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How to make your shop secure?

Posted By JennyDann, 9/17/2017

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Hi all,

I'm planning to start a furniture shop and the construction works are almost done. I know that no business is immune from crime! Because the threats to the workplace can come from anyone with physical or electronic access. I think the prime duty of an owner is to ensure the safety of his workplace. Recently, I came across an interesting article on workplace security which speaks about both physical as well as network security. Hence I am planning to install business video surveillance systems along with CCTV cameras in the office. What else are the safety and security measures to be taken before I start the business? Thanks in advance.


From MarySt, 10/13/2017  6:48 AM

The idea is simple, just hire pumped up dudes. Dress them up in a black suits and black glasses, it'd be the best security ever. Lol ) And all customers will be impressed by your approach, you'll be unique. If you ask me, I've seen some bodybuilders before and after steroids, and I'm not sure that they could scare anybody before starting to use them. So, be creative.

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