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How would you describe the furniture styles of the 1950's?

Posted By sofiawatson, 12/14/2017

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I have to do an assignment assistance on interior home design of the 1950's and a part of it is on furniture. what styles of furniture was there in the 1950's? links would also be appreciated


From baileyshaw437, 1/19/2018  12:33 AM

Well the furniture style in the 50’s was quite unique and the best thing about that time furniture was that it was very reliable. Buy Essays

From Jam Martin, 12/22/2017  8:11 AM

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From sofiawatson, 12/14/2017  7:10 AM

Blond living room accessories were popular, for instance end tables and coffee tables . assignment assistance In the kitchen you might find a lot of of chrome and plastic. The dining room pretty much stayed traditional with quality wood tables and chairs. (at least, that was my experience). There was also a piece of furniture called a 'buffet'. It sometimes had a mirror backing. I think this piece of furniture was more often inherited rather than purchased.

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