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Impact Modifier For ABS manufacturers

Posted By fyu12134, 12/7/2017

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1.product introduction of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)
KS-01(POE-g-MAH) is a glycidyl methacrylate functionalized polymer. The impact modifier is used to improve the impact strength of as and ABS, and can also increase the compatibility of ABS and PMMA.

2.product parameter(specification)of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)
product surface Melt Index (190°C / 2.16 kg) g/10min percent grafting(%) Density(g/cm3)
KS-01(POE-g-GMA)Semitransparent particle5-61.1-1.50.88

Characteristics Unit ABS+20GF ABS+20GF+5% KS-01
Tensile strength at breakMPa8595
bending strengthMPa125140
Izod notched impact strengthJ/m90110

Characteristics Unit ABS+20GF/FR ABS+20GF/FR+5% KS-01
Tensile strength at breakMPa6575
bending strengthMPa100115
Izod notched impact strengthJ/m5570

Characteristics Unit AS+20GF AS+20GF+5% KS-01
Tensile strength at breakMPa8595
bending strengthMPa125140
Izod notched impact strengthJ/m4570

use level:The normal dosage is 1%-5%

3.product feature and application of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)
·KS-01(POE-g-MAH) after ROHS certification, REACH certification, FDA certification
·KS-01(POE-g-MAH) has good heat resistance.

4.production details of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)

pack, storage, handling and safety
Kraft paper bag packaging, each bag 20kg. KS-01(POE-g-MAH) should be stored in dry conditions and be kept out of moisture in an aerated building. Improper storage conditions may cause degradation and could have consequences on physical properties of the product. Two years from the date of delivery, in unopened packaging. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.

5.product qualification of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)  
?product certification

?To participate in the exhibition

6.deliver,shipping and serving of the KS-01(POE-g-MAH)
Send sample: Free sample
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