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Posted By Laura, 1/26/2004

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Hi Russ, I'm new to your site but really welcome your help to solve our mystery. I have an oak chair, perhaps 1930's? or 1940's?, stamped on bottom [actually burned onto wood] "British Oak [crown above name], Jamestown ___, ___nge Co., Made in USA, American Oak."  ___represent blank areas where stamp did not take. It's a rather heavy oak arm chair, very comfortable, curved upholstered back, upholstered seat with springs, arms curve in a barrel fashion, legs end in "h" shape with center joiner. I bought it from a smalls dealer at Brimfield, MA, who had grown tired of lugging it around with her. She denied knowing its origin. I would very much like to know its history, plus get a match for my office. A local dealer said that he had only come across such chairs twice, and his were unmarked. Thanks!


From Annettevh, 5/1/2013  2:15 PM

I am looking for some chairs from the British Oak series...anybody have some and interested in selling???

From Laura, 6/26/2011  11:02 AM

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From www.furninfo.com, 6/4/2011  6:33 PM

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From www.furninfo.com, 6/2/2011  6:12 PM

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From Michelle H, 5/30/2011  10:23 AM

I inherited and have been using for many years a Feudal Oak Jamestown Lounge smaller sized desk with chair, 4 drawer chest of drawers with a portable mirror that sits on top, and a large dresser that opens with drawers and small type doors. Also a night stand with a door and drawer. I am relocating and can't take them. Interested in offers, I live outside of St. Louis, MO. They are in TOP condition and have many carvings. Have pictures for anyone that wants to see them. michellec2c@hotmail.com

From Lynn K, 5/21/2011  3:24 PM

I recently discovered I have a Jamestown Lounge Co. chair No. 9432 that is pictured in the 1949-50 catalog. THANKS FOR HAVING THE CATALOGS AND SHARING THEM! I was wondering if anyone could let me know what the chair is worth? It was given to me by one of my neighbors many years ago. It is a beautiful chair and I am trying to find out more about it.

From debra f, 4/25/2011  12:35 PM

I have a British Oak bedroom suite including headboard, footboard, ladies'dresser with mirror, mans'taller dresser and one night table. The suite was purchased by my uncle in the 50's or possibly the 40's. Pineapple engraving in the headboard. I love the suite and would be very interested in it's value. Can anyone help?

From judy, 3/17/2011  12:02 PM

i just bought a feudal oak chair at an antique store in SC. beautiful carved arms, and and more elaborate carvings along sides and bottom. beautiful, faded vintage upholstery - but the cushions smell very badly of mustiness. i've been told there is no solution but to re-upholster. Will this detract from the value of the piece? advice anyone?! thanks! my email is jdemps00@hotmail.com

From DIANNA LANDRUM, 1/20/2011  12:29 AM

That pedestal table is actually a lamp table, is octagonal and is 29" tall.

From DIANNA LANDRUM, 1/19/2011  11:47 PM

I am looking for a Jamestown Lounge Co. pedestal table. It is number 5008 in the 1949-50 catalogue.
If you can help, please e-mail me at ddlandrum@aol.com

From V R. Ramich, 11/28/2010  6:02 PM

Barbara Lucas

If you still have the furniture you requested information about, I would be interested in seeing the pictures you mentioned in your message.


From Barbara Lucas, 11/7/2010  12:23 PM

We inherited a Jamestown Lounge Colonnade Collection dining room set: a large dining table with two leaves, 6 upholstered chairs, and a buffet that is 91" long. It is beautiful, sturdy and comfortable furniture but it won't fit in our small house. Please email me at greensource@comcast.net if you'd like me to send pictures, or know how I can find out what it is worth. Thanks.

From Brian, 11/6/2010  11:34 AM

I recently bought a Feudal Oak coffee table (#5006) and two end tables. I'm not sure if the end tables are Feudal Oak, but they are solid oak and they do have oak leaves carved on the narrow sides and oak leaves with acorns on the long sides. there's a number stamped on the bottom (4592 5-454 B8). The legs are tapered from 2" at the top (they extend about an inch above the table top)to about 1" at the bottom and they spread out at the bottom. There's a flat top and another shelf about 3' from the bottom. I can't find pictures of them in the 1939, 1941, or 1949 catalogs. Can e-mail pictures. Any info is appreciated, thanks Brian. Bijoucreek@aol.com

From Robert, 10/25/2010  8:57 PM


From adam smith, 10/17/2010  11:39 PM

people, if you are going to post inquires on this site and expect a reply, you have to put your e mail address otherwise they cannot contact you. think about that for a minute!

From mary, 10/6/2010  12:59 AM

age of a blanket chest by feudaloak?

From CAROLBABCOCK, 10/2/2010  5:24 PM

I have a Fuedel Oak Jamestown Lounge Company oak wood captains chair . How would I be able to
find out it's value and where would you sell it...

From Jessica, 9/27/2010  7:10 PM

Forgot to put my email address. Again, I'm looking for 1930's feudal oak end tables.

From Jessica, 9/27/2010  7:06 PM

I'm looking for feudal end tables. I have one end table to my feudal oak couch and would like another one. My couch is from the 1930's and it was my husbands grandparents and we luckily got it.

From Rico26, 9/20/2010  9:20 AM

What is the jamestown mystery

From Margaret, 8/27/2010  11:30 PM

My grandfather owned this furniture company in the 1940's through its sale in the 1970's. The original company was begun much earlier however. My grandfather, Richard L Swanson, began working at the company before buying out the owners. His son, Richard Jr, opened a second branch in Arizona.
Papa Swanson employed wood carvers from Sweden to do much of the handwork in this furniture. He and my grandmother travled to furniture and upholstery shows to look at new ideas, different wood finishes and accent pieces.
I currently own my grandparents feudal oak dining room table with 12 chairs, a leather with wooden arm wing chair, a feudal oak end table and an octagonal end table. My sisters also own many pieces of Jamestown Lounge; my mom's entire house is furnished in these pieces from living room, dining room and bedroom.
I am so glad to hear there is still interest in Papa's furniture, even more than 35 years since the company changed hands and names.

From Maia, 8/18/2010  8:04 PM

     Feudal Oak Furniture Jamestown Lounge
For Sale     
Dining Room Table Length closed 71" x open 117" Width 37" x Height 30"
Top needs repair and refinishing
Chair     5 uphol lt blue         &n bsp;
Arm Chair 1 uphol lt blue
Credenza 1 (Back Finished) Width 21 1/2" x Length 69" x Height 35"

Near Buffalo, NY

From John, 8/16/2010  9:09 PM

I just listed my Feudal Oak dining room set on Craigslist - Eastern CT. with pictures. I be happy to entertain offers and any other information. Thanks John

From Kelly, 8/12/2010  6:58 PM

I have a dresser/chest of drawers that I purchased at a yard sale many years ago. I had it refinished and it's beautiful. I was forced to move recently and had to downsize my home therefore I no longer have room for this piece. I would like to email the photos to someone to help me get a value and to see if it's true Paine furniture. I do have a pictures of the stamp for Paine. Just don't want to give this away if it's valuable. Thanks you!

From Julie, 8/11/2010  2:50 PM

I have a twin bed set with desk, dresser and separate wall mirror from this company. I, too, am looking for help at pricing and finding folks who think this is as beautiful as I do. My mom is downsizing and just does NOt have room for these pieces.
Thanks for the help on catalogue websites - I guess I will continue the search.

From bob, 7/9/2010  9:53 PM

I have a large conferece table made of dark oak ,i belive ..with metal legs..the table is solid one piece..it comes with ten chairs also dark oak ..with metal legs,all taged on the bottons with white tags ..that say jamestown lounge co. 40 winsor st. jamestown,n.y. the chairs have black contoured seats,there is one extra chair that is the same as the others ,but no tag under seat,the table is contoured as well from the center of the table the measurements are 12 feet x 3 feet 8 inches ,but at the ends of the table they measure 12 feet x 2 feet 9 inches the chair tags are also marked lic. #674 n.y.and 1601a,if anyone knows about this could you send me an e-mail bobo30@netzero.net thanks for your help..bob

From patrickB, 6/27/2010  11:08 AM

We are look for a new home for four bedroom pieces of James Town Lounge, Collonade Collection.   They were purchased new in the 70s . The collection consists of a king head board, 12 drawer dresser, side mirror, and side top desk. They are in Charlotte, NC if anyone is interested in them or getting pictures contact me a pat@abernethybeck.com

From Jen Hill, 6/22/2010  11:29 PM

I would love to find a few of the Mate's chairs that were all wood (like the captain's chairs, but the smaller version), as well as a 3 or 4 section buffet (prefer 4), and the lighted china cabinet (buffet and china cabinet preferably from the colonnade collection). I'm also looking for 2 additional leaves for my table. They should be 12" wide and 44" long to fit the table I have. I can be contacted at jenhill3@verizon.net.

From Jen Hill, 6/22/2010  11:16 PM

Steve, Romweber furniture was made in Batesville, IN and is quite valuable, for the most part. I don't know specifics, but I have a brother in law in the antique furniture business who might be interested. If you still have the furniture, you may contact me at jenhill3@verizon.net and I'll try to put you in contact with him.

From ray, 3/12/2010  5:02 PM

I am looking for later years (late 1960's early 1970's) JL dining room furniture, table, chairs, hutch, server. please include photos and your e mail. Thank you.

From Steve, 2/1/2010  12:52 AM

I am presently getting ready to sell my 93 year old mother's home which is filled with Romweber Viking Oak Furniture purchased from a l938 catalogue. I still have the catalogue. The furniture is in remarkably great condition. It includes full living room, dining room and bedroom furniture including grandmother's clock, secretary, accessory chairs etc. I will be taking pictures if anyone is interested. I also would like to know what they would normally would sell for so I dont get cheated. I live in St. Louis Missouri

From patti, 12/1/2009  3:44 PM

I've been fascinated to read all the posts about Jamestown Furniture and the Feudal Oak Collection. My parents, who have now both passed away, left me with a dining room table, 6 chairs (2 arm & 4 side), hutch, china and server which they purchased in the mid 1970's in Tucson. I was surprised to read about the Kuykendal connection and assume that is where they purchased it. I am planning on selling the pieces and would be interested in what they might be worth. I can find no markings other than the metal tag inside a hutch drawer and numbers 141-855-1055-2 H218 on the underside of the table and 141-855-1054- cov-3007-3Y on a side chair so I can't tell you what specific collection it might be. Are there any catalogues posted for the 70's?

If anyone would be interested in them you can contact me at pazigler@earthlink.net. Your message will no doubt bounce back but please just ask to be added to my adress book and I will respond.

Thanks for any help.


From Jen, 10/19/2009  12:01 AM

I'm very interested in some of your pieces. Please contact me at jenhill3@verizon.net when you can.

From nina, 10/18/2009  10:33 AM

Hi all, I am now interested in selling my dining room set from Jamestown Lounge, Feudal Oak. It includes 2 credenzas, table, 2 captain chairs and 4 chairs. Thanks and it has been treated with care, since the late 40's.

From Jen, 10/1/2009  3:24 AM

Hello all! Both of my parents were originally from Jamestown. They moved to Indiana when they were married in 1966. We, along with many extended family members, have many pieces of Jamestown Lounge. One piece, an upholstered chair, is even hand signed. At any rate, my mom is passing a lot of her furnishings on. I think I'm going to take our table and chairs, but haven't taken the time to identify it yet. It is round, with some basic scroll work along the top edge. There are 2 leaves which then make the table oval. It has a heavy pedestal base which then opens out to 4 claw feet (if I'm remembering it correctly). She has 6 captains chairs to go with it. I'd love to find more of the captains chairs. My mom might also eventually be selling some of these pieces if family members aren't interested. She has everything from bedroom suites, to coffee tables, to end tables, to upholstered pieces, to tables and chairs. If you might be interested in any of her pieces, or have captains chairs that I might buy, please email me at jenhill3@verizon.net.

From Melissa, 9/7/2009  5:22 PM

Hi all. I just inherited a Feudal Oak dining room set. It includes a table, eight chairs, a credenza and a china cabinet. If you are interested please let me know and I will send photos. melissatherese@verizon.net

From Guest, 9/6/2009  6:15 PM

I found this site today with my cousin who back in 2006 posted a message.We have family from Jamestown , my grandfather along with many uncles all worked at Jamestown Lounge in the 30's and 40's. I have a dining room set that is in the 1941 catalogue and again in the 1949 catalogue but I have no idea of its worth today. It includes 4 chairs and 2 armed chairs and 2 credenzas. I almost put this set in my basement but felt so guilty that nana and my dad would be so hurt. After reading all of these postings I am very interested in knowing the value of these pieces.

From Laura Helbling, 9/1/2009  3:13 PM

I have a Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak Desk that is just charming and excellent shape. It is listed and pictured in the Jamestown Catalog. I will sell for $2,000 cash.

From Louise, 8/23/2009  6:14 PM

I have a 93 year old friend who is giving up her home. She has a dining room suite including hutch, desk, picture frames, and other pieces in British Oak. Very good condition. Can anyone tell me how much to ask. Thanks.

From barbara waldron, 8/19/2009  10:11 PM

I have a solid oak full size bed with a brass tag that is marked Feudal Oak, Jamestown Lounge,Co. It is hand carved and it is in excellent condition. I would like to sell it but have no idea the value.

From Rod, 8/18/2009  1:36 AM

I use my Feudal Oak dining set every day. They are some of my favorite pieces and I'm asking for help to protect them.
Can anyone recommend something that I can apply to my table top to prevent water rings and such from ruining it?
I know that this furniture was used in club lounges years ago.....how did they protect the surface back then?
I don't want to use polyethylene or anything like that. Is there any type of wax that would work?

From Judy, 8/17/2009  3:01 PM

I am interested in purchasing Jamestown Lounge Co. feudal oak pieces. I have some which I inherited from my mother and absolutely love it and would like to obtain more. If you have any pieces you'd like to sell please email me w/pictures and asking price if possible at oheyjude@san.rr.com Thanks!

From mary b, 8/7/2009  5:45 PM

I have inherited my parents british oak funiture from jamestown lounge co. It was the first furniture they bought after thier wedding in 1948. I am 55 now and grew up abusing it along with my brother and many foster siblings. MY father reupolstered the sofa and chairs in the 70's and stained dark the sofa arms and one chair. the coffee table and two end tables along with adesk and barell chair have the original lite wheat color. I love it and would like to find more. I have o clue where to look.also what does the feudal oak look like?

From Morgan, 7/12/2009  12:31 PM

email for the jamestown fudal oak table for sale. The Message is right above this one is cptn-morgan@live.com

From Morgan, 7/12/2009  12:26 PM

Have a jamestown feudal oak piece to sell. I'll do my best to explain what it looks like or email for pictures. Could have been used as en entry table or part of dinning set as a serving table. Has two top drawers and six thick legs that attach to the base. Legs are carved as a twist front drawers are carved as well orig. hardware.Good condition. If anyone knows of a Jamestown lounge co feudal oak antiques dealer in southern california please let me know.Thanks

From Tracy, 7/8/2009  2:38 PM

I have a Pedestal Table No. 5008
Top 30 1/4" x 30 1/4"
Height 29"

Jamestown Lounge Co. Feudal Oak

I was wondering what this would be worth.
I believe it was from the 40's. Could someone tell me more about it.

Thank you

From Dee Parker, 7/5/2009  7:16 PM

I have a large mirror that has the Jamestown Loung Co. gold plate on it. It is 46"x34". Does anyone know how much it is worth? Has original hanging chain and is all original. Thank you.

From MARY BEACHBOARD, 6/21/2009  8:39 PM


From Jerry Coleman, 6/16/2009  2:38 PM

I have a Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak desk, 4' x 6', which I am putting up for sale. Please feel free to contact me if interested. jerrycoleman@cableone.net

From kari, 4/29/2009  12:57 AM


From Bill Duncan, 3/25/2009  11:43 AM

I may have an old Stickley rocker. How can the makers mark?
Thanks, Bill

From Ken Miller, 2/18/2009  10:36 PM

I have a low-back, rounded, carved, Jamestown Lounge Company chair. It has a metal plate on the back saying it is the "Fuedal Oak". (castle, etc.) Where are folks finding the catalogues referenced in the above reply's? I am very curious about its past. We inherited it from a friend over 50 years ago.

From Ski, 2/15/2009  12:28 PM

I have a full set of fo bedroom furniture that my folks bought when they were first married. There is a bed, dresser,man's dresser, end table, and vanity with bench all for sale. ski9949@aol.com

From Joanie, 1/30/2009  11:07 AM

I inherited my grandfather's "king chair" as we called it when we were little. I couldn't find it in the three Jamestown Lounge Co. catalogs posted by Eric. I believe it might predate 1938. The rest of the furniture I own is from the 1938 catalog, so I believe it is near to this period. The chair has a wooden seat frame that was covered in a wine-colored carved leatherlike vinyl. The seat bottom can be taken out without difficulty. With many years of use, the bottom caved down and the burlap or muslim opened from underneath.   I am going to re-cover the chair bottom, but first wanted to identify the year it was made to see what upholsteries were used in order to keep it "to date." Its identifying feature is the center of the back with seven scallops around a center semi-circle of sorts. (I am sorry for the non-technical description; not in the furniture business.) Any information re: the exact or estimated year of this chair is appreciated, as well as what type of chair cushion coverings might have been used in the thirties. Thank you all so much. Joanie

From anitra, 1/15/2009  7:13 PM

this is a note to Laura--I lost your email and your home address and I wanted to thank you for sending the pic of your chair. You have been most helpful. With more knowledge the furniture becomes more interesting.

From Mara Yehl, 1/14/2009  11:35 AM

Additional info on my Fuedal Oak: Our Fuedal Oak is from 1939. The sofa is #9050 and the matching chair # 9050. It is online in the Jamestown Fuedal Oak brochure for that year...pg 4. The end tables are on pg 5. We also have a 1939 chair #9528. Contact me if you are interested. Thank you, Mara

From Mara Yehl, 1/14/2009  11:17 AM

Fuedal Oak: my husband and I have decided to sell his parent's furniture. They lived near Jamestown in Olean NY. We have a large sofa which is carved with acorns on the finials, has a wooden trim base with carved oak leaves & acorns and the arms on the sofa are carved with large oak leaves. It is upholstered in dk green velvet. The sofa base has 3 cushions and 3 attached cushions on the back. We have a matching "Dad's chair". We also have 2 end tables and a rectangular coffee table as part of the set. We would sell all or part. We are in Boulder, Colorado. The sofa weighs alot. It is all in good shape as Fuedal Oak is nearly inpossible to dent. It would be great in a mountain house. energy

From anitra, 12/13/2008  11:04 AM

We have some pieces of "British Oak" made buy Jamestown Lounge Co that we are interested in selling. They have been part of Patrick's family's for many years. We have 2 end tables, a couch, 2 chairs, 1 bookcase, a desk, and a chair that is used with the desk. Patrick's mother inherited this furniture from her parents (she died a couple of years ago at 89yrs). We have the need for space so this is the next step. email abwirtz@att.net, please contact if interested or if you just want to see pics of pieces for interest sake. thank you, anitra and patrick

From Anthony, 12/8/2008  5:09 PM

For Sale- Jamestown Lounge Company "Colonade Collection" dining room table with 5 leaves, and matching buffet. Excelent condition, dark oak with.   Originally purchased in the 60's or 70's. We live in the Chicago area. My email is tony@alertprotective.com, Cell phone 773-593-6376

From ray disabato, 11/30/2008  10:51 PM

This message is to Jocelyn Swanson. Send me your e mail please. When I worked for Kuykendalls in Tucson back in the 60's and 70's I met Richard? Swanson one day when he visited the store, probably on a visit to see Robert, the designer. I am interested in finding some of these pieces. We bought some when I worked there, but not enough. The furniture made today is not nearly the quality or the design.

From Jocelyn Swanson, 11/27/2008  3:06 PM

I'm married to the grandson of the owner of Jamestown Lounge Furniture. The furniture was beautifully designed, well made, handcrafted with different styles. The Colinnade Collection and Feudal Oak were the most popular although they had a French style. None of the grandchildren wanted to run the business. It was sold, but didn't survive. The factory in Jamestown was very old fashioned--3 stories--not conducive to being efficient. Robert Kykendall from Tucson, Ar. was their main designer. We don't have many pieces--when my husband's father and grandfather died we had a small apt so didn't have room for much furniture. His brother and sister do have a lot of pieces as does is aunt.

From Laurie, 11/22/2008  9:42 PM

I have a dining room hutch, with grapes on the back and on the drawer. can anyone tell me more about it??
I got it at a Estate Sale, about 10 years ago from a lady who was 90 that died. the top where the grapes are is scrolled, I didn't see it in the 1938.1940=41 catalog, Does anyone have more information and how much it would be worth, and when made
Laurei     laurielbeachbum@aol.com

From Anthony, 11/18/2008  2:56 PM

I am looking for a Jamestown Lounge Company "Colonade Collection" china cabinet to match our dining room set.I believe it was originally purchased in the 60's or 70's. We live in the Chicago area.
My email is tony@alertprotective.com

From Anthony, 11/18/2008  2:53 PM

I am looking for a Jamestown Lounge Company "Colonade Collection" china cabinet to match our dining room set.I believe it was originally purchased in the 60's or 70's. We live in the Chicago area.

From MJS, 10/22/2008  10:25 AM

Could anyone help with information on a Jamestown Lounge Company Cabinet and Lighted China Cabinet Top. We'd like to know when it was made and an approximate value. We need to sell. The tags say Feudal/Old Gold Bk. Panel. 1184-Pil Cabinet and 1185G Cabinet Top. It's a very large furniture piece - beautiful. We can't find the piece on the web. Any information would be appreciated.
email is mendajs@wildblue.net

From ray, 10/15/2008  12:57 AM

I am looking for a # 1054 or # 1055 extension table from Jamestown Lounge. Sizes would be 90 x 44 or 72 x 42 without leaves in. most likely manufactured about early to late 1970's. I have the catalog with photos if your not sure or cannot identify by numbers.

From JANET KIRK, 10/11/2008  11:55 AM

Jamestown lounge chair,oak, hand carved soft cushioned bottom and back meant for reading/lounging. Whats it worth ? It has the oval brass plate on the back rung,quite old!

From Joel, 10/1/2008  4:17 PM

I have a couple pieces of Jamestown Lounge Co, British oak, when was this made? there are no screws in it at all. local antique place said about 350 each is what he could sell each of them for unrestored and close to 1000 each for them is restored. if anyone is interested in them let me know, at jp.affordable@yahoo.com i have other antiques but still know nothing about them

From sethw, 8/17/2008  6:05 PM

I recently found a hutch that had a jamestown lounge tag on it. It is definitrly not feudal oak. It looks like scandinavian modernist furniture. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows about what this is to please inform me! Anything would help.

From Terri, 7/30/2008  10:52 AM

So glad I found this message board. I buy and rehabilitate antique/vintage furniture and recently picked up a dining set in Charleston, SC. I normally look for peices that have good structure and architectural detail, sand, prime, custom paint, antique, wax, and resell. I always excercise caution and make sure I'm not painting a valuable antique so I do some research before I do so. This set had two furniture tags attached underneath the huge table marked Jamestown Lounge Company with their address. No other identifiable markings/numbers that I can find.
The table is huge/heavy with the top has rounded ends/ came with 4 leaves, 6 chairs, 2 w/ arms. The table base is huge with four oak pillars joined with braces connecting them and two fold down legs on the ends for extract stability when the 4 leaves are used. All hardware is in good shape and strong. Anyone with some info that will help me determine whether to sell as is or to paint? If I sell as is, where would be the best place? I normally sell craigslist and ebay for my repainted stuff.

From Sandra J., 7/29/2008  9:04 PM

Hello all. Thanks so much for the information. I was given a few pieces of Feudal Oak furniture which includes 4 chairs and a corner cupboard. I had no idea about the pieces until I came upon this message board. Is there any place I can find out how much this furniture is worth? I truly love the chairs but would be willing to part with the corner cupboard.

From Rod Merrill, 7/27/2008  1:43 AM

Hello everyone. I have some Feudal Oak model #9466 pieces and am looking to complete my set. I would like to buy a corner cupboard. ( This furniture has carvings of vines,leaves and stylized acorns ) I would appreciate any help in locating the cupboard. Please e-mail me at hotrodrod@wildblue.net. Thanks.

From marin, 7/26/2008  8:42 AM

Hi everyone. My name is Ray, from Utica, NY. I will be visiting Poland soon, and I am hoping to meet my Polish relatives. I also hope some people from here may help me in contacting my relatives before my visit. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some great people on here!

From j kading, 7/20/2008  7:56 PM

I have recently purchased an Jamestown Lounge Co. small desk with the #2040 stamped on the to right back side. British Oak is also stamped under the JLC inlay.
I have searched the 38,39, and 41 Catalog but think it may have been designed and built prior to that time. I am interested in possibly finding the matching desk chair. The desk is approximately 36 inches long, 18 inches wide, 34 inches tall with the depth on the drawer section is 18 inches. The design above the drawer is a simple scroll and leaf pattern. The bottom of the desk is in the H design with all four legs attached across and lengthwise. Any info at all will be greatly appreciated! Please email me at jkading@suddenlink.net. Thanks,
J Kading

From Lynn L, 6/14/2008  5:19 PM

I inherited 7 living room pieces from the Jamestown Oak Colonnade Collection. I want to keep most of it. However, someone is interested in buying the octagonal coffee table with slate top. I have no idea of its value. Can someone give me a ballpark figure? Also, I'm curious to know the value of the sofa, the frame of which is carved oak. It's covered with 3 cushions on the seat, 3 along the back, and 1 at either end. Feel free to contact me at llaur@bwagon.com. Thank you.

From Mary H, 3/17/2008  4:59 PM

I was delighted to find this website and hear about others who have or who are seeking the Jamestown Lounge Co. Feudal Oak furniture. We received several pieces of the furniture when we purchased an older home several years ago. (The furniture was purchased in the 1930's by the original owners of the home.) We are interested in selling four of these pieces and have not been able to get an estimate on the value of the furniture. The loveseat and matching chair can be seen in the 1941 Feudal Oak/Jamestown Lounge Co. catalog, page 3 listed on the internet under Prendergast Library, No. 5052. (Carvings in front of serpents/dragons?) The two sidechairs can be seen in the same catalog, page 5, No. 9093. The four pieces are in excellent condition; we have had them reupholstered two times. Any ideas about value would be greatly appreciated. We live in South Dakota. If anyone is interested or has comments or questions, please contact us at hurdle14@rap.midco.net.

From Peter, 3/5/2008  9:05 AM

I have 4 feudal oak arm chairs purchased about 1932. All are in good condition, except 1 chair has leather seat pushed through frame (Webbing on this chair needs repair). All are dark oak with red leather upholstery. Chairs have original finish and leather seats. Located in Southeast Florida, West of Pompano Beach area for pickup. Asking $200 (negotiable) each as a set of 4.

From Jodi M. from PA, 1/25/2008  9:42 AM

I just purchased a Feudal Oak highback chair with beautiful carved arms, cushioned seat and a loose seatback fitted cushion. It has a small oval plate on the back of the seatbottom marked Feudal Oak. Can anyone tell me when this might have been made? It has a beautiful finish that is dark in some place and more golden in others. It is a beautiful unique piece and I love it! If anyone can direct me to additional Feudal pieces of the same period, I'd be interested in purchasing.

From Brian Lamson, 1/9/2008  4:32 PM

To: Martha Murphy - I've been collecting British Oak for seeral decades and know quite a bit about it. You are right, it could be 60s but the actually started making it in the late 1930s. I have a great catalog. Send me a picture of the settee and I should be able to tell you more about the piece. Best reards,

From Martha Murphy, 12/26/2007  7:20 PM

I just purchased a British Oak settee for $19.95 at a Goodwill store in Sutherlin, Oregon.

The piece is a golden oak color with carved leaves and olives, or perhaps they are nuts. It has burnt orange faux leather upholstery. Is that original?

I just bought it on impulse because it was so inexpensive and because I liked the wide, flat arms, which go with some of my other furniture.

Does anyone have any idea of the date of my piece? I'm guessing it was made in the 1960s or 1970s by the style of the base. The top part is reminiscent of Eastlake and Craftsman, but the base looks modern.

It really looks like it was meant for a professional office reception area or waiting room.

I'd appreciate any information you can offer.

From Cynthia West, 12/25/2007  1:12 PM

I am interested in purchasing a #9466 Feudal Oak Arm Chair or Side Chair to go with a desk I recently purchased for my daughter. Would anyone have a chair for sale? cynthia_west@comcast.net

From Sarah G, 12/3/2007  9:41 AM

I purchased a bombay style chest at a thrift shop that is an olive green paint all over and checker board style on the front of the drawers (checkers are different altering colors, one color being gold leaf). Inside is labeled "Coronet Collection, Jamestown Lounge Co." Wondering if anyone can offer any info about this piece? type of wood? year? other pieces of the collection? Thanks!

From Danelle Haakenson, 11/29/2007  4:23 PM

I have an old wooden sofa (loose pillows), chair with ottoman, side chair and another chair with arms... br-ss plate on sofa says what looks like "Fidelity Upholstered Furniture" - Jamestown Lounge Co., Jamestown, NY...   I am interested in selling... Does anyone know the value of these pieces or where I could find same ? Am in the Atlanta area... This was my parents' furniture when they lived in North Carolina...   Thanks, Danelle

From richard, 11/26/2007  7:48 PM

Thanks for your site. I have 4 items that my parents purchased in the late thirties. They are a desk 5' by 31" and chair with 2 end tables. I have often wondered about the co. thanks again

From Patty Trout in Indy, 10/20/2007  2:40 PM

Still love my Jamestown Lounge which I bought new in the early 70's. I'm looking for another game set or just the rolling chairs, any number in good mechanical condition. I don't mind having to re-upholster. email pattytrout@comcast.net. Ann from one year ago? Thanks!

From Cat, 10/19/2007  2:20 PM

I have a very large dining room table with the stamp, Charles Kleist & Son, Jamestown New York stamped on it. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find information about the age etc of this table?

From Linda in NY, 10/10/2007  11:47 AM

I have a 3 piece fireplace mantle that I rescued from Marlboro Mass, and the back has clear labeling that I would like to know more about. It says "Paine's Furniture Company -- Fine Furniture --- 48 C-- St and 141 Friend St Boston Mass. There is a hand written number also done in pencil.   
Anyone know anything about age of this piece or history of Paine's?? Thanks

From Eric M. Larson, 10/8/2007  11:40 PM

What year is the Feudal Oak catalog? Does it have a year printed on it? If it has the Friar Tuck collection in it, and is undated, the catalog is circa 1953. The early Feudal Oak catalogs had the years printed on the front. Please let me know, my e-mail is larsone@starpower.net

Also, I have never heard of a Feudal Oak ice box! It sounds pretty interesting. If it has a Feudal Oak tag it is probably original. I have no idea what it would be worth, but it would be worth at least what an ordinary oak ice box would be worth.

From michelle, 10/4/2007  1:24 PM

I have an old three door oak ice box. It has a feudal oak brass tag. The research I've done does'nt come up with ice boxes. Was there ice boxes made by this company? What Era and possible worth?

From Nancy Carlson, 9/23/2007  7:39 PM

I discovered a very old (191?) JL Feudal Oak cataog
in the Friar tuck buffet in my dining room. I was born in 1949 and my parents were just begining to furinsh our Iowa home in the early 1950s...the catalog is no longer bound, but I could take copies of it and fax it to anyone who wanted it....

From eileen gelso, 9/17/2007  7:27 PM

Ihave a very old chair that belonged to my parents 1920
Feudal oak Jamestown Lounge Co. I am selling it if interested it is high back could be a desk chair be contact me

From James, 9/3/2007  11:58 PM

      If you are looking to purchase Jamestown Lounge Co. Feudal Oak, I have two arm chairs on eBay under graham307. I also have a matching couch with an earlier re-upholstering and horse hair padding to be listed at a later date.

From pam cornell, 9/2/2007  7:32 PM

I have the Executive Desk No. 5439 and a side chair. Am downsizing and would like to sell these. Shipping would be very high as the desk is solid oak. Anyone in the Tucson area who may be interested may contact me to see pictures. Pam

From Eric M. Larson, 8/10/2007  8:31 PM

I've got the 1938 Feudal Oak catalog (and am, in fact, the one who sent the PDFs of it and the others for posting; I've got a couple more catalogs and will eventually get around to doing that, but these are later catalogs and not as much interest to me as the early Feudal Oak). I believe that Mary's piece is a vanity, not a desk. The reason is that page 20 of the 1938 catalog shows that Jamestown Lounge Co. made two different desks, the No. 9211 and the No. 9411, in styles that are very close --- but certainly not identical --- to your piece. I own the No. 9411, and it is only different from the No. 9211 because of the depth; the No. 9411 is 7" deeper, and that winds up making a LOT of difference in the size. I've seen the No. 9411. I believe that Mary's piece is most probably a vanity, because (1) the 20" width does not suggest that it is a desk, it is just too small; and (2) the presence of the back rail thing, which is clearly a feature of a vanity, not a desk. What function would the back rail serve on a desk? None that I can think of. On the other hand, a back rail would serve the function on a vanity of keeping the little bottles from tipping or falling off the back of the vanity. Desks simply don't have features like that, at least not desks of that style, and I doubt that Jamestown Lounge Co. was anything less than deliberate in designing the different Feudal Oak pieces.

From Perry Vartanian, 8/3/2007  6:42 PM

Whoops, forgot to post my e-mail in case anyone wants to repsond directly. It is PVartanian@aol.com

From Perry Vartanian, 8/3/2007  6:23 PM

we have a dark oak rectangular dining table with two leaves from the Colonnade collection, as well as 12 high back dining chairs, recently reupholstered in red linen. My best recollection is that we purchased these (new) in the early 1960s....and we would now like to sell these pieces. They are in the San Francisco Bay area. Any ideas as to what they might be worth and how to find an interested buyer?? Thanks

From Mary, 7/28/2007  3:51 PM

We have a Feudal Oak dressing table/small desk from Jamestown Lounge Co. It has both the brass tag and the burned logo. There is also a burned in number on the underside of the center drawer cavity--8002--which looks like it was once covered by a paper label. It is similar to item 9290 (dressing table) on page 10 of the 1938 catalog, but the raised rail on the back edge of the top of our piece is more ornate. Can anyone tell me if our piece is older than 1938, or whether it was intended as a desk or vanity? I might be interested in finding it a new home, as this is the only piece of Feudal Oak I have. I'm located in NC, post replies here, or email me at 3Mmetter@earthlink.net

From Linda S., 6/5/2007  1:14 AM

I have inherited a 9 piece dining room set (rectangular table with "hidden" leaves, 6 chairs (2 arm chairs), and two side pieces. On the bottom and back are stamped "Feudal Oak Jamestown Lounge Co" model #8232. I believe my great-grandparents bought them in Denver, CO in the late 1920s. The chairs have needlepointed cushions (hand done by my great grandmother) and all pieces are in excellent condition! Can someone give me an idea of where I can sell this set and what I can expect to get for it? Please email me at speirscpa at yahoo.com. Thank you for any input. This chat has been very informative!

From Eric M. Larson, 4/21/2007  8:50 PM

I have a No. 9220 Credenza, the dining room buffet, that I'm going to sell one of these days, because I don't want it---it came with some other pieces that I did want and the seller insisted on a package deal. It simply doesn't go with my other pieces and I don't want it. The top has seen better days---might need refinishing in part, but it is definitely the real thing. The only thing not original are 2 of the internal shelves (replacements), but these are not visible---covered by the doors. Transporting this piece anyplace, because of the size, may be an issue. I am located in Takoma Park, Maryland, right across the line from Washington, D.C., physically roughly at the very top of the northernmost corner of the D.C. rectangle. I'll sell the credenza for $450, but the buyer would have to come and get it or arrange for somebody to come and get it. I've got a couple of other pieces of Feudal Oak that I might sell, a couple of small tables with the brass tags---they aren't carved, but are still nice tables, virtually brand new. These were bought new in 1928 and are virtually pristine---I bought a set of living room furniture these are a part of and, again, they don't go with the pieces I've got, but were part of a separate package deal. If any of the above seems like it might be of interest, please let me know. My e-mail is larsone@starpower.net Thanks, Eric M. Larson

From NFWilliams, 4/11/2007  12:12 AM

I am interested in more information about the bedroom set in Nancy's message.

From Ann, 3/31/2007  9:41 AM

We are the owners of many pieces shown in 1938 catalog home settings. Furniture we did not inherit, we purchased in the early 50s. It has served us well with a large family and now in a very contemporary home. One piece, a server from the "morgue" has a broken door catch. This is the reason I sought this web site. Any solutions?

From Laura, 3/12/2007  11:28 AM

I was excited to read that you may have a match for my British Oak arm chair! I'm located about three hours north of NYC, so perhaps if this works out, we could meet halfway? Do you have any photos? And what price are you asking for your chair?
My e-mail is preshelp@taconic.net.

From Robert, 3/10/2007  5:34 PM


If you are still looking for a matching British Oak armchair, I have one. With the exception of a broken spring, it is in fairly good condition, although the red leatherette upholstery has some small breaks. I bought some upholstery-grade real leather (forest green, I think) to recover it (actually enough for two pieces, I think) but never got around to tackling the job because I first wanted to find a replacement for or possibly try to repair(?) the spring.

(It broke when my 200 lbs foolishly stood on it to reach something. My bad.)

I'm in NYC, but not inclined to box it up. If you're in the area, or have a friend in the area, perhaps your chair could have a mate.


From Ann, 2/25/2007  1:08 AM

I have a few pieces of Jamestown lounge furniture from a house my parents bought in the late 60's. This house was fully furnished with jamestown lounge. The previous owners had inherited this house from their father and thought the house was haunted. When he died they left the house as is, hired a care taker to move into part of it and wiated several years until they sold it. Long story. But as a child I remember looking at the original catalog pages for 1890 and the original paperwork for purchasing this furniture. Unfortunatly in the 70's we had a house fire and it destoryed alot of the pieces. At that time my parents replaced with new jamestown lounge pieces. The old original pieces all had metal plates brass I think. The newer pieces wave burnt in Fuedal Oak logo from Jamestown Lounge. The older pieces were all hand carved. (Easy to tell because the repeated design was not perfectly the same) Our old dinning room chairs had rosettes and slanted lines, some of the shairs had 3 lines some had 2. Sorry for the rambling. The bottom line I am looking for aditional pieces especialy the older brass plated but would like to hear from anyone selling Fuedal oak Jamestown Lounge, Thanks Ann Winstonstables@aol.com

From Eric M. Larson, 2/22/2007  12:09 AM

I have somewhere around 60 pieces of pre-World War II Feudal Oak, including some from 1928, a bedroom set, the first year Feudal Oak was sold. It is Style No. 9010. The Style No. 9020 series, which is mainly living room furniture, has some of the same designs, and is listed in the 1938 catalog (I also have the 1941-42, a circa 1953 catalog, and a copy of the 1949-50 catalog). I've been looking for a long time to try and find some additional catalogs, particularly early ones, and am sure there are some out there somewhere. My e-mail is larsone at starpower.net (for some reason the address won't post if I use the "at" symbol). I pretty much hand picked the pieces I've got, and undoubtedly overdid it a little---I have 4 different Feudal Oak desks, for example, and I like the No. 9020 Sofa so much I have 4 of them---2 are the earliest variation with the side panels, and 2 are later variations that lack the side panels. All of them have the finials on the back, curved back slats, stylized acorns on the front, and the arms that go all the way to the front. The last variation of the No. 9020, listed in the 1949-50 catalog as No. 9430, lacked many of those features/details---they were, no doubt, dropped for cost reasons. Pledge and other such concoctions contain silicon and other stuff that can be difficult to remove and/or be harmful to the finish. The most I've ever done is use Murphy's Oil Soap and a bit of Restor-A-Finish in Dark Oak or Oak or Black Walnut (depending on the variation of Feudal Oak finish) for touchup. It is the ONLY product I've ever found that can exactly match a Feudal Oak finish. I'd like to buy copies of any catalogs you might encounter. Thanks.

From Victoria Seaburg, 2/21/2007  6:24 PM

Wow, this is so exciting and sad and wonderful! Mr. Larson, are you from Jamestown? My father (and my grandfather) were sales reps for Jamestown Lounge his entire adult life and I still have quite a bit. This is the sturdiest furniture I've ever seen! FYI for you Lounge Company owners - my dad said never to use a product like Pledge on the furniture, that it would remove the finish. Just dust with a lambswool duster, or a little Endust on a cloth. If you really need to wash it down, use Murphy's Oil soap and dry well. I've printed all the above posts and will try to find out the answers to any unanswered questions. I too, have some old catalogs, not exactly sure where they are right now, but will look. I've really been bugging my mom to dig out her JLC stuff and get it to me. I'm so happy that so many love this as much as we do. Many fine folk worked for the Lounge company, I got to meet the Swedish hand carvers and love their beautiful work. I have many great memories and my dad so loved the company - he would be very please to see all the interest!

From Dinae, 1/25/2007  12:34 PM

Thank you Russell and Eric. I do a have fully marked piece of Jamestown Fuedal Oak. The brand is quiet large with a castle with a opening where you can see flags flying. I does have the brass plate from Paine Furniture Co, Boston. Marked also, Com Of Mass. My mysteries are solved. Thanks for the help.

From Eric M. Larson, 1/24/2007  12:22 AM

What you have is an original piece of Feudal Oak, to which a furniture *seller* has affixed his own tag; some high-end companies did that. Original Feudal Oak may or may not be marked; it is most commonly marked with a "Feudal Oak" logo on the underside of a table or inside of a drawer, sometimes with a "Style No." of 3 or 4 digits, sometimes not. Some pieces have a brass oval "Feudal Oak" furniture tag. Original Feudal Oak may be marked with all or none of these distinguishing features. A reliable diagnostic is seeing the piece in one of the Feudal Oak catalogs.

From Guest, 1/22/2007  8:20 AM

Diane, Paines was one of the founders of our magazine FURNITURE WORLD in 1870, but I am not sure when Paines was founded. If you think it is a Stickley piece try contacting them at history@stickley.com. They are very helpful with this kind of request. - Russell

From Diane, 1/21/2007  9:37 PM

Well, we have quiet a stir here. Jamestown Lounge Co. started making upholstered furniture in 1888. That's Jamestown New York. Look up furniture makers in that area, under Google search. I find all of this very interesting. I bought a piece today, marked Fuedal oak Jamestown Lounge Company, but also on the back we have a brass plate that says Paine's Furniture, Boston Ma. It definitely is an old piece--it is quarter sawn oak and has the look of an early English piece. The Fuedal Oak mark is branded into the piece. The wood underneath is very dark, except where the brand is. Looks like Paine's Furniture in Boston, used to find fine craftsmen to make furniture for them--How much do you want to bet that they had their own label over the top of the branded label; that's why the brand has not aged like the rest of the underside. Some where a long the line their paper label has disappeared. Paine's had a huge following in Boston and was one of the oldest furniture companies there. Now what do I have? A Paine's piece or a Fuedal oak piece. Either way, it is a great piece. How do I price it? Look forward to some replies. Paine's also dealt with Stickley, that makes things interesting too. Gathered info from eBay and auction houses over the course of the last few hours. The plot thickens!

From Nancy, 11/12/2006  7:24 AM

I have a complete bedroom set for sale. Including mirrors. There is a desk that can double as a vanity. Email me if interested.

From Valeree Vullo, 11/3/2006  4:02 PM

FOR SALE: I have an eight piece Jamestown Lounge Feudal Oak Living Room Set. My parents bought it in 1971 for their formal living room. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Included are: Sofa, Loveseat, two Armchairs, round lamp table, square tabel with drawer, Oblong coffee table (w/rolling feet)and a bench. It is a distressed dark oak. The furniture is located in Lithia, Florida, about a half hour from Tampa. Please contact me @ (813) 643-1831.

From Ann, 10/18/2006  11:30 AM

For anyone who might be interested in JL from the 60s - there is a 48" game table #1148 w/4 rolling chairs #1088 listed in error as Romweber. There are 2 days remaining in the auction.

From Ann, 10/2/2006  9:12 PM

Estelle, I have tried several times to email you at the address you posted but each time get a failure notice.

From Estelle, 10/1/2006  11:04 AM

Eric,   I have a beautiful 3 seat sofa, two end tables and a coffee table which are the feudal oak, Colonade Collection from the Jamestown Lounge Co.. The coffee table has an octagon base and a round slate top. The sofa and end tables both have carved wood across the front. I am moving and will be selling this furniture. If you know of anyone interested in buying the set, please let me know. I would be happy to email pictures. I can be contacted via email at estellee@att.net.   

From Eric M. Larson, 9/21/2006  10:17 PM

Some notes on Feudal Oak: I've studied photographs of Feudal Oak and seen many pieces of it (about 600 or so, from all periods of manufacture from 1928 to 1981) over the years, and my understandings of it are largely based on physically observing the different pieces and finishes. It is often the case that Feudal Oak will not "match" because of the differences in the finish. "Feudal Oak" refers to a type of finish as well as to a style of furniture, and both underwent significant variations from 1928, when Feudal Oak was first branded as such as sold, until 1981, when Jamestown Lounge Co. went bankrupt. The earliest Feudal Oak had some mahogany in it, and a slight reddish tinge; it was also heavily distressed; there was also a Feudal Oak finish that was very deep brown, nearly black. also used on distressed Feudal Oak (1928 to sometime in the early 1930s). By the mid-1930s, the heavy distressing was dropped, possibly for cost reasons, and there was a more tan Feudal Oak finish that was developed; however, this finish was also characterized by variation between light and dark, following the oak grain, in some cases the result of hand rubbing with steel wool, particularly on the carving. NOTE: Feudal Oak was not "hand carved" in the sense that while the master carvings were hand carved, the production pieces were just that---created by using a German duplication machine that would route out 20 pieces at a time, the operator guiding the routers by connection with a stylus used to trace the designs from the master carving, and the machine carving was produced from a variety of routers. By the mid 1950s, Jamestown Lounge Co. had developed a Feudal Oak finish that can only be described as homogenous, in the sense that it almost completely lacked variation, an effect that was no doubt achieved by sealing the white oak before staining (all Feudal Oak was manufactured from large stand of oak that grew near the Jamestown Lounge Co. plant). There are also various diagnostics that I've been able to define that in many cases can more accurately identify when particular pieces were manufactured. There are a lot of variations of the Feudal Oak designs that came out of the factory, some differences more subtle than others, and the catalogs are a fairly consistent way to identify them; the only problem with THAT is there are vastly more pieces of Feudal Oak out there than I have ever seen in any of the catalogs! It would be vastly interesting to see a complete run of Feudal Oak catalogs, and various pieces pictured in, e.g., the 1938 and 1941 catalogs, BUT NOT LISTED, offer hints into what surely is quite an array of Feudal Oak. During the 1960s, a variety of Feudal Oak finishes were available, and the "traditional" (if that's the correct word for it) Feudal Oak finish used at that time was a dark brown, with some contrast. There are at least 5 different Feudal Oak finishes that I know of that were developed; most of them could probably never be used in modern furniture manufacture today because of the toxicity of the chemicals. There are some modern proprietary products that can be used to touch up old Feudal Oak. Perhaps the best are the various Howard "Restor-A-Finish" products, which are available in Black Walnut, Oak, Dark Oak, Clear, and various other colors. Very judicious use of these products will absolutely cover scratches and other finish defects to the point they cannot be detected; however, one must be VERY careful about their use. The reason is that, particularly on dry or faded Feudal Oak finishes, or even regularly preserved Feudal Oak finishes application of such products can and will permanently change the color of the finish, and there is virtually no way to change it back. So be careful. Feudal Oak was originally finished with a spray wax mixed with Rotten Stone (hence, the effect of "dust" in the crevices of the carving designs) applied over a hard, proprietary lacquer created by Jamestown Lounge Co., which was exceptionally durable. The original, factory "finish" of Feudal Oak was fairly shiny. Waxing is important to keep the finish from drying out, and there's a variety, the most expensive being Rennaisance Wax. Less expensive waxes include Briwax, which is available in Clear and a variety of colors; it is a blend of natural waxes that can be used to clean off old, dried wax without damage to the underlying finish. Again, it can and will change the color of an original finish, so use caution and test it on an inconspicuous area, as with any product one would apply to Feudal Oak for any reason. Stay away from polishes that contain silicon, because it can be extremely difficult to remove; likewise, avoid Lemon Oil and similar products, because they will only mess up the wood. I don't spend all my time doing this sort of thing, but if people have questions about particular pieces, I'll do my best to answer them as time allows. My e-mail address is larsone@starpower.net. Best regards, Eric M. Larson.

From Joe, 9/14/2006  9:00 PM

I have an 8 piece set of Fuedal Oak Jamestown Lounge Company that I am goig to list on ebay. If anyone is interested please contact me by email at litterio171@comcast.net and I will hold up on listing it with ebay. The pieces are: a set of end tables, a set of book shelves, octogon table, chair,love seat, and sofa. I will email pictures and measurments if interested.

From Ann, 9/14/2006  8:42 AM

In August in bought a Jamestown Lounge Colonnade (the way JL spells it) Collection loveseat on eBay. The loveseat was not described as JL, nor did the small oak bench (it was called gothic oak) that I bought last week. I came across a sofa frame from the British Oak collection and 2 of the massive Spanish-looking dining sets from the Colonnade Collection last year. JL is on eBay, it's just not always identified as such. Good luck!

From Eric M. Larson, 9/13/2006  12:00 AM

There was a 1938 British Oak catalog sold on eBay about 5 or 6 years ago, which I didn't bid on because I have not been interested in British Oak---I would say just keep looking; it is the sort of item that is quite difficult to find. It definitely exists. I've got a circa 1953 Feudal Oak catalog that I've not yet scanned and sent to Pendergrast, though I will one of these days, along with some other Feudal Oak lines from the 1950s--this may sound juvenile, but the older I get the less time I seem to have, and I buckled down one day and did up the 3 catalogs so at least something more about Feudal Oak would be widely available. The more modern pieces frankly don't interest me. As far as Lori's note on wanting to sell a Feudal Oak sofa and chair---as I said, I personally know of at least 18 different styles, and without photographs it is going to be hard to communicate what particular variation these pieces represent. The simplest way to sell Feudal Oak, except to a local dealer who will probably offer 1/4 to 1/2 what he believes he can sell it for, is to take some photographs of it and put it up on eBay and see what happens; specify a reserve if you've got a minimum price. For several years the Feudal Oak Home Page was a great place for people to do some research, post about pieces they owned, wanted to sell, and so forth, and perhaps somebody will take that up again. In my judgement, Feudal Oak is still "undiscovered" as a line of collector's-item furniture, and I'm not sure there's enough of it around to have it ever be anything but a specialty item, because there's literally millions of different pieces of American-manufactured oak available.

From Laura, 9/12/2006  2:00 PM

Eric, thank you for donating the Feudal Oak catalogs to the Pendergrast Library site. My question is for both you and John, who is studying DeVries: Do either of you have a catalog of British Oak furniture? or know where one could be found? and how does it differ from Feudal Oak? Specifically, I have a British Oak arm chair that is similar to one in the 1949-1950 Feudal Oak catalog, page 5, item No. 2135 Chair. I would love to get history on it, and even more so to find a match! My history with it goes back about ten years, when I purchased it from a smalls dealer in Brimfield, MA after she found it too cumbersome to lug around anymore. It is in constant use in my home office; and clients find it most comfortable, even with its current uneven springs and torn upholstery repaired with duct tape [until I can find a match and reupholster both]!
Many thanks!!!

From Lori, 9/11/2006  7:07 PM

I have a Feudal Oak sofa and chair that needs cushions and reupholstering. I am looking to sell these pieces. Does anyone know someone to contact who may be interested in purchasing?

From Eric M. Larson, 9/8/2006  10:06 PM

I don't check my computer every day, as I'm a fairly busy person, and will try and answer several posts in this message. Both Ann and Carol (ladies who ran the Feudal Oak Home Page) passed away, and so did the web page. There is no way to retrieve any of the photographs. I don't know how to find any Collonade pieces---that could be a real bear of a task. British Oak and Feudal Oak are different and so marked; it is true that there are a lot of similarities between certain Feudal Oak and British Oak pieces. Herman DeVries designed both Feudal Oak and British Oak pieces, as well as various other types of furniture, although I'm not a student of his creations and can't tell you much more than that. Feudal Oak is quite diverse; there are at least 5 distinct styles; and Feudal Oak refers to a finish as well as a style of furniture (which is why pieces manufactured during different time periods have different Feudal Oak finishes). I've personally seen or seen photographs of no fewer than 18 different Feudal Oak living room sets (Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman, Chair), and think there is probably more than 2,000 different pieces. The bedroom sets are equally diverse. There are several different styles of Feudal Oak pedestal tables, and at least 4 of them are visible in the catalogs on the Pendergrast Library site. If anybody wants more information than this, ask and I'll do my best. I'm not sure how to make my e-mail address available, but would be glad to. Another post that I made with that information and my telephone number apparently didn't make it past the Furniture World Magazine Message Board censors.

From John, 9/7/2006  9:38 PM

Hello Eric, or perhaps someone else- Could you help to distinguish between the Feudal Oak and British Oak lines made by Jamestown Lounge. I have an original advertisement for British Oak that shows two chairs and an end table with very similar features to ones shown in your 1938 Feudal Oak catalog. I am studying a man named Herman DeVries and I believe he helped design the British Oak line. Thanks for any help you can offer.

From Debbie, 9/7/2006  12:16 PM

I have a night stand and dresser from the Collonade Collection, Jamestown Lounge furniture, and have been looking for another night stand.

Thanks, Mary

From Ann, 9/5/2006  9:31 PM

Eric - Does the Pendergrast Library have the wonderful color pictures taken in current settings of this furniture that collectors so generously sent to the, now defunct, Jamestown Lounge Fedual Oak website? That was such a wonderful and informative site. I agree that eBay is a good place to purchase JL oak and also to offer up JL - if you have a reserve price! I have gotten several pieces at a reasonable price but the shipping across the country is a real shock.

From Eric M. Larson, 9/5/2006  6:48 PM

I am the person who donated the copies (PDF files, actually) of the 1938, 1941 and 1949 Feudal Oak catalogs to the Pendergrast Library, in the interest of sharing knowledge. I have a circa 1953 Feudal Oak catalog that lists the Lady Guinevere, Friar Tuck and some other patterns that were created, apparently during the 1950s, although there are a few pieces of "old" Feudal Oak that were popular enough to have been in more or less constant manufacture. The newer pieces have elements of some of the old, and newer designs. Feudal Oak was first manufactured in 1928 and last manufactured in 1981, when Jamestown Lounge Co. went bankrupt. Feudal Oak isn't bought and sold frequently enough to establish reliable values, which is good and not so good. The good part is that one can still find great pieces at reasonable prices; the bad part is that the prices will go all over the board depending on local supply and demand. Perhaps the fairest way to sell it is on eBay, if you're looking for money, or make some kind a private deal with somebody who wants some pieces. I have more than 50 pieces of pre-World War II Feudal Oak, including some of the really early pieces.

From cath, 9/1/2006  7:33 PM

I am trying to find out any information about a feudal oak pedestal table from jamestown any info would be appreciated. Also any input on value would be helpful to.

From Paula, 8/27/2006  12:19 AM

I have the sofa and matching chair with the graceful arms, the side tables and matching coffee table, a round twisted base table from the 40's (my paremt's weddimg furniture). My dad was from Jamestown and all his brothers and brothers-in-law worked at Jamestown Lounge. In the 70's they purchased a dining room table, very large w/ two leaves, mid-evil refractory-type, 6 chairs and a buffet and side board, which I also inherited. Does anyone know what this is worth? I understand someone in CA offered $10,000 for the table. Is that possible?

From Beverley Hoben, 8/26/2006  10:35 PM

We inheirited a Feudal Oak sofa wih carved wooden arms and skirt and would like to find a place to have it restored. Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in Colorado.

From John, 8/26/2006  9:08 PM

I have an end table of sorts with a drawer and both ends of drawer have carvings. Does anyone know exactly what this Jamestown Lounge Oak end table was made to be used in the home or office?   Thank you for any information regarding this piece of furniture.

From Janet, 8/18/2006  8:56 PM

I have a house full of Jamestown Lounge Co. Feudal Oak furniture. My paternal grandparents purchased all of it (I believe) from the 1938 catalogue.

I am desparately seeking some replacement/additional pieces.

Specifically, I need:
no. 9220 Side Chair (at least four of them)
no. 9020 Chair
no. 9220 Cabinet

Any help with locating these items would be greatly appreciated!


From Patricia, 7/30/2006  10:06 PM

I've found the cabinet I was looking for by posting on HGTV Message Board. The price I'm paying for it is, in my opinon, pretty fair. I've seen some other pieces of Feudal Oak on EBay or through private sales or auctions. Good luck with your searches!!

From julia, 7/28/2006  8:26 PM

It's not terribly cost prohibitive. The furniture is still pretty "new."
Other than that, I have no idea.

From Laura, 7/26/2006  8:25 PM

In reply to the website for Feudal Oak Jamestown Lounge Co. catalogs, they, along with interesting articles about the history of the company, can be found at: "www.prendergastlibrary.org/Extra!Extra!/jamestownloungecomp any". I found this site by googling Jamestown Lounge Company but then going on a protracted search. So happy quicker browsing!

By the way, the chair that I have is listed in their 1949-1950 catalog, No. 2135 chair, pictured at the bottom left of page 5. Does anyone have a match? I'd love to own a set, if it's not cost prohibitive. Does anyone know what this furniture is worth??? Thanks!

From julia, 7/26/2006  12:36 AM

I have a bedroom and livingroom set of Feudal Oak by Jamestown Lounge Co and am attempting to acquire more pieces for my home. Would Larry post what pieces he may want to sell? I have had no luck!! Gina's pieces sound interesting, too.

From Gina, 7/22/2006  12:03 PM

I have a Lady Guenevere bedroom set from the Fuedal Oak collection made by Jametown Lounge Company. It includes a full bed, with double dresser, double mirror, two nightstands and chest. I also have the Friar Tuck dinning room set with includes dining table with two leaves, four side chairs and two arm chairs and corner cupboard. It is in excellent condition and I also have the original brochure that came with the furniture. Please let me know how I can go about appraising and selling the pieces. Your help is greatly appreciated.

From Larry, 7/14/2006  9:33 AM

Would love to know where you found that online catalog of this company's furniture as I have a house full of it. I am interested in selling it but would really like to know what the best method of selling and how to make sure I don't get cheated in the process. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

From Patricia, 6/29/2006  10:37 PM

Thanks for your post! I am slowly finding resources mainly through posting on various websites and speaking with antique dealers. It may take a long time but I'll get there. Thanks again for your encouragement...if you know anyone who has and is willing to sell a Feudal Oak cabinet (also called highboy or blind cabinet), please let me know!

From Dianna Landrum, 6/11/2006  12:20 AM

I too have owned Jamestown Lounge Company oak. In 1999 I sold a beautiful octagonal lamp table to a neighbor (who was a major exec. with Microsoft)and gave a sofa with a carved oak skirt and graceful arms to my cousin. I stillhve the mathcing chair and ottoman. Last year I parted with the coffee table but sill have two end tables.

I still mourn for all the beautiful pieces I allowed to slip through my fingers but you can't keep it all.

There is a family in Rockville, Md who owns the dining room furniture. Maybe they want to sell it by now.

Don't give up Patricia. This furniture is truly an art form and hardly quailfys as "old shoes!"

From Guest, 6/2/2006  11:17 PM

Sorry Patricia. I don't know of any other resources you might check into. -Russell

From Patricia, 6/2/2006  9:15 PM

Dear Russell,

I recently inherited a dining table, six chairs and a credenza from the Feudal Oak collection made by Jamestown Lounge Co. Unfortunately, a relative took the matching (unique) cabinet to England and I would like to find a replacement...but according to your message, this may be impossible! I have found a Jamestown Lounge Co catalog dated 1941 online that displays the furniture. Do you know of any resources I can look into to find other pieces? I would appreciate any input or feedback. Thank you!

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/18/2004  2:04 PM

 I found it in a 1944 issue of FURNITURE WORLD. The company was Jamestown Lounge, Co,., 40 Windsor Street, Jamestown. They made bedroom, dining room furniture and upholstery. Finding matching pieces will not be easy, and there is generally very little information on furniture factories that adds to the romance or value of individual pieces. For most factories finding out the history of the design and manufacture of your cherished furniture piece is a bit like finding out how an old pair of shoes you found in the attic were made.

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