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Posted By Laura, 1/26/2004

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Hi Russ, I'm new to your site but really welcome your help to solve our mystery. I have an oak chair, perhaps 1930's? or 1940's?, stamped on bottom [actually burned onto wood] "British Oak [crown above name], Jamestown ___, ___nge Co., Made in USA, American Oak."  ___represent blank areas where stamp did not take. It's a rather heavy oak arm chair, very comfortable, curved upholstered back, upholstered seat with springs, arms curve in a barrel fashion, legs end in "h" shape with center joiner. I bought it from a smalls dealer at Brimfield, MA, who had grown tired of lugging it around with her. She denied knowing its origin. I would very much like to know its history, plus get a match for my office. A local dealer said that he had only come across such chairs twice, and his were unmarked. Thanks!


From Annettevh, 5/1/2013  2:15 PM

I am looking for some chairs from the British Oak series...anybody have some and interested in selling???

From Laura, 6/26/2011  11:02 AM

You are absolutely right. In it something is and it is excellent idea. It is ready to support you.

From www.furninfo.com, 6/4/2011  6:33 PM

Message_view.. Great idea :)

From www.furninfo.com, 6/2/2011  6:12 PM

Message_view.. Awesome :)

From Michelle H, 5/30/2011  10:23 AM

I inherited and have been using for many years a Feudal Oak Jamestown Lounge smaller sized desk with chair, 4 drawer chest of drawers with a portable mirror that sits on top, and a large dresser that opens with drawers and small type doors. Also a night stand with a door and drawer. I am relocating and can't take them. Interested in offers, I live outside of St. Louis, MO. They are in TOP condition and have many carvings. Have pictures for anyone that wants to see them. michellec2c@hotmail.com

From Lynn K, 5/21/2011  3:24 PM

I recently discovered I have a Jamestown Lounge Co. chair No. 9432 that is pictured in the 1949-50 catalog. THANKS FOR HAVING THE CATALOGS AND SHARING THEM! I was wondering if anyone could let me know what the chair is worth? It was given to me by one of my neighbors many years ago. It is a beautiful chair and I am trying to find out more about it.

From debra f, 4/25/2011  12:35 PM

I have a British Oak bedroom suite including headboard, footboard, ladies'dresser with mirror, mans'taller dresser and one night table. The suite was purchased by my uncle in the 50's or possibly the 40's. Pineapple engraving in the headboard. I love the suite and would be very interested in it's value. Can anyone help?

From judy, 3/17/2011  12:02 PM

i just bought a feudal oak chair at an antique store in SC. beautiful carved arms, and and more elaborate carvings along sides and bottom. beautiful, faded vintage upholstery - but the cushions smell very badly of mustiness. i've been told there is no solution but to re-upholster. Will this detract from the value of the piece? advice anyone?! thanks! my email is jdemps00@hotmail.com

From DIANNA LANDRUM, 1/20/2011  12:29 AM

That pedestal table is actually a lamp table, is octagonal and is 29" tall.

From DIANNA LANDRUM, 1/19/2011  11:47 PM

I am looking for a Jamestown Lounge Co. pedestal table. It is number 5008 in the 1949-50 catalogue.
If you can help, please e-mail me at ddlandrum@aol.com

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