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Posted By Guest, 1/26/2004

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I have a desk that has a burned "Bennington Pine" logo in one of the drawers. It has a flag with 76 on it. Was that the year it was made? Where did it originate?


From Donna52, 5/11/2016  1:11 PM

Did u find out if that meant it was made in 1976 I got a end table with same marking it also got a pineapple marking inside the top drawer I'm trying to find out information about Bennington pine n was wondering if u had any luck getting any information 

From Guest, 8/11/2011  10:16 PM

I have Bennington pine tressle dining room table with 6ladder back chairs and two leaves. Does anyone know what this is worth? It is about 40 years old

From Guest, 7/5/2011  9:52 PM

I am looking for a Bennington Pine king size footboard, some dining room pieces such as a credenza and possibly a desk and chair.
I am in New Jersey but would be willing to drive within a day to pick up      
the right pieces.
Please e-mail : mikecostello22@hotmail.com

From Guest, 6/22/2011  8:59 PM

Selling a Bennington Pine (Freedom Period) oval table w/2 leaves and 4 chairs (1 captain's chair and 3 mates' chairs and includes quality custom table pads.
Sofa (83" X 37" X 37 1/2" H), lounge chair with ottoman, and chest (40" X20" X50" H with 3 individual drawers on top and 5 drawers below (the lowest drawer being the largest drawer).

From Gabriele, 6/6/2011  12:48 PM

I have a bennington pine dining room table, chairs and bench brought in 1984. I am looking for a hutch to match. If anyone has one please email me a picture at gbrekne@optonline.net

From howard edwards, 5/18/2011  8:19 AM

i'am looking for ap.cooper@concast.net i saw your request for a captain chair i have 4 of them i e-mailed you but it said could not find your e-mail as posted if you are still looking e-mail me.......

From Holly, 5/13/2011  1:51 PM

Hi everyone,

I have 1976 Bennington dinner table and 6 chairs. I'am moving out the country and I would like to sell them but I wonder how much they worth.Can anyone give me an idea?

From Steve, 4/28/2011  1:04 AM

I have a Benning Pine 76 Bar, comes with the two bar stools and behind bar stool. Its in excellent condition. The person that had it passed away, is it worth anything?


From Melissa McAleer, 3/24/2011  10:40 AM

Hi There. Does anyone know if the Bennington Pine company was in any way affiliated with the S.Bent & Bros in Gardner, Mass? I recently acquired a dining room set - Bennington Pine oval trestle dining room table with two leaves together with 8 chairs (2 of them the captain chairs) that seem to be the same chairs many other posts here describe but the emblem on the underside of the chairs says "S.Bent & Bros" so I am not sure if it's truly a set. Also, does anyone else' hutch have the 4 red/yellow stained glass doors on top? I wonder if this was customized. Thanks very much.

From Leah Shindelman, 3/22/2011  11:07 AM

Here is my email shindelman10@att.net. I thought it was in the post.

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