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Posted By Barbara Sacco, 1/14/2004

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Hi, I have just been given a bedroom set, believed to have been made in the 1940's, marked "Morris Furniture Manufacturing Company of Los Angeles." I am trying to find some information of the set, and wondered if you could be of any help. The only thing I come up with in a web search is a short article on Barney R Morris, which took me nowhere. I would appreciate any info you could give me. Thanks!


From Lisa T, 12/26/2016  12:28 PM

I have a Morris dining room seat.  It's been in the family since the 60s at least.  The table is stamped "Serial number 1834".  The table is, what I consider unique is, it folds from the center out inside out.  It also has has two extension pieces which makes the table to 10 feet.  The able mission are 38"W x 52"L x 1"H yet the one inch height deminsion changes to half inch.  It's a medium walnut.  The side chairs are stamped 620-46- WAL and head chair are stamped 620-48-WAL.  It appears they stained the wood first, then applied another layers of what appears to make the grain of the wood more intense character, yet they are fine short lines, to appear a grains of the wood.   

What can anybody tell me?  Curious us to know, was Alameda Street a corridor for furniture to be shipped by rail?    Major railway connection to Long Beach Port.  Alameda Rail corridor is now underground.   

From Diane M., 9/11/2013  2:05 AM

My husbands family has a blonde dining room set with 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs as well as side unit with sliding glass for displays and 3 drawers as well as a hutch with sliding glass doors for displays and 3 drawers below. I'm wondering if Kate on 5/21/2010 has a photo of hers and I'm curious what she paid for it. My mother -in-law of 100 yrs recently died and this is in immaculate shape. Would love feedback! Thanks DianeM.

From Diane M., 9/11/2013  2:02 AM

From Barbara Sacco, 6/23/2011  12:19 PM

Hello Steve, I am looking at purchasing a very nice bedroom set that is Morris. It is stamped Vega and is quite danish modern in style ... can you tell me anything about the pieces? It includes a long dresser, a high dresser, a mirror, bedside tables and a headboard. I really like the design and they look to be solid walnut. I do not have your email so I am posting here. Thank.

From steve aberle, 6/17/2011  7:42 PM


I am part of the family that was Morris Furniture. My grandmother's brothers started the company in London more or less before WWI. Soon they emigrated to Los Angeles and re-established themselves as Morris Furniture Mfg. My grandmother's husbund joined the firm in the 1940s as did my dad in 1952. I worked there as a child and became a sales rep in 1980 until 1987. The company was liquidated in 1989.

Please e-mail me if I can be of further service.

From Vicky, 6/5/2011  11:34 AM

Yesterday, 5/04/2011, my husband bought me my long awaited hope chest. Of course, it didn't matter what kind of chest. At a yard sale, he found a "Made o' Cedar" hope chest by Morris Furniture Manufacturing Co, Los Angeles. The insignia is burned into the wood, like with a branding iron. The owner's mother-in-law owned it, so it seems we could be the 3rd owner.

You're gonna love this! Inside top cover of chest there is a mail-in insurance certificate with the style number, 575, and serial number, 489, of the chest, along with date to be insured by, 3/1/36. My chest has a top sectioned compartment for smaller items. It can be removed and underneath is the large compartment for storage.

So far this is the only info we have. My husband was very diligent, just like all of you, to find out about the company.

I can send pics if you email me. We can brainstorm.

From yvonne, 4/3/2011  11:23 PM

I, too, bought a cool looking table, 2 expandable pcs, and 4 chairs that have yellow inserts at a yard sale with the stamp "Morris Furniture Manufacturing Co in Los Angeles". I would also like to get as much information on the company but by the looks of the pieces - 40"s is my guess. Any interest???

From sidney edwardGenuines, 1/17/2011  3:02 PM

I also have a cedar hope chest. This chest is beautiful, it actually has the the papers telling about the piece calling it The Treasure Genuine Aromatic Chest. The only thing it is lacking is the dates in which it was made.

From Janie, 8/2/2010  10:20 AM

I have my Grand Mothers cedar chest marked Morris Furniture Company Los Angeles, Maid-O-Cedar. Also looking for information about the company.

From Omar, 8/1/2010  1:32 PM

I also have a danish modern dining set marked with Morris Furn Co Los Angeles.. pretty darn cool.

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