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steam jacketed sandwich kettle for tinned food

Posted By momu115, 3/13/2018

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Application for jacketed kettle:
The jacketed kettle boiler vessel is mainly used for frying, boiling and concentrating the material liquids on pharmacy, food, chemical and light industry.
Features of jacketed kettle:
1. Efficient heating: heated by steam in a certain pressure, has the advantages of large heating area, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time and the heating temperature is easy to control.
2. Safe and convenient to operate: equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve or electric cabinet.3. Environmentally friendly: no smoke, no dust, no pollution, energy-saving.
1. According to Structure: Tilting Jacketed Kettle and Fixed  Jacketed Kettle
2. According to Heating: Electrical  Heating Jacketed Kettle, Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle  and Steam Heating Jacketed Kettle
3. According to Process Need: Jacketed Kettle with Agitator  and Jacketed Kettle without Agitator steam jacketed sandwich kettle for tinned food


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