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Posted By jiao7593v, 4/3/2018

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Fireproof ACP is compound of upper/lower layer of aluminum plates with inorganic composite flame retardant fireproof core, after compounding of the polymer film, double sided painting and back sheet compounding. It's widely applied to building curtain waits with high fireproof requirements. It's the third generation to replace imported products curtain wall ACP and interior decoration ACP. Fireproof ACP have not only all the advantages of normal ACP but also excellent fireproof. It'S conformed to the GB8624 B1 and A2 ,PSB-B fireproof standard, LSOH, halogen free, no poisonous gas, tough core layer, easy processing and installation.
? Remarkable Fireproof performance
With high performance LSZH core, the 4mm ACP can afford 2O-3Omins under the positive impact of the 1200-15OO degree flame. According to GB8624-2OO6 "building materials combustion performance of grading method", it's the B1 level flame retardant materials and get through NFTC certification.
? Super Weatherability
For PVDF coating advantage as corrosion resistance, stain resistance and weather ability, no matter how hot sun or freezing blizzard, our fireproof ACP is undamaged in its original perfect appearance.
? Super peeling strength
With high performance flame retardant core, the key technical index, peel strength, is higher than non-fireproof panel by 10% more It's peeled 2O cycles with temperatures from 40°C to 80°and without any strength changes.
?uniform coating, color variety:
The coating adheres to tie metals well after conversion coating and aluminum foil. More uniform and colorful, more selectable and personlized
? High Strength
With strong impact resistance, high toughness top quality paint, ACP has any damage in windy and sandy area.
? Easy Maintenance
Easy to clean, Even in some heavier pollution areas, fireproof ACP can be denned by neutral cleaner only. Keep it new after each cleaned.
? Application Range:
Fireproof ACP is an ideal material for widely used in interior and exterior curtain wall decoration, such as the exhibition halls, large reception rooms.
shops, office buildings, hanks, hotels, hostels and apartments; It's used for decorate intedor walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies,
billboards, tunnels, subway wails, telephone booth, yachting and other industrial use.
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