grammy. They are anything BUT federal oak. They look very danish to me. From the 60's maybe? One is orange and one is baby puke yellow. The original tag on one says 8196 GOLD. Any idea if there is a catalog with the original picture still in existence?

From Frank W Allen, 12/30/2007  8:14 PM

I have a "British Oak" upholstered chair and a small side table that has a small carved drawer in the center. My mother bought the set used when she moved into an apt in Buffalo NY about 1940, possible a year or two later. I would love to know the history of these pieces and any idea of values

From Roberta B., 12/26/2007  11:23 PM

I have a dining room furniture from Jamestown Lounge purchased on Park Avenue in NYC around 1972. It is as beautiful as the day it was delivered. It is British Oak and consists of a long trestle table with pull out leaves, four side chairs and two arm chairs (highbacks) with an open design on the backs of a heart shaped scroll and tulip design. The lighted china cabinet is large (double sized with double doors and triple glass shelves on either side). The base of the cabinet has double doors on the left side and two drawers and base shelf on the right side behind double doors. The top drawer is lined in felt with flannel cover which goes over forms to accomodate silver flatware. (Gorgeous and elegant!) The Second drawer is also lined and can accomodate linens or other serving pieces. I also have a buffet with drop leaves which opens to a nice size. It has double doors with two fabric lined drawers inside and double shelf for storage. It has recessed casters and can be moved easily. All identification marks are on the underside of all the chairs and table. The set is really beautiful and I was just wondering what it might be worth today. It is really special furniture.

From JEFF COHLMIA, 11/27/2007  9:17 AM

I have seen this furniture for a long time, and a big admirer of J/L.   I was just starting in this business when they J/L were probably going out of bus.   I have aquired old catalogs and have some of the furniture reproduced for jobs or other uses.   At one time i had been told of the past owners not at all sure (grandson, nephew or other relative) by another current New York furniture factory owner. I think tat there is still a market for the furniture still today!

From EK, 11/6/2007  1:29 PM

For information on items for sale, email me at:


Thank you.

From EK, 11/6/2007  1:26 PM

I have a sofa and matching chair and a third complimentary chair Made by JamesTown Lounge in the British Oak. The complimentary chair could be the "wraparound" of which you speak. I am interested in selling this set. It does need upholstery, though the "wraparond" or tub looking chair is in the best condition.

Location: Washington D. C.

From al holloway, 10/21/2007  11:44 PM

I have a handcarved desk and chair in british oak made by jamestown lounge. I would like to know more about the manufacturer. al holloway/ Fox island, Wa.

From Corbin Wyant, 10/15/2007  10:39 PM

I have a living room set of Feudal Oak purchased by my parents in 1938 from the Jamestown Lounge Co. I'd be interesting in buying a high-backed upholstered chair that wrapped around. I had one that was lost by an upholsterer.

From K, 10/8/2007  6:11 PM

Two matching Jamestown upholstered arm chairs (The tags say they're Master Mark pieces, #412 done by Kenneth Benson, with Richard L Swanson's signature.) were left at our house when we purchased it. Five years ago I was researching them and Carol Digel replied. She requested a photo for her files & I'm just now ready to send some; however her e-mail address (LoracLegid@aol.com) is no longer active. Are any of you familiar with her and her collection of information? If someone is compiling info on the business, I'd be happy to forward you the photos. If anyone has a catalog with my chairs in it I'd love to know when they were made,their original cost, what the line was called, etc. Thanks, I've really enjoyed reading your messages!

From Steve Norris, 9/2/2007  8:12 AM

My Father Norman Norris was the last general manager of Jamestown West. The upholstered line made by Jamestown Lounge in Casa Grande, Arizona. My Mother was the office manager. "Pappa Dick" Swanson, Sr., and his sons Dick and Dave all died within a year of each other in the 80s. The surviving daughter sold the company to a man from California who ran the company into the ground in just a couple of years.

I personally have many "Feudal Oak" Jamestown pieces. Their carvers back then were marvelous. I still have one of the last Jamestown catalogs and price lists.

Jamestown is wonderful furniture and it's beauty and craftsmanship is timeless.

Steve Norris

From James G, 8/31/2007  2:58 PM

    I have 3 pieces of Jamestown Feudal Oak, a matched set of 2 arm chairs and couch. The arm chairs are currently listed for auction on eBay under graham307. The couch, which has a much older re-upholstering, we plan to list later. They are marked with the Feudal Oak brand on the underside of the arms. As the photos show, the chairs are in great shape. The couch needs new upholstery. It is presently covered in green vinyl and stuffed with horse hair.

From Heidi R, 8/29/2007  11:37 PM

Last weekend my husband and I acquired a roomful of Feudal Oak from the Jamestown Lounge Co. It was purchased for use in his family's funeral home probably in the 20's or 30's. When the family moved the business to a new building in 1968 the furnishings were distributed among the family members. This roomful, a sofa, matching chair, two endtables, two side chairs, a desk chair and a desk were housed together and used for many years and have now come to us as my husband is the last of the family in the business. We would like to find more information. Some of the pieces are marked with brass tags or burn marks, however the desk has no markings on it. I have seen the Feudal Oak catalogs mentioned in another post and have identified item numbers for some of the items. We are curious of the value though not sure if we want to sell at this time. However, we cannot use all of this furniture and have some in storage. Is there any way to tell if the desk is JL? I know the desk chair is as it's one of the pieces we have a model number for. I should mention that the condition of it all is spectacular. One end table is a tad wobbly, other than that it's amazing! Even the desk top has no scratches or dents though I think the hardware may have been replaced.

From William C., 8/22/2007  4:19 AM

My dad worked at the lounge company for years. He was the mold sander. He had to cut out blocks of wood, perfectly matching the moldings they used on their furniture. the sanding belts also had to be creased and shaped to fit the molding too. he made his own tools to do that process. It was fun when he worked saturdays and they let me stay with him there until he got out at noon. i remember that most of the wood was oak and some maple and cherry. He told me their furniture was the best made in Jamestown,wich was quite a claim since Jamestown was once called the furniture capital of the world.I remember taylor-jamestown,mddox table,van stee,union - national, crawfords (still in buisness) and many others.i still live here.

From barbara, 8/12/2007  8:07 PM

I have a Feudal Oak dining room set, large table with pull out leaves, 6 foot buffet, small china cabinet , 8 chairs. I bought it in about 1970 from my mom's employer, a doctor, for $300. It is gorgeous! I wish I knew the year it was manufactured. The top drawers of the buffet and china cabinet as well as the chair backs are carved with a leaf pattern. There are carved nuts with their caps also on the china cabinet.

From PENNY, 8/3/2007  11:07 PM

My father worked as a senior Lathe/wood carver from 1955 to 1979. I remember visiting dad on paydays!!! He had his own section of the factory so he could work in peace! My family is still lives in the area. I was told that one of the presidents used the Lounge to make a desk. I am hoping to get info. Also, if I can help with info, I would be happy to help.

From G.E. Chase, 6/29/2007  11:45 PM

I have a old Atlas Furniture Dresser made in Jamestown NY in the 20's. Birds eye Maple, great condition with mirror attached.
Anyone know what it is worth?



From Kim Giovanni, 6/17/2007  12:35 PM

I have a dining room set made by the Jamestown Lounge Company and am trying to sell. Just trying to figure out the value.
It is marked "American Casual, Jamestown Lounge Co."
I can send pictures if anyone can help me out.

From Holly Mayo, 11/10/2006  5:21 PM

Anne Cronin (from Bremerton, Washington) and friend: I would be very interested in knowing what you discovered about the furniture from the Jamestown Lounge Co. I am a northern neighbour ... BC, Canada ... and have a living room full of the Jamestown Lounge Co. British Oak furniture. I'm downsizing and am considering selling the lot, but have not been able to find any info to determine the value of the furniture. Any help would be appreciated :-) Thanks!

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 7/8/2004  11:17 AM

You can call the GNYHFA (Barbara) directly at 212-725-0091. Many of the folks who remember this time period and are lucid, moved away or have already passed away.
You should also contact American Furniture Hall of Fame. They conduct oral interviews with senior furniture executives which are archived in High Point, NC. You could contact them at 336-882-5900 (Joanna Maitland). Say hello to Carl at the Library when you see him.If you want to discuss this further, you can call me at 914-235-3095. -Russell   

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